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    Ulster Solidarity Appeal – Give All You Can! 

    Ulster is still dear to the hearts of quite a few Brits.


    Match your love with your money, please!

    Legal action has been launched against the NI Protocol” />


     “We are a beautiful and proud United Kingdom, our strength rests on our bond together.

    “We must not allow a foreign institution to impose and rip apart those bonds that bind us together. We must stand shoulder to shoulder together to oppose these attempts to fracture the very essence of our Union.

    “We are asking all of you that care about Northern Ireland, our Union and our United Kingdom to join us and be part of our campaign by adding your voice and contributing what you can to fight to protect our Union in this legal case.

    “We have already had huge support, but we want you to be part of it too. Join with us. Step up and be counted. Protect our Union and join our campaign.”

    The Crowdfunding appeal can be found at http://www.crowdjustice.com/case/defending-the-union-of-the-uk/

    Steve Aiken leader of the UUP said: “The NI Protocol fundamentally undermines the integrity of the United Kingdom, the Belfast Agreement and the principle of consent. As one of the parties that negotiated the Agreement, we believe we have to take every political, diplomatic and legal avenue open to us to see the invidious, unequal NI Protocol annulled because every day we see the very principles on which the Belfast Agreement was created being trampled on by those who claim to put the peace process at the centre of their arguments. We encourage everyone who believes in the Union and in the Belfast Agreement to support this legal case.”


    Jim Allister, leader of the TUV said: “The Protocol annexes Northern Ireland into the EU, leaving us subject to laws we did not make and cannot change.



For me the challenge and opportunity of this Judicial Review is to end such vassalage and reunify the United Kingdom by removing the constitutional threat of many of our laws not being made in Belfast or London, but in Brussels under foreign aegis and control.



It is about “taking back control” in a most fundamental way by restoring the key sovereignty principle of being governed only by our own nation’s laws, legislatures and courts. Home Rule, not Foreign Rule!”

Arlene Foster, First Minister of Northern Ireland…


….and Leader of the DUP added:

“We cannot allow our United Kingdom to be ripped apart and our UK internal market to be divided in order to protect the single market of the EU. When I launched a petition calling for unfettered GB-NI trade, over 100k people joined with us in just over 24hrs, this is another opportunity for everyone who opposes the Protocol to play their part.


“We will work with other Unionists to send a united message to our Government and to free Northern Ireland from the Protocol.

Whilst the courts is one front in this fight, the UK Government must use all powers at its disposal to immediately remove any barriers to unfettered trade within the United Kingdom.”

The legal action has been lodged in the High Court of Northern Ireland and the next hearing date is the 13th April with an anticipated full hearing of the matter on 13th May 2021.

The crowdfunding campaign is to facilitate wide participation in the legal action

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    Collabos Cry Foul – ‘Putrid’ Sinn Fein Speaker Gets DUP Backing! 

    Well, boo-hoo-hoo!


    I’m surprised the SDLP’s Colum Eastwood didn’t  ‘do a May’ and break down blubbing in public, after he and his collabos digested a dose of realpolitik at Stormont this week!

    The mug had expected his fellow-disloyals in Sinn Fein to honour a ‘deal’ whereby some SDLP bint would become Speaker of the reactivated assembly.

    Instead, a scumbag with a record of Sinn Fein/IRA involvement named Alex Maskey…



    ….was put in a chair already tainted before Stormont was suspended several years ago.

    We wrote about THAT swine, Mitchel McLaughlin, last year.

    Mr. Speaker, Sir – You’re the Scum of the Earth! 

    No need for a re-introduction to Mitchel MacLaughlin, surely?

    But Alex Maskey?

    I’ll let TUV’s Jim Allister tell it like it is…


    Jim Allister

    the Sinn Fein mask slipped again when Alex Maskey tweeted:

    “Unfortunately it took more than the CRA [Civil Rights Association] to secure rights in the putrid little statelet NI”.

