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    Why No Terrorists On Indonesia’s Death Row? 

    Reassuring to note that Indonesia is not, despite rumours to the contrary –Indonesia Can’t AFFORD To Execute Evil-Doers? Get Real! – abandoning capital punishment in the face of pressure from the European Union’s intrusive emissaries  –UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  – those UK Embassy flunkeys we’ve mentioned plenty of times in the past.



    FCO never tells Indonesians that most Brits favour the death penalty

    But utterly deplorable that the only candidates for execution are third-rate parasite drug-smugglers. Frankly, I couldn’t give a monkey’s whether the smugglers live or die.

    They certainly know the risks when they embark on their crimes…


    indonesia drugs


    …so if President Jokowi wants to shoot them, they can’t complain.

    But NOT ONE terrorist in the firing line?

    Islamist terror is a much greater danger to Indonesia than narcotics.

    shoot terrs

    The poisonous ideology purveyed by evil men ( like those in the maximum security prison by Cilacap) and their fellow-fanatics still uncaged, not only revels in death but threatens every liberty cherished by decent people of all creeds in this beautiful country.


    • Densus-88
    • …………..
    • Indonesia’s excellent Densus 88 anti-terror unit do a good job at thinning the satanic ranks, but the it’s the state which should exact the proper penalty on those captured.

    The problem, I understand, lies with the legal system, with too many ‘compassionate’ courts, like that which let off the Cikeusik vermin with slap-on-the-wrist sentences five years ago…

    Hasanuddin the Pig


    • ….and that which failed to have the swine Hasanuddin put to death after he beheaded the Christian school-girls ( for their shameful offence of being Christians )
    • He’ll be getting out of jail all too soon!

    Often, too, prosecutors don’t even ASK for the death penalty, admittedly, probably, because they know they’re wasting their breath. 

    Pak President needs to get more serious people with a real sense of justice into the court system.

    The last time we could read of fair play was when the Bali Bomb swine, something like ten years ago, were given what they deserved.


    • bali_bombers
    • ———–
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    Ayo, Indonesia – Boikot Swinburne, Kecuali Si Bego Dipecat! 

    I see a media storm is breaking over that overbearing ass in Melbourne. 


    •   University of Swinburne’s Dr. Julian Oldmeadow


    No wonder – it’s been much of the day since I heard of his infantile tantrum and I’m still simmering. His bullying of young students will fuel the xenophobes in Indonesia, who never need much fuelling, but still welcome new opportunities to exacerbate tensions.

    It’s easy to bark back at the clown Oldmeadow. All bloggers bark, but how about some PRACTICAL steps in response?

    So I’ve been thinking.

    Having read what he surely doesn’t believe anyone will see as a meaningful apology – it’s riddled with an evidently engrained determination to push his own prejudice down everyone else’s throat – it seems to me that his employers should be faced with a clear choice.

    Stop trying to get their paws on the big bucks they earn by recruitment of Indonesian students …


    Show Swinburne is serious about welcoming young people from this rather nice country by dismissing the bully and hiring somebody more tolerant of other points of view.

    So how about sending them a message? Email contacts galore here- http://www.swinburne.edu.au/contacts-campuses/contact/

    Just say what you think of Oldmeadow, tell them they should fire the fool, and advise them that Indonesians do not enrol in foreign colleges to be treated like lepers by jumped-up babblers.


    Not that Swinburne is the only culprit.

    One of my commenters has brought my attention to the Australian Catholic University’s sudden establishment of ‘scholarships,’ to honour the dead drug-smugglers. Surely a novel concept of ‘martyrdom’  – even PM Abbott has expressed puzzlement over the Papal lapdogs’ Pablovian performance.

    And in fact the Catholic clowns in charge there are quite blatant in their intention to use the ‘scholarships’ as a means of indoctrination of young Indonesians into the left-lib absurdity that the death penalty itself is unacceptable.

    • Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven Craven

    …the university’s vice-chancellor, Prof Greg Craven, said in a statement “in a small but symbolic way, the writing by Indonesian students on the sanctity of life would be an ongoing contribution toward the eventual abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia…”

    Muddying the waters again.

