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    Is Denver In USA? So Why No Priority For US Citizens? 

    The engrained iniquity of Obama’s Administration is illuminated to perfection in this report on an anti-patriotic vendetta unleashed by his so-called ‘Department of Justice’ on the Denver Sheriff Department. 

    The sheriff’s department — the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado — will pay a $10,000 fine after it required applications for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens when hiring from the beginning of 2015 through March 2016… http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/doj-fines-denver-sheriff-dept.-for-excluding-non-citizens-for-jobs/

    Nuts, huh?

    An American law enforcement agency can’t advertise for Americans, not unless they give equal priority to aliens!

    It’s horrific but no more than we expect from a far-left bigot bint like Loretta Lynch, infamous for her ‘quiet chat’ with Bill Clinton during the investigation into Cigar-Fan’s neglected Missus.


    Hasil gambar untuk loretta lynch fbi

    Attorney General Lynch objected to FBI director going public …

    As I reminded readers then, the current US Justice Department has little interest in justice, so much so that they have bastardised the English-language itself, preferring to describe recidivist criminals as ‘justice-involved!‘  Stop Clinton Confidante Lynch From Facilitating Voter Fraud! 


    But even as I type this up for publication later, the vindictive leftists in the DoJ are coercing their victims to go through old applications to find applicants who were eliminated because of their citizenship status and reconsider them for future jobs.

    And further time, money and effort is being wasted by Lynch’s lackeys.

    Lackeys like Vanita Gupta, a sour-faced sticky-beak pictured with HMV below.


    Comrade Gupta with Commissar Lynch

    • As part of the settlement with the federal government, the Denver sheriff’s department will also have to train its human resources staff on the Immigration and Nationality Act’s anti-discrimination provisions… 

    “The entire community will benefit from these reforms,” said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division…

    I suspect Gupta, as one of Lousy Lynch’s flunkeys, is the sort who would object if Denver’s sheriff-search ‘discriminated’ against illegal aliens!

    But hold on, let’s not move on till we examine Comrade Gupta just a moment longer.  

    Vanita Gupta, the acting head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, apparently has been working in violation of federal law for more than a year and a half.

    That may render all of the official actions she has taken during that period—lawsuits, demand letters, hires, you name it—“void” and of no effect. 


    Well worth reading, but I hope the Gupta problem will solve itself, when an honest Attorney General replaces Lynch and a wholesale DoJ clean-out follows.

    I sure hope Donald Trump will get rid of these outrageous anti-discrimination provisions…

    There’s too much fuss made about ‘discrimination,’ here, there, and everywhere.

    As I said on the subject around four years ago… 

    It’s a nonsense for governments and bureaucrats to tell employers who they can and cannot hire.
    If some uptight anti-tobacco fanatic won’t hire smokers, that’s his loss – I wouldn’t want to work for him or her.

    If I were hiring a secretary, I’d want to advertise for an attractive fun-loving lady – blatantly sexist, and why not?.

    If an Arab doesn’t want to hire a Jew, why should he be forced to? Same goes for a Jew hiring an Arab.

    If somebody lays down an age limit for applicants (and being over 40 in Indonesia, I have come up against this kind of idiotic discrimination often enough) okay, who wants to work for a nitwit?

    The last thing I’d do if I was ‘discriminated’ against on grounds of age, sex, colour, or tobaccophilia is go crying to some wacko  ‘rights’ body. After Plain Packaging for Oz, Now Plain Discrimination 

    Of course it’s not a nonsense unique to the USA, or Australia, or the United Kingdom.


    • Nigel+Farage
    • ————-

    Just over a year and a half ago, we applauded UKIP’s Nigel Farage, when he pointed out the folly of British law that obstructs patriotic discrimination policies.  

    British Jobs for British Workers – And That Should Only Be The First Step! 

    But when it comes to matters of policing, whether at federal, state or municipal level, OF COURSE discrimination should not only be a right, but a proper duty.

    American laws should be enforced by American sheriffs. Just as British justice should be administered by loyal Brits.

    • Pamela 16:56 on December 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is really interesting, such petty-minded persecution of the sheriff in Denver by these ‘discrimination’ fanatics.
      They are like a cancer in our society, people like Lynch and Gupta, obsessed with interference and harassment.
      More’s the pity the British Isles has more than its fair share of such creatures too. .