    “The many victims of IRA terrorism will be in no doubt as to what Maskey was referring to. Those Unionists who today are engaged with talks with Sinn Fein/IRA would do well to reflect upon the fact that Republicans are openly boasting of how far the IRA campaign of bombing and shooting got them… https://tuv.org.uk/the-maskey-slips/


    Meanwhile Sinn Fein are hotly denying there ever was a deal.

    So Eastwood put his trust in the political wing of a murder-gang?

    But why not, since he had collaborated with Sinn Fein and the other anti-Brexit bunch in Ulster in the recent General Election.

    But that’s his problem.

    It’s something else he added that made me grimace with dismay.

    “And of course the DUP supported it.”  https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-foyle-west-51089376

    As indeed they did with the previous Sinn Fein Speaker!

    No wonder the treason party is gloating…


    Powersharing deal creates ‘beachhead’ towards united Ireland – SF minister

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    Those Nasty Prods Won’t Kow-Tow To Treason, Damn Them! 

    There’s only a minority speak Erse in the unfirendly neighbouring republic that’s yet again meddling in Ulster’s affairs. In Ulster itself only a TINY minority can claim it as their mother-tongue.

    The only reason it’s been elevated to an issue is the obvious one, that the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang and their big pals in Dublin value it as…

    A – a means of putting down the British people of Ulster, teaching them who’s boss..


    B – another step in aligning the land they covet with Eire, where Erse is an official language.


    That’s why Dublin and its running dogs in the westernmost part of the UK are determined on exalting an alien lingo.

    But reading the Guardian report, we learn it’d not just what they inaccurately call the ‘Irish Government’ ( inaccurate because Ireland is a geographical expression, not a country) but also the BRITISH Government, yes Bojo’s team…



    …,which ‘have blamed the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) for holding up a compromise deal to revive Northern Ireland’s dormant assembly.’

    Mincing Varadkar and SF/IRA are those that want the language exalted, purely as a triumphalist step towards annexation.

  • Any British Government should unquestionably support those loyal to the British Crown, especially since they are blood of our blood and spirit of our spirit.

    Yet we hear some twit named Julian, Julian Smith, the Northern Ireland secretary, lament how he’s “bitterly disappointed” and that talks would probably be paused over Christmas to give all parties time to “reflect” before trying again in January. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/19/dup-blamed-for-holding-up-stormont-compromise-deal

    I know there are people in the DUP who want to move forward and I would urge them to move forward so we can get this done,” he said.


     Secretary of State Julian Smith at Stormont –  Sonofabitch!


    Who is this creep?

    Sad to say he was born a Scot, but plainly has no sense of duty to the Scots across the water. If you look up his role in the Commons ‘pairing’ scandal, you will see he’s an extremely dishonourable man.

    How dare he tell the DUP to ‘reflect’ when it’s little meddling Tank-Top Varadkar…

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs

    Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 

    ….as Bojo probably refers to him behind his back ( I’m sure Johnson doesn’t feel safe if Varadkar is behind HIS back!) and Blood-Beast Adams’ gang, that could end the impasse right away by shutting down their insolent snash.

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    Mind How Ye Go, Sammy – Labour Will Betray Ulster In A Trice! 

    Bercow was a rightwing pipsqueak when I knew him in London years ago.

    Now he’s a leftist, up to his neck in Europhilia, giving LibDems and Labour every chance ot scuttle even the semi-Brexit Johnson is presenting to parliament.


    But every patriot in the UK by now expects nothing else from the pompous little creep.

    Fascinating Historical Footnotes! 

    Besides, Brits have handled unworthy Speakers before.

    What is unexpected is the way the DUP is behaving, a patriot party consorting with collabos like Starmer, who’s invited them to collaborate.

    “…if you want to work with us to make this situation better, our door is open,” he says.

    What’s that about long spoons required…?

    …another DUP source meanwhile refused to rule out backing a customs union amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. 

    “Clearly that would be one way we could look at addressing our concerns,” they told the paper.

    What is, however, distressing, is what we’re hearing from Sammy Wilson, who can’t be blamed for what he said yesterday when he reiterated his anger at Johnson.