    The dead drug-smugglers – one issue. Capital punishment in general – another, separate issue.

    How many Catholic Australians, like decent Australians of all faiths and none, rejoiced, like me and most expats in Jakarta, when those Bali Bomb swine were put to death?

    Of course the death penalty is perfectly in order for heinous crimes like terrorist murder, among other things.

    These self-righteous college crack-pots need to be put in their place. Which is NOT in the political arena. 


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      I used to teach Indonesians too in the 1990s and a lot of them were so keen to go to Australia for their further education. Today’s crop of school-leavers must be having a few second thoughts about which country they want to spend three or four years in.
      Australia doesn’t benefit from making enemies of the best and brightest who will sooner or later be influential members of Indonesian society. As for that Catholic University, they ought to examine their consciences if they think gimmicks like these drug-smuggler scholarships are what a religious institution shoold be doing.


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      My friend wants to study in Melbourne. I tell her never to Swinburne until Oldmeadow is gone from that place.
      Is good to see you get suport for this, I read in Bali blog too they want the bad teacher fired.


    • Oei Im Seng 02:00 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am an Indonesian currently studying at TAFE in a rural area in Victoria because my relative lives there and I experience discrimination when I was studying for my Diploma due to the executions conducted by the Indonesian government to the Australian citizens.
      The lecturer just didn’t mark my work, until the very last week when I told her, it is the last week of our meeting and I thank her in such a way that she marked my work at the end of the day.
      The mark was relatively low because my answers are filled with complex words and phrases while my Vietnamese classmate got a distinction for answers that are of low quality.
      Nevertheless, I don’t complain and now I move on to a better and tolerant rural place for my Adv Dip. But, I sometimes experience discrimination by some elderly people.
      I now regret choosing Australia as a destination to have my higher education.


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        Sorry to hear about that, sir.
        Those leftwing academics are the most vindictive of people, in Australia and everywhere.
        We covered that case you commented on and I have personally assured many Indonesian friends that most Australians are not as stupid or nasty as the leftist lecturers.


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    Jakarta Globe Muddies the Waters – Death Penalty AIN’T Always Wrong! 

    A late start today, because I stayed up late, catching up on tv news, home and away…

    And last night  I watched a news item from Kabul, where some admirable Afghans staged a protest, a public re-enactment of the brutal murder of a young woman by a mob of satanic savages. Her ‘crime,’ which she hadn’t committed in any case, was book-burning.

    Guess what book?


    That Kabul rabble deserve to die for their heinous crime.

    attack-ahmadiyah Cikeusik

    The same goes for the evil pack in Cikeusik, in 2011, here in Indonesia.

    The same, surely, for ISIS, for the swine who have established a regime of rape and murder in the part of the Middle East they control.

    And in Europe and North America too there are plenty who deserve to die. Look back at the Moors Murders in England – Brady and Hindley should have been put down like the rabid dogs they were. In the USA, why was Charles Manson not put to death?

    Capital punishment, the right and proper penalty, just as it was for the Bali Bombers.




    Most Australians surely welcomed warmly the execution of Imam Samoedra and his fellow-pigs. The punishment should fit the crime – justice’s object so sublime, as in the song!

    But there seems to be a concerted effort by the Jakarta Globe to confuse two clearly separate issues, the apparently imminent execution of two Australian drug-smugglers and the principle of the death penalty itself.


    • jokowi
    • ——————–
    • Admittedly, President Jokowi’s inexplicable – and indeed unexplained – commutation of the sentence of a vicious murderer has undermined whatever case he has to offer in defence of the firing squad facing the Australians this week.

    Pak Jokowi, How Can You Execute Them But Not Dwi Trisna Firmansyah? 

    Similarly, the courts here make baffling decisions; Cikeusik was one, but the recent case in Bali, a middle-aged woman slain and her corpse stuffed into a suit-case http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=11799 are examples of the injustice of the death penalty not being decreed. Other instances no doubt abound where execution should be the correct course of action. 

