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  • ross1948 09:00 on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Free Beer For The Workers?’ 

    I feel it would be remiss of me to skip this story!

    I have nothing against drunks, except those who make themselves obnoxious….

    ‘Brainwash?’ Drunkard Juncker’s Dark Humour? 



    …but I do think that they should not expect tax-payers to pick up the tab.


    Labour MP needed a wheelchair after ‘drinking heavily’ on flight to visit troops

    Defence Secretary will complain to party leaders after Charlotte Nichols and two SNP MPs became intoxicated on official flight to Gibraltar


    • JazPen 09:06 on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We all deserve a drink after work from time to time.
      But AFTER work, not when we’re meant to be on duty, knocking back booze paid for by the tax-payers, on a flight paid for by the tax-payers.


    • Diana 15:02 on November 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      But Ross, they are denying it!


    • Vicki 00:15 on November 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      We will find out soon enough.


  • ross1948 19:30 on December 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    EUSSR – ‘Give Citizens A Say – But Power? No Way!’ 

    One had almost to grimace at the EUObs report last week, which quoted the new chair of the Strasbourg Slugs’ “Petitions Committee,” telling us that ‘ordinary EU citizens should get a say in Brussels lawmaking…”


    Image result for tower of babel strasbourg

    Slug Centre (aka ‘European Parliament’ ) in Strasbourg


    The origin of that assertion is a ‘ Spanish centre-right MEP,’  Dolors Montserrat, whose declared aim is an “open door” to Brussels, affording “ “proximity between people and EU officials in troubled times..”

    If that’s really what Senora Montserrat wants, good on her.

    Open doors certainly have more appeal than open borders…


    …which have plunged Europe into very troubled times!

    But the more we read, the more we realise that the lady is simply re-hashing a double-talk stew that’s been dished up before…

    The bogus Brussels ‘European Citizens Initiative’ –

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    ….which denies citizens any role, except to approach the Euro-Commissars as supplicants, and denies them the right to present ANY proposal which does not accord with the Commissars’ ‘values.


    ….and turned out a dismal disappointment to anyone with any appetite for meaningful participation.

    “…enabling citizens to contribute to the EU’s legislative work?”

    Dirty Strasbourg Slugs! What Are They Hiding? 

    The European Parliament questions whether the ombudsman had the right to criticise the institution’s “margin of discretion” in deciding on publication of confidential papers about the controversial monthly €4,513 expenses lump sum for MEPs. Read

    Strasbourg Slugs – Loud Against Brexit, Silent On Expenses

    Oh yeah?


    “…bringing them closer to MEPs?”

    Read This As Polls Open – Report Slams Sly MEP Swine!

    Time To Badger Big-Nose Brok

    Oh yeah?

     “…making institutions more accountable?”

    Read This As Polls Open – Report Slams Sly MEP Swine! 

    Oh yeah?


    When Dolors concludes her statement with the words -. “Institutions have to be at the service of people and not the other way around…”  .”https://euobserver.com/who-is-who/146428

    …we can hardly avoid recalling the very clear contradiction, a chilling condemnation uttered by Drunkard Juncker..



    …which effectively ruled out democratic control over his Euro-Commissars!

    made it very

    • Pamela 20:23 on December 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It”s good to be reminded of how much better off we will be once we are free.
      If we are to be freed.


    • Vanessa Reilly 21:50 on December 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The last thing the EUSSR would do is give people any real power. The Eurocrats only want to take the people’s money and hand it over to leftwing ‘NGO’ who support those ‘values’ that we have no time for.
      Those hand-outs of course only get handed out after the MEPs have had their cut, fat salaries, expenses and luxurious offices, with Ursula’s new penthouse palace adding to the rip-off.


    • Diana 23:58 on December 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Who do these MEPs think they are kidding with all this chatter about the people?
      Juncker I have no doubt is a liar but that quote you have with his picture is the true face of Brussels, no to democratic control of the elite.
      Is Mrs. Montserrat serious, telling us that its about who is there to serve whom? Giving people a say is no good unless the voice of the people is obeyed by their servants.


  • ross1948 19:29 on September 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    OfCom, As Un-Elected As Judges, Move Against Farage 

    So now the un-elected flunkeys of OfCom, nobodies whose names are unknown to probably 95% of the British people, are going after Nigel Farage.