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    ”Men Also Buy Underwear!” Who Leers At Lingerie? 


    • insanityfair
    • Man ‘unfairly’ barred from lingerie show

    How daft can it get?

    This sad-sack believes he was discriminated against and is taking his case to the Ombud for Equal Treatment.


    All the ‘discrimination’ hogwash is getting ever so tiresome…


    Hasil gambar untuk waste of money


    …and it’s beyond tiresome that over-paid bureaucrats, like the Ombud for Equal Treatment, continue to drain the public purse, not just in Austria, whence this report emerges, but all over the world.

    People should be free to discriminate as much as they want.

    • trannie
    • ———————-

    If some businessman reckons a stubbly bloke in a dress and make-up would make him or his staff feel uncomfortable, of course no trannies should be hired.


    If guys in a golf club in Scotland don’t want women members, leave them be – women can start their on club, ban male membership.

    Die-Hard Golf Clubs U-Turn On Topless Women? 


    If a fanatic Islamist runs a cafe and doesn’t want women or infidels on his premises, okay – who’d want to buy his coffee anyway?




    None of these examples are anyone’s business but that of the people whose premises are concerned.

    Public bodies, government services, of course, are another matter. Countries that make irrational discrimination into state policy, like apartheid South Africa or sectarian Saudi Arabia, deserve the abhorrence they reap as a result.

    Incidentally, South Africa used to face UN sanctions for that reason.


    Why don’t barbarous governments like Saudi’s, Sudan’s, etc,. face the same until they scrap shariah?

    • No-Sharia-Law-25463219231

    If a regime like evil Iran’s, for instance, not only victimises its own women but arrogantly seeks to enforce its primitive mentality against women from abroad who come to compete in an international games event…

    Shariah Chess? Fide Kow-Tows to Evil Ayatollahs! 

    …then naturally protests are in order. 


    But ‘discrimination’ by individuals, and by private businesses, should not be the affair of the state.

    And a lingerie show’s policies ought certainly not to merit the attention of any tax-funded sticky-beak like ‘Equality Prosecutor Monika Groser!’ That old nag has decreed that although there would be exceptions to the ruling…this case did not seem like an exception.

    It’s just about as stupid as that ‘ladies night’ nonsense we looked at last year, also in Austria.

    Ladies’ Nights ‘Unfair to Men!’ Seriously! 

     It may well be that the Austrian man really did want to accompany his girl-friend so he could contemplate what kind of frilly knickers would make a fine gift on their next big day.

    On the other hand, it’s not unreasonable to assume that perhaps the organisers did fear the prospect of voyeurs attending, to enjoy a jolly leer at scantily clad chicks.

    Hasil gambar untuk lingerie show

    Heaven forbid!

    The deplorable waste of Austrian citizens’ taxes on these Ombuds and Equality Prosecutors should be discontinued asap, but let’s face it, they wouldn’t exist except for the whine mentality of Herr S and all the other malcontents who are so easily left feeling hard done by.

    The organisers of the lingerie show even sent him a nice little apology.  

     “Dear Mr. S., we’re very sorry but the event was a Ladies Night. We look forward to welcoming you in the future to an event in our men’s department!”

    I can’t imagine any normal man who might be remotely interested in watching other blokes mincing about in y-fronts and vests…

    Hasil gambar untuk cartoon homer simpson underwear

    ….but the big issue is – will wannabe female leerers be banned from that?

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    Breaking – English Cops To Nab Shariah Preachers? 

    So wolf-whistling is a hate crime…

    Wolf whistling can now be reported as a hate crime

    BBC News20 Jul 2016

    OR NOT?


    Let’s look at The Guardian!

    One police force (Nottinghamshire) has expanded its definition of hate crime to include misogyny and harassment of women.

    Wolf-whistling is no crime – but it is part of our misogynist culture

    Hate Crime to include misogyny?

    If this were true, then it would mean that anyone advocating shariah law  would, ipso facto, be guilty of a ‘hate crime.’


    Shariah is an iniquitous code that imposes mean-spirited and absurd misogynistic discrimination on women.

    Not only the misogynistic ‘aurat’ stuff, whereby every woman is coerced into shrouding her God-given crowning glory, the lovely hair on her head, not to mention her knees, mid-riff, thighs and even those soft smooth shoulders on which her hair ideally cascades…



    ‘Fathers and Husbands, their aurat (private parts) are your responsibility!’