    So look at these quotes, from the JG this week. –

    Countries that execute, you have our attention now. The business world has already begun to see effects of emerging stockholders and boardrooms who are making ethical decisions about human rights and the death penalty, based on who is living up to their obligations and who has cast them aside. These decisions are way out of the hands of temporary politicians.
    That’s from an American pinko lady we’ve noticed before. Her enthusiasm for multinational corporations bullying Third World democracies is a tad shocking but she seems to have a close connection to the plutocrat-owned JG. This is not the first time she’s been given heaps of space to propound her views.
    I won’t publish her photo this time – she was a bit put out the last time by my alleged ‘stalking’ but in the light of an email exchange we had, she seems to be a decent sort, capable of humour, a rare attribute among lefties!

    Jakarta Globe’s Democratic Values – Obamanoid Democrat, That Is! 

    And she is of course entitled to her strange views – though why she gets such prominence is not revealed by the Jakarta Globe.
    Except maybe in their  – as ever  – unsigned editorial comments, also this week, which display an arrogance only the limousine liberals seem up to.
    On the issue of the executions, the shy scribblers have this revelation – .
    It’s not exactly crystal-clear if that means the imminent executions or if it means ALL executions.
    But that’s hardly the question that we need to address.
    elite arrogance-s
    Who on earth is this anonymous hack to determine and declare what his fellow-citizens ‘want?
    Maybe in the JG board-room, or the fancy cafe-bars frequented by the ‘elite!’
    But has he recently had lunch in a common warteg?
    How many Indonesians does he meet, outside the gilded establishment circles he moves in?
    Heck, most BRITISH people favour the death penalty!
    As for Australians, they never got a referendum, but as to Bali, they seem to be voting with their wallets. – Australia continues to dominate Bali tourism comprising 25.07% market share of all foreign arrivals in Q1 2015. March arrivals from OZ increased 10.7% at 81,343 visitors. On a cumulative basis for Q1 2015 Australian arrivals are up 14.58%.. http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=11802
    And, so I’ve gathered from almost all opinion surveys here, most Indonesians are strongly in favour of capital punishment – I just wish President Jokowi would extend its use to include all those terrorists captured by Densus 88. 
    If Pinko Mary or the JG disagree, let them campaign for referenda to be held, she in her native parts of the USA, the JG here in Indonesia.
    In democracies, it’s the people who make decisions.
    • Irfan 12:41 on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Not many Indonesian people read this Jakarta Globe, because it is in English, not Indonesia language.
      So why do the Jakarta Globe think it knows how Indonesian people think.
      Making no sense.
      And same like you say it is arrogant.


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    Memo to Normal Aussies – Ignore Big-Mouth and Berserk! 

    Just as I foretold…“Koin Untuk Australia” – Understandable Reaction to Abbott’s Blundering! 

    Tony Abbott sex appeal

    …Abbott’s foolish bout of subservience to the pinko shrills in Oz has given Australia’s enemies here an opening. And bigots and blowhards alike are making the most of it.

    Let’s start with the blow-hards, in the form of Big-Mouth Hikmahanto Juwana, the arrogant academic for whom a day without his name in the papers must be an endless hell.


    “Tony Abbott panics and installs his drunken god stance in addressing this execution,” said Hikmahanto.

    Not quite sure what that means, but it’s pretty crude abuse. Not what one might hear in a Cambridge Senior Common Room, but the professor’s not known for measured responses.

    Twas he who, when Oz was quite properly returning boat-loads of alien parasites who’d used Indonesia as a launching pad for their bludgery incursions, brazenly urged that further crimmigrant cargos be unleashed against Australians.



    Jakarta Prof – Send More Bludgers to Oz!


    But for once he has a leg to stand on.

    “Australia can no longer hinder Indonesia from upholding the law,” said Hikmahanto.  .http://nasional.news.viva.co.id/news/read/593550-pm-australia-pakai-jurus-dewa-mabuk–ri-tak-gentar

    Unfortunately, whilst normally Indonesians pay no heed to such ivory tower babbling, Abbott’s stupid tsunami comments made it almost inevitable that Hikmahanto would for once find an echo beyond his little circle of lapdog journos.


    And almost simultaneously, we read reports of more anti-Oz gibbering from an even less-balanced source, the IslamoNazi FPI, self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’ in the equally familiar form of Idrus, their Gauleiter in Depok, West Java.

