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    Faecesbook Double Standards – Biased State Media Go Un-Corraled! 

    NB – I composed what’s below before I heard that Tommy Robinson has been extirpated by FB this week. I will get round to that unjustifiable jackbooting in due course.


    An interesting development in, or escalation of, Facebook’s blatant partisan bias, leads me to ask again how Zuckwit’s geekstapo can be taken down.


    Obama’s ideological catamite  has issued a diktat that ‘unblocks RT-linked pages but makes them comply with rules ‘no one else’ has to follow.’

    Facebook zapped those non-conformist targets with a “new policy,”   – that nobody had ever heard of – then condescended to un-zap them on condition, as the victims put it,  that they alter “our ‘About’ section, in a manner NO other page has been required to do.” 

    I guess you could say we are making Facebook history or are the victims of blatant double standards.

    No other pages besides the four RT-linked ones have been forced to comply with the “new policy” so far…’


    Since Faecesbook (oops,typo!) is purportedly determined to alert its vast readership to bias or the risk thereof..


    …perhaps France24 should be forced to feature prominently on its Facebook page the truths that not only does it get large subsidies from the French public purse, over which Le Muppet Macron presides, but also that it ‘partners’ with the notorious Far-Left ‘Daily Beast……’


    Gambar terkait

    Christopher ‘The BeastDickey

    ….while its German equivalent, Deutsche Welle, similarly is funded by citizens coerced – via state-extorted tax levies – and its very existence has been predicated on an insistence on bias since its foundation – that it serve the ‘liberal’ cause…

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    …and the whole world has become aware that German public broadcasting is among the most dishonest in the world, especially since that infamous leftist sow owned up to her readiness to flout her duty as a journalist to tell the truth.


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize


    …a clearly discriminatory prescription that is endlessly put into effect thus disadvantaging the conservative/nationalist tax-payers whose beliefs are not even mentioned in the DW charter.

    See also  WALSO ON RT.COM‘End of free speech’: Maffick CEO, host slam Facebook’s unprovoked ‘censorship’ after CNN report



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      I was sbout to sign out of all the blogs I read for the rest of the day but this just appeared, so I can comment and then get on with real life.
      First, I would congratulate you on coining the very appropriate name Faecesbook, but did you coin it, or borrow it.
      Second, I don’t think there is any way we can take it down, but we do need to develop alternative social media, because in the climate of intellectual terrorism created by the geekstapo ( another brilliant word and I am sure you did coin it!) most good people are in danger of being censored for thought-crime.


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    Honduras Horde – More Gratitude Evident In A Pig-Sty? 

    When I was a wee fella on the farm I always felt privileged to help out with the chores, one of which was feeding the animals.

    Neither the chickens nor the hogs ever said thanks…

    … but they obviously appreciated what they were given, by their suddenly lively demeanour when their goodies were cast before them.

    I’d say those pigs were more capable of gratitude than the Honduras horde, if the thankless sow in the video is anything to go by.

    I rarely if ever have anything nice to say about the German tax-funded propaganda outfit’s English-language channel…

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    …but I do not watch their Spanish language counterpart, since i only have a few words of Spanish.

    However, thanks to this link – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/11/honduran-migrant-complains-about-free-meals-provided-by-mexico-calls-it-pig-food-video/ –  which features a DW Espanol video clip, we get an insight into the mentality of the spongers currently endearing themselves to decent Mexicans in Tijuana.

    Just listen to the delightful dame expressing her heartfelt thanks for the free meals dished out to the rabble…


    Image result for honduras pig food migrant


    …which she sweetly defines as ‘pig food.’

    “The food that they’re handing out here is terrible. Refried beans? As if they were feeding the pigs. “

    What a disgusting ingrate!

    But anyone familiar with our previous reports on arrogant illegals who have flooded into Europe…

    Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’ 

    ‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 

    …will not be surprised that their Trans-Atlantic equivalents are just as rotten.



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    • Chrissie Miles 23:48 on November 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      People like that uncivil woman should be put in a sty with real pigs and told to eat the slops while learning manners from the swine.


    • Tex Harper 00:35 on November 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      How true it is, what you say, about these ungrateful pigs who think they have the right to demand entry to our country.
      We should use every means necessary to stop them getting in, and President Trump should tell that Obama judge to go to hell.