    OfCom has been in the news before, when it sought to suppress media that the UK ruling class dislikes…

    OfCom, Not a Watchdog, Just An In-Crowd Lapdog! 

    …but if you read this report ( yes, it’s published in an enemy country, but the same story appears in Brit media too) you’ll see how..

    A clash between Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and a caller on his LBC radio show over the prospect of the creation of an EU army has sparked an investigation by Ofcom   https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/world/nigel-farages-radio-clash-over-eu-army-investigated-by-ofcom-952516.html

    Since when do tax-funded bureaucrats get to referee and rule on who’s right or wrong on a radio call-in show?


    As for the issue, the looming threat of a European Army, this has been on the cards for long enough.

    Donald Trump’s victory, as well as Brexit, ought to speed up plans for EU defence integration, Germany has said.

    Germany, of course, does not speak.

    Its political spokespersons do.

    “Europe needs common political will for more security policy relevance. The outcome of the election in America could provide an additional impetus…”

    And who said that, THREE YEARS ago?



    …German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen said in an opinion article in the Rheinische Post, a German newspaper…
    And the Fourth Reich Fuhrerin is absolutely in line with Britain’s other foes…

    The European Commission has said it is “delighted” that the leaders of France and Germany have backed the creation of a “real” EU army.

    A spokesperson for the commission’s president Jean-Claude Juncker said he was “pleased” that the argument for the force seemed to be “going in our direction”.

    Well, if The Drunkard endorses it, we had all best bob down and do what we’re told.

    How bizarre, that leaders like Merkel, who ordered her own border security forces to stand down in the face of massive alien incursions, and Macron, who allows hordes of alien savages to roam French towns…

    …and fighting French cops and terrifying French citizens, how outlandish that they want a European Army….

    …unless, of course, they foresee a need to use force to coerce Poland, or Hungary…

    ..or a British resistance movement, if Remainer collabos thwart Brexit?

  • ross1948 16:25 on February 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Only An Inebriated Hypocrite Could Be So Brazen! 



    European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban’s ruling Fidesz party should leave the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) group in the European Parliament (EP).


    I agree with the mangy old soak. Hungary should ally with Matteo Salvini and the Poles, as foreseen in our previous post.


    up your, eu

    ‘Let’s Unite Europe!’ We Should Echo That Heroic Call

    But here’s what made me comment on this – his sheer effrontery, given his known addiction, not just to alcohol, which he won’t admit to…


    Juncker Liar Juncker

    …but to mendacity,  of which is on record as BOASTING about!

    “Against lies there’s not much you can do,” Juncker was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency, adding that he had called for Fidesz’s expulsion from the EPP.

    • Nat Warner 06:55 on February 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      There’s probably more chance he’ll tell the truth when he’s drunk, in vino veritas and all that.
      Then again, who would trust a Euro-commissar about anything that matters?


  • ross1948 19:10 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Drunkard Flaunts His Contempt For Elected Leaders! 

    Another example of the absolutely anti-democratic character of what its protagonists delight in calling their ‘European Project’was revealed by The Drunkard last week.

    You may remember that in June, only a few months ago, ‘a summit of all EU leaders asked the Commission to study ways to set up “regional disembarkation platforms” in North African countries for migrants rescued by European vessels in the Mediterranean.’

    Most of us in the Western world’s resistance movement took this with a pinch of salt.

    Here’s An Idea! Use Bribe Cash To Buy Gunboats! 

    While sensible governments like Italy’s and Hungary’s might be expected to see merit in preventing hordes more primitives oozing into Europe via ‘ NGO’ bludger boats, we know that the rotten elements, like Macron and Merkel….



    ….are still happily hauling the wasters onto European soil, heedless of their citizens’ wishes.


    I don’t believe either in the fallacious statements made by some in Europe and elsewhere that we would be stronger if we were to close our borders.

    That’s not true either…”   https://www.euronews.com/2018/09/25/macron-vs-trump-at-the-un-general-assembly

    Le Muppet’s broadside at nations which reject asylum seekers, and those which “refuse to let boats dock on its ports,” was followed promptly by his provocative decision to bring in even more illegals, the crimmigrant cargo of one of those bludger-boats we have oft talked of.

