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  • ross1948 16:58 on January 31, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Young People?’ Not ‘Children?’ Crimmigrants Regardless! 

    Two of the young people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs in Cambridgeshire and Gloucester, while the third was arrested on suspicion of cultivation of cannabis in Tottenham..


    Funny, that, the way the BBC, which normally takes pains to refer to strapping brutes of military age..



    ….as ‘children…,’



    ….now suddenly decides they are not ‘children,’ after all, but ‘young people!’


    UK Pravda’s editorial department is teeming with skilled propagandists…



    …so there is no doubt a reason for the switch.

    Whatever, the ingrate swine no sooner got into Britain…



    … illegally of course, than they turned to crime.

    Crimmigrants indeed!



    Interestingly, the Tory government’s flunkeys avoid both terms, sticking with ‘minors!”

    But what irrelevant rot they talk.

    The Home Office said the welfare of minors was an “absolute priority”.

    What the Hell are they blabbering about?

    The ‘welfare’ of the villainous ‘minors’ concerned should NOT be an ‘absolute priority.’



    Their immediate deportation SHOULD be!

    The UK has no need to import lawless alien scum!.



    There are quite enough of the home-grown variety.

  • ross1948 18:35 on February 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Judge Jerks Side With Criminal Aliens! 

    Rape, manslaughter and Class A drug-dealing?

    Those are offences mentioned on the BBC World News this morning!

    Mustn’t deport such model citizens, must we?

    That’s apparently the view of the Court of Appeal in London….



    …and Goddam those clowns for their meddling.

    As reported in the Guardian today, the plane due to take a cargo of scum eventually took off with less than half the scum meant to go.


    But Boris Johnson should stop being defensive on deportations.

    His spokespersons seem to think it’s an argument to say that it’s only ‘serious’ offences that should get alien dregs booted out!

    No way!

    I sympathise with people in the destination countries who don’t want their communities polluted by no-goods, as we discussed a year ago…

    Rape, Murder – Or Other ‘Little Different Things?’ 

    But any non-Brit who breaks any British law should be sent packing. The UK has enough home-grown law-breakers.



    • Petra Malley 21:42 on February 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Put those judges in a slow boat to Jamaica, with the criminal aliens they are so keen to protect.
      And who will then protect those judges?


    • Bett Baniek 08:01 on February 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You Brits should impeach, or is there no way in English law to fire them?


  • ross1948 18:18 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Sensible Italian City Safeguards Its Children! 

    Good to read of a wise Italian mayor who wants to keep his citizens’ children safe from harassment.

    An Italian town has been called “shameful” and “unconstitutional” after banning reception centres for asylum seekers from being placed near schools…

    Needless to say, pinko shrills, those ever-eager to facilitate the importation of unwanted aliens, are raising a ruckus….


    …about the mayoral plan for ‘asylum’ centres to be restricted – they must not be “within 150 metres of schools…” in the small city of Calolziocorte.

    Hardly far enough, one might think’ when the safety of children is at stake…

    Yet the pro-crimmigrant lobby is verging on hysteria.

    Some pinko bleater named Senator Andrea Marcucci said it was “apartheid, an abomination that must be stopped …


    Related image





    …while another senator, also from Red Renzi’s ‘Democratic Party,’ a ranter called Eugenio Comincini, described the council’s modest proposal as  ‘scandalous’ and ‘disgraceful ghettoization.’


    …but few caring parents will disagree with Signor Marco Ghezzi, who’s a member of  Matteo Salvini’s  patriot party.


    Related image

    Mayor Marco


    He’s concerned that, following on from a situation in a nearby community, the so-called welcome centres could be havens for drug dealing.

    That might be the least risk they pose.

    No way of knowing if the people of Calolziocorte may have heard of the filthy young savages who made German school-girls’ lives a misery…



    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    …but it stands to reason that they must be aware of the nightmare record of violence and molestation inflicted on Italian women of all ages…

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    …and indeed not just old and young ladies also young boys, in neighbouring Austria –Don’t Dirty Little Pigs Belong In An Abattoir!  –  and in the UK –Rapes 12-Year-Old Boy – Deportation ‘A Possibility?’ 