    Sammy is fundamentally a good guy.


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

    He must know, moreover, that the Labour Party, with a mere handful of honourable exceptions, like Kate Hoey MP, who is facing a witch-hunt by the left in her own constituency, has a long and dishonourable history of favouring the illegitimate expansionism of Eire’s evil leaders…



    …and that, while many degenerates in the Tory Party can be held responsible for the darkness descending on Ulster tonight…

    …the Labour Party, predictably, were near unanimous in imposing homo-weddings, by sly parliamentary manouevres designed to thwart democracy across the water.

    Yet he’s prepared to work with these people?

    Although he made clear the DUP “does not seek a second referendum”, Mr Wilson warned: “The people of the United Kingdom were asked whether the UK should leave the EU, not whether Great Britain should leave Northern Ireland behind.”

    And he added: “We want to leave as one nation. That remains our goal. If the Prime Minister remains willing to achieve that outcome he will find DUP MPs as willing partners in that project.” https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/news/107405/dup-could-team-labour-commons-bid-kill-boris-johnsons-brexit

    Fine words, Sammy.

    But mind how ye go!

    Labour hardly any longer pretends to regard Ulster as part of the British people.

    They’ll take any help you give them, but they’ll stab Ulster in the back as soon as look at you.

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    Bojo’s Deal – Dirty As Bad Friday? Read The Full Text! 

    It’ll take you a long time to wade through this full text, as published by the Brussels Empire, of the pact which the Prime Minister has put his name to…


    Related image


    …or you may prefer to wait until patriot lawyers ( yes, there are some!) translate it into normal folks’ language.

    But I thought it would be handy for pro-freedom people to be able to read for themselves what that fop Johnson wants to push through the Houses of Parliament.

    My readers in Ulster especially will find it useful, if only to see how committed to the Bad Friday Sell-Out both ‘Bojo’ and the EUSSR really are.


    Image result for johnson juncker

    My initial response was circumspect, but that’s firming up into suspicion, or worse…!

    My question earlier today…

    …will no doubt soon be amswered.

    I’m going out of Jakarta for a wedding this weekend…


    Image result for javanese dance


    …so while I will be enjoying Javanese and dangdut music and dance, the lousy Commons will be yammering – let’s see how things pan out on Saturday’s ‘Special Sitting!’

    Good to see the DUP seem to be standing firm in their resistance, despite shrilling from that Alliance Party besom Naomi Long, who was on BBC TV an hour ago, helpfully reminding us that her rotten outfit is ‘neutral’ between loyalty and disloyalty. She’s a damned disgrace and more fool anyone loyal to the Crown who voted Alliance.

    I see too that Farage is squaring up to screw Johnson whenever the elections comes. Again, despite misgivings about some of his appalling candidates, people determined to get a real Brexit will fall in and fight th fop.

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    Bravo Sammy! Dublin’s Queer Told Off Good And Proper! 

    We’ve praised Sammy Wilson, of Ulster’s Democratic Unionist Party, not that long ago, and even recommended him for the job of Secretary of State for Education.


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

    Today, once more, he merits a word of praise, for his splendid denunciation of that queer Varadkar as a ‘nutcase!’


    Sammy pointed out that siding with “hard-line EU negotiators” could destroy the Irish economy.

    Yes, a properly brick-hard border – better still, a repartition….


    The Somme, The On-Going Threat…and A Dominion of Ulster? 

    …with thousands of disloyal Sinn Fein/IRA voters deported beyond it, would do a lot of damage to Eire’s economy (please Sammy, don’t refer to it as the ‘Irish economy.’ – Ireland is a geographical expression, nothing more!)

    But Eire’s top queer has again been haranguing the UK, fretty that Britain might “backslide” on the border between the British Province of Ulster and his alien republic.

    It’s actually none of the uppity homo’s business and Sammy’s quite right to tell him off.

    However, I’m not sure that the DUP man was bang on target when he slammed Varadkar’s “naivety, inexperience, arrogance’ etc. this week.

