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    Happy Birthday, Canada! Celebrate Your Founders! 

    It’s Dominion Day, or Canada Day, as it’s officially termed these days, the anniversary of the foundation of a land dear to me.

    It was established by the British North America Act in 1867…



    …and its first Prime Ministet, Sir John A MacDonald, was always revered in our history classes.



    Some of his successors were also paragons of patriotic leadership, like Diefenbaker…



    …. while others…?

    Well, the less said about the Turdos…


    …the better.

    Canada has changed a lot, immigration bringing some good additions to the demographic  make-up of the land…

    Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

    “Arrogant, Mean-Spirited, Petty!” A Good Muslim Dissed By Bigots!

    … but also some worthless elements who should be returned ASAP to whence they came.

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

    Heil Hitler?” In Calgary? In 2014? Hamas Nazis Drop the Mask

    The anniversary of a country’s foundation should most certainly involve celebration of its history.

    Deplorably, more and more examples of despicable creeps denigrating that history have been reported…

    Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 

    Ontario Teachers Talk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald

    …. and Canadian colleges can be an embarrassment…

    Read The Book! Witch-Hunt By Tranny-Fan Egg-Heads! 

    …while the ‘justice’ system has been perverted almost beyond belief…

    Cruel Judges Make Canada’s Name Stink – Loving Dad Jailed! 

    …but there is always hope while  some voices, like Derek Sloan’s and Max Bernier’s, can still be heard, talking sense.


    Enjoy the holiday, Canadians everywhere.

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    Hello, Canada – Happy Dominion Day! 


    It’s Canada’s Birthday!

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    Ford’s Folly, Dodgy Dunick…Tarek Fateh’s Wise Warning! 

    Ignore a warning once and you’re unwise. Ignore it twice and you deserve all you get.


    My interest in the problem that afflicts Canada is spurred by thoughts of Dominion Day…


    …which falls today.

    Yes, I still call it Dominion Day and am digging out my Red Ensign t-shirt in readiness for celebrating it.


    Yes, America has Independence Day! France has Bastille Day! And for 115 years — through two World Wars, the Korean conflict, and our early United Nations peacekeeping missions — Canada had Dominion Day.

    But in July 1982, on a Friday afternoon with only 13 Members of Parliament sitting in session, on the last day before the summer recess, the government moved to change the name of our National Day and its celebration to “Canada Day”. Unimaginative some say — as banal as “America Day”, “France Day” or “Britain Day”   http://mapleleafup.ca/dominion.html


    It’s my way, in the far-off tropical climes of Indonesia, of reasserting the survival of the real Canadian identity I was raised with, loyalty to Queen and Country, a country that was a beacon of true Western values, which of course included the right to say what one thinks…



    …no matter if some sad little twit feels my views are ‘inappropriate’ nor if some fanatical alien is ‘offended.’

    The inability or unwillingness for the liberal elite to present a coherent defence of their illiberal intolerance of free speech – specifically on the issue of the sectarian threat – is powerfully exemplified by this burping bark from one of its enforcers when challenged to justify his despicable betrayal of honest journalism.

    “Dude, we talked to her. She admitted she said it, but added it was taken out of context. Move on.”

    FATAH: Lessons for Doug Ford from Bernard Lewis

    Gambar terkait

    Dodgy Dunick


    That was – incredibly – from a Canadian ‘editor’ (Leith Dunick, TB News) responding to Tarek Fateh, who is a first-class example of the kind of immigrant Canada has always needed, a founder-member of the Canadian Muslim Congress.


    Tarek Fateh

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!!  

    First of all, he must renounce jihad and the application of jihad and sharia law.” 


    Tarek had had the temerity politely to approach Dunick, asking him ‘where Ayette had mentioned the words “Islam” or “Muslims.”


    Lying Leith told his readers that Anne Ayette was fired for posting “anti-Muslim statements published on her Twitter account.”

    NOT TRUE. She didn’t!

