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  • ross1948 13:18 on March 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    UKIP – Carswell’s Desertion An Opportunity To Expand 

    While I welcomed Douglas Carswell’s courageous move to UKIP, and his principled readiness to put his new allegiance to a by-election vote…Good Morning, Britannia! Awake At Last!  …it seems to me that his latest move, out of UKIP, shows less courage and much less principle.


    •  Carswell
    • ——————————-

    There’s no sign that he’s prepared to face his electorate this time, on his ‘de-conversion.’But there’s no method available to voters to force him to behave honourably.

    So let’s look at this development as an opportunity.

    UKIP has long had a weirdo wing…

    The Real Risk to UKIP – PC Pusillanimity 

     …swivel-eyed fans of ‘gay’ marriage and shilly-shalliers who won’t guarantee a referendum on capital punishment.

    We even had a sensible councillor harassed by party HQ for speaking up against the iniquitous ‘diversity’ gestapo laws.


    Hasil gambar untuk donna rachel edmunds

    Donna Rachel Edmunds

    …the party’s official response to a local newspaper interview given by Donna Rachel Edmunds, one of Ukip’s new councillors in Lewes, East Sussex, in which she argued — on perfectly sound libertarian principles — that businesses should be free to choose their customer base….Ukip’s chairman Steve Crowther described this as ‘beyond what is acceptable.’.  http://www.spectator.co.uk/columnists/james-delingpole/9225161/

    Gambar terkait



    Enough, UKIP – Give Cr%ppy Crowther To The Greens! 


    There’s been too much crawling to enemy ideologies. 

    Now, UKIP, Apologise and Invite Him Back! 

    For Pity’s Sake, UKIP, Stop Grovelling! 


    Now is the time to create a clear-cut alternative to the rotten liberalism which permeates the British political elite.

    UKIP performed heroically during the Brexit campaign, but has long recognised that a single-issue platform will not resonate in routine parliamentary or local elections.

    Carswell’s exit should facilitate UKIP’s resurgence as a true nationalist party, adhering to true conservative values. Such an ideology is the essence of the noble cause called populism, which, after all, means nothing if not –


    • Derek T Jones 21:19 on March 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If Ukip bends to the PC brigade then it might as well dissolve.
      Theres been too many cases of picking on good loyal members who stand up for Christian values
      As if England wasnt a Christian country. .
      That Crowther quit as chairman but he is still rooting around with his liberal ideas and his kind still have too much say in the upper ranks.
      I agree the referendum for capital punishment and a lot more things in our country but first we need a referendum of Ukip members to get policies that mark us out from the old parties.


  • ross1948 23:43 on July 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    More EuroNews Hate Speech! Muzzle That Moron! 

    Hate is in the air, and on the air, nowhere more than on EuroNews, the tax-payer-subsidised propaganda agency.


    I just listened to one of their Red Nazi hacks ranting about Farage’s resignation, and almost put up my umbrella to prevent the journo-jerk’s spittle-flecked foam tainting my cuppa.

    Goebbels was much more honest, of course. He didn’t hide his identity as the EuroNews weirdo does.



    EuroNews’ rabid hack needs a muzzle


     The rabid EuroNews creep failed to identify himself as he railed at the UKIP leader’s great Strasbourg speech, accusing Farage of ‘ignorance’and ‘mendacity’ – among most other sins that could be squeezed in.

    But there’s a lot of hate around thanks to the Remainiacs, with some dirty savage ranting bout assaulting Farage’s daughter Brit rapper jokes about gang raping Nigel Farage’s young daughter … and the shocking intolerance exhibited at Westminster last week.


    The booing seemed to come from all sides…

    http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/watch-ukip-mp-douglas-carswell-get-booed-and-hissed-during- recording thepmqs

    I don’t much like The Huffington Post but their report on the anger of the wounded ‘British’ elite…


    •  Carswell
    • ——————————
    • is worth a look, not least the video which records the infantile incivility of a pack of rogues.

    Carswell is UKIP’s sole MP, having honourably chosen, when he left the Tories, to resign his seat and fight a by-election. He won it, and then won again at the last general election.

    That’s what incenses  the Westminster Tantrum Brats. As Carswell explains..

     My question was about need for decency to reach out to Remainers.  MPs responded with hissing and booing as I did.

    This is the SW1 elite

    Affronted by democracy, the elected ‘representatives’ overtly displayed their contempt for those  – the majority of Brits – who decided to disown the Europhiliac majority in House of Commons.

    This kind of hate-speech carries with it the whiff of incitement.

    As the report notes, last year, Carswell had to be escorted to safety by police after being surrounded by a mob of left-wing activists in Westminster.

    We covered that at the time, and turned the spotlight on one of the less shadowy figures behind the leftist hate-gang UAF…



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 

    But post-Brexit, it looks like its open season at Westminster too for ANYONE who speaks for the British majority. 

    It wasn’t just the Ukip who was met with jeers today.

    Tory MP, Bernard Jenkin, one of the architects of the official Vote Leave campaign was also shouted down as he tried to question the Prime Minister.

    Hell hath no fury like a rotten establishment scorned.

    I have, in the past, met many MPs and some of them are decent men and women.

    A lot are not, many with no small opinion of themselves, and an INCREDIBLE condescending arrogance towards the common folk they’re meant to speak for but don’t….

    elite arrogance-s

    ...much like the rabble in Strasbourg who howled with rage when Nigel Farage neatly put the boot into their pretensions.