    • Claire Hutzmann 01:22 on November 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Disgusting, yes, and you could add a lot more words like that about this one in the picture with her free food, and the rest of them.
      They have no respect for anything, not even themselves, mooching food and then complaining because it isnt up to their high expectations.
      Americans and Europeans have a lot in common with this illegal immigrant problem but at least we have a President who is prepared to defend Americans from the illegals.
      The European Union as often as not seems to me to be on the side of the illegals and not on the side of the Europeans.


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    DW Lets AfD-Hater Expert Rant Unchallenged! 

    When a party smeared by the German ruling class with charges of anti-Semitism announces that it is starting a Jewish section, you’d think the smear brigade might think again, but of course they don’t.

    Instead, the political/media in-crowd renew their slurs and Deutsche Welle wheels out a so-called ‘expert’ propagandist professor to rant on tv, with nobody from his target present to counter his venom.


    media bias


    After a bow to fair play by going out and talking to both pro and anti AfD Jews in Germany, DW quickly got back to their one-sided habits with the issue, and who else but Hajo Funke, ‘an expert on rightwing extremism,’  invited into the studio and ‘interviewed’ by a cute little newzy named Edith Kimani…


    Image result for edith kimani


    …who gave him free rein to spout bilious bigotry.

    Not that he needed it, but the biased little bint even prompted him along, with leading questions like ‘isn’t it almost paradoxical’ that the patriot party was setting up a Jewish section.


    That’s the link, so you may check it out.

    Little Edith made one wonder about her command of English, since at one point she told Funke that he had ‘refuted’ AFD assertions, when he plainly hadn’t.

    He’d merely denied them.

    Opinion, not facts! But only HIS opinion, no balance from any dissenting voice.

    UHad she done any real research on her guest, she could have questioned whether his ‘expertise’ in matters of ‘the right’ was more a reflection of his service to the extreme left of AstA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), the Socialist German Student Union  (SDS) and the halcyon days…

    EUSSR Wastes Brit Cash On Red German Propaganda 

    …when he was Speaker of the student council of the Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science (OSI) at the very same Free University of Berlin where nowadays he lurks as a professor.

    Wikipedia reports that he and his colleagues were deposed because they approved the previous occupation of the OSI.

    Additionally, Funke was active in the Socialist Bureau (SB), a New Left organization.



    Far-Left Funke


    Sure, that was Funke in the bad old days, when thousands of far-left fanatics in AstA, SDS, SB and other red vermin, were engaged in lawless mayhem, but last year wasn’t so long ago.

    And that cheery smile was captured on his face during his attendance at the SPD ‘Party Day’ only a year ago.

    We know what the SPD is all about.

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    So he was  – and is –  a VERY political animal!

    May we assume Funke is even more qualified to talk about LEFT extremism? I refer my readers to this link, which is in German but easily translatable…


    …for more revelations, updating the record of this evidently unrepentant leftist, whom DW’s nifty little Kenyan girl fawned over, gulling unwitting viewers into the nonsense notion that he was there to give them objective analysis.


    Do these media creeps feel no guilt about leeching off German tax-payers, including AfD tax-payers, while showing disgraceful prejudice against the patriot party.
    Of course not.
    What ought to be worth investigating is why any Jew would NOT be sympathetic to the AfD.
    Mama Stasi Merkel infamously invited an alien horde, largely from countries where bitter hostility to Jews is endemic, encouraged by backward clerics and fanatics like the Muslim Brotherhood.



    Apes and Pigs’ Morsi Presides Over Hell! 

    Even Obummer had to distance himself from the MB’s revolting Morsi, when that Islamist monster’s notorious Jew-hatred was exposed.

    Thanks to Merkel’s green-light to primitive gate-crashers…

    More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

    ‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

    • Hasil gambar untuk Jewish berlin belt

    ‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 

    …, there has been an eruption of Jew-baiting, some of which we’ve covered previously.
    Good patriotic Germans, whether Christians, Jews or whatever, surely have no better political home than the AFD.


    • Annelie Neumann 16:41 on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone here knows the history of Funke and his marxist university time with the red gangs.
      It is not that the little African girl was ignorant because the old American woman DW news boss, Melinda Crane and all the DW senior tv people can easily told her.
      DW is just the propaganda centre, never trying to be fair news.