    Anne was on the campaign staff of the Progressive Conservative candidate in Kiiwetinoong, in Northern Ontario, until she was purged by a politically-correct puke…


    ….evidently acting in collusion with Doug Ford (and that purge was one of the reasons I made no effort to utter pre-election praise for Ford, albeit he is a better politician than the lesbian liberal Wynne, whom he has recently replaced as Ontario’s Premier)



    Anne’s ‘crime’ was to re-tweet approvingly a Tarek-tweet, concerning not the religion of Islam but the menace of ISLAMISM, the sectarian ideology I referred to above.

    Anne hadn’t, of course, mentioned the words “Islam” or “Muslims.”

    Yet Dunick’s standards of journalism are so sloppy, or his character so craven…



    …that he didn’t hesitate to misrepresent her viciously in his lousy little newspaper.

    I let the good Muslim patriot’s final paragraph speak for itself, and for many of us here – not just foreigners like me but honest decent Muslims too- who live in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.

    If criticism and repudiation of Islamism  as opposed to Islam and Muslims, in general  is a punishable offence, deserving being fired without a hearing under a Doug Ford government, then heaven help us all.

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    Birthday Greetings To Canada – 1st July, Dominion Day! 

    Yes, a big day for a big country, big in the geographical sense, though still relatively small in terms of population…



    …some 30 million more or less, which should be plenty, because much of that land is unsuitable for congenial habitation.

    All the stranger, then, that Pretty Boy Turdo is inflating the population by admitting aliens –  – who are a menace to Canada’s character, with downright abominable consequences…

    Keep Canada In The Dark? Who’s Huque Think He Is? 

    …while lashing out tax-payers’ cash to cold-blooded sectarian killers…



    …and menacing Canadians who speak out against imported undesirable ideologies.

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 

    O Canada, we may sing, today, or maybe better to say OMG, what’s happened to our country?

    • Marty N 12:55 pm on July 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Have a great day down where you are.
      You write a good message we should all be thinking about as we celebrate.


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    “White Fragility Can Kiss My Ass!” Racist Ingrate Whines! 

    It’s hard to imagine a worse punishment than that suggested by the nasty sanctimonious bint in the photo below…


    Masuma Khan says she wasn't happy her case was discussed at a Dalhousie senate committee meeting, but was glad to hear some faculty speak in support of her.

    ‘Kiss my ass!’ says Dalhousie’s coarse Khan


    ….for all those abhorrent white Canadians who tormented her sensitive soul into tantrum mode, except perhaps having to kiss her prissy, self-righteous face.

    Poor Masuma Khan!

    She says she wasn’t happy her case was discussed at a Dalhousie senate committee meeting…    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/dalhousie-university-professors-voice-support-masuma-khan-

    …but she takes consolation from the fact that some faculty spoke up for her intolerant racist Facebook shrilling.

    Here’s one of them, an even more  un-kissable creature named Janice Graham, a professor in the pediatrics department…


    Janice Graham, a professor in the pediatrics department



    …who evidently knows more about pediatrics than patriotism.

    Otherwise she would not be defending the ingrate bint, a vice-president of the Dalhousie Student Union who proposed that the DSU not participate in Canada 150 celebrations.

    Hasil gambar untuk canada 150 logo

    Unlearn 150! 
    We recognize that Canada Day and the Canada 150 celebrations are an act of ongoing colonialism that glorifies continued theft from, and disenfranchisement of, the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (Canada). 
    Here in K’jipuktuk (Halifax) we study work and live on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory. Mi’kma’ki is the traditional territory of the Mi’Kmaq people, who have lived on this land for over 13,000 years. 
    We stand in solidarity with indigenous students and communities. We are committed to challenging and unlearning the narrative of Canada 150 and decolonizing education.


    Stupid sods.

    Where the heck is Turtle Bloody Island?

    Gambar terkait

    Turtle Island is the name of North America according to some Indigenous groups

    Thanks, wikipedia!



    As for renaming Halifax, and using that absurd contrived spelling of Micmac…typical cultural marxist hogwash!



    It’s a sad comment on the creeps who attended that meeting that the bigoted bint’s motion passed, but that’s not why she was called up before the disciplinary board.

    She went onto Facebook, with a blatant racist rant…

    “white fragility can kiss my ass. Your white tears aren’t sacred, this land is.”

    Who the HELL does this coarse leftist shrew think she is?