  • ross1948 17:22 on March 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Tricks – UKIP Voters’ Cash Goes To In-Crowd Parties! 

    So if you’re a British voter, one of four million plus, who voted UKIP, your taxes will be dished out to the Tory, Labour, or LibDem cliques to fund their collaborationist capering.

    That’s how it is – change the rules to feather your own nest!

    snouts_in_the_trough   Tory, Labour, LibDem -three of a kind!

    …the party was entitled to £670,000, but under the new rules it will get only £210,000. Ukip took a small proportion of the money because the party wants to reduce the cost of politics.


    There’s no obvious reason why any party should batten, ‘asylum-seeker’ style, onto the public purse. They should be required to rely on their membership dues to pay for their political activities.

    But in a carve-up so corrupt it echoes the EUSSR, they’ve changed the formula, to reflect not the percentage of votes but the number of MPs.

    Transparent transgression of the rules of fair-play.


    •  Carswell
    • ——————————
    • As Douglas Carswell MP concludes –  

    “We welcome the reduction in taxpayer-funded politics. Ukip took a lead in this, rejecting around half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money last year. We are, however, dismayed that the establishment parties have colluded in a cosy deal to reallocate what we didn’t spend so they can spend it themselves.”

    This manoeuvring is as bad as the broken promise to give the British people a say on sovereignty, now drastically revised to exclude millions who live overseas.


    • c5f28-fraud2b2
    • ———–

    A court will rule on that next month, but don’t hold yer breath!

    The UK political establishment is rotten to the core. 

  • ross1948 19:03 on November 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Pinko – ‘INTERROGATE the UKIP Speakers!’ – An East Anglian Lubianka? 

    I have from time to time suggested that the dirty little louts who engage in vicious brawls on Jakarta streets, ostensibly as rival champions of their respective high schools…

    Ayo, Ahok! Tawuran Jakarta? Kick the Louts OUT! 

     …ought to be expelled and the vacated places given to deserving kids from the city’s poor community, who can’t enjoy the so-called ‘free’ education because their parents haven’t the money to buy books or uniforms.

    Today, I read that so-called ‘students’ at a UK ‘institution of higher education,’ to wit the University of East Anglia, are trying to prevent a UKIP speaker from taking part in a debate – because some of the bigoted little morons enrolled there disagree with UKIP policies. 



    It’s the Student Union that has stopped a speaker meeting going ahead tonight on their Norwich campus because UKIP had been invited. The event was organised by the Political Debating Society but a student launched a campaign to prevent UKIP from participating.
    The University said its Students’ Union had launched an “internal investigation” into whether rules had been breached by the society when they invited UKIP.   http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/11/27/University-of-East-Anglia-Ban-UKIP-From-Speaking-On-Campus

    These undergraduate cretins issued a statement which has to be seen to be believed
    “The review will consider the potential for any decision to limit freedom of speech as per the university’s code of practice in pursuance of the 1986 Education Act; the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to be in breach of its equal opportunities policy….



    ….the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to fail in its wider legal duties; the potential for the event going ahead to cause reputational risk to the Union; the potential for the speaker’s presence on campus to cause fear or alarm to members of the student body; and the potential for the speakers presence on campus to give rise to breach of peace.”

    Bloody hell!

    Fear or alarm? Breach of the peace? Reputational risk?

    The fools have already harmed UAE’s reputation by their censorship bid.

    What kind of ‘student’ fears to hear ideas?



    That’s what uni is all about!

    And any breach of the peace centred on UKIP has arisen only from the nutzi UAF and similar red boot-boys (and girls) 



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    Douglas Carswell, MP, just recently elected for UKIP, is a graduate of this place and his comment sums it up: “It is sad that in 2014 there should still be people who want to ban ideas and prevent free speech. It is patronising to suggest students need protecting from UKIP, a genuinely reformist party offering us real political reform.”



    “As a former UEA student, I am looking forward to speaking at an event at the university in the New Year. I hope anyone fed up with our failed political system might come along and discuss how we can change things.”

    The bigoted little bint who started the trouble is named Timea Suli. I tried to find a photo and this appears to be she.


     No comment on Suli’s pic- I’m too much a gent!


    However, if we want to illustrate the mind-set that is suggested by involvement in this marxist censorship exercise, better perhaps to use a photo of the general category of person you’d expect to get up to this kind of nonsense.




    UEA’s Sule says  – “Our message is simple: please take your intimidating politics elsewhere. We do not believe that UEA is the appropriate venue for UKIP’s message…”

    Since when does a spoilt brat get to decide which party has the right to address students who want to hear its message?

    And this pinko creep uses language which betrays her totalitarian instincts.  She maganimously decrees that ‘she would be willing‘ to let UKIP use Norwich Town Centre so that students can “interrogate the party’s spokespersons. \


    Interrogate? That’s what secret police do. The KGB, NKVD, OGPU – East Germany’s Stasi, Communist Hungary’s AVO.

    In a free country, Timea – and admittedly the UK may not be the object of your allegiance,  but nevertheless your ignorance is still inexcusable – political opponents QUESTION or ARGUE or DEBATE. They DO NOT INTERROGATE! 

    Why waste university places on people like her? 

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