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  • ross1948 17:39 on October 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Rotten Rutte Targets Dutch Democracy! 

    There was much glee among the undesirables when that wet wally Rutte  –  Mama Stasi And Mark Rutte – Dirty, Devious and Dangerous! – edged ahead of Geert Wilders in the Dutch election earlier this year.



    The Euro-Commissars and their running dogs around the Continent were visibly and audibly relieved that their henchmen had held onto power in The Hague.

    • Large majority of Dutch voters have rejected anti-European populists. That’s good news.”  – from the German Foreign Ministry.
    •  “Congratulations to the Dutch for preventing the rise of the far right,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

    Nothing like a spot of good old-fashioned meddling in other countries’ internal politics, huh?

    And as for that champion of democracy?


    A spokesman for Jean-Claude Juncker, the European commission president, hailed “a vote against extremists…” 

    Dutch PM Mark Rutte sees off election threat of Geert Wilders

    But no sooner has Rutte managed to scrape together a new government – a six month task, no less! – than he and his Euro-collaborationist comrades have started planning pay-back…

    …a price very likely demanded by Liar Juncker and the rest of the Brussels Rat-Pack for all their keen support back then…

    The new ruling coalition in the Netherlands wants to scrap a 2015 Dutch law, unique in Europe, which allows citizens-enforced, non-binding referendums on newly-adopted laws, like the ratification of the EU-Ukraine treaty. https://euobserver.com/tickers/139440

    Is it not alarming just how much these swine hate democracy?



    NB, they’re taking aim at non-binding referendums, not even a vote that would make the arrogant elite comply with the will of the people…

    ….but simply a means of letting the people’s will be known.

    Nor does the existing law afford the electorate any chance to have their say on laws that are already done and dusted, like The Netherlands’ subordination to the EUSSR.

    No wonder!

    When the Dutch were actually allowed a meaningful vote on ‘Europe,’ a dozen years ago, they threw out the supranational scheme presented to them…



    …so the contemporary collabos simply introduced a nearly identical replacement plan, with NO referendum.

    And never since then has the ruling class permitted mere voters any such privilege!

    Early days yet, and Rotten Rutte will have other things to keep him occupied.

    Let’s, however, keep an eye on the sly Dutch Europhiliacs thirsting for a clamp-down on citizens’ rights.

    There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip and, as the EUObs report points out, the bill that would remove the people’s power to demand referendums could itself be the subject of a citizens-enforced referendum…

    • Kim DeVries 14:58 on October 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Lefts and liberals do not like democracy because they always know best and we may not over-rule their superior wisdom.
      It is the EU creed so we must work to end how The Netherlands is controlled by the EU.
      Here in Holland we have Geert Wilders ready to do that.
      Sometime I disagree with things he says but after this news I think there is no other way to beat the Rutte gang.


  • ross1948 00:02 on November 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Undaunted Dutch Democracy Campaigners Try Again! 

    Time to sleep again, after a night watching The Walking Dead and a local version of Take Me Out, where some lucky local lad gets to take his pick of a coupla dozen lovely Indonesian ladies.

    • silhouetee
    • Not exactly cerebral stuff, but easy on the eye (the girls, that is, not the zombies!)
    • But before I turn off the box and hit the pit, another bit of news from Holland, a country which has caught my attention several times recently.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/headline-hides-asylum-crime-wave-in-dutch-city/
    • Activists in the Netherlands have gathered almost two-thirds of the signatures needed to initiate a referendum on Europe’s free trade deal with Canada, Ceta.


    To require an ‘advisory’ referendum on legislation, the Dutch need 300,000 voters to sign the requisition. I gather it’s around the 200,000 mark now, and could well succeed in getting the number needed.


    • netherlands_small
    • 00000000000
    • After our recent post on how Prime Minister Rutte and the EuroCommissars have been working to flout the decision of the electorate in the April referendum on Ukraine…
    • —————–


    Brussels’s Puppets Diss Dutch Democracy – UK Next? 

    …it remains to be seen what actual effect another popular vote will have.

    One likely result, at least we hope so, is that the Dutch people have the courage to push back, and push for real referenda, that are binding on arrogant elites and not merely ‘consultative.’




    The parallels with Brexit are striking, but of course the difference is that Brits were given a guarantee their will would be paramount.


    june 23


    Brexit, of course, is still being bandied about with both sticky-beak judges and uppity MPs doing much to impede democracy.

    Clearly, if courts or legislators block Brexit…


    Gambar terkait


    …the British would be absolutely entitled to take ANY action they felt necessary to put down enemies of the people. 

  • ross1948 12:10 on November 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels’s Puppets Diss Dutch Democracy – UK Next? 