    …..a nonsense that would degrade all girls until they resemble the famous Michelin Man advert…




    …but also the grossly discriminatory inheritance laws, which denies daughters equal inheritance rights.

    Utterly misogynistic.

    And let’s not even discuss the grotesque concept of polygamy…




    ….how can anyone seriously maintain that men can have multiple spouses while women may one have one?

    As misogynistic as it gets!

    Alas, I fear the PC Plods in Notts County lack the guts to go after shariah hate crimes.


    Of course the very idea of ‘hate crime’ is an affront to justice.

    If you kill or injure somebody, whether in a fit of temper and/or jealousy, or during a bar-room brawl, or, most horrendous of all, surely, because he or she converts to another religion – ooops, that’s shariah law again…




    …then you are guilty of murder.

    There’s neither fairness nor logic in making the penalty heavier if your crime was motivated by ‘hate.’

    However, if the ruling PC ideology imposes such a nonsense as ‘hate crime’ on our legislation, then the Guardian scribbler whose link I’ve appended above, makes a fair point.


    If the gigantic PC catch-all net includes ‘disability, gender identity, race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, faith or belief and sexual orientation. Is it really so shocking for sex to be included in that list?


    And that’s what Nottinghamshire Police have done.

    But here’s another curious extract from her article, a statement from Notts Police, which declares that a ‘hate crime’ is not a crime at all.


    Madhouse England, yeah? Here’s the full quote – 

    A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”

    In other words, whether it’s a crime depends if the complainant or his or her pals or some agitprop pinko whiner have a big enough chip on their shoulders.

    A charter for uptights.

    The authoress ( that’ll wind her up nicely – I’m sure ‘authoress’ is as non-PC as ‘actress’ these days) is named Laura Bates, BTW.

    Laura Bates

    Laura doesn’t like being whistled at!


    Laura in fact began her article with the words wolf-whistling has been reclassified as a crime! But then she explains how that sentence, that ‘crime,’ wolf-whistling is not even mentioned in the police report.

    She blames the Guardian’s media rivals for trivialising abuse of women by introducing the non-existent ‘wolf-whistling’ crime. Again, fair comment.

    But then she exposes her own loopy libber mentality, by adding that wolf-whistles are the thin end of this wedge…

    Nice legs! They're taking the p*ss...maybe they're not. Maybe they mean it...


    I don’t walk around Jakarta whistling at girls – a friendly smile seems a more decorous approach, and is often reciprocated.  

    And on my rare trips to the Wicked West I regret to admit that nobody has wolf-whistled me.

     Were it to happen, assuming the whistler wasn’t a poofter, I’d not be upset at all. It’s a compliment, albeit an unsophisticated one.

    So why should it be cause  for complaint?

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    Crimmigrants – UN Tells Europe To Surrender! 

    UN says turning migrants away ‘won’t work’

    The UN high commissioner for refugees says the migrants crisis is now a global phenomenon and that simply turning them away “won’t work.”  

    UN says turning migrants away ‘won’t work’


    Since no serious consistent effort has been undertaken to turn the parasite horde away, one might assume that Filippo Grandi is is merely given to talking what my Indonesian friends call omong kosong – or BS, as Americans say. Whenever any endeavour to turn back the savages does happen, we’ll see if it works.



    I imagine if the European vessels which are now directed by their Brussels-puppet governments  to collect as many undesirable aliens as possible, then deposit them in Italy, were given sane orders…

    Invasion of Italy? Task Force Time – Occupy Libya Coast! 


     …to force the crimmigrants back to Libya or better still, as was done in the 19th Century, bombard the shores on which the enemy is encamped, then there’d be a sharp drop in attempts to launch  illegal boat-loads.

    If my oft-repeated suggestion that container ships be hired or requisitioned promptly to remove thousands, hundreds of thousands, of the ingrates already ashore…


    …to clean out the Molenbeeks, the Paris banlieues, the ‘asylum centres’ in Germany and Scandinavia swarming with  barbarous brutes inimical to European values, the Calais Jungle…


    …there’d be a lot fewer trouble-making spongers in Europe and a lot fewer of their kind interested in replicating their crimmigrant maritime enterprises.

    But Filippo can’t be let off so lightly.


    First of all, he’s an Italian.