    • Heine 19:32 on October 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Funke makes me feel sick. It is like he still lives in 1968 with his comrades.
      He is always on DW with his hate for AfD and any German who loves Germany.
      DW invite him because they trust him to be on the same side as DW.
      Never on our German side.


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    DW Promotes Convicted Terrorist’s Sob-Story! 

    I was just about to go to bed, as I have a welcome visitor tomorrow morning and a promising night out tomorrow night.




    Then I foolishly switched to Deutsche Welle, to see what leftist rot they might be churning out, as they generally can be relied upon to do so…



    …and lo, their focus was this time on poor Ahmad, a Syrian hoodlum whom even his own lawyer does not deny was involved in hurling rocks at Hungarian border police.

    If you throw a rock at somebody, you can hurt them. You may blind them. You can kill them.


    Poor Ahmad was not alone in his violence and it is a great pity the Hungarian defenders did not take effective action against every single riotous dog among the rabid rabble…


    shoot terrs

    …but at least they have removed one jackal from the pack!

    So poor Ahmed was captured, put on trial, and is now behind bars for terrorism.



    DW was of a different mind, giving the arrogant illegal free rein to whine, and dwelling soppily on his family back in Cyprus, or Syria or somewhere.

    I’m surprised the DW pro-crimmigrants haven’t done the same for that scumbag who served Osama Bin Laden, got deported and who may, if the degenerate German establishment has its way, may be brought back!


    Hasil gambar untuk bodyguard bin laden Germany

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

    I’m sure that SOB has a granny or a doting auntie somewhere, whose fondness for the terrorist, and his for her, would give DW a fine focus, suitably tear-jerking, to divert viewers from evil activities.

    Poor Ahmad?

    Poor Germany!

    Too many German judges and politicians are just as much The Enemy Within as the German state media’s hacks.

    No wonder patriots are taking to the streets in German towns to protest at what’s wrong in their country!.

    • Hannelor 12:34 on September 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      DW always takes the other side.
      I hate that they use our taxes for their propaganda.


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    Was Ist Wirklich Ein Misthaufen? Deutsche Welle, Selbverständlich! 

    Gestern Scheisse Schulz...

    …no, best not try to write a whole post auf Deutsch.

    My schooldays are long ago and I’d make too many errors.



    We had hoped we would not have to notice the dead-beat again, after his last mention here…Schulz? Scheisse! Enoch Was Right! Strasbourg Is NO Parliament! 


    But the way the SPD’s Schulz yesterday dragged Bundestag debate down into the gutter, using the word ‘Misthaufen’ – dungheap – against the patriot party, merits a mention.

    In fact, Deutsche Welle is the real dung-heap.

    Deutsche Welle IS Infested With Biased Hacks – Crane Makes It Clear! 



    DW’s crass abuse of their tax-funded budget to slant almost every political report on the AfD is already on record.

    Yesterday, they matched their French state-propaganda channel counterparts in malicious bias yet again.

    As reported, France24 had but one guest into the studio to make partisan comment on the witch-hunt against Hungary, a vicious leftist vixen from the Europhiliac agitprop Confrontation Europe.



    Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’ 

    Never to be outdone in misuse of tax-payers’ money to promote their prejudice, DW too hauled in a pinko bint, this one from the notoriously pro-crimmigrant HRW, of which we had to take notice just last week.

    Hungary Hauls Snouts Off The Trough, Pinko NGO Rants! 

    This occurred at 12.15am 13/9, Jakarta time, and DW had no guest to challenge Lydia Gall’s diatribe, not because none was available, but because they have no interest in allowing their viewers an opportunity to hear both sides of the story.

    • Annelie Neumann 16:13 on September 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Ja! Yes indeed, sir.
      You should try in German but even English, yes, I understand and agree with you.
      Most of us agree with you.


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    EUSSR Wastes Brit Cash On Red German Propaganda 

    Sunday breakfast if I have an idle day, I like fried eggs, preferably with fried bacon and better still with fried potatoes.
    Alas, the German propaganda channel, Deutsche Welle, this Sunday morning, fed us a revolting hour of marxist trash, their pretext being the 50th anniversary of the ‘revolt’ by ungrateful red slobs on American campuses….