    He likened the tsunami aid recovery threat to ‘kindergarten stuff.’  http://nasional.news.viva.co.id/news/read/593538-ungkit-bantuan-tsunami–fpi–pm-australia-kekanak-kanakan

    Now I am asking all you RRA readers in Australia not to hit the roof at once. 

    Both these men wallow in any opportunity to sound their own trumpets. They are not and never have been friends to Australia. Hikmahanto is xenophobic to the core…

    ……….and Idrus?

    On previous occasions he has been described as ‘looking berserk,’  Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java 

    …and his latest outburst doesn’t sit well with his own record of open contempt for law and order.


    Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Idrus


    How Dare IslamoNazis Rant Of ‘Disrespect for Indonesian Law?’ 

    Such are not typical of Indonesians.

    Of course people here are riled up by the inexplicable fuss heard from across the sea. They wonder if Australians really get their knickers in a twist just because a couple of crims are getting their due punishment.

    But provocative drivel is not a wise way to run a relationship.

    Ignore Big-Mouth and Berserk!


    Kuta Square Bali


    Come to Bali ASAP and enjoy yourselves.

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    “Koin Untuk Australia” – Understandable Reaction to Abbott’s Blundering! 

    This is nuts!

    Why on earth are two countries, for both of which I have great affection, drifting  ever deeper into animosity over a pair of undesirables behind bars in Bali?

    Now we have locals organising KoinUntukAustralia.


    • Indonesians have tweeted photos of themselves collecting coins to pay Australia back.  “Aceh people happily try to return your money..” 
    • —————————

    It’s easy to understand public anger up north, and here in Jakarta.

    International sticky-beak bleeding-heart pinkos shrilling on behalf of convicted drug-smugglers whose guilt is not in doubt, and who knew very well the death penalty was the price they’d pay for profiteering on drug misery.

    indonesia drugs

    What’s not so easy to understand is Tony Abbott joining in the orchestrated ranting on behalf of these crims.

    I pointed out just last week that it makes sense for Canberra and Jakarta to be on friendly terms.

    Drug-Smuggler Debate – No Cause for Oz To Escalate! 

    Last year I posted repeatedly on those lines, drawing my many Aussie readers’ attention to the fact that NOT ONLY were the xenophobes in Indonesia wrong to let ‘asylum’ parasites set sail from Java, and more wrong still to whine when Oz turned the wasters back…

    BUT ALSO that the whining elite had no significant support from the Indonesian public.

    As I have oftimes remarked, the rich elite here, like Muhammad Marty Natalegawa, the Foreign Minister, and that big-mouthed Professor Juwana, in no way reflects the views of the man – or woman – in the Jakarta street.

    I probably mix with more common folk than they do, and those who hold opinions on the subject are inclined to agree with me…it really is an outrage that poor Indonesians should be forced to watch unwanted, uninvited aliens dossing in hotel comfort, three squares a day, while they themselves live a hand-to-mouth existence, at best. Extract from – Boat-Bludgers Housed in Hotel – At YOUR Expense! 


    Like the noisiest anti-death penalty shrills in Oz, the loudest anti-Oz voices here came from tainted sources. 

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison! 

    The man in the warung, the gal on the angkot, they could easily grasp that honest Aussies didn’t want alien snouts grubbing into their tax-payer purse.  Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 

    And Abbott’s exploitation of the humanitarian aid which governments – and individuals all over the world, including me – contributed to Indonesia when the awful tsunami struck those years ago?


    Tony Abbott sex appeal


    I reckon Tony’s lost it!

    He’s also taken to weaseling on serious pledges, like his infamous u-turn on free speech reform. We must wait to see if he’ll press ahead with his welcome call to ban the Hizbut Tahrir enemy within Australia.

    As with free speech, he may buckle to appease disloyal enemies within.

    Paradoxically, his Aceh aid blunder is likely to play into the hands of the worst elements in Indonesia, who hate not just Oz but all democratic countries.

    Hizbut Tahrir here, like the IslamoNazi FPI, may well jump onto the anti-Australian bandwagon which Abbott has set in motion.  


