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  • ross1948 12:10 am on May 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Pity the Prez, Slumming It With Slugs – Dope Francis, Liar Juncker, Turncoat Tusk? OMG! 

    Just a final thought for tonight, so many pinkos salivating at how The Donald is due to fly home soon to face a barrage of subversive blasts from the Media/Democrat Party.



    He might, on the contrary, be relieved!

    Imagine how he must have felt, having to spend time with, one after the other, three of the most contemptible specimens involved in world affairs.

    Poor President Trump.

    Dope Francis, a rotten old hypocrite who keeps his immense and opulent Castel Gandolfo estate open only to paying tourists…


    Dope Francis? That Old Argie’s An Ignorant Hypocrite! 

    …while braying at common folk among his flock to welcome undesirable aliens into their communities.


    Liar Juncker, a creep who despises democracy…


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker arrogant

    EU Vows To Use New Powers To Block All Elected ‘Far Right

    …and is on record as boating of his readiness to lie to get his way.


    And Turncoat Tusk…


    “We know that this is now a Union under Berlin’s diktat,” Poland’s Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said after the vote, adding it was a “a very toxic union, that could harm many countries”.

    Polish fury over re-election of EU’s Tusk

    ….whose own country, Poland, refused to endorse the pinko ratbag’s re-appointment to his over-paid Brussels post.

    I betcha Mr. President is looking forward to being back doing what he’s best at, fighting back against all the worst elements in the USA!

  • ross1948 10:53 am on May 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    FBI Firing No Shock – Nor Is Biased BBC Coverage! 

    Lazy day, overcast outdoors, so just outa bed and am mulling over the news of FBI Director Comey’s dismissal.

    Might be wise to wait and see what’s going on, but surely few are surprised that this fellow’s  been red-carded.

    As for what’s going on, we won’t get much help from the BBC…

    …which has just provided its predictable objective coverage by interviewing a whiney bint named Sarah Kendzior, who helpfully informed us that Donald Trump is an ‘autocratic ruler’ and continued with a rabid leftist rant.



    If I’d held my breath after she finally shut up, waiting for the BBC to display even minimally impartial reporting skills by interviewing one of the millions of Americans who voted for Trump, I’d be headed for the morgue by now!

    Kendziar is an infamous foe of the President…


    Kendzior is a writer and journalist from St. Louis, Missouri, and one of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump..


    .Gambar terkait

    Sarah Kendzior on President Donald Trump and the  Authoritarian State

    ….as you can quickly grasp from the above link to a fanatic left-liberal gathering not long ago.

    That’s clearly why the BBC chose her to spout bilious, bigoted opinions.

    Can these Enemies Within NEVER play fair with a news item?

    • Mort 5:55 pm on May 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good choice, that video link, Ross, because she sounds completely deranged.
      None of us in America gets shocked by anything the media do, here or in England, but you do well to keep reminding readers of the BBC’s true colours

    • Beltway Barry 10:04 am on May 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Kendzior isn’t worth the time spent listening to her trash-talk.
      But as for Comey, here’s a few words that explain why he isn’t the man for the job.
      s“Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” he said, concluding his withering damnation of Mrs. Clinton last July.
      But, lest any mere mortals think they might get away with doing the same thing Mrs. Clinton had done, Mr. Comey was blunt.
      “To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences,” he warned. “To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.”

      That’s the clearest double standard you could hope never to see in law enforcement. One law for Clintons, another for the rest of us.

  • ross1948 6:48 pm on May 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump’s Question Was One Real Historians Always Ask! 

    As a non-American whose degree was in politics and modern history and whose post-grad diploma was in – wait for it!- Soviet and East European Studies (taken on the principle that a good doctor should study disease) I was amazed at the furore over President Trump’s sensble question –


    ‘’People don’t realize, you know, the civil war – if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there a civil war? Why could that one not have been worked out?”


    The whole point of being a serious historian is that one asks questions.

    Some people don’t.

    They either don’t care enough to do so, or as in the case of an ex ABCNightline hack named Tom McCarthy…



    ..writing in the UK’s left-liberal Guardian, they are so infatuated with the ideological appeal of one possible answer stuck in that airy space between their ears that they just won’t have it budged by questions.

    . The civil war was fought over slavery – the enslavement in the United States of African Americans – and related territorial, economic and cultural struggles.      


    No, it was fought on the issue of whether America was a federal or confederal union.

