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    One Good Estonian, Another…Not So Much! 

    If only Jaak Madison were Estonia’s new Prime Minister!

    He’s the MEP who has just nominated Donald Trump for that Nobel Peace Prize we wrote about at the weekend.


    Jaak Madison MEP calls out Iran's human rights abuses in webinar on October  7, 2020 - YouTube


    It’s honestly such a tainted prize, after some of the worthless jerks who have recently been chosen by the equally worthless judges, that I doubt The Donald is excited by the nomination….


    Nobel Hog-Trough Closed To Patriots? Lucky Patriots! 

    …but certainly, if it were decided on merit, Trump’s efforts in the Arab World would qualify him, especially in comparison with the marxist vermin whose racist BLM has also been proposed.


    The Red Rat Behind BLM Nobel Prize Nonsense 

    However, Mr. Madison does his little Baltic republic proud by doing something so courageous, defying all the worst elements in the rotten media, who will be out to get him.

    If only he had become Estonia’s PM, rather than Kaja Kallas!

    It’s not that she’s a lawyer.


    Kaja Kallas, Estonian First Prime Minister - Archyde

    Kaja the Pinko

    Not all lawyers are money-grubbing ratbags, though many are, the the leftist legalice in Britain being some of the worst parasites….

    Identify This Legalouse, “Scared,” But Heedless Of Migrants’ Many Victims! 

    …but the real downside of Ms. KK is her Europhilia.

    “My government will be very pro-European, especially in supporting European values such as the rule of law,” she said in an interview. “We will also have a very clear change in policies when it comes to issues like climate policy.”


    And the absence of the patriot party EKRE – of which Jaak Madison is a stalwart – from her new coalition government has had another very negative impact on Estonian democracy,

    A flagship EKRE policy was holding a referendum on whether to explicitly define marriage as between a man and a woman in the Estonian constitution, which they demanded as a condition of joining the government and which was due to take place later this year. With EKRE out of government, the referendum will now not take place…https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/01/estonias-first-female-prime-minister-vows-to-tackle-climate-crisis

    So the people are denied a democratic decision, and Estonian queers will be rejoicing.

    A black day for Estonia.

    But let’s hope the EKRE patriots will soon find their way back into the corridors of power in Tallin, and give the electorate that chance to vote for decent values that’s just been lost.

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    Nasty Nancy – Trump’s Sworn Foe, Britain’s Enemy Too! 

    Most Brits who take an interest in their country’s well-being will never forget that Donald Trump took their side in the Brexit battle…



    …in contrast to Obummer’s overtly anti-British, pro-Brussels antics.

    ( as of course Canadians will remember the creep’s arrogant intrusion into their internal politics )

    Obummer The Meddler Seeks To Succour Turd


    This week we have another reminder of the existence of   pro-Brussels collabos in the USA, in this particular report the notorious Nasty Nancy aka ‘La Plastica’ Pelosi…



    …her Democrat faction invoked by a Sinn Fein scumbag in Eire’s legislature as a champion who will subvert any UK/US trade deal unless BoJo knuckles under to EUSSR arrogance on the Ulster/Eire frontier dispute.

    The Democrats have long been infested with Sinn Fein sympathisers, but La Plastica’s prima-donna tantrum last month…

    ….when she childishly tore up her copy of the President’s State of the Union speech, was a useful warning of the fanaticism likely to emerge in the months ahead.

    After all, given her rabid hostility to any moves towards securing her own country’s borders, British people should not be in the least surprised that she wants to leave a British province’s border as open as possible…

    …despite the proximity of a hostile and expansionist republic.


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    Trump Splurges Tax-Dollars On Trans-Freaks! 

    We expect no better of the BBC…

    BBC’s Queer Quest To Waste Your Quids! 

    …but we expect a LOT better from Donald Trump, who didn’t mention THIS scandalous nonsense when he launched his 2020 campaign this week!

    ‘Not Cheap!’

    That’s how one responsible US government official described a disgusting waste of tax-dollars on pampering the maladjusted, which ‘ the Trump administration can easily reverse but has chosen not to.’



    No wonder a new report tells us that ‘ICE officials and frontline personnel are outraged!’

    The costly privileges lavished on the alien freaks include not only ‘hormone therapy’ but also ‘their own detention center in New Mexico that offers hair and makeup classes, a recreation area, gym, television rooms, a lab and pharmacy.

    There are also meeting areas for trans detainees to consult with free legal services provided by advocacy groups.’

    It’s hardly an excuse three years into The Donald’s presidency that this disgraceful situation was spawned by the Obama Administration.