    Khan claims to have received death threats. One cannot condone death threats but given her disgusting disloyalty, no surprise she got blow-back.

    Her racism is framed in typical pinko-talk, viz. her gibbering about “marginalized students who are here trying to decolonize this institution and to talk to each other about white supremacy and how that affects their daily lives..”

    Dalhousie student union faces backlash for not celebrating Canada 150

    Decolonise?  Drivel! Canada’s no colony -it’s an independent country, and would be a wilderness still, not a country at all, were it not for the British and the French.

    Marginalised  More like maladjusted!

    White supremacy? What planet does she hail from? I can just about see why Micmacs might resent that the ‘colonists’ put the ‘land’ to so much better use than they did.

    But a Micmac she surely ain’t!


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    Three Cheers For The Red Ensign! 

    More ‘news’ from Canada today, with a report on how our glorious Red Ensign has got a pack of pinko creeps fretting.

    Some agitprop outfit calling itself ‘Anti-Racist Canada’ is in a tizzy because of the growing popularity of the Red Ensign among extremist groups…


    Gambar terkait


    One of their creepy spokespersons reckons this is down to the fact that they view the flag that flies in Canada today as an abomination representing multiculturalism and diversity.


    Well, if the cap fits…

    I treat the current flag with respect because Canadians have fought and died beneath it.


    Flying side by side at the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France


    But I could never love it, because I can never forget nor forgive that Canadians were no more consulted on the replacement of their flag than they were on the imposition of the grotesque ideology of multiculturalism.




    I was in Canada during the flag debate and the prime minister of the time, Lester Pearson, refused point-blank to put the fate of the Red Ensign to a referendum.

    J. Waldo Monteith MP was our local representative during that furious parliamentary battle –  I was just a youngster then but was familiar with the great man because our families were related by marriage.

    Mr. Monteith looked like a serious politician  – SO unlike Pretty Boy Turdo


    He certainly spoke for the great majority of his Perth County ( Ontario)  constituents with his blunt retort when Pearson arrogantly called on the Opposition to knuckle under and abandon the campaign to keep Canada’s beloved Red Ensign flying.

    ‘You must be nuts!’  .

    My old Red Ensign T-shirt had gotten somewhat threadbare over the years, so for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration last week, I had a new one made at a little shop in Jakarta’s below Blok M Terminal.



    Notice it’s for Dominion Day, which was what the national holiday was called until 1982, another change perpetrated purely out of cultural spite against Canada’s origins. .

    Nobody looked askance as I mingled in friendly fashion with the other guests, though I had to explain it to my young Indonesian companions. Perhaps many of the younger Canadians too didn’t recognise the good old banner either.

    But one guy in his thirties, a Vancouver fellow of Chinese ethnic origin who arrived with his family at the same time we did, at once smiled and approached to offer his congratulations.

    Which anecdotally makes the point which rational people already understand.

    The Red Ensign does not denote ‘racism’ – it simply stands for the Dominion of Canada, which was united in loyalty to the Crown and the democratic heritage, the independence, bestown by the British North America Act.

    That heritage was irreparably damaged by Turdo Senior with his damnable Charter…


    Two of a kind


    … and it’s not surprise to note that today we have to read how his ghastly son is using that constitutional monstrosity to justify rewarding Killer Khadr.

    • Arnold 4:44 pm on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Canada was a happier, safer and all around better place when the Red Ensign flew above us.


    • Hatch 6:12 pm on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I remember how angry all my family, and friends and were when they hauled down the ensign. I never heard my grandmother curse before that day.
      They all hated Pierre Trudeau too, but not as much as I hate his son, after what has happened with the Khadr pay-off.
      I hope Khadr gets cancer and i would say the same for Trudeau but Ithink AIDS is more his style.


    • Nick Elson 11:04 pm on July 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Ensign is a much more beautiful and interesting flag but it has been over fifty years since it was removed and l so whole generations have grown up who just don’t know anything about it.
      It’s a pity, but there you are.
      In the short term, people who love Canada should unite in rage against Trudeau’s award of that 10.5 million bounty to the terrorist Khadr.
      I see you are on board so keep up the good work.


