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  • ross1948 9:26 pm on September 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    In Ephialtes’ UN Den, Donald Roars Like Leonidas! 

    I had hoped that President Trump would lay it on the line this week at the United Nations, and he didn’t disappoint.

    Under its previous Secretary General, the oily Ban Ki Mun, who as far as the crimmigrant crisis was concerned, was an appeasement acolyte per excellence



    …the UN was something of a bad joke, but now, under the aegis of Ephialtes aka Antonio Guterres, sometime President of the Socialist International, it’s a clear and present danger to every major western country.


    Hasil gambar untuk guterres

    Ephialtes Enthroned – Another Enemy Running The UN! 

    Readers who remember why we applied that name to the Portuguese pinko when he was head of the UNHCR will recall how I reminded you of the film ‘300’, and…


    Gambar terkait

    …the foul traitor who stabbed the Thermopylae heroes in the back. Ephialtes’ consorting with the enemies of Europe back-fired. Greece rose en masse against barbarian hordes…

    ….are surely aware of the man’s commitment to the horde of aliens seeking to gate-crash Europe..

    Delivering a keynote speech in Stockholm, Antonio Guterres, the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), told reporters that he wanted the EU to force its nations to more equitably handle a spike in asylum seekers. 


    • Ephialtes the Traitor


    ‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! 

    Migrant savages assault the Macedonian border


    His bullying was no one-off!

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres spoke today with FYR Macedonia Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki about the situation, and received assurances that the border will not be closed in the future.  http://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2015/8/55d740e76/unhcr-voices-concern

    …and his arrogant diktats on America’s immigration policies have been just as offensive to American patriots.

    UN chief decries discriminatory border bans in rebuke to Trump travel .



    Since we seem to have a growing number of readers in Canada, it’s in order to draw attention to UN sticky-beaking into Canadian domestic politics – Hats Off to Larry! UN-Common Sense, After UN Backs Taliban Terrorist Khadr. 

    ..and let’s not forget how Australia too has been targetted by the UNspeakables!

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers – NAUGHTY Oz! 


    My only criticism of The Donald this week might be that he could have told the assembled overpaid UN delegates that they should clean up their act within a year or face a US withdrawal from the overweening talking-shop!


    Hasil gambar untuk UN-Free Zone


    If only Canada had a few more politicians like that Larry Miller and lot less wasters like Justin Turdo, the Dominion too might take Trump’s side and make North America a UN-Free Zone!

    • Lorne Marzio 2:27 am on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.
      My Grandpa used to say that and my Dad said the same.
      Now reading what you wrote, I say it too.

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    Please Stop Calling Mini-Crimmigrants ‘Dreamers!’ 

    I just heard some clown on tv saying that ‘Dreamers’ should not be punished for their parents’ crimes.

    It might have been Ryan-O…

    Hasil gambar untuk paul ryan rino


    …or it might have been Obama – hard to tell the difference!

    The obvious riposte is that neither should the offspring of law-breakers be afforded any benefit whatsoever from the criminal conduct of their lousy, law-breaking parents.



    If some creep robs a bank, then uses part of the proceeds of the heist to buy his kids fancy automobiles, are the victims of the robbery not, both morally and legally, entitled to reclaim the ill-gotten gains?



    Even if those kids are thereby provoked into hissy-fits by the loss of their limos?


    Yet what is most tiresome about the debate/tantrum over this category of illegal immigrant is the constant use of that simpering Obamanoid euphemism.



    WHY do otherwise sensible people, from Donald Trump down, allow themselves to be corralled into using the rubbish word ‘Dreamers?’


    Hasil gambar untuk nightmare


    Everybody dreams when asleep, I suppose!

    Most people have some kind of ambition, which might be termed a ‘dream.’

    But do people who arrogantly expect their illegal status to be annulled by legislative sleight of hand – or dubious executive diktat- really deserve to be redefined in adolescent romantic terms as….-

    …. ‘DREAMERS?’


