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    Whites Need Not Apply – Nor Men! Bigot Biden! 

    If I were an employer, and advertised for a secretary, specifying that the only applicants welcome were cute young gals, preferably in miniskirts…


    • which is how I would certainly wish to word my advert!
    • ….then the Equalistapo would be after me in minutes!

    • Yet Biden has specified that the only applicants he’ll consider for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court must be black and female.

    • Undoubtedly, there are plenty of smart, honourable black females in America…

    • .

    • Candace Owens by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg
    • …such as Candace Owen…

    • …or Kimberley Klacik

    •   Kimberly Klacik

    • =======
    • …but Biden’s restrictive recruitment process is classically racist and sexist.

    • He should be subjected to stern questioning on his discriminatory behaviour…

    • =
    • ….but only on one of those rare days he is capable of coherent response.

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    Outrageous – No Virus Crisis Help For ‘Xenophobes?’ 

    Seriously, that’s what happened in a major Italian city, and even though the pinko creep Mayor of Parma, in northern Italy, has had to back down, after public outrage over disgraceful civic discrimination…


    Parma’s Mayor Federico Pizzarotti

    ….the allocation of ‘vouchers for families in difficulty’ requiring the needy “to repudiate fascism ” and “not to profess and make propaganda for xenophobic, racist, sexist ideologies….”

    ….Comrade Pizzarotti appears still to be mired in moral vacuity.

    For my English-speaking readers ( the great majority) I would point out, perhaps needlessly, that the word ‘fascism’ has been rendered almost meaningless by Red Nazi Antifa and their fellow-travellers in the political-media establishment…



    Adhering to and expressing support for an ‘ideology’ is everybody’s right in a democratic society. 

    Those buzz-words ‘xenophobic and racist’ were and are applied as smears…


    Far-left anti-Brexit freaks

    ….to Brexiteers and Trump voters alike, millions of people who would be denied help in the Chinese Virus crisis, if the discriminatory Parma policy were to be replicated in their countries.

    As for ‘sexist,’ would my International Women’s Day post get me left out of the queue if I were starving in Parma…


    Rejoice! It’s International Women’s Day! 

    …and BTW, how many shariah fans would be turned away by Parma?


    Interesting question!

    To be fair, the PC bigotry even caught flak from a  lefty in Red Renzi’s old Democratic Party.

    “I say this as a convinced anti-fascist. It is national money destined for the needy in an emergency. The anti-fascist declaration here has nothing to do with it at all,” said one such.

    As Il Tempo accurately defines the municipal diktat –

    An anti-fascism license to receive aid.’


    Double standard – Wikipedia
    A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for situations that are, in principle, the same, and is often used to describe an advantage that is given to one party over another.

    Of course there is nothing in Parma’s ‘license’ about repudiating marxism, or any of that poisonous ideology’s evil variants.



    As Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s Number One Patriot gal…



    …put it –

    …’the ISIS cutthroats, the mafia, the criminals, those who praise the crimes of Pol Pot, of Stalin…can stuff themselves with the meal vouchers of the Municipality of Parma… “

    And the bigot puke Pizzarotti’s retreat reveals less of a guilty conscience than we are entitled to expect.



    In fact, the swine reveals an absolutely discriminatory mind-set on the part of Parma’s apparatchiks.

    It’s part of a regulation that…has been incorrectly inserted.

    In this part it is written that if you profess xenophobia, racism and nazism you cannot benefit from civic halls or amenities sponsored by the Municipality of Parma. That will remain so.

    But it does not apply to the bonuses…the error will be corrected. “

    In other words, Parma denies free speech to those it deems ‘far right…’


    …but not to red vermin like the communists?

    An Italian version of the nasty No Platform policy beloved by bigot-lefts in  our own countries?




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    Islamist Fanatics Rage At India – ‘Diskriminasi?’ Oya?’ 

    I was at home last Friday, observing repairs to my roof and to my modem.

