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  • ross1948 13:07 on October 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France Needs To Put Down The Banlieue Beasts! 



    You’d think the monstrous attack by savages on police in Paris this past weekend might have focused even pinko minds on the evil that permeates the banlieiues, those notorious urban areas (not only in the capital) infested with aliens. 

    Hasil gambar untuk Paris attack police car grand borne

    • 0000000000
    • Yet a lot of the media somehow managed to blank the word banlieue from their headlines, substituting the (hardly equivalent) ‘suburb,’ thus, by default or design, concealing the truth of what’s wrong with those areas.
    • But one at least gives us a clue.
    • \
    • The Grande Borne estate was where Amedy Coulibaly, one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 Paris attacks, grew up, as well as a trouble spot during the 2005 riots. Police officers pelted by ‘Molotov cocktail’ in Paris suburb
    • These areas are cesspools, where police know they’re at risk of attack if they dare go on patrol within enemy territory.
    • It’s not just a matter of crime, petty or serious, but of downright sectarian treason.
    • And it flourishes because soft, soppy policies have been substituted for serious law enforcement.
    • We have seen, time and again, in the past ten years, how the anti-social savages that dwell therein have a taste for insurrectionary arson.


    Banlieue burning

    Ten years back – blazing banlieues

    If the swine had been taught a proper lesson previously, there’d be little trouble now, but so far no occupant of the Elysee Palace has had the guts to war down the barbarous brutes.

    It’s all very well for Prime Minister Vails to say that Saturday’s thugs would be “relentlessly pursued and brought to justice…”    http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/552341/Paris-Police-Attack-Molotov-Cocktail-Life-Threatening-Injury-Car-Burned

    But that’s not sufficient. Not just last Saturday’s vermin but ALL such swine MUST learn that their lairs are no longer to be deemed ‘sensitive’ zones..


    NO PARISIAN STREET must go unpacified – no sensitivity to savages.

    Streets must be cleared of masked louts like those who burned that poor cop almost to death on Saturday.

    Immediate imposition of effective curfews, defiance thereof to be met with lethal force.

    • shoot terrs
    • A few dozen – or better still a few hundred! – rabid rats shot dead on the streets they’ve been terrorising would have a salutory effect.
    • guillotinth
    • And Saturday’s thugs need to be not merely hunted down but put down – Vive La Guillotine!

    Martial law would seem the obvious approach, but it’s France’s choice.

    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • Friends of the French can only hope that next year they choose a President who will not only talk tough but ACT against the beasts in the banlieues.



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    Why Is Eastern Europe So Much Smarter Than The West? 

    Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia…signed a memo saying No to Commission proposals on asylum-seeker quotas….They said one reason is because the Commission went against EU leaders, who decided, in April, on a voluntary scheme.  https://euobserver.com/tickers/129207



    Once again, this story got me pondering why that belt of brave countries in East/Central Europe so often seems to show more guts than those in the Western part of the Continent.

    Hungary’s Orban, in a related report, summed up the kind of common sense that’s needed, when he made light of Commission criticism of his anti-migrant fence. He said national leaders, not EU institutions, are responsible for borders.  “Borders must be secure. They must be defended by the state. Full stop”, he noted. https://euobserver.com/institutional/129209


    Viktor-Orban-006 Viktor Orban


    Orban, of course, is a hero to many outside his neck of the woods, but note too, this report on Donald Tusk, who is working cheek by jowl with the Commissars. He’s Euro-President, no less, but remains responsive to his roots in Poland, whence he hails  ( one might wish the same could be said for Cameron!)


    • ————-
    • Tusk was pushing for an agreement on proposals to relocate 40,000 migrants across member states to be taken by consensus while Juncker insisted on decisions being taken by a qualified majority vote. The two presidents also disagreed over whether the scheme should be voluntary or mandatory.    https://euobserver.com/political/129312
    • ………………………

    Juncker never takes the side of democracy, and rarely if ever fails to seek advantage for ‘asylum’ bludgers. He epitomises the treacherous elite that emanates from Western Europe’s left-lib lairs and thrives in the maw of the Brussels Empire.