    A sad day for friends of Oz, who are also friends of Indonesia.


    • Santi 10:04 on February 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You before liked Abbott, Ross but now not so much.
      I understand better why this is so after reading this which you have written.
      He is foolish to open sore points when no need.
      And you are right, the bad people will make much noise over this, the gangs you name there who are always hating Australia.


    • Irfan 10:25 on February 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very fair what you say.


    • Irfan 11:50 on February 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry, I want to say more about this.The two countries can be friends better if one does not tell the other what to do.
      If the two criminals had a bad unfair trial, I see why Australia goverment angry, but no question they are drug-smuggling.
      They know, same like Abbott knows, Indonesia has execution for drug-smuggling.
      Why is he so excited?


    • Jina Jimbaran 19:34 on February 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is good to read. I am glad you care for Indonesia and understand how we feel that the criminals must be punished..
      Many Australian people I meet in Bali think so too, not like Mr. Abbott.


    • Santi 11:52 on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Just like you say, they are noisy about the Abbott speech. FPI and others.
      I give you the linking connection to stories.


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    Drug-Smuggler Debate – No Cause for Oz To Escalate! 

    This guy’s name is Ross, but he does not share my surname and some of what he says indicates he does not share my opinions on some things.

    But he talks some sense, viz. 

    …based on a poll conducted two years ago, almost 52 per cent of Australians going to Bali did not know that it is actually part of Indonesia.

    The remaining 48 per cent of Australians probably are able to distinguish between their friends in Bali and the Indonesian president in Jakarta almost 1300km away.


    • bali_offering
    • ===========

    Apparently some clowns are even calling for all Australian aid to Indonesia to be suspended.

    • Flag-Pins-Australia-Indonesia
    • Clearly, if any country is unfairly criticised (or even fairly criticised, if the criticism is shrill and harsh) it will react badly.
    • I was much vexed about this when the shoe was on the other foot, when Indonesian xenophobes and grand-standers a year ago were ranting against Australia for doing what it had the right, and WAS right, to do, turning back bludger-boats that had set sail from Indonesian shores.


    Back then, we had the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe quoting ‘expert’ big-mouths like that professor…

    Australophobia – Juwana The Mouth, Bleating Again!


    Jakarta Prof – Send More Bludgers to Oz!

    …and even (no surprise, the JP ) giving notorious marxists a platform to make ludicrous demands – 

    Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison! 

    These media are no better than they should be.

    But such drivel, and similar nonsense from politicians like Marty Natalegawa, created powerful animosities among the Australian people, fed up with ‘asylum’ parasites and their Aussie fan-clubs (which are just as much an unrepresentative minority in Oz as anti-execution groups are here in Jakarta!)

    So congratulations to Ross Taylor, President of the Perth-based Indonesia Institute!

    He may be wrong to suggest that Jokowi is pressing on with his war on drug-smuggling to rally public support – I think he’s a true believer – but Ross Taylor is right – there’s no need to escalate this little row into a serious breach in inter-governmental relations.

    Kuta Square Bali

    As for Bali vacationers, keep coming!

    indonesia drugs

    But don’t pack unwanted substances.  


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    If There Is An Oz Bali Boycott, What Will Be The Reason? 

    “I think the Australian people will demonstrate their deep disapproval of this action, including by making decisions about where they wish to holiday.”

    • juliebish
    • The Big Question –

    Was Julie Bishop talking about the convicted drug-smugglers due for execution…

    • aWelcometoBalicloseupa2
    • ….or about this? 

    Bali Beer Ban Looms – Why Pander to Intolerance? 

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    Messengers of Hope! Indonesians March to Save Primates! 

    After that downright odd headline, describing two convicted smugglers of dangerous drugs as ‘messengers of redemption…’

    Jakarta Globe’s Democratic Values – Obamanoid Democrat, That Is! 

    …which must have resonated like a damp squib among any normal Indonesians who still take the Jakarta Globe seriously, it was pleasing to see some REAL ‘messengers of hope’ out there, marching through Bandung yesterday.