    It’s not only scandalous in itself but is naturally demoralising decent Americans who work in ICE, who are reportedly ‘at their wits end!’


    • Vinnie F 00:02 on June 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Nobody can be happy that Trump hasn’t put a stop to this waste of money, but I still back the President. He has a lot of ‘enemies within’ and the so-called ‘civil service rules’ make it hard to fire the traitors.
      It’s the same kind of foolishness that in colleges is called ‘tenure’ that means it is very difficult to fire bad professors.


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    Venezuela – Guardian’s U.S. Academic Warns Against Liberation! 

    By declaring himself Venezuela’s president on Wednesday, Juan Guaidó has brought Venezuela to the edge of catastrophe.

    Related image

    Venezuela’s Interim President Juan Guaido


    That’s the first sentence in a Guardian ‘Opinion’ piece by another of those American ‘professors’ who appear to think anybody gives a tinker’s cuss  about their opinions, and it’s hardly an inspiring start to Gabriel Hetland’s scribblings.


    Gabriel Hetland


    Even a ‘professor’ should be able to put ’cause’ and ‘effect’in the right order, and even Guardian readers must understand that Guaido’s declaration is not what put Venezuela on the ‘the edge of catastrophe.’

    We write about this only last week.

    Venezuela’s catastrophic plight, created by demented marxist rule, is what has made Guaido make his declaration.

    One has to wonder if, when the ‘prof’ sees a kid fall over and skin its knee, he’ll explain to the kid that the skinned knee was what made it fall!

    What happens next is anyone’s guess. But a US invasion feels like a real possibility.


    Is it?

    Not unless Maduro’s goons attack Americans in the country, surely.

    With American forces still engaged in the Middle East and Afghanistan, I doubt that. In the absence of the Border Wall, if President Trump orders troops into action, it would be more likely that he places some of his armed forces down there, to reinforce the good men and women defending the USA against crimmigrant incursions…


    ….with reports of another mob of undesirables heading up from Honduras.

    What needs to be done is not waste more time on dialogue with a brutal red regime but instead learn from the mistakes made in Cuba.

    Hasil gambar untuk venezuela libre

    The freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs were valiant, and could have liberated their imprisoned island, EXCEPT that JFK bottled out and held back the promised, and vital, air support.  Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

    If all the nations now recognising Guaido as interim president were to help him organise able-bodied patriots among the million plus refugees, many of whom, even according to a Guardian news report – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/24/we-want-an-end-to-tyranny-venezuelan-diaspora-call-for-maduro-to-go  – care deeply about the rescue of their homeland.

    Let them form a proper military force, and assure them of essential strategic support, coordinated with internal resistance…


    …who’s to say Maduro could not be overthrown, captured, put on trial and, along with the collaborationist officer clique, who –  by their refusal to take the side of their people –  are indisputably traitors to Venezuela…

    Venezuela’s Soldiers Should Use The Killian BarracksAs Inspiration! 

    …hanged or shot, preferably before a cheering crowd in the main plaza of Caracas.

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    Your Very Own Brick In Donald’s Wall? 

    We have noted how the Mexican Government has expressed reluctance to pay for the wall which their citizens’ wilful crimmigration into the USA has necessitated.



    We also note that the same government has plenty of funds to lavish on supporting their crimmigrants already in America who are proving recalcitrant about going home.  Mexico launches $50 million effort in US



    Therefore it is reasonable to assume that initially the cost of the Great Wall needs to be found elsewhere.

    Obviously US taxes are one source.

    But think about it.

    I have often seen appeals from institutions (like my alma mater, for example) seeking donations with a promise to inscribe a brick with one’s name or that of a loved one, to immortalise the goodwill shown.

    Just flicking through Google, I came across several such schemes. Here’s one – 

    Have your name memorialised in Tavistock Community Sensory Garden

    I’m sure the sensory garden is a splendid project, but om reflection…

    How about this for a scheme?



    • Walls are an important part of history.
    • Some have lasted through two thousand years…
    • Hadrian’s Wall, in England. built circa AD 120, where I once joined in archaeological excavations.
    • ……
    • …or longer…
    • Gambar terkait
    • oooooo
    • Even many of us who are not Americans would surely be proud and pleased to pay for a brick, if only as a token of solidarity with patriots in the USA…
    • =
    • …and of our appreciation of Trump’s defeat of the forces of evil last November.
    • I heard somebody on TV talking about this idea, but it was just idle chat, as far as I know.
    • Many of my readers in the USA are active in conservative movements.
    • Could they not get together and start the ball rolling – or should I say get the Wall rising? 


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