    Lucky me, for had I gone into town to purchase another paper-back at the second-hand bookstore in Pasar Festival, on Jalan Rasuna Said…



    …I’d have been confronted by traffic hell.

    All the usual suspects, the FPI and the self-styled 212 ‘Alumni,’  had been out on the streets  – that very street, where the Indian Embassy is located – demonising India’s government for allegedly being mean to Muslims.


    The ‘212 Alumni’ gang sprang up during the witch-hunt against Jakarta’s Governor Ahok and I’ve yet to figure out how that mob that shuffled through Jakarta howling sectarian hate..



    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners    

    Slouching Towards Shariah


    …have the nerve to call themselves ‘alumni’ – but they do.

    Unlike the fairly recent ‘alumni’, the FPI ( Islam Defenders Front) has been around for decades, and its commitment to religious tolerance everywhere…


    Islamist Fanatics Threaten Peaceful Minority, Again! 

    FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 

    ….is quite widely recognised.

    To be fair, I offer readers a chunk of the press release issued by the demo organisers…

    PA 212 is demanding that the Indian government rescind amendments to the country’s citizenship law, which has been widely criticized as being discriminatory towards Muslims and blamed for the ongoing Hindu-Muslim violence in the country. PA 212 is also demanding that all forms of persecution against Muslims in India be stopped.

    Furthermore, the group is urging the Indonesian government to sever diplomatic ties with India over human rights violations committed against Muslims there.

    …and would only wish to add that the signatories to the above attack on ‘discrimination’ and religious persecution turn out to be none other than the FPI’s Sobri Lubis…


    Sobri Lubis


    ….infamous for his bloodthirsty exhortation to a mob of ignoramuses, urging them to –

    Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh…’


    –  members of a peaceful and utterly inoffensive religious minority here in Indonesia. I think the video link still works.

    Interestingly, also, I have never yet heard of either FPI or 212 issuing calls, never mind taking to the streets, to get Pakistan to stop religious persecution…

    Evil Triumphs In Pakistan, Again! 

    …which is endemic there.

    Unlike The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, India’s constitution does not elevate sectarian identity to a guiding principle. But I see no demos here complaining about that, nor do I expect to.



    However, having avoided the traffic these extremists quite callously imposed on good people who actually work for a living –

    I say callously because they deliberately chose a working day, a Friday afternoon, when normal people are either working or eager to get home from work, rather than a Sunday, to strut their selectively indignant stuff

    -I see in the media that they must have enjoyed their day out, so much so that they are planning an action replay, NEXT Friday!

    Thing is, these fanatics are not usually stupid – at least their leaders aren’t – so they understand very well what they are putting people through with their sectarian antics.

    Next Friday, again, yet more honest citizens, most of whom will again be Muslim, in this 90% Muslim city,  will have their working day disrupted.

    But there’s an upside to it all.

    The more people get messed around, the more will voices be raised demnding the fanatics be taken down a peg or two.

    Some voices are being raised already.

    This link –


    – is from an Indonesian site. Google Translate isn’t up to much, but use it and you’ll get the gist!

    Presumably, the fanatics realise they their inconsiderate behaviour is fomenting…



    …but perhaps they relish the conflict they are provoking. God knows I cannot fathom how such minds work.



    • Tuyul 15:10 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I will not go to work Friday. Too much trouble.
      The demo crowd are so selfish, most do not like to work, so they care nothing about workers, go on demos on working day, big traffic day.
      If not so selfish, they can easily demo on Sunday when street is empty.
      Bad thinking, bad people.


    • JazPen 22:35 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am always delighted when you go back to your old favourite topics, Ross. You used to bash these fanatics at least twice a week.
      No downtown for me either, and I am giving my secretarials a day at home too.
      They can work from home and avoid the traffic trouble caused by these nuisances.


  • ross1948 05:46 on October 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Canadian ‘Journalist’ Demands Media Bias? Sack The Hack, 

    It is of course very foolish to expect anything in the way of sense from somebody like the hard-faced Shree Paradkar, below….