    I don’t live in Bandung, and in any case foreigners are – quite rightly- not allowed to join in demos here – but I’d certainly have been with them in spirit, had I known about the event, held to mark Save The Primates Day, 30th January.

    What an infinitely admirable way to spend time and energy, in contrast to those JG editorial money-bags men who have wasted so much newsprint on promoting the rescue of the Bali death-row inmates.


    • indonesia drugs
    • 0000000000000000000000000000
    • The poor animals pictured on the posters are all at serious risk, yet have never broken a law, much less sought to profit from trafficking in narcotics, a crime which that pair in Bali knew very well rendered them liable to capital punishment.
    • ——–

    Don’t But Primates!


    And don’t buy the JG’s B-S!


  • ross1948 09:30 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Globe’s Democratic Values – Obamanoid Democrat, That Is! 

    And off we go again, another Oz shrill enlisted by the Jakarta Globe to tell Indonesia how to deal with drug-smugglers.

    Or so I thought!


    The JG pulpit was this time handed to somebody called Mary Farrow, who operates out of Melbourne, and she’s actually hailing the two criminals due for execution here in the near future as ‘Messengers of Redemption!

    Even for a pinko, that’s laying it on a bit thick.

    Still, I thought, at least she tries to make her case on the ‘merits’ of the pair, rather than the vacuous ‘soft-on-terrorists’ spiel we have been hearing from the EUSSR for too many years now, the irrational ideologues who say that the death penalty is NEVER appropriate, no matter how vile the crime.  


    • da028-bali-108 Victims of the Bali Bomb Pigs
    • =============
    • Those clowns would consciencelessly have saved the Bali Bombers’ skins!  


    Spoke to soon!

    • mary farrow Mary
    • There I was thinking she was just another Antipodean agitprop gal, when it turns out she’s actually AMERICAN!

    And laden with all those specious American left-lib hang-ups against capital punishment, which she says provides scant evidence of redemption.

    No, Mary, it just provides clear guarantees that the bad guys dealt with are not going to do any more bad!

    She doesn’t seem to have much to do with Indonesia. But no matter, she is of course free to comment, as are those of us who live here. In my view, you’d get more sense from one of the guys who goes round my komplek selling yummy spicey salads like gado2.

    But since he, like the great majority of Indonesians, supports the death penalty, the cosmopolitan moneyed clique that runs the Jakarta Globe won’t be allotting him bags of JG page-space to tell it as he sees it.

    referndmlet peole vote

    ‘Democratic,’ in the JG editorial mind-set, has more to do with the limousine liberals of Obama’s Democrat Party leadership, in Washington DC, than with how their own fellow-citizens would vote, were Indonesians given a direct democratic say on the issue. 

    Still, there are a few gems in Mary’s propaganda piece. Like this- 

    Let’s strongly support a policy where education for young Australians between the ages of 18 and 25 teaches them about culture, rules and risks as a condition for an Australian exit visa before travel.


    Education for young Australians already, surely, includes basic literacy. So when they touch down in Bali, they need no special skills to get the message.


    indonesia drugs


     What’s so hard to understand about that?

    • Eva Evans 19:08 on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I do not care about these two criminals, and I cannot understand why this American woman thinks she needs to get on her high horse.
      I also don’t know or care about the Jakarta Globe. I looked it up in your older posts and have read somewhere that the plutocrat who owns it was mixed up with the Clintons?
      Birds of a feather?


    • Lanny 14:51 on January 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This Indonesia newspaper does not speak for Indonesia majority, only like for foreign goverments and non-goverment organs NGO.
      You are foreign but you support us, the most people here who support our President in this problem.
      So I say thanks to you.


    • Mary Farrow 07:53 on January 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, as you have seen fit to post my picture and make comment about me personally, I will just add that you might do a bit more homework before you jump the gun. I do not hide behind a keyboard by any stretch of the imagination and it’s pretty easy to get the whole picture, if that was your intent. Your eagerness to spout off about my commentary, which was not solicited by anyone anywhere indicates that you did not really read it well enough to pick up at the start that I was not an Australian. Also that I don’t seem to have much to do with Indonesia, not that I am required to but I do have an interest in culture, in the new neighbourhood that I live in and the benefits of education and the arts to assist people in challenging environments. That is not only my passion, it’s my business.