    All true, yes, but the root of the problem is the continuing delusion among Dublin politicians that they have some kind of mystical right to intrude on Ulster’s affairs.



    True, Bliar’s Bad Friday Agreement shamefully permitted them to interfere in some areas.

    But that dirty deal is not set in stone. It needs to be unpicked, just as much as Britain’s relationship with Brussels.

    The sooner the UK gets a government that’s ready to tell the hubristic homo queer – and all those who share his sticky-beak instincts – to butt out…



    …and makes it clear that ‘Irish Republicans’ have rights ONLY in their ‘Irish Republic,’ i.e NOT in any part of the United Kingdom, the better.

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    Gotcha! Public Outrage Fells The Sinn Fein Swine! 

    We did our bit from afar and helped circulate that petition…


    The people of Northern Ireland demand that Barry McElduff should resign after his disgraceful video referencing the Kingsmill Massacre posted at 00:05 5th January 2018 the 42nd anniversary of the atrocity where 10 innocent workmen were brutally murdered because of their protestant faith.

    …and now we read that it has had its desired effect!

    Barry McElduff resigns as MP for West Tyrone


    The foul Sinn Fein swine continues to lie….

    Mr McElduff has said that he did not make a connection in his mind between the video and the massacre, but he accepted many people do not believe that..

    ….but even his comrades in treason have evidently been so embarrassed by his mockery of terror victims…



    ….that he’s been forced to step down.

    But let’s not kid ourselves.


    Gambar terkait

    It IS embarrassment, NOT conscience, that motivated the SF/IRA gang to cut the pig loose.

    The DUP’s Arlene Foster recognises this.

    “By merely suspending him and continuing to pay him, they compounded his disgraceful actions and demonstrated a lack of respect and compassion for the victims of Kingmills and indeed victims more widely.

    As another DUP MP, Gregory Campbell sums it up –

    “They were the perpetrators of this incident, not the victims of it.”

    True, and while we can be a little pleased with today’s news, the truth is…


    …SF/IRA, all the traitor scum, deserve a lot more than merely being driven out of public life!


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    SELL-OUT!?! If May Crawls To Dublin, Pull The Plug, D.U.P! 

    I’d like to say enough is enough, but this time it’s more than enough, if it’s true that Theresa May has tabled a sell-out scheme, whereby she will commit it to “avoiding regulatory divergence” in Ireland after Brexit. 

    It implies that Northern Ireland would remain part of the customs union and single market while the rest of the UK leaves.

    NO WAY!



    If May had shown true commitment to Brexit, repealed the European Communities Act as soon as she became PM, or invoked Article 50 promptly, or told The Enemy there’d be not a penny of their absurd and arrogant ‘Bill’ from the get-go…



    …there’d not be this latest outrage now.

    Brits voted for deliverance, and no Brit should be left behind, least of all the Ulster-British.

    Eire remains an expansionist power, with an imperialist mind-set which we saw when their leader, Enda Kenny, chose to interfere in the referendum…


    Kenny in Blood-Beast Adams’ embrace

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

    …blatantly inciting their Fifth Column in the UK to cast their ill-gotten votes against freedom.

    Ulster is British!

    And Sammy Wilson MP is absolutely right to warn her that ‘his party’s agreement with the government could be jeopardised by efforts to “placate Dublin and the EU.”


    Peter Robinson MP


    Peter Robinson, though he seems to have been gulled for long enough by Kenny’s sophistries, showed similar sense when he ripped the uppity Dublin clique.

    “The idea that Brexit exigencies can be used to drive a wedge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain is an act of bad faith and provocation.”



    May is not to be trusted.

    The only argument I hear in her favour these days is that, if she were toppled, Sinn Fein/IRA’s Number One UK fan…



    ….Jeremy Corbyn, might well replace her in Downing Street.

    Corbyn was once pro-Brexit, or so he seemed. Now he’s shifted.

    May was anti-Brexit throughout the referendum campaign. Now she claims to have shifted, but is betraying the cause one day at a time.

    Corbyn has always liked Sinn Fein/IRA. He’s not shifted on that.