    Shree Paradkar


    …who gets paid real dollars to be a ‘Race and Gender Columnist,’ of all things. Seriously!

    Canadians should nevertheless be grateful to this Toronto Star hackette, for her brazen denunciation of fair play.

    By the way, if you wish to take up the issue of her anti-democratic intolerance, here’s her email address!  sparadkar@thestar.ca

    Lazy gits!

    They’re not paid to flaunt their racial hang-ups!

    Who the HELL do these uptights think they are?

    Somehow they got jobs with pay and conditions that many honest Canadians would envy.  

    Yet their deadlines, a key part of any real journalist’s job, are put in the balance so they can waste their time staging ‘emotionally exhausting’ collective rant sessions?

    Damfool management, that didn’t fire the uppities on the spot…



    …but then the whiners would’ve begun yelping about ‘racism.’

    One recognises the true voice of the ideologue in her use of the ridiculous phrase for coloured people, “people of colour,” but skip that – you want to know why she and her comrades were throwing tantrums.

    Answer – the Toronto Star, a notoriously leftwing newspaper, had invited Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC patriot party…

    ….to sit down with its editorial board, same as other party leaders.

    But Shrill Shree’s gang of bigots wanted their bosses to discriminate against Bernier on ideological grounds. Partly because they just hate what he stands for…

    The event was open to anyone in the newsroom. We know how these discussions unfold. This is why many of us journalists of colour decided not to participate in any capacity — neither to question Bernier nor to work behind the scenes to produce the live video

    How infantile – or yellow, to cower from hearing honest answers to their querulous questions!

    Image result for bernier billboard

    …but, tellingly, because they thought if the readership heard his message, it would legitimize the speaker. And when that speaker is polished or perceived by the audience as authentic, the platform elevates their stature.

    In other words, they’d like what they hear, they might agree with him, and might vote for the PPC!



    And we can’t risk that, can we, any more the party’s policy on multicult madness and/or mass immigration should be seen on billboards, as other parties’ policies are advertised.

    True North Strong And Free?

    Not if this wicked woman with alien values has her way.


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    Tax-Funded ‘Discrimination’ Mob About To Discriminate? 

    The bigot leftist in charge of a Belgian tax-funded sticky-beak outfit is weaseling vigorously.

    The ‘inter-federal agency for equal rights’ aka UNIA, is in a tizzy because the Flemish patriot party, having won huge support in recent elections…


    Vlaams Belang poster – ‘our own people first!’


    …has asserted ‘its right to one of the seats’ on the agency’s governing board, but the Flanders regional parliament has ominously postponed a vote on appointments, sparking suspicions the in-crowd plan to discriminate against the VB (Vlaams Belang) by denying its right to sit on the ‘anti-discrimination’ body!

    The Brussels Times writer admits that the VB’s ‘record number of seats’ would  ‘in principle give it the right to one of the four seats reserved for Flemish parties…’

    …..’but the prospect of a far-right party on the board of an anti-racist body has caused some embarrassment.’


    That democracy thing is SO embarrassing!

    After the outrageous post-election efforts to put pressure on Belgium’s King Philippe…


    ..it sounds to me as if the left-liberal establishment is still running scared, UNIS horrified that their drivel ‘discrimination’ agenda may be subjected to criticism.

    And VB’s Chris Janssens, has promised just that!


    Chris Janssens

    We plan to take a very critical stance.”

    And the one thing these ‘anti-hate’ parasite cliques hate is dissent, which the VB can be counted on to provide.

    The report reminds us that ‘VB has in the past criticised Unia as “thought police” and a “council for complaining foreigners.”

    And Mr. Janssens makes it clear that he will fight for his own fellow-citizens’ rights, rather than whining ‘minorities.’

    For us, there are no wrong opinions, only criminal acts. Unia wants to use the courts as a punishment, instead of tackling actual discrimination.

    This institution is heavily subsidised, with the main purpose of dragging Flemish people through the mud.”