    He may have forsworn allegiance to his own sad infested land to serve as a supranational flunky for the organised hypocrisy called the UN, but he nevertheless cannot be unaware of the atrocious record of mayhem and rapine that’s down to the aliens let into Italy by his fellow-cultural marxist Renzi.

    Secondly, the UN is rotten to the core. Its minions, like Grandi, have no moral leg to stand on. 


    • 6e6cb-hypocrisyofoursociety
    • ==============
    • It has its ludicrous ‘De-Colonisation’ Committee, which emits ranting demands that the British people of the Falkland Islands be put under Argentine rule against their clear wishes, while making not a  whisper of protest against Red China’s imperialism in Tibet.

    It rails about ‘human rights,’even specifying women’s rights, yet no condemnation of shariah law, which exalts sex discrimination as a key part of its code.

    UN Sec-Gen’s Inglorious Omission on Women’s Rights 

    It’s time for civilised countries to cut off the UN’s oxygen, viz. its cash. Without Western subsidies, the UN couldn’t pay Grandi’s fat salary, nor could its myriad other running dogs have the fancy offices across the globe from which they yap and yelp.


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    Italian Head-Scarf Whiner’s Legal Jihad – Court Caves In! 

    Another whining bint, in Italy this time, coining it in on the basis of the lie that Muslim women have to wear head-shrouds.

    Hard to keep count of the number of times we’ve addressed this issue..


    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 


    … but that’s a few links to previous posts.

    And in this case, it’s even more absurd, this arrogant baggie applying for a job as an SPG, a sales promotion girl handing out leaflets to interest people in a product featured in a shoe fair in Milan. 

    We here in 90% Muslim Jakarta who attend expos etc. do so, at least in some cases, to enjoy looking at the SPGs.


    SPGs taking a well-earned rest at Jakarta Fair

    Jakarta Expos – iFMAC, Sofa Parts, Beauties and Similar Delights 

    They are clearly selected for their visual appeal.

    So the last thing you’d want spreading the good news for your company is a self-righteous drab unwilling to display even her hair. It seems the whiner is a university student, so presumably smart enough to know this…


    foreign money


    … but smarter still to put the squeeze on the company.,

    After sending a photo of herself wearing the headscarf, the company asked if she would be willing to remove it, to which she responded ‘no’, explaining that she wore it for religious reasons.

    Because of this, Evolution declined to send her application to its client. In court, the company argued that it selects applicants on the basis of “aesthetics and image” and that its clients “would never be so flexible.”

    Quite right too!

    The woman, who was born in Italy to Egyptian parents, then sued for discrimination based on religion and gender. A court in Lodi, Lombardy, rejected the case, arguing that the applicant for the role also had to conform with the employer’s “image” requirements.

    With which anyone with a non-bigot brain would agree. Image is what promotion is all about.


    b5300-retardalert All rise, for the verdict!


    But Italian appeal court judges don’t seem to know what appeals to the normal public, or are addicted to appeasement of primitives. 

    The Milan appeals court overturned this decision, ordering the company to pay the woman €500 in damages.   http://www.thelocal.it/20160506/italian-firm-was-wrong-to-refuse-to-hire-hijab-wearing

    Pathetic. If she wants to wear a scarf, okay, she should be left in peace  to hide her crowning glory – it’s not a burka, after all, which should be outlawed.

    But by the same token, she should understand that she’s in a civilised country where such sectarian affectations are not admired, and certainly not seen as a lure for whatever she’s on about.

    • Emile 14:37 on May 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so annoying, this vexatious money-making litigation,taking full advantage of idiot judges like this one and the one who let off the goat-killers in your other article.
      If they can’t hack living with normal people’s standards, they have a lot of places they would feel more comfortable in.
      But they won’t go there, much happier causing trouble then making a profit here in the West.


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    Discrimination in Vienna! Boycott This Pinko Dive! 

    We are endlessly beset with pinko shrills bleating about ‘discrimination.’

    So howzabout THIS!