    • James Alcock 5:41 am on November 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Ontario red ensign and the Manitoba red ensign were adopted soon after the change of the Canadian flag as a reaction against it and as a way of continuing the red ensign at the provincial level.


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    1st July, Dominion Day- Canada’s Rebel Needs You! 

    A Happy Dominion of Canada Day!

    How’s that for an ecumenical greeting, in view of the fact that Canada’s national day was called Dominion Day, until, for no apparent reason except dislike of tradition…

    Gambar terkait


    … and by dubious legislative sleight of hand, it was changed to Canada Day in 1982.

    But some up-to-date Canadian news to think about!

    The Toronto Globe and Mail is as left-lib as it gets, apart from the tax-funded state broadcaster CBC, so I was interested to read its piece on the cowardly leftist vendetta against ‘The Rebel,’ which is one of the few news sources run by conservatives in Canada.

    Advertisers bow to pressure to pull ads from The Rebel

    Hasil gambar untuk sleeping giants leftist

    Fascist Left Targets Advertisers

    The bold reds are hiding behind something called ‘Sleeping Giants, an anonymous group‘ – how come these creeps don’t identify themselves? – which has used social media to pressure brands such as 7-Eleven, Dynamite clothing stores, PetSmart, the Royal Canadian Mint, the NCAA, BMW Canada… to stop placing ads with patriot Ezra Levant’s publication.

    To their shame, several advertisers have knuckled under to the yellow-bellied agitprop outfit, including the British Columbian ski resort Whistler Blackcomb.


    Gambar terkait

     Let’s turn the heat on that icy resort!


    In calling for the boycott of Whistler, Mr. Levant has said the resort is rejecting The Rebel’s readers and viewers.

    “Whistler-Blackcomb made it clear that the Rebel is simply ‘not their kind,’” he said in an e-mail. 


    Gambar terkait

    Ezra Levant


    One hopes everyone in that part of the world will join in the consequent boycott of the resort. Rebel boss Levant inimitably summed up the witch-hunt thus –

    “All we have to go on here is the public virtue-signalling by a few junior Maoists bad-mouthing their own company’s customers as being politically unhygienic..


    Of course Whistler Blackcomb should suffer, but a more significant company, Sears Canada, or at least its subsidiary, Corbeil Appliances, has shown its true PC colours by saying  its ads on The Rebel were an error.

     So let’s all treat Sears too as a leper business!

    And PetSmart…and Hudson’s Bay…and General Motors Canada…and…wait for it…

    Gambar terkait

    ….the Royal Canadian Mint, which I always assumed was owned by tax-payers and should therefore not indulge in politically partisan discrimination.

    Not so!

    It IS owned by tax-payers, but…

    “Once we were informed of this particular ad, we consulted our agency…


    Hasil gambar untuk christine aquino Canadian Mint

    Aquino – Telephone Number 613-993-9999

    ….which informed us that this placement was inconsistent with the established guidelines used on our behalf and took appropriate action,” director of affairs Christine Aquino said.

    And the same with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp.

    “We do our best to avoid advertising on any sites that could be viewed as extreme or offensive to our customers,” said Jennifer Gray, NSLC senior manager of communications.


    Gambar terkait

    Jennifer ‘Values’ Gray –

    tel: (902) 450-5966. Cell: (902) 483-0061.  –  jennifer.gray@mynslc.com.

    “Our values act as a lens to guide our business decisions, and advertising on this site just did not align.”

    Ottawa Tourism, also, received feedback from followers on social media.


    Hasil gambar untuk jantine van kregten ottawa tourism

    Jantine Van Kregten  media@ottawatourism.ca or 613-237-5150, ext. 116


    “Tourism is supposed to make you feel good. … So we wanted to be in a positive space,” spokesperson Jantine Van Kregten said.


    How inarticulate can a ‘media’ spokesman get?


    More importantly, do decent conservative Canadians ‘feel good‘ about the ‘negative place,‘ which is how they must surely regard their capital city in view of such politically-motivated priggishness.

    Canadians with conservative or nationalist opinions, like all other Canadians, have to fund, through taxes, these arrogant bureaucrats who apply political prejudice as to what constitutes acceptable ‘values.’