      So while you are entitled to your opinion just as I am, I think that your following might like to know just how deep you go before expressing an opinion about the origins of your targets. That might make it a bit harder or time consuming for you, or weaken your position a tad, but that’s what we hope for when we go out and try to inspire a following. It should require better research and you have neglected that a bit. However, I accept that it makes it easier to feed the machine that you drive. Don’t let the truth get in the way of rhetoric, for goodness sakes. Thanks for some shred of free speech recognition though 🙂


      • ross1948 08:46 on January 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Good morning, Mary, and thank you for responding.
        I did make it fairly clear that I only skimmed through your article first and wrongly assumed you were Aussie, then re-read it and gathered you weren’t Aussie at all, hence my ‘Ooops!’ and my words ‘or so I thought.’
        That was an acknowledgement of my initial error, which I promptly rectified.
        The debate rattles on. Have a nice day.


  • ross1948 13:13 on January 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , drug-smugglers, Duncan Graham, , , , , , , , , , ,   

    Hukum Mati "Unlikely To Affect Bali?" – Why Would It? 

    Today, 24th January, is the anniversary of my arrival as a nervous new-comer to this amazing country. It’s appropriately hot and sunny outdoors, one of numerous reasons I’d recommend anyone who loves life to join me here, if not like me as a resident, at least as a tourist.

    Meanwhile the Governor of Bali reckons his Isle of the Gods’ non-stop flow of Aussie tourists will not be impacted by the fairly imminent (and eminently fair) execution of  two drug traffickers.





    In terms of overall numbers, I imagine he’s right, but there might be a slight drop – the idiots who have hitherto shown utter indifference to the clear warnings displayed at Bali’s Ngurah Rai (and most if not all Indonesian entry-points) which tell such people that they are committing a capital crime and thus face hukum mati – the death penalty.



    If they are so dim-witted that they don’t read those large notices, surely they watch or hear the news, that Indonesia takes these offences extremely seriously.

    So if apprehended, they are not entitled to complain, although they do, as does the absurd bleeding-heart whine-machine currently screeching on their behalf.


    I don’t smoke dope, nor partake of drugs, except booze and tobacco, but if I did, I wouldn’t do so in Bali, or here in Jakarta. I don’t have any urge to get into trouble.

    Not that doing so would risk my neck, because the death penalty is not applied to people caught savouring ganja. A joint will likely land you in the joint. For a while, then you get out.

    That pair in the headlines were smuggling drugs. Big difference. Frankly, I don’t understand the fuss from all the usual suspects.



    The Jakarta Globe, as ever, kow-tows to international left-libbery, not, I’m sure, because the editor approves of drug-smugglers, but because he dances to the EUSSR tune.

    The Jakarta Post is as bad, giving a pinko NZ journo, Duncan Graham – they use him a lot; it’ll be a rare day they call on conservative expats, even-handed treatment of left/right points of view not an aspect of journalism the JP bosses understand –



    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • ===================================

    Actually, it relieves the state, i.e. the tax-payer, of the burden of indefinite board and lodging for scum.

    But Graham, and the biased media, and the sticky-beaks overseas, shrill from the same song-sheet.

    No death penalty for any crime, however heinous! What’s wrong with these people?

    I usually show a photo of the Bali Pigs – this time, a photo of some of what they did. Yet Brussels and its flunkeys  – and the  scribblers referred to above – would have let the perpetrators of this atrocity live? We all raised a glass when they were shot!


    As I’ve said before, had such nonsense prevailed ten years ago, the Bali Pigs would be holding court this afternoon in some prison yard in Java.

    And THAT’s the criticism that should be levelled at justice here. Not enough executions are decreed by courts –  we need to rely on the excellent Densus 88 special unit to put down terrorist vermin.

    Evil people convicted of terrorist offences, like Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, are permitted to host visits by fellow-rabids, and even preach to other inmates, if reports we’ve read are true.

    abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir – the face of evil

    Fanatics outside prison are allowed to preach treason with impunity – how many times have we seen demands for Indonesia to be degraded from an independent republic to the subordinate status of a satrapy of an international sectarian caliphate.

    woolwch Woolwich swine

    Yet who are we to criticise, when the same treason is propagated with impunity back home? The vile swine guilty of the Woolwich beheading are alive and well on three squares a day.