    A cafe owner in Vienna has sparked heated debate after barring supporters of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party from her establishment following the party’s Sunday’s election triumph.  http://www.thelocal.at/20160426/vienna-cafe-tells-bars-far-right-voters-austria-presidential-election

    Now if she barred ‘gays’ or some other pampered, PC-favoured element, there’s no doubt at all that a horde of ‘human rights’ agitprop A-holes would swoop on her establishment.
    I don’t know about Austrian law, but in Canada, and many other Western lands, ‘discrimination’ can land you in court, fines, jail-time, draconian punishments galore!
    For my part, I wouldn’t want to see this red vixen prosecuted.
    Proprietors should be free to ban whomsoever they wish from their premises. Besides, damn sure I’d not want to spend a single Austrian schilling (oops, it’s the euro there these days!) buying coffee or apfelstrudel if that kept her in business.
    Nor would I wish to sit among her clientele – read the linked story and see for yourself what an unwholesome crowd hang out within the weirdo’s den.
    Discrimination should be a civil right everywhere – but so should the art of BOYCOTT!
    • Carney 19:00 on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You are a throw-back to the 1950s.
      The world has moved on and intolerance is no longer permissible.
      Canada is a wonderful example of diversity but it would not be if government action had not been used to achieve it. That means stamping out discrimination wherever it appears.
      You had better stay away from Canada, we have no time for people like you anymore..


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    'Poor Little Refugee Children?' Yeah, Right! 

    If you are in much too good a mood this evening, wait till tomorrow before you read what these arrogant alien upstarts in Switzerland have to say for themselves!

    By the end of such an exercise in morning masochism, you’ll surely be fit to spit yer teeth out.


    tawseThe tawse, that kept Scots kids well-behaved for a century or more.


     Or better still, take a good old-fashioned tawse to the obnoxious young swine, which is what the school near Basel should have done when they started their uppity cr#p.


    We covered this display of alien arrogance a week or so back…

    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    …two recalcitrant juvenile jihadists who won’t shake their teacher’s hand.

    But we learn much more by perusal of The Local. The pair come across as artful dodgers, at best.

    The brats are two Syrian brothers – the sons of an imam – and their fanaticism is at once clear to anyone wo lives here in Jakarta, where 90% of the people are Muslim but show few signs of the brat-drivel which claims Muslims may not have physical contact with a person of the opposite sex, aside from immediate family members.


    • That would, as my old Latin teacher used to say about our class-room errors, make a cat laugh.
    • —————-
      • ibitidur She’s rolling about as I type!
    • Only the most demented types of jihadist jerk propagate such a twisted interpretation.  Already the spokesperson for the civilised Muslim community in Switzerland has refuted their bigoted bullsh-it.

    There was no reference in the Koran justifying a refusal to shake a woman teacher’s hand, said the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations. Saida Keller-Messahli of the Forum for Progressive Islam urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.     http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35967349

    Here, in 90% Muslim Jakarta, hand-shakes are the norm, with both males and females of every age and class. Most people are polite. As said before, I can recall only a couple of times in the best part of two decades in Indonesia when I’ve encountered refusal to do so.

    A quick aside – the Swiss report does make one reflect on the judgement of the Children’s Commissioner for England, who recently shrilled that Cameron should get a move on and bring in a fresh batch of brats from the Calais Jungle!


    And who among you believes THIS?


    evil children

    ‘I only posted Isis videos because I liked the music’

    Unfortunately, the media gave these two toe-rags a platform without revealing their identities. 

    “We’re not harming anyone,” said the younger of the two brothers…it was about living according to the tenets of Islam and showing respect to women.

    By indicating that the very touch of female fingers is abhorrent?

    Yeah, right!

    But Little Toe-Rag’s big brother is quick to play the infantile Islamophobia card. He spoke of more sinister forces at work. “Politicians are using us to stir up anti-Muslim feeling.”



    Get real, brat!

    Displays of offensive arrogance are what’s likely to stir up anti-Muslim feeling, this incredible notion that the Swiss should put up with backward alien behaviour or be branded unreasonable when they object to ungrateful tykes who insult the women of their host nation.

    Switzerland is European, not Arab. The brats live in Switzerland, not Syria.

    Big Toe-Rag vaguely grasps the need to pretend to accept this reality.

     “We respect Swiss culture and of course we obey the laws of this country. We try as much as possible to integrate.”

    Yet in the same breath he flaunts what’s so deeply wrong.

    “… we have our own culture. We can’t just delete that like a hard drive,” the 16-year-old said.



    Get real!

    Your ‘hard-drives’ are unwelcome.  Delete them or sod off back to the Middle East, where women are too often accorded, by shariah law, second-class status.