    Enter the sticky-beaks’ co-director Els Keytsman, who begins with the mild observation that a VB member could be “interesting.” https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/politics/59422/vlaams-belang-demands-seat-on-the-board-of-equal-rights-agency/

    But after a wee bit of waffle about how it “could be a chance for us to show that we are not the kind of cliché that a lot of VB supporters think we are….”


    Comrade Keytsman shows her true totalitarian colours, with a hint that there could be ‘a different method of selecting board members, by issuing an open call for candidates.’

    Dropping the mask, she snarled, “I would hope that the Flemish parliament would not take the decision on the basis of outdated political culture.”

    Rather than comment on the bigot bint’s contempt for the established democratic process when it might risk a solitary dissenting voice on her team of yes-men ( and yes-women, and if trannies are involved, yes-things!) I will let the VB’s Janssens sum up the dituation.

    “Strange how self-professed democrats want to tinker with the rules when the results don’t suit them,” he said. “We have a right to a seat and will take it up. “

    Now it’s up to the other parties with Flanders regional representation to decide – crawl to pinko creeps like Keytsman, or play fair.


    • Edward Lamont 20:57 on July 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is Belgium not the country that banned a large, popular political party because it wanted to put the people of their own country before those of other countries?
      I for one will not be very shocked if that leftwing woman gets her wish and the Vlaams Belang are prevented from taking their rightful place on her busy-body board.


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    Pennsylvania National Guard Surrender To Scouts! 

    Who’s the pinko creep infiltrator in the Pennsylvania National Guard?

    That’s the big question that an otherwise excellent article…


    Related image

    ….fails to answer, because there definitely IS something rotten in the state of Pennsylvania, or rather somebody.

    I refer to whomsoever banned a group of young Christian scouts from touring a National Guard facility, on the outrageous grounds that the boys are safeguarded by the rules of their organisation, Trail Life USA, from pervert infiltration…

    Related image

    Trail Life came into existence after the Boy Scouts of America, under the influence of Rex Tillerson –Stop Tillerson – He’ll Continue Clinton’s Gaystapo Grovel! – knuckled under to gaystapo bullying and admitted self-confessed queers


    ….and that, believe it or nor, makes the lads ‘discriminatory!’

    The good news is that the National Guard, obliged to pick on someone their own size when two public-spirited law firms got involved, backed off sharpish.,

    “…the issue was raised to the appropriate level for a legal and full staff review,” the National Guard said….”the decision has been reversed and the tour is being granted.”

    And so it damned well should be!


    What is being done about the sleazy pro-homo puke who banned the boys?

    There needs to be an investigation, to identify the ratbag and dismiss him ( or her? or it?) from any decision-making role – indeed, from any role in the National Guard at all.

    • Mort 23:21 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Poor Pennsylvania!
      Most of the people who join the National Guard are good citizens, in my opinion.
      What you say is true, though.
      Whoever banned those boys has damaged the National Guard’s reputation and should be discharged.
      Failure to do so will lead to more problems.


  • ross1948 00:04 on May 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Gaystapo Agenda Faltering? Hope Glimmers In Cuba! 

    It’s World Hug-A-Maladjust Day!


    AKA ‘the International Day Against Homophobia!

    So this little bit of news is intriguing.

    According to the BBC, decent Cubans will this year be spared the revolting sight of a conga line of sexual deviants cavorting down Havana’s thoroughfares.


    Praise be for small mercies!

    But it’s all very curious, if not to say queer, because the story below the BBC headline…..

    Cuba cancels annual Conga Against Homophobia march –


    ’In a Facebook post, the state-run National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX) blamed “new tensions in the international and regional context” ‘ as the explanation, which tells us absolutely nothing.

    Unfortunately, other aberrant activities will go ahead, but if the suggestion by the anonymous BBC correspondent – that the cancellation is due to popular resistance, as shown some months ago ‘when Cuba was set to approve same-sex marriage under a new constitution, but removed the clause after protests…

    …after an outcry from religious groups…




    The new Communist dictator is notoriously pro-homo – his take on perv-weddings was that they were “part of eliminating any type of discrimination in society.”