    Hasil gambar untuk draft dodger
    American vermin


    … and those turncoat US ‘draftees’ chanting for the victory of red totalitarianism,’Ho, ho, ho Chi Minh.’
    And their counterpart curs in Britain and Europe.
    DW never changes, does it?


    • Yet they are only following in the footsteps of some of the most rancid American media.

      I had almost forgotten that ingrate immigrant Tariq Ali and would have preferred never to have seen him again, but there he was, with his affected Oxbridge accent, still ghastly after all these years.
      Being DW, there were also old German ratbags, spouting all the old pro-Viet Cong hogwash.
      But the images I found most disagreeable in their message were those which depicted the horrors of ‘ordinary life’ among decent Americans, against which the red filth’s fury was directed.
      Families relaxing at home, or enjoying a vacation with their kids, civilised communities of clean, modest, pleasant homes, youngsters in school pledging allegiance, mums shopping and OMG, looking at books on sale which – OMG – included a Bible!
      Such a nightmare world, which the cultural marxist vermin hated so deeply.
      My readers should watch it, or not.

      It’s familiar filth.

      Any excuse by the media scum to glorify their ideological heroes and give the decrepit old subversives a fresh platform from which to spew their lies.
      BUt…they should NOT be using German tax-payers’ money to do so.
      And – hello, you ripped-off British tax-payers!
      BTW, it wasn’t just the GERMAN public purse plundered to finance far-left hate-nattering, which many young viewers who know no better might mistake for true history.
      No sir!
      The credits rolled along at the end, giiving due recognition to, guess who…
      The Media Support Unit of…




      Get Britain OUT!

    • Mack the Knife 16:44 on September 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      After my mild criticisms, I must say I think this is a good job you’ve done.
      Most people would have missed the information that Brussels was using our money on this junk.
      The sooner we stop funding the EU which wastes our money on marxist propaganda, the better.
      DW is obviously just as bad as the BBC.


  • ross1948 21:21 on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Chemnitz – DW Exemplifies Media Left Bigotry! 

    I had the misfortune last night to tune into Voelkischer Beobachter – ooops, that was the Nazi propaganda megaphone. I mean, of course, Deutsche Welle, the state broadcaster that leeches shamelessly from German tax-payers but only reflects the views of Mama Stasi Merkel and parties even further mired in pinko multicultery.

    Last night I was curious to see if Merkel was still reserving her fury for righteously angry Germans or if she was for once going to offer apologies for the rapine and violence inflicted on innocent people by the savages she imported.
    No surprise, she didn’t.
    I switched off and went to bed after DW’s star leftist hag Melissa Crane, masquerading as a ‘political commentator’ ( political commissar, the Soviets used to call them) even managed to blame Interior Minister Seehofer for his role in ‘normalising xenophobia’ – i.e. reflecting patriotic dismay at the presence of the primitive horde in his country.
    Do these lowlifes expect anybody to regard them as serious journalists?

    DW is sadly not unique.
    We are always pleased to remind readers of that repulsive ratbag frau we often feature as an outstandingly slimy bias beast…


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    If DW want to focus on REAL ‘Nazi’ threats, they should lay off patriotic Germans and get stuck into migrant nazi louts!
    (More …)
    • Annelie 22:44 on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The media in our country is our enemy.
      To resist Merkel is soon to be a crime.
      Why are Germans blamed for fighting back?


      • Jeanne 19:27 on August 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        It is the same in France, Annelie.
        The state tv is far left and not friendly for the French people, only for the illegal immigrants.
        Macron takes in more of them from Spain and still will not deport even violent illegals like those in Calais.
        Soon we too must need to take to the streets to get our country back.


    • Deirde 23:46 on August 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Naturally I sympathise with the German protesters.
      But what has driven me to comment was the sight of that arrogant Arab prince sitting on his royal backside and telling all governments to condemn the protests.
      Not a word about condemning his fellow-arabs who are in jail accused of starting all the trouble in Chemnitz by murdering a German.
      I must assume he saw no need to worry about their victim since Merkel doesn’t either.
      Did I not read that the Jordanian had been fired? Why is he still talking like this when he should be back in Jordan doing something about ‘human rights’ there.
      I understand polygamy is still pracrised there, and that is a violation of rights unless women can also choose multiple husbands.
      How many other offensive shariah activities go on there?
      It’s an outrage anyone from an Arab country is allowed to lecture Europeans.