    Or find some other country you’ll be at ease in, that sees nothing wrong with deeming women untouchable, with discriminatory inheritance law, with polygamy, with shrouding women’s heads but not men’s.

    It turns out that this brat’s kid brother yearns for the ‘good ole homeland.’ Since the scandal erupted, it has emerged that his younger brother posted Isis videos on his Facebook page…

     “I was 12 years old and didn’t even know what Isis was. It was just about the music. I liked it,” he said.

    Yeah, right!


    Hasil gambar untuk isis victims


    That easy listening, jihad-jazz on a summer’s day, keeping time to the sound of decapitated bodies dropping to the ground, a neat background rhythm of sobbing rape victims.  


    Silhouette weeping

    OF COURSE thescum know what ISIS is and ISIS does.

    The satanic nature of the rape/murder gang is infamous around the world.

     The wretches  explained they had learned about the prohibition on physical contact on the internet, with their father confirming its validity.
    So it’s NOT part of their culture. They just picked up the insulting nonsense-notion off the internet. AND we already know about their internet tastes.
    And Daddy Imam agrees?
    Time for a triplicated deportation order. 

    “No one can force us to touch someone’s hand!” the brothers told SonntagsZeitung, saying that any attempt in that direction was a form of discrimination.

    Aaah, ‘discrimination!’

    Now there’s a word the insolent brat learned damn fast!


    . Pity they can’t learn to delete sex discrimination from their horrid ‘hard drives.’

    • Penny 12:19 on April 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      After reading about those adolescent rapist migrants I used to say the definition of a ‘child’ should be under fourteen.
      but this little sh-t watching ISIS videos at age 12 has made me revise my ideas downwards. And yes, that Scottish ‘tawse’ or a stout cane is exactly what these two horrors need.


    • Tom Thorham 15:30 on April 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      And they want to bring more like them to England?
      Jesus save us!


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    So, Lady, Wanna Run Jakarta? Take Your Limitations and Get Lost! 

    So ‘High Priest’ Habib Rizieq has for the time being decided to spare Banyumas his ranting presence due to toothache!

    Gara-gara Sakit Gigi, Rizieq FPI Gagal ke Banyumas



    His plans to head to that Central Java city have caused an uproar of protest from respectable citizens of all creeds there.

    Three Cheers for Banyumas! 

    But according to Rimanews, he’s still up for a sectarian snarl right here in the capital.

    He and his ideological clones on the Jakarta High Syariah Council got together in the city’s grand Al Azhar mosque, to rally electoral opposition to Governor Ahok, if that Christian, ethnic-Chinese gent decides to seek another term in City Hall.



    …in a ceremony at the Great Mosque,  founder of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Muhammad Rizieq Shihab asked Muslims in Jakarta who want to compete against Ahok in the gubernatorial vote to register…


    Al Azhar


    …However, there are some requirements and criteria for candidates eligible for the convention.
    “Anyone can sign up… ” said Rizieq, on Thursday…


    Anyone? Not quite! These jihadists instantly veto half the adult population!
    The terms and criteria are…



    This grotesque sexism comes as no surprise.

    One of Rizieq’s IslamoNazi comrades famously made clear their Dark Age misogynism with that quote we delight in using.

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    That condition basically insults every Muslim woman – think of President Megawati, or other prominent Muslim lady mayors, governors, legislators, etc. all over Indonesia.


    Think, moreover, of women who fought against colonial rule…

    Acehnese resistance fighter Cut Meuthia


    … even in poor old Aceh, which now languishes under shariah law. ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 

    However, there are other conditions – unsurprisingly, only Muslims are eligible, but not just any Muslims but those who are intelligent, physically and mentally healthy…


    Well, perhaps these fine specimens photographed at FPI manifestations might fit the bill perfectly.

    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    They are obviously intelligent and mentally healthy.  They are waving fists and sticks energetically, so presumably physically healthy too.

    Yet how do we know that they are male?

    Three out of four of them are hiding their faces, so they could well be flat-chested females.

    Never mind, they certainly look as if they meet two of Rizieq’s other qualifications, viz., that the successful candidate must be a scholar AND a visionary!

    Here’s another sample of the FPI’s ‘scholarly’ and ‘visionary’ followers hard at work!


    fpi kill busddhist


    Or perhaps his efforts on behalf of the hate-preacher Abu Bakr Ba’asyir have led him to think that rabid old fanatic will be unleashed from high security prison confinement in time to run in 2017?