    Not just Marxist but Cultural Marxist!

    The late and unlamented Castro Brothers had also, for years, been promoting the ‘gay’ agenda, but suddenly we read that the government backtracked…

     “…in compliance with the policy of the Party, the State and the Revolution.”

    That CENESEX outfit is run by dead tyrant Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela, another infamous pro-deviant agitator, so the other pervy activities going ahead indicates she is obviously fighting a rear-guard action – I avoid any humorous play on the words ‘rear-guard!’

    Local maladjusts are up in arms, one whining on Facebook that –

    “The enemies of a more diverse and progressive Cuba will be happier now,” he wrote on Facebook. “Not allowing [the parade] is a signal that… we are not welcome.”

    Needless to say, the BBC quotes him and another individual evidently not as happy as they are ‘gay…’


    bbc propag

    …BUT not a single one of the millions of decent Cubans who must be delighted.

    Yet we should not be surprised by this slanted reporting from a state broadcaster itself infested with the type of creatures who would likely love to join the cancelled conga, and whose Latin American correspondent’s proclivities  we identified some while back.




  • ross1948 20:33 on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    American Action – Don’t Let Gaystapo Sway Congress! 

    Helping out the good folks at Mission America. 

    Hearings on So-Called ‘Equality Act’ TODAY! Call now!

    ‘LGBTQ” Behavior is NOT a Civil Right

    The U.S. House Judiciary Committee is holding hearings today on the so-called “Equality Act,” HR 5, which would make homosexuality and gender confusion part of the U.S. Civil Rights Code, treating this deviant conduct as if it’s like race.

    Please CALL today the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s what you might say:

    “Hello, I am _______ and I am calling to urge you to NOT support the ‘Equality Act.’ This measure is very extreme and would violate religious and conscience rights of many Americans, and parental rights as well. However, a religious exemption will NOT fix this because the ‘LGBT’ community has already said they do not believe there are any such rights, so they will ignore this. This does not belong in our civl rights code. Thank you very much.”

    Republican members of the House Judiciary committee:

    Sensenbrenner (202) 225-5101 
    Chabot (202) 225-2216 
    Gohmert (202) 225-3035 
    Jordan (202) 225-2676
    Buck (202) 225-4676
    Ratcliffe (202) 225-6673
    Roby (202) 225-2901
    Gaetz (202) 225-4136 
    Johnson (202) 225-2777 
    Biggs (202) 225-2635 
    Reschenthaler (202) 225-2065 
    Cline (202) 225-5431
    Armstrong (202) 225-2611
    Steube (202) 225-5792
    McClintock (202) 225-2511
    Lesko (202) 225-4576


    • Cherie Hale 21:11 on April 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Mission America is very brave to speak up.
      Anyone who tells the truth, that ‘gay sex’ is a perversion, is in real danger of persecution in modern America.
      If the Democrats get away with this, they will soon put pedophilia and bestiality on the same protected list.


  • ross1948 20:35 on February 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , closed door witnesses cover-up, Discrimination, , , , Opstelten, Pechtold Russophobia   

    Cover-Up! Closed-Doors In Dutch ‘Hate’ Trial 

    Something is very rotten in the Dutch legal system, selective prosecution depending on political affiliation…


    …and senior in-crowd politicians allowed to hide behind closed doors when giving evidence on a key free speech case…

    Related image

    …the whole mess stinks worse than a hunk of Edam cheese that’s gone off.

    The trial in question is that of Geert Wilders, inexplicably charged with the nonsense crime of ‘hate-speech,’ merely for saying what probably most Dutch people think, that there are too many Moroccans in their country.

    Related image

    Whose country is it?

    If it’s conceded that it is the homeland of the Dutch, then surely the Dutch are free to say who should or should not be accepted as guests therein?

    Whatever, Holland, like many other otherwise democratic nations, has the albatross ‘hate’ law round its neck for the time being, and until a patriotic government is elected, that won’t change.