    • Ben Baniek 7:52 pm on September 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      They can all head home to Mexico and take Ryan and the rest of the RInos with them.
      We dont need any of them.

    • Mort 8:13 pm on September 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It’s the sense of entitlement with these ‘dreamers’ that makes people resent them.
      Besides that, there’s the usual problem with disloyalty, so many Mexican flags seen flying at the demonstrations by illegals who support the ‘dreamer’ cause.
      That makes people ask if they have any commitment to the country whose citizenship they say they want..

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    Another Patriotic Petition! Free This Soldier! 

    Sensible and patriotic Americans were united in their approval when President Trump granted Sheriff Joe Arpaio a pardon.

    But here’s another good guy in trouble who deserves support, and if Allen West is on his side, so then should you be.

    Please read and take appropriate action!

    Dear Fellow Patriot, 

    President Obama refused to pardon an innocent U.S. soldier before he left office. 

    Now I’m asking you to sign this PRESIDENTIAL PARDON PETITION FOR ARMY 1LT CLINT LORANCE urging President Trump to do what Obama refused to: send this innocent soldier home where he belongs! 

    In July, 2012, 1LT Clint Lorance was sent to Afghanistan to replace a platoon leader who was seriously wounded in a Taliban attack. On his third day on the job, Clint and his men were on patrol when a U.S. helicopter radioed that a motorcycle was sitting outside of the village near a road only used by the Taliban. When the motorcycle started gunning toward the platoon, 1LT Lorance ordered his marksman to fire. 

    Two of the riders were killed. The other was captured in the village, where days earlier a U.S. soldier was shot in the neck. 

    Those of us who have been stationed in Afghanistan know the tactics and actions of the enemy. 

    Without a doubt, these men posed a threat to Clint’s platoon. And as the commanding officer, Clint knew he was responsible for getting every single one of his soldiers back to base alive. 

    Yet our own government didn’t agree. 1LT Lorance was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth. And even though the government withheld critical evidence during the trial that could have proven Clint’s innocence, the three judges on the Army Court of Criminal Appeals recently ruled that Clint will stay in prison.

    Now you know why I’m asking you to follow this link to sign the PRESIDENTIAL PARDON PETITION right away. 

    You see, it is customary for U.S. Presidents to grant high-profile pardons just before leaving office. However, when Obama’s term came to an end on January 20, 2017, he refused to commute Clint’s sentence.

    • Instead, Obama did commute the sentence of traitor Bradley Manning, who leaked sensitive national security information and put our troops at risk.
    • He did commute the sentence of Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera, who was serving 50 years in prison for plotting to overthrow the U.S. government and whose group killed four Americans in a New York City bombing in 1975.
    • And of course he pardoned and commuted the sentences of hundreds of criminal cocaine and heroin dealers.

    As a combat veteran, I’m disgusted that Obama let traitors, drug dealers and murderers out of prison early – while 1LT Lorance is left to serve a 20-year sentence for protecting his men on the battlefield! 

    But now that Donald Trump has taken office, you and I have a new chance to finally free 1LT Lorance. 

    Will you follow this link to sign the PRESIDENTIAL PARDON PETITION to Donald Trump right now? 

    My friend, Clint Lorance signed up to serve his country and risked his life on the battlefield to protect your freedom. When his men were threatened, he did exactly what our military trained him to do. 

    As a combat veteran with 22 years of service, I can’t turn my back on this young soldier. And I hope you won’t either…

    Steadfast and loyal,

    LTC(R) Allen West 
    Congressman (2011-2013) 

    P.S. If you agree that it’s time for President Trump to do what Barack Obama refused to – and send this innocent American soldier home to his family! – then please sign the PRESIDENTIAL PARDON FOR ARMY 1LT CLINT LORANCE right away…


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    ( A Few ) Democrats Condemn Red Nazi Hate Gang 

    After my recent expressions of disgust at Nancy Pelosi over her hostility to free speech and the absence of any dissociation on her part from the red nazi antifa gangsters…


    Gambar terkait

    …fairness now demands that I record her belated comments, which actually condemn the antifa urban terrorists by name.