    • elite arrogance-s
    • ———————————-
    • I’m not discounting those Italians who are raising hell about their effete government’s supine acceptance of the bludger hordes, and of course plenty of French, Germans, Dutch and Belgians too understand what’s being done to their countries. 

    But their political establishments rarely reflect the indignation of the threatened indigenous population. One sometimes has the impression they only show spirit, on occasion, on account of electoral risk.


    • ===================
    • Anti-communism
    • ========================
    • The Iron Curtain – the real one, not the wise metal fence Budapest has ordered for its southern border, which the cultural marxist media has risibly dubbed an ‘iron curtain’ – is surely the answer.

    The Magyars, the Poles, and all those peoples who suffered enemy occupation for forty or more years after WW2, place high value on their national identity. They suffered under aliens and alien puppets and do not want more aliens descending on them now.



    But more than that, there’s the the indoctrination which is a feature of Western European society! Naturally, indoctrination was part of everyday life in the Soviet bloc, but there, engrained resistance was also ever-present. Parents were fully aware of the lies and spiritual degradation foisted on their young.

    Short of taking out an entire older generation, the Reds couldn’t neutralise that.


    Mind you, Orban isn’t correct in his every pronouncement, as when he averred that, while these unwanted ‘foreigners are a threat to Hungary’s identity, “Big countries don’t understand us because they don’t have this feeling of danger. If you have 60 or 80 million people, instead of 10 million, there’s no danger…” 

    Alas, there is.

    Even before the present crimmigrant tsunami, settlers unwilling to assimilate to the countries they chose to settle in have caused no end of troubles. The banlieue mayhem in France, the savages swarming British streets…


    Banlieue burningsharia-law1


    ALL Europeans, East, West, Central, need to act in unison to defend their heritage. .

    • Yuri 08:59 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Why smarter, because more experience, like you say.
      When you lived in belly of the beast. you never want to live there again.


  • ross1948 17:50 on February 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Three Cheers for Tim Wilson – Champion of Oz Freedoms! 

    Three Cheers for Tim Wilson! It’s such a refreshing change to find somebody in a ‘human rights’ job who actually believes in freedoms. 

    Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson has renewed a call for controversial race-hate law changes.

    Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson


    • ——–
    • Wilson’s official title is Human Rights Commissioner, but he’s been dubbed the Freedom Commissioner, for good reason. Here’s what he said this week –


    “It is utterly inconsistent with human rights that some legal privileges are afforded to some and not others…Many ask why their identity group doesn’t enjoy the same legal privilege.”

    Indeed. Us left-handed folk, or red-heads, or skinny people, are at least as deserving as religious and ethnic cliques, domestic or alien, of the protections afforded by the present oppressive censorship laws.

    Joking (maybe?) of course, but Wilson’s point is well-made.

    It’s only because certain uptight shrills from certain ‘communities’ can’t hack criticism that Oz is saddled with junk laws that gag protests against subversive and disloyal minorities. 

    Australian Choices – MultiCult or Freedom? 


    Mr Wilson believes that if the same standard was applied to all groups: “We’d be in a straitjacket society unable to discuss controversial topics…If the law is reorientated towards addressing public harassment, it would enjoy far more public confidence across the community than it does today.”


    • charlie-hebdo_1-512x350 Abbott’s refusal to reform the law panders to the scum who attacked Charlie Hebdo


    When we’ve just had another atrocity in Europe perpetrated by jihadist vermin who hate freedom, all the more timely to recall how, after the Charlie Hebdo murders,Wilson warned some Charlie Hebdo content could not be printed in Australia under section 18C.


    • Tony Abbott sex appeal Pandered to the disloyal


    Abbott’s U-turn against free speech disgraced Australia and betrayed his promises. It was a brazen bribe to the enemy within, who have shown little gratitude since. But, cravenly, he has ruled out revisiting plans to change the laws.

    There are some in Canberra who understand the basic principles of free expression, and who are not, like Abbott, cowed by curs…a group of Liberal senators and crossbenchers joined forces last year to introduce a private senator’s bill that would remove the words “offend and insult” from the section.

    So let’s hope that Liberals like Cory Bernardi and Dean Smith renew their fight for civil liberties. Australia deserves better than the rotten sell-out by the current government.


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