    If a country is deranged enough to import primitive predators, that’s what’ll happen.

    • Vanessa R 19:20 on April 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We could do with a few British mayors like Ghezzi.
      Instead we have that abysmal Mayor of London, and that drip in Birmingham.
      It’s hard not to think about the cowardice of the police and the local government pen pushers in Rotherham.
      Why do UK authorities go out of their way to designate the welfare of British children as less important than the sensitivities of people who shouldn’t even be in Britain?


    • Eric Dowd 03:33 on April 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We had an English Democrat mayor in Doncaster for a while and he used to talk a lot of sense but what Vanessa says is true, Italian mayors do seem much better.


  • ross1948 07:09 on December 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    New Year Resolution – NEVER Give To Oxfam! 

    Take a look at this worthless waster!

    , ooooo

    Yasser Abdou
     Yassir Abdou

    Yassir Abdou is undoubtedly among the least deserving of the crimigrants in Catania, and we must be grateful to the Guardian for exposing the contents of his backpack – criminal records, asylum requests and expulsion decrees and his tattoos, which include the faded symbols of a Detroit gang.

    So far so bad?

    This undesirable alien, one of the many thousands of individuals stuck in asylum limbo on the shores of the Mediterranean, owns up to what the Guardian, with masterful understatement, calls an edgy existence, dicing with danger and the law.


    That’s left-lib speak for a criminal!

     Born in Sudan, he became an Egyptian citizen.

    “But there were no opportunities for us. And in 2005, we decided to move to America, in North Carolina.”

    Why America ever let him in, even on a ‘visitor’s visa,’ is baffling. He clearly had nothing to offer. But he was shrewd, married a US citizen and so was permitted to stay.

    In Detroit, he admits, “I did not work and I needed money….”“The gangsters liked the fact that I was born in Africa,” he says. “I started to sell drugs for them.

    He bashfully adds that he didn’t like doing that, but since ‘‘the gangsters” held his origins in such high regard, it was probably agreeable enough.

    The man is deplorable, but you can use the link to take his measure for yourselves.

    It was not the crack that got Abdou sent back to Africa, but a bureaucratic quibble: thank God for bureaucratic quibbles if that was what got the good-for-nothing bum kicked out.

    In June 2013, he was deported to Egypt…



    But here’s a mystery. He was at that time told he would not be allowed to return for five years.

    Why in God’s Name would America EVER let the villain back in?

    Anyway, he was soon back to his natural habitat- crime.



    He undertook an illegal voyage, violating at least one border, arriving in Sicily in November 2013, where, in keeping with his rotten-to-the-core character, he went to work washing cars used by smugglers to accompany Syrians to northern Europe.    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/dec/28/riches-to-rags-detroit-dad-in-mediterranean-asylum-limbo

    This creep’s addiction to crime is almost impressive.



    He himself went north illegally, where, in Mama Stasi Merkel’s migrant paradise, he started using drugs and alcohol. He also started stealing mobile phones and reselling them.



    Most readers will by now have reached my conclusion that a spot of euthanasia might not go amiss, but please read more, about how the criminal alien attacked a German patriot, who said there was no place for us in Europe.

    I punched him in the face and walked away.


    The dirty savage did a runner, back to Sicily.

    German cops, however, are not as pro-crimmigrant as Mama Stasi. Our recidivist ratbag was detained under an international arrest warrant and jailed in a prison in Bremen, Germany, for aggravated assault. They sent him back to Italy.

    Clearly we are talking about the scum of the earth, whose criminal record is an indelible mark, like one of his many tattoos, as even the pinko Guardian journo observes.

    But HE is not the target of our loathing and contempt today.

    Instead, it’s this somewhat disturbed-looking bint, of Oxfam’s Open Europe project in Sicily, on whose words and deeds we need to focus…


    Hasil gambar untuk Nancy D’Arrigo oxfam



    …because, flush with donations from loads of naive people who fondly imagine their money will go to feed doe-eyed kiddies desperate for food and shelter…



    Yes, we have heard of Oxfam’s odd notions of charitable work before now…

    If You Welcome The Crimmigrant Tsunami, Donate To Oxfam

    … but no worries, rest assured Ms. Nancy D’Arrigo recognises a deserving case when she sees one.