    The latter alternative definition was favoured by The Southern States, where it was taken to mean they had a right to secede.

    Lincoln ( who held views on race relations that would nowadays get him targetted by witch-hunting gangs like SPLC!) did not accept any such breakaways as legitimate.


    Gambar terkait

    Fort Sumter, April, 1861


    Had the war been about the enslavement in the United States of African Americans then Lincoln would have issued his emancipation edict before the fighting started or during the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

    In fact slavery was AN issue, but not the main one that divided North and South, and not all slave ‘states’ adhered to the Confederate cause.

    Slaves in Kentucky, Delaware, Missouri and Maryland were not included in Lincoln’s Emancipation, which came nearly two years after the first shots were fired.

    It was merely a support strategy for the Northern war effort.


    Gambar terkait


    I realise this is will be read by many Americans, and they may disagree with some or all of what I have said.

    Unlike the media mug McCarthy, though, I hope they will put forward their positions and support them with history-based arguments     – not seek to impose one opinion as if it were a matter of Papal Infallibity 

    • Harriet 11:53 pm on May 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Even most of our high school kids know the War Between The States, as it is still known in the South, was about secession, not slavery.
      That Guardian/ABC journalist sounds like he studied with Reverend Al Sharpton!

  • ross1948 7:28 pm on April 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Poor Pence Takes Out Turnsteer’s Dumb-Deal Trash! 

    Rather sad to watch Mike Pence continuing his global trot today, shaking hands with Turnsteer..


    Hasil gambar untuk turnbull pence

    ‘You wouldn’t like some nice lively Mexicans in return, would you, Malc?’


    …whilst retreating from President Trump’s wise words that the Obama pact, to accept Australia’s boat-bludgers, was a ‘dumb deal.’

    Australians did not give powerful support to their governing coalition just for fun. Much, if not most, of the credit for that coalition’s electoral success is down to their no-nonsense stance on crimmigration.

    If the ‘asylum’- (read ‘benefit’-) -seekers were, to any normal person’s way of thinking, decently deserving characters, Aussies, good-hearted for the most part, would be sympathetic to their situation.

    Fact is, despite ABC propaganda to the contrary…

    …the undesirable aliens are very undesirable indeed.

    They are known for their lying about their reasons for their travels –  ‘A Soft Touch!’ Truth Will Out on Asylum Parasites! Oz Officials ‘Know You’re Lying’ but ‘You’ll Be Fine!’   – and other unpleasant characteristics, not least dissimulation about their ages.



    …..  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/lying-parasites-aged-asylum-kids-allotted-homes-as-aussies-wait-in-line/


    So I honestly hope, for America’s sake, that intensified vetting will weed most of them out of any chance of settlement there.

    But then the problem will assuredly be, where to send the mendacious wasters back to?


    Try Mama Stasi Merkel.

  • ross1948 6:15 pm on April 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, U.K. – Americans Too Face An Amber's Army! 

    Few British patriots will have forgotten, much less forgiven, the imbecilic Home Secretary Amber Rudd…


    Hasil gambar untuk amber rudd theresa may


    ….who point blank REFUSED to carry out any meaningful age-checks on the hulking ‘children’ her weak-kneed boss T. May agreed to bring in from the Calais Jungle.


    We named these hulking ‘children’ Amber’s Army.

    Amber’s Army Re-Groups! Will Theresa Surrender Again? 

    It seemed appropriate in view of the violence and mayhem all over Europe which so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ perpetrate…

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun

    Poor Little Unaccompanied Minor Migrants 

    …murder, rape, molestation and casual thuggery have occurred in one previously safe and civilised country after another.

    Now we read that America too has a strikingly similar nightmare, thanks to the malignant Obama’s catch and release’ program for illegal youths

    But at last moves are being made by a senior US Senator, to end the dangerous nonsense.





    “Of unaccompanied children, two-thirds are older than 15 years old. Two-thirds are males. Only 18 percent are less than 12 years old, so the unaccompanied children really aren’t children.”     http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/senator-most-illegal-unaccompanied-children-arent-children/

  • ross1948 8:36 am on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump – 50 Missiles Fired At Syria – A Round Of Golf With Red China? 

    Not good.

    I am usually ready to defend Donald Trump, albeit not uncritically, but the news – out this very minute – that he’s unleashed 50 Tomahawk missiles because of Syria’s alleged violations of innocent civilians’ ‘human rights?’