    As to the proceedings in court, is it not very strange that the former Justice Minister, Ivo Opstelten, is getting special treatment when he comes to testify?


    Related image



    After all, the victim, Wilders, has stated very clearly that there was political interference in the move to charge him, specifically, that .

    All the more reason, surely, that this question is answered in open court, so everyone in The Kingdom of the Netherlands can see and hear the ex-minister’s response to a grave accusation…


    …but instead, the legal establishment wants the matter sequestered from public scrutiny.

    And on the basic principle of the case, whether foreigners, of whatever origin, are above criticism, compare and contrast!

    Only a year ago, Alexander Pechtold, then leader of the liberal D66 party, was clearly guilty of an ethnic slur when he said :

    “I still have to meet the first Russian who corrects his mistakes himself.”


    Related image



    Despite a major public row over this, the Public Prosecutor decided he was not guilty of group insult.

    So overtly Russophobic jibes are beyond legal reproach but when a politician echoes popular opinion on Moroccans, enter the bold PC gendarmes?


    justice joke


    Wilders is facing the unjust trial with wry equanimity.

    “For a threefold murder, the judge sets three days aside. But if you say three words, you’re on trail for five years. It is ridiculous that I have to stand here.”

    As to the ‘closed door cover-up on testiimony?

     “That is incomprehensible and a very big disadvantage for me as a suspect. But we will be able to make everything public.”


    Wilders’ lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops had also hoped the case would come to an end today. “But on the other hand: the case is now being more seriously looked at than the last time. We expect to be able to reveal with the announced investigations what exactly the political interference was.”

    The substantive treatment of the appeal will start on June 25th.

    • Vanessa 04:46 on February 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not the first time this kind of attack on free speech has happened in Holland.
      Why on earth shouldnt a Dutchman be free to say there are too many foreigners of any kind in his country.


    • Ms. F 05:06 on February 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I wonder how much money this is costing the Dutch tax payer?


    • Jack Nugent 20:15 on February 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Why have so many Moroccans got into Holland?
      The colonial power in Morocco was France. The Dutch never had any connection with that part of Africa.
      Best thing to do is deport them, see if Macron wants to take them.


  • ross1948 09:46 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Darin Hodge, Discrimination, , , Stanley Tea House,   

    Discrimination! Canadian Pinko Klutz Canned! 

    Just up, lazy Sunday, not quite nearly arvo, but getting on for 10am and I am craving coffee…



    ….and since It is Canada’s Dominion Day, I am delighted to offer you a pleasing tale from British Columbia, where an obnoxious leftist is now looking for a new job.

    The occasion for its dismissal was when the intolerant oaf, a manager with an eatery, demanded a customer remove his MAGA hat.


    Grinning Grimnasty Darin Hodge


    The klutz’s name is Darin Hodge, and his declared excuse for his offensive behaviour was that…



    he felt the hat signified “racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, (and) homophobia.”


    As another worker in Vancouver’s Stanley Tea-Room described the scene –

    “….the gentleman said that he had a right to wear that hat. And [the manager] refused to serve him if he wouldn’t take off his hat, and so the customer had to leave.”  http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/30/restaurant-manager-maga-hat-fired/

    Ten out of ten to the owners who fired the unprofessional ignoramus for “violating the company’s philosophy of tolerance.”

    But then deduct half that score for their media comment afterwards, that he was a “good person with a big heart…


    Plainly he’s an arrogant ass, afflicted with the sort of far-left discriminatory intolerance that’s been reported in various places, like Oakland, California…

     Oakland cafe won’t serve cops – Story

    …and more recently in Lexington, Virginia.


    These people need hard lessons in manners.

    • Arnold 11:38 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Apart from the shame that fat fool brings on his city, province and country, there has to be some danage to our important tourist industry.
      Happy Dominion Day, as it will have dawned on your time zone.


    • Gordon Underwood 15:42 on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Is he queer?
      There is definitely something not exactly normal about that face.


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