    The same WT report mentions another Democrat, too, who almost echoes my own observations on what needs to be done.

    Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, a Democrat, told reporters afterward that he thought it was time to “classify them as a gang,” referring to the antifa.


    Gambar terkait


    “They come dressed in uniforms. They have weapons, almost like a militia, and I think we need to think about that in terms of our law enforcement approach…” 


    That’s good!

    Despite being a Dem, despite being a Berkeley political science grad, and despite having been – as in the photo we found –  in close personal contact with BS  (tempting to say ‘3 strikes and you’re out!‘) it is reassuring that Mr. Arreguin is still capable of talking sense!



    I’m not sure of how America goes about adding organisations to its register of terrorist groups but perhaps President Trump could get started on this by a neat tweet!

  • ross1948 11:20 am on August 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Arpaio Pardon, Good! Tranny Ban, Good Too! But…? 

    If a lot of bad people hate you, chances are that you must be good.


    Hence after listening to CNN and the other mouthpieces of the Media Democrat Party, last night and today, a hideous cacaphony of hate against Trump, and against Arpaio, we know that those two men can’t be bad.


    Gambar terkait

    The Donald with Sheriff Joe


    Similarly, the ban on trannies in the military is provoking the subversives to near hysteria.

    Gotta be a good thing, right?

    But I do worry.

    The far-left gang that ludicrously calls itself ‘People for the American Way’ published this hate-pic not long ago, to celebrate the departure of the excellent Stephen Bannon from the Administration.


    Hasil gambar untuk gorka bannon


    And sure enough, the good guys are getting squeezed out, one by one.

    Steve Bannon is out and now Seb Gorka, whom the harpies in that Media-Democrat Party detested as much as they detested Bannon.

    Will Stephen Miller be next?

    He’s just as hated by the rabids as the three patriots in the picture.

    But what President Trump should always remember is this – he himself is top of the Un-American hate-list.



    They will never be appeased, their blood-lust only whetted by human sacrifice.

    • Mort 11:36 am on August 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      A timely warning, Ross and Trump should heed it.

    • Des Callenord 11:49 am on August 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That PAW are no-goods and so far left they are nearly out of sight. You got it right that they will not be happy until Trump is over-thrown.
      I dont know what hes thinking by letting these guys go. Bannon is great and those others know whats what.

      I wonder if Trump is looking at the pardon and the ban as just like consolation prizes to keep on board after he cut out his best men?.
      If thats how his mind is working then he had better wake up fast because Ryan and McConnell and McCain got the knives out and will do him down first chance they get.
      None of them wanted him in the White House and they think Pence would be easy to bend to RINO policies so we will defend Trump UNLESS he starts bending to RINO policies and I think he has.

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    BBC Bias – A Lack Of Moral Equivalence! 

    Some BBC blonde named Hocking presented their news tonight, 6pm Jakarta time.  Having had a lazy enjoyable tv time today  -Indonesia’s Independence Day, so free access to all channels – I was surfing towards another good movie and stopped at the top of the hour to see what might be new.



    Same old anti-Trump burbling, BBC failing to match the hysteria of CNN but up to their rather threadbare trick of bringing a bitterly anti-Trump guest in, with no pro-Trump guest to counter the hostile voice.

    BBC At It Again, Hides Far-Left Guest’s Background! 

    This time it was some geezer named Brian Klaas, from the notoriously left-infested London School of Economic.




    He played his part eagerly, the usual junk about how one can’t possibly stoop to ‘moral equivalence,’ can’t possibly condemn both ‘Unite the Right,’ who were opposed to removing the statue of Robert E Lee…


    Gambar terkait


    …and similarly condemn the out-of-town Antifa thugs who came into Charlottesville spoiling for a fight.

    One has to wonder about these highly educated academics who fail  to see the moral obligation to condemn the red thug gang (photographed below) as they poured into the small Virginia town with their mass and clubs.


