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  • ross1948 1:43 pm on February 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    My Kittens Matter More Than Trivia-Obsessed BBC! 

    I am currently distracted by the joy of having those five kittens in my yard….



    …where Mama Tini is looking after them very well, my only duty being to buy fish from the local tukang sayur – which means veggie vendor but there are fish, eggs and other non-veg items available!

    So my regular attentions to BBC bias are somewhat fewer than usual…



    …which is probably no bad thing for my emotional equilibrium!

    However, I couldn’t help but note perhaps the most idiotic headline yet seen on their website earlier, viz.

    Emily In Paris writer ‘rages’ at I May Destroy You’s Golden Globes snub


    What does that garbage mean?

    Like, who the Hell is ‘Emily’ and what’s she up to in Paris? Is she cute…



    …or more of a typical BBC newscaster? 

    Is ‘I May Destroy You’ a threat to non-marxist viewers?

    Investigation reveals they are TV dramas, or is it TV movies?

    We need to remember that in La-La Land, box office receipts are not that big a deal. Films, surely ought to get prizes based on how many people buy cinema tickets, but not in Hollywood these days, where democracy doesn’t count…



    …not in comparison with the judgement of opinionated hacks!

    The Golden Globes are voted for by 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association , all international journalists based in California.


    Image result for golden globes bias


    Pinko hacks, at that!

    See this – https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/02/03/brendan-gleeson-jeff-daniels-get-golden-globe-nods-for-roles-in-anti-trump-showtimes-series-the-comey-rule/


    Apparently the bizarre headline refers to some uptight chick incredibly vexed about how some production fared at the hands of the celeb-exalters, although…

    Movies about women did well in 2021 Golden Globe nominations, but BIPOC mostly absent from Best Picture races https://www.goldderby.com/article/2021/golden-globes-diversity-women/

    …their ‘diversity’ stuff I think we have not so far deigned to notice, though maybe we should!

    At least today I learned of a new word from the woke-weasel vocabulary!


    It apparently refers to black, Indigenous and people of color

    I have always liked films about women, back in The Old Country and here in Indonesia, where I suppose my fave stars are ‘people of colour’ though I never even think about colour when I admire actresses like Depe…


    Depe – Dewi Persik


    …and Syarini…


    ….and Julia Perez


    …the late and much-missed Jupe.


    Oh, and let’s not forget our heroine, Nikita Marzani…

    …whom I have been writing a lot about recently.


    THAT kind of diversity I can cope with!

    Anyway, I glanced quickly through the Beeb-Burbling, and it turns out the sad bint’s rejection-sensitivities have been assuaged by a gesture of approval on the part of a once-respected, but now deplorable body, namely the Screen Actors’ Guild…

    Screen Actors Guild – The Talking Brain-Dead? 

    …who also seem to think that what movies they like should matter to anyone else.


    • Tim Mc. 7:43 pm on February 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I like movies about women too, and here in Indonesia we are blessed with beautiful stars. When they do get involved in 'politics' they are not all as courageous as Nikita but few if any are as bad as The American embarassments we read about, like Fonda for instance.
      That Screen Actors Guild has become a leftwing pressure group.
      I saw in the news that they were about to expel Trump but he beat them to it and quit.


  • ross1948 9:42 am on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Kuntilanak2 Kembali Lagi! Yes! 

    Glad to see that Trans TV is doing some ENJOYABLE re-runs, some fine Indonesian horror movies, for Hallowe’en.
    The excellent ‘Kuntilanak’ is one already advertised, so I hope ‘Pocong’ will be another.
    One of my faves from ten years ago or more was ‘Tali Pocong Perawan,’ starring the luscious Dewi Persik.


    I can happily watch her acting skills for hours and hours. She’s still raising hell in the headlines here, a feisty gal.
    Sadly, the equally watchable Julia Perez succumbed to cancer a while back.

    She too was a horror star appreciated by vast numbers of movie-goers here.

    A sad loss.

    So exactly what are these dreaded supernatural beings we’re talking about, that may grace our TV screens in just a few days time?

    Feast your eyes on these frightful spectres!




    Western readers may be baffled by all the above, so I offer you a link to an old post…
    …which may enlighten you.
    I got out of the habit of watching local scary films, because producers began giving us dancing pocongs and silly kuntilanaks, which trivialised the genre.

    Roll on Hallowe’en!

    • Rawel 10:33 am on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Mau nonton sama Ross.


    • Santi 10:41 am on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Yes you are a good adviser for the Indonesian horor film.
      The older film is almost always better.


    • Prita Depok 3:44 pm on September 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Horor should be horor not comedians.


  • ross1948 10:02 am on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hidup Serigala2 Cantik2 – Besok Rabu, 29th April, Trans TV? 

    I’m not a big fan of Trans TV, largely because of the frequency of ads, and because they re-run movies too often. How many times can one enjoy Ananconda?