    ‘’Unfortunately his criminal records did not help him during his battle to get a permit of stay…”



    Oh, alas, woe is me, how UTTERLY unfortunate!

    How can this be?

    “…his requests were constantly slowed down by the authorities who wanted to know more about his previous charges…”

    How dare these shameless authorities brazenly slow down poor blameless Abdou’s quest to inflict his vile presence on some unsuspecting civilised community?


    Kick the swine out of Italy, back to Egypt, where he got citizenship.

    If the Egyptians have any sense, they’ll strip him of that citizenship and send him back to Sudan, where shariah rules and, since he now claims he’s clean, and spends much time praying, he’ll feel perfectly at home.

    But more than that.


    If that ‘charity’ cares to lavish its legal aid largesse on lousy lawless layabouts, then let ’em do so without your assistance.


    • Keith Milner 09:06 on December 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Oxfam is the same all over.
      Politics not Charity
      We hear them gabbling about ‘human rights’ as if that should over-ride public safety.
      Never would give them a cent even before and after I read this , NEVER EVER! .


    • Mort 17:13 on January 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Oxfam should not be allowed to call itself a charity.
      Every Western country should establish a register of enemy within organizations and make Oxfam and similar bodies register on that.


  • ross1948 11:44 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Murderous Prison Riot – Brazil Needs To Get Real! 

    I have rarely had much to say about Brazil, except when they had that interesting event a few years ago…


    Miss BumBum Is Back! Search For Brazil's Rear Of Year Returns As Voting Begins OnlineKontes Bokong2 Bagus Buaanget? Di Brazil, Dong! 

    …although I have occasionally considered that I ought to do more to promote the monarchist cause there.

    But the horrific prison riots this month, blood-thirsty drug gangsters amok, beheadings and other ghastly mutilations galore, prompted me to have a look at one reason why there is such widespread mayhem there.

    Capital punishment is a long unused form of punishment in Brazil, last reported in 1876, not having been officially used since the proclamation of the Republic…

    Now I don’t know how many inmates at those decrepit Brazilian penitentiaries are behind bars for non-violent offences, like banking fraud or pick-pocketing…



    … but it seems to me that if Brazil simply restored that long-absent measure of sanity to its penal code, simply took every savage gangster straight round the back of the court-house after conviction…


    …and shot him or her dead, the violent percentage of the population of prisons would soon drastically decrease.

    It certainly makes more economic sense than a near-enough bankrupt country spending millions to build new, improved, comfy prisons! 

    Aaah, but there would be an outcry.

    There are no doubt plenty of pinkos in Brazil, who would plaintively whine, about how the poor wee things just had a tough up-bringing…

    Hasil gambar untuk don lemon not evil

    …the Brazilian counter-parts to CNN’s simpering little queer Don Lemon, who outdid himself this week by saying that the Chicago torturers were ‘not evil!’


    • JazPen 17:42 on January 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You did a great job with this one, Ross, not just sexy girls in bikinis but also your royalism AND a plug for firing squads.
      You must be having a nice weekend.


    • Ewan T 10:07 on January 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it would solve much of the prison-overcrowding problems and not only in Brazil. Why does the British Government not bring back hanging?.It’s a reform that would be popular.

      The French and Germans and Italians can blame their failure to resume executions on ‘Europe,’ that stupid EU rule against capital punishment.
      But since the Brexit vote, what’s stopping Theresa May?

      I will answer my own question, and say that it’s because she is a Europhile, and has been bullying her own MPs into complying with that EU rule, MPs like Priti Patel, who lost everyone’s respect last year when she u-turned on the death penalty purely to gain ministerial office.under May.
      I used to believe Priti was pretty gutsy, but she is just another Tory toady.

      We cannot trust Tories.
      Vote UKIP!


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