    Hasil gambar untuk antifa

    Antifa thugs march into Charlottesville


    However, we heard nothing new from Klaas, no glimmer of awareness that the evil of Antifa must not only be deplored at least as strongly as the KKK, a tiny group…  https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-declare-antifa-a-terrorist-organization


    Gambar terkait

    …unlike the red nazis, who have proliferated across America cities in recent years.http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/media-plead-ignorance-of-the-alt-left/article/2631757

    Antifa’s goals are the eradication of basic freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and, importantly, the overt use of violence to achieve those goals.

    Yes, Klaas is entitled to think and talk BBC-acceptable claptrap.



    But the BBC is NOT entitled to stage these one-sided propaganda shows.

    Their shabby excuse, trotted out previously…

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    …that it’s hard to find a Trump defender, is a deliberate LIE.  Of course they could, if they lifted a finger to try.

    Curious to find a Klaas pic for this post, I wandered through the Search Engines, and discovered that the LSE man has written a book!

    It’s called “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding & Abetting the Decline of Democracy.”

    One has to speculate if his research touched on how Charlottesville City Council failed to give their citizens a vote on the statue.

    As one of my commenters was kind enough to inform me, a large survey found that Charlottesville folks were OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of Robert E Lee staying put.

    8,158 voters (87.3 percent) did not want the Charlottesville City Council to remove the Gen. Lee statue or change the name of its corresponding Lee Park. 490 voters (5 percent) thought the council should rename the park and remove the statue, 361 voters (3.9 percent) believed the city should keep the statue but rename the park, and 72 voters (0.8 percent) believed the council should remove the statue but keep the park name   –

    Despite the fact the councillors MUST  – or at least should – have been aware of how people felt, the arrogant gits voted 3-2 to defy the people’s will…


    democratic principles ablaze


    ..so it would hardly be unreasonable to argue that their anti-democratic irresponsibility played a major part in subsequent scenes of mayhem.

    Klaas, if he’s concerned for democracy, should have talked about THAT instead of trying to make out that Red Nazis merit less abhorrence than any other variety.

    • Alan Black 11:06 pm on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      They must really think the viewers are mugs if they think we don’t realise they invite their own kind as guests,
      They do NOT do this by accident. They research to make up the guest list so know what kind of opinions the guest is going to give.
      BBC has a few token opposition sometimes but mostly will carefully screen out conservative or patriotic people..

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    Truthful Trump Roars Back – Media Harpies Shrill! 

    It was a British bard whose words came to mind as I watched Donald Trump this morning.


    Hasil gambar untuk an honest man's the noblest work of god


    We all saw the brutal battling on the streets and we know that Trump was dead right when he blamed more than one side.

    Again, I refer you to the photo we used earlier this week.



    Post-Charlottesville? End Political Violence – Outlaw Antifa!

    I’m sure you can easily find more.


    Plenty of far-left trouble-makers came from outside the town and the state.



    It was perfectly obvious that both the Red Nazi Antifa and the racist Black Lives Matter had come there not to have a peaceful protest but to cause mischief.

    Simple truth.



    But Trump was pushed and pummelled into back-tracking on his honest and correct assessment. Disappointing, as many of our readers have said.

    Until now!

    I honour one of our commenters, whom I’ve never met, by repeating some of his delighted response to Donald Trump’s come-back.

    ‘The Donald’s fantastic performance right now, a press conference where the press went nuts. He told them fair and square that there were very bad people on both sides, and some fine people among those protesting against the statue.
    He called out the Alt Left who used clubs and violence!’




    Patriotic Americans are absolutely jubilant, of course, and the media at the press conference showed themselves up by their near-hysterical reaction to being told the truth by President Trump.

    ‘I know it and you know it!’

    Yes, Good America will cheer.

    But what can we outside the USA do to support the way Trump shot down the ‘Big Lie?’