    May – if the news above is true – is now shifting to play Sinn Fein’s game, handing Brussels the means actively to promote Eire’s ambition to partition the UK.

    There’s not an inch of difference between them.

    Ulster should take a stand and not give an inch.



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    Just A Europhiliac Guy – Who Spits In Ulster’s Face! 

    Good to hear the DUP say that –

     “We don’t like talking about red lines – but one key element of what we are trying to do after we leave the EU is to have no internal borders between Northern Ireland and parts of UK.


     In contrast….

    Verhofstadt described the Irish border as an “illogical divide” and called for it to remain invisible.,


    How dare this Belgian twerp talk in derogatory terms about an international frontier…



    ….which both his own country, and Dublin, affirmed was inviolable when they signed the Helsinki Treaty in 1975.

    In what possible way is Ulster’s border with Eire any more an illogical divide than any other border anywhere in the world?

    It was agreed by solemn treaty in 1925, with signatories from London, Dublin and Belfast and it was only when De Valera, Hitler’s champion mourner…


    De Valera’s Disgrace Replicated – No Tears, Please, for Chavez 

    …came to power that Eire’s expansionist ambitions challenged its legitimacy.

    Sure, adjustments might be in order, as were mooted when the boundary was drawn.


    It might be needful to re-draw the line, to remove disloyal infestations such as exist in Crossmaglen and other pockets of treason.

    Certainly that will become essential if enemies outbreed patriots and use a ‘border poll’ to vote for annexation by Dublin.



    The right to self-determination that belongs to the Ulster-British, as to all peoples, may have to be thereby safeguarded.

    But arrogant aliens like Guy Verhofstadt have no role to play, or to pontificate on, the affairs of Ulster.

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    In Ulster, SDLP Weasels Won’t Abhor Evil! 

    Interesting to read about Fermanagh and Omagh District Council in Ulster, where a gross Sinn Feiner made grossly offensive remarks about a dead rat.


    Hasil gambar untuk omagh stephen mccann



    The council is  – unfortunately – chaired by Stephen McCann ( pictured above) and his comments concerned an unlamented – by decent people- IRA terrorist named Seamus McElwaine.

    …in July, Chairman McCann said that he would not “go down the road of condemning” the Enniskillen bombing, and that the IRA’s McElwaine had “set the tone for a peaceful resolution to where we are going.”

    This led to SDLP, DUP and UUP councillors walking out of a July council meeting in protest.


    Hasil gambar untuk seamus mcilwaine ira

    SEAMUS MCELWAINE: Convicted of one murder and linked to a further tenhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4015524/Why-Army-facing-new-witch-hunt-IRA-killers.html

    The foul traitor escaped from prison but the admirable SAS took the swine out later.


    A motion calling for Chairman McCann to retract his comments was put forward at a council meeting on Tuesday by Ulster Unionist Party councillor Howard Thornton, and seconded by his party colleague councillor Chris Smyth.


    Thing is, Sinn Fein had 17 voting members present.

    In a council with a total of 40 members, that should not have been enough for the IRA fan-club to prevail – but they did.


    Councillors voted down the motion with 17 against, 12 in favour and five abstentions.

    Who abstained?

    The SDLP’s councillors abstained from the vote.

    So that walk-out reported above was  – as far as SDLP is concerned – a mere bit of play-acting.

    Who can possibly be surprised?

    Way back before the Bad Friday dirty deal was sealed by Blood-Beast Adams and Tony B.Liar…



    ..loyal Brits saw the SDLP’s true face – and a damned self-righteous face at that  – when their slimy John Hume, with Blood-Beast and Eire’s then Premier Albert Reynolds, joined hands to smash the democratic principle of majority rule in Ulster.



    One of the patriot unionists in Omagh observed after the vote that –

    “Really there is no change from Sinn Fein from 30 years ago…”

    Gambar terkait

    He might have said more or less the same thing about the SDLP!

    Both parties are driven by the same treasonous aspiration, to have the flag of a hostile alien republic fly over Ulster.


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