    • Gerd F 06:00 on August 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It is good to hear a voice raised for us Germans.
      Thank you.


  • ross1948 23:40 on August 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Germans Think Racism’s A Big Problem? Whose Racism? 

    Late night news from DW, who think a new poll merits near top billing on their nightly round-up.

    The poll shows that two thirds of Germans see ‘racism’ is a major problem in their country.

    The daft middle-aged bat who was news-casting at once said racism was brought ‘into focus‘ recently by the case of those ‘split-loyalty’ Turk footballers, who took delight in posing for a fun photo with Erdolf…


    Gambar terkait


    …then got all boo-hoo when a lot of Germans found it offensive that any ‘German’ soccer star would be at ease in the company of a dictatorial sectarian alien.

    Jawohl, German Fans! Boo Gundogan! But Fire Joachim Low! 

    I’d have thought German concern about ‘racism’ might have been brought into focus MUCH more by the nazi ‘migrant’ scum (imported by Mama Stasi Merkel) who entertain themselves by attacking Jews for no reason other than the fact of their victims’ jewishness.

    More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

    ‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

    • Hasil gambar untuk Jewish berlin belt

    ‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 

    But then I’m not in charge of DW.

    • Jerry Jerman 21:19 on August 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Racism in Germany is truly a problem.
      However it is not German racism.
      It is like you show us the nazi racism of the Arab illegals who Merkel has allowed into our country.
      They are evil in the hate they spread.
      Like Hitler has come back.


    • Jonathan G 10:32 on August 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You could also add the fact that there is a huge exodus from France.
      I have not got the figures in front of me but thousands of French Jews have left for Israel because of Islamic nazi elements among the North Africans who have colonised Parisian suburbs ( banlieue)
      It’s sad because a lot of those Jews have lived peacefully in France for centuries.

      It would be far better if France deported the nazi colonists back to Arab countries where their hatred for Jews is acceptable. Instead Macron has agreed to continue Hollande’s policy of taking in thousands of the same kind that Merkel invited into Germany and who are waging war on German Jews.


  • ross1948 09:59 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Lugenpresse! DW’s Fake-News Ex-CNN Hack LIES! 

    Just saw that ex-CNN hack on Deutsche Welle, Brent Goff, living up to, well, down to, the abysmal standards of fake news he learned when he was with the Clinton News Network.


    Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW, whom we have noticed before  

    Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias!

    Discussing the Seehofer/Merkel fall-out, Goff prefaced his remarks with a brazen lie –

    ‘There is no migration crisis!’ 

    Ghastly Goff isn’t by any means the only media slug peddling this utterly dishonest tripe, but as a non-German working in Germany on the German tax-payer dime, his deceit is outstandingly offensive.

    Of course there’s a migration crisis!

    Quite apart from the continuing and massive incursion by the alien hordes…

    Graphic showing the number of migrant arrivals by sea to Europe in 2018

    …there are at least a million ”migrants’ still prowling around Europe, ESPECIALLY in Germany, the country whose tax-payers are coerced by the state to pay this imported American liar his big-bucks salary.

    And while we can put a few figures to the cost of that continuing crisis…

    German federal govt spent €20 billion on refugees in 2016: report 

    The cost of Merkel’s refugee crisis: Germany to spend £37BN in 2017

    ..the real cost of the migration crisis – which slimy Goff insists does not exist – is in the suffering inflicted on innocent Germans, especially women and girls…

    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    ….by migrants wrongly admitted and not yet deported.

    Round all them up and seal the country – and your country too – against more parasitic savages, and then the migration crisis may be declared over.

    • Vinnie F 10:28 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Does CNN contribute to America’s trade balance by exporting its surplus left propagandists to foreign countries?
      There’s this Goff in Germany and isn’t that strange liitle man Herbert who gets so worked up on behalf of illegals on France24 also ex-CNN?
      It strikes me as a shame that people in those countries get such a poor impression of the United States from second-rate Clintonistos.