    (Check out the WT link for lengthier coverage.   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/15/trump-didnt-have-facts-statement-charlottesville/ )

    Three top men in three major companies, Merck, Intel and Under Armour, have quit the President’s Business Council specifically to show their disapproval of Trump’s sincere, sensible sharing of  blame among all those concerned.

    CEOs of Intel, Merck and Under Armour quit Trump advisory panel

    Merck is a pharmaceutical company, so it’s probably the easiest to locate, since most of us use such products, even if it’s only for day-to-day ailments, like head-aches and upset tums.

    When you pop into your local shop, or your chemist/apotek/pharmacist, to get something for some malady, check out the bottle or packet and see if Merck’s name is visible.

    Then decide if you truly want to buy it. Not so hard to do – and email them to say why.

    Under Armour, I admit, I had never heard of, until this week. It seems they make much of the following –  ‘innovative sports clothing, shoes, & accessories’ – and they are to be found all over the world. 

    So not just Americans but also Canadians, Brits,and even people here in Indonesia, can decide if they want to buy their stuff.

    Intel are a tech company. Find out what you can, then act accordingly. 

    Teach those big biz stuck-ups a lesson!

    • Mort 10:42 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you, Ross, for your support for Trump and truth..
      It is exactly what America needs after Obama’s destructive eight years, two terms which saw unprecedented racialisation of US politics, Obama’s first Attorney General took a hands-off stand when the racist Black Panthers organised intimidation of voters and when Obama himself made race the issue in the Trayvon Martin case.
      From today, the left media will be in a state of perpetual motion in their war on Donald Trump.
      Just turn to CNN where there is nothing but hate for Trump. It’s almost funny, like watching bedlam..
      The Republican Establishment will latch onto that in their own struggle to undermine the President. CNN are welcoming their spokesmen with open arms.
      I know we can count on you to reflect the views of Americans who are under attack and will be facing these threats. and again I thank you.

    • jerry Jerman 1:53 pm on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If the American media do not understand the criminal Antifa they should visit Europe where this masked terror gang is very active.

    • Curtis Jensen 5:06 pm on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Right on, Ross.
      Time to rally round the flag, our country’s flag, not the Nazi Swastika or the Antifa Hammer and Sickle. President Trump speaks for America, the media speak against America, day after day.

  • ross1948 7:38 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Post-Charlottesville? End Political Violence – Outlaw Antifa! 

    Just caught up with the riot in Charlottesville, and  glad to hear Donald Trump emphasise that the grim scenes on TV were not the fault of one but of ALL sides.

    That meant the racists on ALL sides, including the infamous Black Lives Matter gang – Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”  – who we saw battling, and in particular those, on ALL sides, who were geared up for violence, helmets and clubs…




    …and one hoodlum even spraying opponents with fire!

    Perhaps unwisely, I was tuned into CNN, where a blathering fool named Cornell Brooks, a former leader of the NAACP, was holding forth about President Trump’s duty to ‘bring the nation together…’



    …an appeal I had not heard from Brooks when mobs of millennial morons were rabbling around the streets after the election last year, grunting ‘Not Our President!’

    I also noted that CNN gave repeated time to a spokeswoman for the notorious SPLC far-left outfit, which we have covered before.

    The Enemy Within the US Army! 

    Takes One To Know One? UK Journo Uses Hate-Group To Map KKK 

    • Obviously, CNN’s bias was bad, but it’s undeniable that this violence was bad, AND so was the violence during the campaign, and since, by the Red Nazis of Antifa, the most Un-American of gangster groups…



    …who have time and again attacked not ‘extremists’ of the right, but patriotic conservative citizens who were brave enough to demonstrate support for President Trump.

    Time to act.

    Designate Antifa as a terrorist group.

    • Johnny Cherskis 8:45 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am real glad you showed that picture of the hoodlum aiming fire at the pro-statue demonstrators.

      You wont hear it on CNN but it has to be pointed out that if the people who want to keep the Robert E Lee statue in its place where it has been for years and years. had of been allowed to demonstrate in peace, no trouble would of happened.