    Habib Rizieq (left) with infamous advocate of violence Abu Bakr Ba’asyir (currently doing time!)


    You can read all about both Habib’s toothache and his Syariah Council’s grand design to take power in Jakarta according to the constitution without violating Islamic law”  in the links provided!


  • ross1948 09:43 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , discrimination, , International Hide the Yummy Bits Day!, , , , , ,   

    February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 

    A fine sunny morn here in Jakarta, and further reasons to smile include arising to find a superb bacon and egg sandwich breakfast already prepared, and a risible blatter on tv, Euronews telling us it offers ‘balanced’ reporting!

    But then we realise it’s 14th February! Can I reach the garden gate though the stacks of mail?

    Ooops! It’s Sunday – no mailman..ooops, again, no letter-carrier!

    And BIGGEST OOOPS! This is not, after all, Valentine’s Day!


    Tolak (Reject) Valentine’s Day


    Hari Menutup Aurat International?

    Literal translation  – ‘International Day for Covering Aurat.’


    A matter of interpretation.

    But Google Translate often gives it as ‘private parts’ – yet what normal, sane people regard as private parts has little to do with it, though no regrets for the fun afforded me when I wrote about “No Guarantees On Miss World’s Private Parts!” MUI 

    Another common Google Translate offering is ‘genitals!’ Most of us would be taken aback if genitalia were on display, but that’s uncommon, to say the least, except in the smallest minds to be found in the archipelago. 

    Genitals?…‘Scholars’ on Scarfs – ‘Must Be Shariah-Compliant, Hide Genitals, Show No Curves!’  .

    We can review what’s a private part in a moment, but first let me remind you – aurat is a sexist concept, a form of subjugation imposed by men, usually old but often younger fogeys too.

    The poster below, which needs to be widely circulated, makes the sexism absolutely clear.



    Addressed to ayah dan suami, fathers and husbands, you can see what’s  forbidden in the lists on either side of Michelin Maid.

    Then, at the bottom, it offensively tells the afore-mentioned gents that ‘Their Aurat is Your Responsibility.’

    In other words, inspect your women before you allow them out! But you men can go bare-headed, flaunt your kees, etc…



    Instead of using the word to describe what you and I might consider ‘private parts,’  jihadist jackasses have hi-jacked it to cover splendid ( or even meagre) cleavage, thighs, mid-riffs – they hate navels!  



    And even knees Good Indonesians Denounce ArchBigot Ali’s Latest Intolerant Outburst and shoulders.

    Beautiful glossy black hair too is deemed aurat by the fanatic fringe, which is really…saaaad!

    This mentality always provokes me, but only to do something nice for readers, like find good yummy females with loads of aurat for your delectation. 

    Basically, the fanatic fogeys dislike women.

    We like ’em!

    So here you are!

    Welcome to beautiful Indonesia!






    Have a Happy!

    • Darryl 11:57 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful pix, Ross. Thanks for making the morning brighter.
      And a good article, this aurat is a crock. Let women be women, the way God made them.


  • ross1948 15:36 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ban on Muslims, discrimination, , Semarang Pork Festival   

    This Weekend’s Semarang Pork-Fest – Trumped? 


    That sounds like a yummy place to go, and if I lived in Semarang, Central Java, I would.

    Or would I?

    It turns out that none of my Muslim friends could join me for such an outing, not because they have hang-ups about pork – there no compulsion on attendees to eat any of the goodies on display! Nor is there any indication in the news report that some self-styled Islamic ‘scholar’ has issued a new fatwa.

     In fact, it’s because Muslims have been banned by the festival organisers!

    This discrimination was reported in Liputan6.com, which tells us that it’s forbidden for Muslims to come along..  .http://regional.liputan6.com/read/2428877/kaum-muslim-dilarang-datang-ke-festival-kuliner-di-semarang-ini

    Event organiser Firdaus Adi Negoro said that ‘organizers realized that this festival could provoke a polemic…so …only non-Muslim citizens are allowed to attend…

    What a pity!

    • ———
    • muslimah2p


    When Islamic book-fairs are held here, or hijab fashion shows, there’s never been any ban on us curious non-Muslims having a walk around to admire their wares.’


    • trump
    • What does this Trump-like policy tell us about Semarang, or the festival organisers?
    • Or the impact of the possibility of a polemic?
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