    It’s shameful that allegedly apolitical public servants impose advertising sanctions against any media that dare reflect values ‘diverse’ from the left-liberal elite!

    The Globe and Mail breathlessly tries to explain this sicko targetting of The Rebel by telling us that some elements of the site are more questionable.

    Frankly, a lot of the stuff I have seen in the Globe and Mail over the years is MORE  than questionable!

    I’ll bet plenty of Canadians feel the same. But I’m pretty damned sure the federal, provincial and city governments, and liquor boards, advertise therein!


    So on this patriotic day, Canadians should rally round The Rebel, and how to do so can be found on the link below.


    Keep The Rebel Fighting



    • Arnold 2:21 am on July 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I admire Ezra Levant because he always tells the truth and is not afraid to tell us truths the government wants to hide, like the trouble so many of those Syrians Trudeau has brought into Canada are causing,
      Even in our schools their bullying the Canadian kids. It’s a scandal Trudeau doesnt care and the Conservatives are too sh-t-scared of the media to say anything.
      Levant has done a lot of good on exposing this, .
      So I support all you say here but a real win would be getting CBC out of our pockets.
      I wish the Tories or any party had the balls to promise that.
      It would get them my vote.


  • ross1948 11:07 pm on July 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Good Day, Canada -1st July in Jakarta! 

    Happy Birthday, Canada!



    • ————————————-
    • The last time I celebrated Dominion Day on Canadian soil was back when John Diefenbaker was  Prime Minister!



    And I might add there’s been nobody to match him since!


    But every year I’ve been in Jakarta, there’s been a party or picnic of some kind.

    Until now!

    This year, it seems, the usual sources of funding for the event ran out of cash. And nobody at the diplomatic outpost was willing or able to step up and help get a voluntary effort going, to celebrate our proud Dominion’s birthday. 

    But at least the Canadian Government didn’t tell its embassy here to emulate the appeasement antics of the United States Ambassador to Indonesia, and change the date of the national day.


    As it happens, some of us DID get together tonight and empty a few glasses. 


    NOT a scene from tonight’s get-together!


    But now I’m going to have a relatively early night and perhaps sing ‘O Canada’ in the shower, or maybe that good old song…

    The Maple Leaf Forever! 


    • Vojo 10:59 am on July 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Belated Happy Dominion Day, Ross! I’m glad some Canadians celebrated in Jakarta. There were major fireworks and celebrations tonight in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.


  • ross1948 11:59 pm on April 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    O Canada? Oh, No, Canada – Jakarta Panic As Rumour Spreads! 

    Attending all these parties is hard work.

    But I don’t spend ALL my time whilst partying just eating and drinking gargantuan amounts (although I do my best in those respects too!)





    Much of the pleasure of such gallivants is talking to a wide variety of people, both foreign and Indonesian. This gives me many ideas for blog-posts and also puts me in the know about what’s on people’s minds here, both serious and trivial.

    Whether the current rumour going the rounds falls into the former or latter category is an entirely subjective matter.

    WHAT RUMOUR, I hear you shout!

    DOMINION DAY, I answer.

    Which immediately bemuses the sort of Canadian who had to ask me two years ago what the significance of the Red Ensign on my t-shirt was.


    • canadaredensignold2
    • ————————————
    • Like Canada’s glorious old flag, Dominion Day was something we adored and enjoyed and respected. July 1st, what is currently described as Canada Day, was, is, that day.  

    Regardless of what it’s called, Canadians here in Jakarta have, since I first arrived many years ago, gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation (1867) and made the most of the hot-dogs and beer graciously provided.


    It is said, and widely believed, that the party/picnic is to be discontinued.  

    Not often am I wrong, but this time I hope so.


    Vojo will be along soon to our comments column, no doubt, to express sympathy at our loss, as well as to scold me for my traditionalism!.

    He still thinks I mis-spell the surname of Pierre Elliot Turdeau!

    • Egregious Expat 9:16 am on April 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you are wrong too, Ross, but I think your rumor is probably right.
      The Canadian parties back in the day were fantastic. There was one where I met you, on the sports fields of a certain international school in South Jakarta, where barrels of beer were dotted around like potted plants. My Canadian friend took me as a guest and we had a wonderful time.


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