      When all those antifa communists came along, of course that provoked violence. Rightwingers fight back if BLM and the other far left decide to attack them and try to take away their right to demonstrate.

    • Scott Jameson 9:33 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Donald Trump did the presidential thing just right when he condemned all violence from many sides in Charlottesville. You mis-quoted him saying from ALL sides but you did not mis-represent him. It is the truth that a lot of those antifa came looking for a fight.. ,
      Maybe CNN would like it better if we all forgot how Obama stayed stony silent when the illegal in California murdered that girl even though he went through the roof about Trayvon Martin for racist reasons.

      Obama took sides for the wrong side for the wrong reasons and CNN never condemned him for doing that..
      Now they and so much of the media are yelling for Trump to take the side of all those left street-fighters who came to Charlottesville only to cause uproar.
      Banning Antifa is a good idea but only a good start.
      Just as your report says, BLM is racist and CNN cannot deny that. They will try to but we must not let them get away with it.
      Ban BLM.

    • Gil Timanno 10:12 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      There was violence from both sides and we saw it even on the CNN news but they will not let up on Trump for saying that.factual truth.
      CNN do not care about the truth.

      Rocks and bottles can kill you as dead as a car but if somebody had been killed by the antifa rocks or bottles I dont think the media would care too much.
      It is all turned into a big attack on the President again the way it always goes.
      Clinton News Network or Communist News Network you can call it what you want but it is the Hate Trump Network and has been before and after the election.

    • Antifa 10:32 am on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are disgusting.
      Altrights have no rights and the anti-fascist forces will drive them off the streets.
      If you was here and not over there we would make sure your ‘blog’ would be making no more fascist noise ever again.
      Burn in hell.

      • ross1948 1:16 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        You have a nice day too, Comrade Antifa.

      • Hatch Hanney 3:36 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you, comrade!
        Your anti-democracy message is exactly the reason why Antifa and its violent gangs got to be outlawed. If that’s your ideal world, there would be as much freedom as in North Korea and you deserve the same treatment as Pyongyang.
        A fire-storm of fury, just like our President said

    • Mort 12:37 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I have to criticize you today, because you have ruined my day. After reading what you wrote, I decided I had to watch CNN.
      It has been a horrible experience and I can honestly say I have never experienced such non-stop biased coverage as their treatment of the events in Charlottesville.
      Typical was their guest from the Chicago Sun-Times, an energetic axe-grinder by the name of Sweet, which she is not!
      She lied openly, saying that the fault lay with the rightwing protesters when we could all see placards that identified well-known hate-groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

      Many of them were waving and throwing weapons. They wanted to cause serious injury. Your photo of the tough guy trying to set somebody on fire is just one of several that make this very clear..
      The death of the car-crash victim is terrible, but now they are counting the two state troopers whose helicopter crashed as more evidence of how bad the protestors were. Tragic as it was, unless somebody shot down the chopper, it was an accident and not anyone’s fault.

      Ever since Trump was elected, violence on the Left has been part of our political life. This bloodshed is the worst yet.
      The guilt belongs to Antifa.

    • Eliise 2:32 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you about the President’s words.

      In addition, I’ve looked into this and it looks like the rightwingers are on the side of democracy.
      8,158 voters (87.3 percent) did not want the Charlottesville City Council to remove the Gen. Lee statue or change the name of its corresponding Lee Park. 490 voters (5 percent) thought the council should rename the park and remove the statue, 361 voters (3.9 percent) believed the city should keep the statue but rename the park, and 72 voters (0.8 percent) believed the council should remove the statue but keep the park name –


      That’s only a poll but a big sample, so why don’t they just hold a local referendum, every adult registered to vote in Charlottesville can vote on whether to keep the statue in its park or not?
      It would be up to the people.
      No need for fighting on the street/

    • Ben Baniek 9:03 pm on August 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I was looking at Facebook comments on this.
      Heres one comment that makes a good point.