    • Ally B 11:25 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Morning Ross.
      I am passing through your part of the world and my hotel has the channel so I just watched that DW Goff, a re-run of the show you describe.
      His actual words were not ‘there is no migration crisis’ but what he did say was ‘ the migration crisis no longer exists’
      Not exactly the same words but the same difference.
      I would say you are fair in your summing up of his dishonesty.
      He is an embarrassment to his own country for lying like that to his adopted country.


    • Keith Milner 17:04 on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Even if the BBC chart figures include all illegals who have got into Europe, that’s 50,000 in the first half of this year, so a modest guess for the whole year means 100,000, all gouging the tax-payers!
      That news-faker Goff tells viewers it’s not a crisis, when nothing like 100,000 of the bludgers have been deported? You really have no need to tell us he is a runt from the CNN stable!

      Looking at the situation from an Australian angle, I feel sorry for the Europeans, with such deceitful media, a bit like our ABC, I admit, and, outside of Italy and Hungary and Poland, such bad leaders who dont care for the people.
      Their burden just gets heavier and heavier, in terms of money wasted on them and the danger to European women.


  • ross1948 00:04 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Meddling Merkel’s Lap-Dog Media In Hypocritical Fury! 

    I just arose to face the day, and regrettably turned on DW, the state-funded, left-biased German channel, its English-language news today featuring fanatic left indignation.

    Their ex-CNN pinko stooge, Brent Goff, whom we had reason to mention only a week ago…


    Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW  

    Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias!

    …seemed to think his propaganda channel is entitled to interrogate the United States Ambassador, over a Breitbart interview.

    To what purpose?

    Deutsche Welle IS Infested With Biased Hacks – Crane Makes It Clear! 

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    Why would His Excellency, or anyone else, expect fair play on DW?

    Curious, I turned to their on-line pages, where I learned that a spokesman for Merkel’s Socialist coalition collaborators, the SPD, a certain Rolf Muetzenich…


    Gambar terkait


    …wants to complain to Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, because, he claims –

    Clearly the US ambassador sees himself as an extension of a right-wing conservative world movement, and not as a representative of his country entrusted with improving and protecting political, economic and cultural relations between the US and Germany.”

    An appealing, if unlikely thought! Sounds like a bit like ‘meddling,’ on which Mama Stasi Merkel is something of an expert!

    Foreign Interference In French Vote?Merkel Is GUILTY! 

    But Kamerad Muetzenich explained his red rage by adding that the Ambassador’s actions violated the 1961 Vienna Convention, under which diplomats do not interfere in the domestic affairs of a country.

    Germany wants answers on US ambassador′s remarks | News | DW

    If THAT’s the issue, where were the pinko whiners when the US Embassy in Budapest shamed themselves and their country by endorsing a pervert parade?

    …under Obama misrule, the US Embassy in Budapest aligned itself with very unwholesome elements  Embassies issue joint statement celebrating Budapest Pride  …

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

    THAT was arrogant, outrageous intrusion into Hungary’ internal affairs, because both the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian people have no time for gaystapo tripe.

    Can’t have it both ways, Kamerads!

    • Ken Kasic 16:26 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You should apply to the State Department in Washington for a grant, Ross.
      I know you won’t and you would not likely get one, but American foreign aid is so often wasted on all kinds of rubbish, some of us would say a good little blog like yours is much more deserving.
      Specially if the Trump Administration is organising a worldwide rightwing underground.


      • Mort 22:49 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        You are right to say Ross would not have any chance of any grant aid, Ken, but your humorous comment is a reminder that Mike Pompeo has much to do in connection with State Department behaviour.
        Ffirst and foremost, he has to face up to the issue mentioned by Ross, the embarrassing way America has been entangled with one side of the ‘gay power’ debate, in Hungary and in other places.
        We had to expect it from Obama but, while Trump has never shown much interest in cleaning up this interference in other countries’ politics, Pompeo has a good record.
        He should be issuing orders to our government servants to stop bullying African nations that want to maintain their values.


    • Nano Gresz 20:47 on June 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wish Trump would help out.
      We in Continental Europe are in the up-hill battle with not just against the private money of Soros but also our own money. The EU grabs the money from our taxes and gives it to so many of our “NGO” attackers.
      Nobody gives millions like that to us in the resistance.
      It is unjust and against democracy.
      In the Second World War America sent help to the Resistance fighters. Why not also today?


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