    The Rage Of Aquarius? Stand Firm, Panama! 

    This came after France had appeared to say no, but that proved an illusory refusal.

    Not that we expected anything else.

    Macron is a menace, yes, but WHAT must the poor Germans think? Merkel has already lumbered them with a million primitives, and she protests when the very worst undesirable aliens are deported.

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 


    However, all those heads of EUropean governments did give the go-ahead.

    That was in June, and now it’s October and suddenly we hear that, regardless of all those elected governments having told the Euro-Commissars to draw up plans…



    …‘European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Friday. “This is no longer on the agenda and never should have been!” 

    This boozy flunkey is an unelected bureaucrat and it is not just insolent but illegitimate that such words, slurred or unslurred, should dribble from his arrogant lips.

    How dare he!

    Normally a rhetorical question, but the answer is made clear, in the same report, which explains the inebriate ass’s audacity with a throw-away line, explaining that the bureaucrats of The Brussels Empire didn’t approve of the approach that their pay-masters were interested in.

    …officials have long questioned the legality and practicality of such camps, Reuters said....

    EUSSR ‘officials’ are servants, paid to get on with carrying out the work for which they are handsomely salaried, not to dilly-dally in defiance of their masters

    • Fiona 22:29 on November 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And these are the people Theresa May wants to bind us to, notwithstanding the fact that we voted for independence.


  • ross1948 22:21 on October 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Drunkard Juncker’s Cover-Up Commissars! Why The Wifi? 

    The thing is, there are few more Europhiliac media than EUObserver…

    EUObserver, Ever-Impartial, Slurs UK Patriots – ‘Vultures!’ 


    BIAS? Didn’t EUObserver Dip Into The Soros Trough? 

    ….but STILL Drunkard Juncker’s cabal can’t bring themselves to tell even friendly hacks the whole truth…


    Juncker Liar Juncker

    …or even much more than a hint of the truth, when yet another of the Commissars’ sleazy schemes goes dodgy.

    The European Commission has tried to hide information related to technical problems its free wifi fund portal suffered, by claiming that it was “out of scope”.


    It released documents to EUobserver following an access to documents request – but heavily redacted some of the key papers


    It’s hard to figure out why this “free” { another lie, because you Brits, Germans, Dutch etc get ripped off via your taxes, so you pay for it!} wifi scheme has now got so much dirt sticking to it that the rulers of the Brussels Empire feel they dare not let the media, and thus – again – the tax-payers, know what the SNAFU is going on.

    I have no time to pursue that question.


    But at least I’m alerting those of you who may.




  • ross1948 19:35 on October 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Silence Ain’t Golden In Dirty Brussels! 

    Another of Drunkard’s cover-ups?




    But not, this time, of his inebriated humiliation, which was merely amusing.

    This time it’s two entire days of deep dissembling preparations for Drunkard’s major address, delivered this month.

    The secretariat-general of the European Commission has implied it did not produce any written record of what was said during a two-day seminar of commissioners, held in August to prepare the State of the Union speech.

    elite arrogance-s

    EUobserver asked the commission in an access to documents request to make “all documents” available related to the commission’s annual seminar, “including but not limited to minutes, (hand-written) notes, audio recordings, verbatim reports, emails, and presentationsx”.

    And NOTHING? No records kept at all?!?


    elite arrogance-s

    So is this the new tactic on the part of the EUSSR’s ruling class, in their perpetual quest to keep the citizens (whose taxes pay for the EurocRats lush life-styles) in the dark, on how the elites determine how the Brussels Empire operates?

    Has this become standard practice, perhaps as a way to avoid requiring a wine-soaked brain to make up convincing lies…


    Juncker Liar Juncker

    …as has been Drunkard’s declared policy in the past?

    Seems so.

    Because in the same week, EUObs reported that –

    The European Commission has no written record of what was said during the six meetings its president Jean-Claude Juncker has held with lobbyists this year.

    EUobserver asked the commission in an access to documents request to release all documents – including minutes, (handwritten) notes, audio recordings, verbatim reports, emails, and presentations – related to the meetings. Read on »

    Addicted to covering-up what they’re up to!

    Of course they will never own up to their true agenda, which their ideological godfather, Jean Monnet once let slip those many years ago.



    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.


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