      Trump did not clearly denounce Virginia White Supremacists.
      Big problem.
      Barry Soetoro never denounced Black Panthers.
      No problem.

    • H J Scharf 11:54 pm on August 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      CNN are still going on and on about this, one of their people just said that the rightwing ’caused’ the violence.
      That’s just a lie.
      Not just the flame throwing thug in your photo but so many other very clear photos and newsreels have shown the violence was on BOTH sides.

      So far as I know the rightwing demonstration was organized before the leftwing so it was Antifa’s fault as you say..They were coming into town not for protesting, they were out to get the rightwing people…

      I dont have any time for the KKK philosophy but dont have time for the BLM either, they are both extreme and both carrying a lot of hate.
      Now I hear President Trump condemning KKK and nazis and ‘other hate groups.’
      Why did he not name at least two of those ‘other’ hate groups, that BLM and that Antifa?.

      • Parker Mills 9:11 am on August 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I am disappointed that Trump did not make it clear that the real threat to democracy in America is Antifa. It is true that he condemned nazis and that Antifa are what you call them, red nazis.

        Even so, they should have been named alongside the KKK. .

        • Amanda 4:37 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink

          Never rush to judgement, sir, because we have heard Donald Trump lay it on the line and the best part was when he told the media that they knew that both sides were violent. They didn’t like being told that they were liars and for the rest of the week they will be out for revenge.
          We need to shout back at them.

        • Leonard 5:02 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink

          Its getting better every minute.
          You should all tune in to CNN. Lemon and his friends are saying that Antifa ONLY attack nazis.
          Wasnt it just a couple months ago Antifa attacked a Trump supporters rally?
          So Trump supporters are nazis now?
          And CNN support the Antifa who attacked the protest in Charlottesville?.
          So CNN will be supporting attacks on Trump supporters?
          I kind of expect that soon.

      • Ben Baniek 3:25 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        The President has made up for that now.
        I have just seen him on TV and the media are LOSING it.

        He has been outstanding, told the fake newzys that they know as well as he does that a lot of people on both sides were very bad, and a lot of good people too, and he named and blamed the Alt-Left!’

        So proud of him.

    • Lorne Marzio 3:18 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, Ross, please write something today or tomorrow or whatever time it is where you are about The Donald’s fantastic performance right now, a press conference where the press went nuts. He told them fair and square that there were very bad people on both sides, and some fine people among those protesting against the statu.
      He called out the alt left who used clubs and violence!
      .God bless our President.

    • Vinnie Fiore 4:32 am on August 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good news just now, Trump has come out swinging. He told the press that it WAS both sides that caused violence and you should have heard him and heard the press reaction.
      That little sh-t Don lemon was on CNN five minutes ago and he just HATES our president.
      That proves Trump has done well.

  • ross1948 10:17 pm on August 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Donald Trump, Draining the Swamp, , , regime change,   

    Keep Draining, Donald -You Need A Better Man At State! 

    I see from the WT that President Trump is facing resistance from within as regards the menace of Iran’s nightmare regime.


    Hasil gambar untuk trump V paris


    Britain, France and Germany joined the United States in a complaint at the United Nations on Wednesday that called a July 27 Iranian space rocket launch a threatening move in violation of a 2015 U.N. Security Council resolution.

    But what remains to be seen is whether the three allies will take the more controversial step of backing Mr. Trump should he publicly pressure Tehran…   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/2/donald-trump-rex-tillerson-split-on-iran-nuclear



    Up to them, if those countries think trade with a hellish Islamist mockery of democracy is more appealing than all the trade they conduct with the USA.

    Yet it seems Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – who has acknowledged that he and Mr. Trump have different views on the nuclear accord   – doesn’t want any declaration that the Islamic Republic is in breach of its obligations under the deal crafted by Obamanoids last year.



    I was also somewhat surprised that Tillerson came out with that other statement a few days ago that he isn’t interested in regime change in Pyongyang.