    How can America square this military offensive with the fact that the leader of a country which is assuredly the world’s largest and most continuous violator of ‘human rights…’


    Now Here’s A United Nations Story You Didn’t Expect! 


    ….is, at the very same moment…


    Hasil gambar untuk trump china florida


    ….being made welcome by President Trump in his spacious and splendid mansion?

    • Mort 4:55 pm on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      President Trump’s guest in Florida represents a regime guilty of more human rights atrocities than Assad could hope to achieve if he ruled Syria for the seven decades the Reds have ruled China. Your example of the genocide against Tibet is valid, but there are also sixty million or more actual Chinese who have fallen victim to communism.
      There are many Trump supporters who feel the same way you do, but we’d best just soldier on, because he is doing a good job in other things.
      His Supreme Court choice was excellent and I have heard it said he doesn’t want to fall out with the McCain RINO wing until that has gone safely through.

    • Phil 5:21 pm on April 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Well said Ross.
      I don’t believe for a minute the Syrian Government dropped chemical weapons but let’s just imagine they were that evil/stupid; is killing 70 people in their own country while fighting (USA -financed terrorists) better or worse than USA killing several hundred innocent Iraqis in airstrikes in Mosul?
      Perhaps the western media could explain that if they were not paid propaganda lapdogs.

    • Mort 3:51 pm on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Trump’s reasoning sounds like this.
      Chemical weapons in a dictatorship’s hands are a real threat to the USA. Innocents have been horribly treated by their own government..
      So launch Tomahawks at Syria.
      Nuclear weapons in a dictatorship’s hands are a greater real threat to the USA. Many more innocents have been horribly treated by their own government in Pyongyang.
      Now we wait for Tomahawks against North Korea.
      I like Trump but I am waiting for him to be consistent.

  • ross1948 12:02 am on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State? 

    It’s a measure of how few governments have any serious interest in challenging true threats that once more we find ourselves congratulating Hungary.

    • Gambar terkait
    • These words of praise arise in response to the news that a Sorosoid lair  – or, as EUObs prefers, ‘an intellectual hub’ – in Budapest is in a terrible tizzy because of what the ‘intellectuals‘ say is the Hungarian government’s attempt to shut it down.

    The Central European University’s Rector, Michael Ignatieff indulged in a fine old rant last week. 

    “We will never close this university, we will maintain the continuity of our academic programs no matter what…CEU will resolve to all available legal remedies if it is passed!”

    The arrogant academic is telling the democratically elected government that the draft law has to be scrapped…


    Hasil gambar untuk michael ignatieff ceu


    Funnily enough, there’s no mention of the Canadian Ignatieff’s left-liberal politics – he was a wannabe prime minister and is a known champion of ‘migrants.’

    He has not hesitated to use his university position to pontificate on the issue. https://www.ceu.edu/article/2016-01-28/michael-ignatieff-right-have-rights-migrants-refugees-and-duties-states-ceu

    Hungary argues that the proposed reform is necessary because it had learned that no less than 28 foreign-linked universities were operating “unlawfully”.

    BalogZoltanFotoThalerTamas (crop).JPG

    Zoltan Boltag


    Zoltan Boltag, Minister of Human Resources, who is not only a politician but a Protestant pastor, has spoken plainly on the reasons for the government’s moves – the bill was prompted by “national security considerations” and the needs to ensure that the university courses meet “foreign policy priorities.”

    And the government’s concern about foreign policy seems to be justified, because the American Embassy in Budapest has jumped straight into Hungary’s internal affairs, issuing a statement declaring that CEU enjoys strong bipartisan support in the US government. 

    “The United States opposes any effort to compromise the operations or independence of the university.”

    So how come this matter, quite clearly none of America’s business, is being turned into an international incident by blow-hard diplomacy on the part of the USA?

    We know that, under Obama misrule, the US Embassy in Budapest aligned itself with very unwholesome elements  Embassies issue joint statement celebrating Budapest Pride  …

    …so it may be that the Trump Administration needs to clean out the dead-beats there.



    Are there ‘Deep State’ creeps still running the show within that diplomatic outpost? 

    As we read on, we get a clue.

    It is a major and symbolic postgraduate institution founded by Soros…



    ….who has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into central and eastern Europe


    We have seen that menace’s name before, not just in Hungary…- Now It’s Hungary! Soros Subversives Exposed Again! but elsewhere in Europe–  Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! …and never for doing good, only for funding far-left agitprop outfits, and NOT only in Europe!