    • ————-

    trans tv


    • But last night, having been out for a pleasant meal at Plaza Semanggi on Friday evening and heading off today for a Sunday jaunt, I stayed home, mostly blog-work, but with the TV on, and, even despite ad-breaks, managed to enjoy SWAT.

    Better still, I caught a glimpse of a preview of their Wednesday ( 29 April ) show, Dag Dig Dut, a dangdut music spectacular with many of my fave stars, including –

    …Zaskia Gotika…


    Dewi Persik…


    …and DUO SERIGALA – The She-Wolf Duo!


    They’re all sexy songstresses, exemplifying the dangdut spirit.

    But given the appalling treatment meted out to the last-named, a totally disproportionate reaction to a bit ( well, maybe two bits!) of harmless fooling around –Kasihan Duo Serigala – Sexy Singers Hounded by Fanatics!  – I am currently both sympathetic towards and interested in that pair!

    You can read both my previous posts –  – but a recent news item indicates the mind-set of media monitors here -like the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) which went slightly berserk after the dynamic duo appeared on Trans’ Late Night Show.

    I give the raw Google Translate version, which is even funnier than if I were to tidy up the English.
    In a letter numbered 343 / K / KPI / 04/15, KPIs provide Written Reprimand on Trans TV for this program….
    In the KPI assessment, as written on the official website on Friday (10/4), bouncy attractions dribble that shook erotic chest while singing did not pay attention to norms of decency and morality prevailing in society, as set out in the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters and Broadcast Program Standards ( P3 & SPS) KPI in 2012.
    In this program, the rocking motion dribble close-up views. This attraction exploit the chest by bending the chest into the audience, so it looks cleavage.   http://palingaktual.com/1605829/tampilkan-duo-serigala-goyang-dribble-tengah-malam-kpi-tegur-trans-tv/read/


    I read this during Sunday breakfast preparations – darn near dropped the plate laughing!


    Yes, it is funny, but that was a late-night show, so how come all the fuss?

    The KPI’s sticky-beak priggishness is notorious –

    Ramadhan Buttocks Ban – Jakarta TV Decree Decries Thighs Too! 

    – we’ve covered it before, focusing on its sectarian slant, after their Chairman, Judhariksawan, told the JP that the KPI was cooperating with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to monitor television shows on every network…

    • “During Ramadhan, the KPI and MUI will not hesitate to force shows off the air if we find they have the potential to affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities in the holy month!”
    • oooooooo
    • censored-boobs-300x199 Does cleavage ‘affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities?’ Surely not if they take their religion seriously!
    • ooooooo
    • Despite such nonsense, this is not (yet) the Islamic Republic of Indonesia.
    • ==============
    • So let’s see if the gals are free to perform as impressively again on Wednesday!
    • JazPen 1:42 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That Google Translation is hilarious. I cant believe the KPI said anything so laughworthy.
      You are on good form these days, Ross. But we need more Indonesia posts like this.
      The international news you write about is interesting, but doesnt Jakarta have enough stories to keep you busy and us amused?


      • ross1948 8:07 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, JazPen, but I post on Indonesian news three or four times a week. It’s a wide world out there, so many good stories deserve my attention. I’m just about to publish on another local issue!
        Keep up the comments!


    • putri 3:11 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Heheheheh… so funny but you are true in what you say about the KPI.

      They force good tv show to stop in Ramadan because they are thinking this is already Iran or Arab Saudi.
      Very funny at first but very bad and sad what kind of country we get with this KPI that is same like FPI, so very intoleran….


  • ross1948 5:05 pm on December 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Karawang, West Java – An Expo Worth Visiting? 20-31st December 

    Karawang is just outside Jakarta so easy to reach if you want to see the show!

    It’s not a well-known place, though it has hit our headlines over the past couple of years –  

    Islamist Oaf (And School-Boss) Abuses Police, Gets Let Go – Why? 


    “Ya Allah, I’d Bomb You If You Weren’t Muslims!” Good News – Scruffy Bigot Charged! 


    ‘Lust and Fury’ During Ramadan! 


    Tonight in Java, Fuming Fanatics Ponder Karaoke Clash! Trio Macan Coming Too? 


    Police Block Worshippers’ Path – Islamist Hoodlums Harass Batak Christians



    Perhaps the most entertaining story concerned the irate bag-head bints who got into a TERRIBLE tizzy after Indonesia’s two sexiest actresses, Julia Perez and Dewi Persik,  starred in a movie set there.

    The daft baggies felt the yummy stars were giving Karawang a bad name – yet I’ve never yet seen any similar demo against the FPI and other IslamoNazi louts who feature in so many of the above reports!


    ..“Dancing Ghost of Karawang 


    Most of the news covered in the above would tend to make you want to go anywhere EXCEPT Karawang.

    BUT, as always. it’s important to note that most people living there are just people – normal folk who want to get by and get along –  without hateful bigot harassment of their neighbours.

    So, if you have time, take a trip across the city limits into West Java – that province has a mean reputation due to nasty sectarians,  but there are a LOT of good people who will make you welcome!

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