    Surely everyone should want regime change there. We keep hearing that Syria, and not long ago Myanmar, and in the past other countries too, should be given the chance to enjoy democratic elections instead of authoritarian rule,

    Yet few if any countries in the world rival North Korea for barbaric oppression. I’m Not ALWAYS in Favour of Capital Punishment! 

    Do Americans, especially American conservatives, not share my view that communism is an evil that should be extirpated?

    Indeed, should have been long ago..

    Truman’s Folly Exposed – MacArthur Was Right! 

    Does President Trump’s patriotic ‘base’ not think so?

    One never expected much from his Un-American predecessor…

    N.K. Despot Demands US Ban Film – Will Obama Grovel, Again? 

    …and of course The Donald doesn’t have time to read our blog, but there were plenty of voices raised in the USA too warning him against appointing a man of Tillerson’s calibre to high office.

    Stop Tillerson – He’ll Continue Clinton’s Gaystapo Grovel! 

    Fingers crossed The President puts his foot down.


    • Ben Baniek 11:35 pm on August 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Tillerson was never a conservative.
      Big money man, smart for sure, but not on our side.

    • Kat Millerson 6:00 am on August 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Tillerson is a very successful businessman but like a lot of those he sees everything is negotiable. Trump appreciated that and gave him the job but Trump unlike Tillerson does understand that there are some basics which are not negotiable.
      Basic American values for example, were trampled by Obama’s far left cadres and now Americans are taking the chance to recapture their country, and facing a battle to get this done. Trump supports them for tactical electoral reasons but also because, despite his own free-wheeling life history, he is tuned into ordinary Americans which I don’t think Tillerson has been since maybe he left kindergarten.

      About North Korea, it is a real horror story and should be taken out. Everybody should want to see that happen but exactly how to do that is the question.

  • ross1948 10:08 pm on July 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Donald Trump, , , , ,   

    Media-Democrat Party Will Freak-Out Over Freak Ban! 

    What brilliant news to round off the day!



    Donald Trump’s declaration that no more trannies will be recruited into the USA Armed Services is a serious challenge to the ”LGBT” gaystapo agenda.

    Rest assured, tantrums will be thrown by the Media-Democrat Party and there will be stamping of many little feet that are much more used to mincing!



    Trump’s wise move is being justified on grounds of cost, and of course the large amount of  tax-dollars splurged on the genital mutilation of Obama’s fave traitor…


    Breaking – Obama Commutes Traitor Freak’s Sentence 


    …Bradley Manning ( let’s not be silly and call the thing ‘Chelsea’) was a disgraceful waste and such misuse of public funds should never be allowed again.

    But really the ban ought to be defended on grounds of a commitment to decent traditional American values.


    And there should be an appropriate measure of compassion shown.

    If any current ‘transgenders’ genuinely seek psychiatric treatment and are convincingly cured of their sexual maladjustment, their applications to serve should be given fair consideration.


    Trump Says Transgender People Can’t Serve In Military

    • Mort 6:36 am on July 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Your prediction is already proving to be150% accurate.
      ‘Shocking’ and :ignorant’ are two words I just heard as quotes. on the BBC World news to describe the President’s decision.
      So were Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson ,Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (both) and Clinton ALL shocking and ignorant, because they saw no reason to let ‘trannies’ serve in the military?

    • Anita Nataloni 1:11 pm on July 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      About time.!
      I just heard on one of the reports that only 18 countries in the world allow these strange people to join their military, and I bet most of them are the sick nations of Western Europe.

      We never had any of this trouble until Obama, not even Clinton ever supported the idea, not Carter, not Johnson, not Kennedy, none of the Democrat politicians in Congress, Of course no Republicans either.

      Nobody ever wanted or at least said they wanted sex-confused individuals in our armed services, until Obama, so why do we have to bow down to his war on our military service traditions.

      Donald Trump is just bringing back mainstream practice and good for him.

    • Craig O 3:55 pm on July 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So true.
      The Media-Democrats UK branch, the BBC, made this its top story!

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