    • Soros has woven a web of influential left-wing operations, including Media Matters and Center for American Progress, that advance his socialist ideology.
    • He has financial ties to America’s most well-known media personalities, including CNN’s David Gergen and Christiane Amanpour.
    • To the tune of $6.4 million, Soros has worked behind the scenes to fund smear campaigns against 2016 conservative presidential hopefuls Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal.
    • He has funneled millions of dollars into journalism schools and more than 180 media outlets across the nation.

    Stop The Sorosoids? Here’s One Way!


    But sensible countries are stepping up to the subversive plutocrat’s intrusions – none more so than Hungary’s.

    The targeting of CEU’s is seen as part of a wider crackdown by the Orban government on organisations linked or funded by Hungarian-American financier Soros.

    In January, a top official from Orban’s ruling party said that NGOs funded by Soros should be “swept out” of the country.

    As one expects, EUObs can’t report this kind of issue objectively

    If CEU is forced out, it would be a major blow to Hungary’s reputation and to higher education in the country.

    No, it wouldn’t.

    If CEU is using its presence in Budapest to pump liberalism into the minds of young Hungarians, damn right it should be sent packing. 



    And guess which other unwholesome institution and which lousy leftist sticky-beak have been sniffing around this contrived controversy? 


    According to a source, commission vice-president Frans Timmermans raised the issue…


    Brussels Bully Backs Off – Salute Those Valiant Poles! 

    Yes, we remember him well!.

    (More …)

    • Martin Kincaide 7:37 pm on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Trump does step into this and calls off his diplomats. By now if not before, surely he knows they are most if not all of them Deep Staters, internationalists, CFR people.
      He met the Egyptian President today and a good thing too. He needs to listen to a man who can tell him all about the Muslim Brotherhood and why it should go on the designated terrorist list.
      While it is easy to get that the MB are hostiles, the Sorosoids are too and they are much more dangerous..
      If only every country had leadership as honest and brave as Hungary’s!.

    • Dan Markow 9:28 pm on April 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Soros was convicted in a court of law, wasn’t he? Some insider trading case?
      He is a real menace.
      America should strip him of citizenship and send him back to Hungary, where they’d know how to deal with him.

  • ross1948 11:45 pm on March 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    OMG- On Trigger Eve, A Sex Pistol Talks Sense! 

    A topical revelation on the night before Britain triggers Article 50…


     Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten backed Brexit and called former UKIP leader Nigel Farage “fantastic” in a TV interview Monday..

    I never had any time for punk music. It seemed tasteless and tuneless, though perhaps that was the intent of those who created it as a 1970s phenomenon.

    Mind you, compared to the animalistic grunting called ‘hip-hop,’ in retrospect it wasn’t that bad.

    Nevertheless, it was with no small degree of amazement when I read that Johnny Rotten, of the quirkily-named’Sex Pistols’ band, declared his solidarity with Brexit and in particular Nigel Farage.  

    Gambar terkait

    Mr. R.

    He evidently shares my contempt for the decadent UK elite, as he says –“The working class have spoken and I’m one of them and I’m with them.”

    And on the subject of spoilt-brat Geldof… 

    Past-It Pinko Pop-Star Thrills Effete Young Creeps! 

    ….and the famously voluble exchange on the Thames between that foreign millionaire and Nigel Farage, Mr. Rotten declared admiration for the UKIP hero.

    Hasil gambar untuk bob geldof brexit nigel farage

    Uncouth foreign lout V English gentleman

    “I wanted to shake his hand…”

    And although he doesn’t seem to be a truly whole-hearted enthusiast for President Trump, the former Pistol does recognise that the Enemy Within is waging a vendetta against ‘the blokehe blamed the “left-wing media” for dubbing Trump racist.

    BTW – did anyone ever adopt my suggestion last year?

    Somebody Start a Petition – Ban Geldof from Britain! 


  • ross1948 9:02 pm on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Administrative State, , Department of Energy, Donald Trump, EU Director General Climate Action, , , Jos Bedelke, Jos Delbeke, Rick Perry   

    Climate Panic! EU/USA Bureaucrats Collude To Turn Trump? 

    Secretive Brussels flunkeys are colluding with U.S. Energy Department bureaucrats.

    The aim?

    Get President Trump to betray his campaign pledge to repudiate the supranational ‘Paris Climate’ scheme.