    Other evil-doers, just as evil, not only walk free but are rewarded for their satanic crimes with the trappings of high office in the UK.

    But today we’re talking of Indonesia, which, given the last paragraph, is more civilised than the UK!.




    President Jokowi, on the matter of capital punishment, shows the West a good example, though he would be well-advised to see to it that judges with guts are appointed to replace some of the weak-kneed wallies currently on the bench.

    Yes, I have said all that before, but, lest expats get a bad name for left-libbery, it needs saying often, till the West wakes up.


    • Digby Larrson 07:57 on January 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve long suspected you are delusional, if not insane, but this just confirms it. Calling on conservative expats for comment? Do you truly expect the Post or Globe to go looking through the kampungs of wherever it is that you live to ask a former EF teacher what he thinks about a news story when there are hundreds of published journalists and writers in this town? There is a spot for adding your “conservative opinion”, it’s called the comments section. As a privately owned publication, these paper can print whatever they like within reason. If you do not like it, then don’t buy it. Better still, get the financing together and start your own damn paper. See how many paid subscriptions you get and whether or not that remains a viable commercial venture. Strike me down dead, mate, I wonder what bloody planet you live on some time.


      • ross1948 08:32 on January 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Good morning, Digby. Nice to have a critic use a real name for a change.
        No, I wouldn’t expect those left-lib media magnates to emerge from their plush premises into kampungs where they probably would feel very out of place among honest working folk.
        But it would be nice if they had a serious diversity of views somewhere other than the obscure comments column.
        They often use foreign hack pieces as ‘opinion’ due to their inability to write their own. There are plenty of overseas conservative columnists they could equally reprint, to show they have a grasp of fair play. Given Gramedia’s penchant for book-burning, I don’t think that’ll happen with the Jakarta Post any time soon.
        Of course they can publish whatever they like, as can I.
        If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.
        Have a nice day.
        PS. Yes, I did work briefly for EF around ten or more years ago. So what? who do you work for? Pray tell what august position you hold, so distinguished that it allows you to diss teachers?


    • Wilson 20:19 on January 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Digby, couldnt you have made your case without that snide remark against teachers. I taught in EF and then in a high school for years and take that insult badly. Other people I know started in language schools then went to work for NGOs and businesses here. What exactly is your job, just so I can insult everyone who does it.

      Ross is not delusional. He writes about the real world and he usually makes sense. Not always, I don’t agree with all he says, but who agrees all the time?
      He didn’t say the newspapers should employ himself to balance their biases.He said they could get contributors with opinions different from people like Duncan Graham, who they know very well says all they like to hear.

      I can’t count how many times the Jakarta Globe just reprints overseas articles instead of using their own people. It shows how much they think of their own staff’s abilities.

      The Jakarta Post is a joke, apologising for cartoons that offend the extremists here. Ross has been almost a lone voice protesting that, the same as he has written over and over again about the Gramedia book-burning. That little carry-on finished Gramedia’s credibility in my eyes but I never saw any comments from you in the past about that, even although you have been reading this blog for a long time, or so you say.

      Fair play when he says you do not have to read it if you don’t like it. But you do, so you could have commented on both the things I just exampled, which are offending basic principles of freedom of expression.
      I read RRA every day and like it. He can be entertaining and outraging but It is pretty obvious that Ross is a friend to Indonesia and to Australia.
      What’s to get so upset for?


    • JazPen 12:16 on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      After my last couple of comments, thanking you for some entertaining posts, my duty to reply to Digby. What has being a former teacher at EF or anywhere got to do with his writing ability? He uses good grammar except when he wants to take the mickey and that’s more than you can always say for the Jakarta Post. Same goes for his biases, he doesn’t try to hide them, more than the Jakarta Post.
      How many times have we read them talking about how they are all for pluralism and tolerance but never ever read anything in their pages criticising their big boss Gramedia for the book-burning


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