    • Hasil gambar untuk climate panic
    • ooooooooooooo
    • EU Observer, an ever-faithful fan of the Euro-Commissars, reports this week that ‘American civil servants in the department of energy and the White House are “looking for a story to tell” president Donald Trump that will persuade him to stay part of the Paris climate agreement, according to an EU official.


    Hasil gambar untuk story telling


    “They want to have a narrative, they want to have a story.”

    This ‘EU official’ is clearly scared of the consequences of spilling the beans on his (or her) Washington counterparts’ attempted subversion – EUObs adds that this confession only came on condition of anonymity. 



    But we do know that the source was part of a delegation that visited the United States recently…where clearly some clandestine conversations occurred!

    The plot is be crafted around using a ‘business case’ to prevail on Trump to stick to US pledges on curbing greenhouse gases, made by his predecessor Barack Obama…



    • The arrogance of the Climateers in Brussels shines brightly through when you read how the Director General of the European Commission’s Climate Action Department talks about the President, about how there is “one reality that may also be a reality where even Mr Trump cannot go against.”     https://euobserver.com/environment/137228

    EVEN Mr. Trump?


    Hasil gambar untuk jos delbeke dg climate action


    Who does Jos Delbeke think he is?

    Admittedly he has his fat salary to think about. If one major country stops stumping up, then others too may reconsider. Then where’s his department’s cash coming from?

    But that’s an unlikely scenario. The EUSSR oligarchy won’t be giving up on their grand design any time soon.

    So Delbeke’s crass condescension towards The Donald simply reflects the uppity Euroid mentality we saw from France’s Hollande and Germany’s Steinmeier prior to the November election.  

    Trump-Hater Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Escapes Interference! 

    • Trump is not one of the supranational in-crowd, so he has to be cajoled, coerced, or conned, until EVEN HE gets it!


    But this Belgian sprout’s arrogance is not the real issue.


    What matters is to unmask the plotters in Washington, these ‘American officials’ eagerly at work in cahoots with anonymous accessories in Brussels.



    Sounds exactly what Steve Bannon has warned us of, the entrenched ‘administrative state.’

    Personally, I think Trump will keep faith with the folks who trusted him to dismantle this creepy climate pact.


    But read through the rest of the article – there are indications they’re also working on Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


    Hasil gambar untuk rick perry

    And that he’s responding nicely.


    Maybe he’s just being polite, however….

    Not sure about the USA, but there’s a recurring and disturbing tradition in the UK of politicians who talk a good talk but, when they gain high office, they take the side of their departmental flunkeys rather than the voters who elevated them.

    • Just a word of warning.  

  • ross1948 9:45 am on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'British' Abu Zakariya al-Britani, apostate, Donald Trump, , , , , , Ron Fiddler   

    ‘Zakariya al-Britani’ aka Ron Fiddler – Burn In Hell, SOB! 

    We have used this cartoon more than once, to highlight Obama’s eagerness to top up the evil Islamist ‘armies.’



    ..and now the cartoonist’s message is highlighted by the reality of the news from Iraq. 




    How many more satanic terrorists did Obama unleash during his tenure of the Oval Office?


    Where is the uproar in the media about his folly, if folly was all it was, that has now wrought bloody havoc?

    Not much.

    Nothing like the manic rage we hear whenever President Trump speaks responsibly and says that there’s no rhyme or reason in closing Gitmo…




    …or, even more, when he sensibly suggests using whatever methods will work to get info from the demonic inmates.

    As for Ron Fiddler, who dropped his civilised name when he became an apostate, and then took up terror…

    Image result for nuns with guns

    … it’s nice to think that, as Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, the filthy swine got something of a surprise!


    • Mort 12:23 pm on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Amen to all of that!
      Obama if he had a soul at all, would be hanging his head in shame.
      But he isn’t, so he hasn’t.

    • Ben Baniek 12:37 pm on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      One less pig in the ISIS sty, but how about all that money?.
      Didnt he get given a million dollars or was it pound sterling to make up for his time behind bars?
      There should be some way to trace that money and get it back

    • Vicki 2:25 pm on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      What a good summary of things to deplore and applaud.
      Obama deserves universal condemnation for his policy of releasing monsters like this.
      Trump deserves praise for his intention keep Guantanamo in use.
      Fiddler deserves every agony he’ll be suffering for all eternity, if Hell is all it’s cracked up to be!

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