    Even EUObserver, a very pro-Brussels part of the media, has published an opinion piece openly acknowledging how the Juncker Junta, aka European Commission’s local henchman is treating a democratic decision of the Netherlands electorate with something like sneering contempt.


    How Holland’s ‘mini-Brexit’ is about to be ignored


    Puppet Rutte stands before the enemy banner.


    We at RRA are not at all surprised.  

    We observed what was afoot months ago.

    To Do Britain Down, Rutte Defies Dutch Democracy! 

    We even had a rather splendid illustration to show where Prime Minister Rutte’s true allegiance lies.


    Read the EUObserver article to get the full picture!

    But the author’s final paragraphs make it pretty clear that the Brussels puppet PM is wriggling desperately to flout the clear wishes of the referendum majority.

    If the Dutch government were to veto the EU-Ukraine Treaty, it will be the first time since the Swedish no-vote against joining the euro in 2003, that an EU referendum which went the wrong way for Brussels was respected.

    All the more timely, then that Brits welcome back the newly-reactivated Leave EU.


    The High Court’s ruling, that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 and leave the EU without Parliament’s consent, is a dreadful indictment of our democracy’s health. Three judges, one of whom is a founding member of a legal institute working towards the ‘enhancement of European legal integration’,have defied the will of the British people.

  • ross1948 18:50 on April 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    To Do Britain Down, Rutte Defies Dutch Democracy! 

    Like the ancients who consulted their oracles, we modern folk, trying to fathom the weasel words of the Dutch Government’s response to the clear referendum verdict recently recorded, are faced with baffling double-talk, patently designed to dodge as many issues as possible.


    • The one thing that is absolutely plain is that Holland’s PM Rutte prefers working hand-in-glove with Brussels to complying with his people’s decision, which was an unequivocal NO to the Ukraine deal on which the Eurocrats are ploughing ahead.,

    He said withdrawing the ratification law would undermine those talks. “We would lose our entry ticket to those talks, that is the paradox we are dealing with,” said Rutte, adding that in that case “no-one” would want to talk to the Dutch government.



    Maybe better that, than the realisation among Dutch voters that no-one in his ivory tower wants to listen to the voice of the electorate.

    But what truly gives the game away is his explicit, downright sinister, admission that he’s simply collaborating with HMV in Brussels to subordinate everything to their game-plan against the BRITISH people.


    • EU - referendum vote
    • “Our political estimation, based on the first signals we received from our European partners, is that they want that [the UK referendum] out of the way first,” said Rutte.

    Disingenuously, the Europhiliac Rutte added this little gem :-


    “That doesn’t mean that nothing can happen behind closed doors!”

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big

    Get real, buddy.

    Anyone who has even a glimmer of how the EUSSR goes about it’s business of dragooning its subjects knows that just about EVERYTHING happens behind closed doors.


    "How long do you think we'll get away with it?"

    Rutte and Juncker

    Jerk Juncker has openly boasted about his penchant for lies and deceit.

    He said it himself, that he often had to lie  because economic policy was too important toi be discussed in public… ‘

    He apparently prefers ‘deep and dark debates..’   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/17/eussr-ministers-desperate-to-shut-out-citizens-a-tradition-of-lies-and-deceit/


    Good to note, however, that not just the expected good guys but the entire Netherlands opposition got stuck into his shameful shilly-shallying, condemning him for not immediately pulling the plug on ratification, including by political parties who had campaigned in favour of the agreement.

    “Real people went to real polling stations to really say No,” said a Christian Democrat.

    A Green showed welcome integrity too. “I don’t envy the prime minister, but he is going to have to negotiate in Brussels with the position that the Netherlands has withdrawn its support for the treaty.”https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/133046

    And a rather lovely-looking lady named Marianne Thieme summed it up well, that Rutte is trying to fool No voters that some renegotiation of the treaty is what they wanted. 


    “The citizen should be taken seriously. In this debate, the prime minister is feeding the public distrust in politics,” she said.


    The EUSSR ( and Rutte the Running Dog) evidently want to avoid the uproar, and that uproar’s inevitable echo in the UK referendum campaign, when the elite once again treat people with contempt by pushing their Ukraine deal though regardless of the Netherlands’ NO!

    Hence they are waiting like hovering vultures before telling Dutch voters to get stuffed. 

    So what patriots now need to do – and I mean patriots in Britain, Holland and every country under the heel of the supranational mandarins, is to say with one voice…

    get lostad

  • ross1948 12:48 on April 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hurray for Holland – But Euro-Slime Play for Time To Thwart UK Patriots! 

    Nothing will happen in a hurry, not least to avoid giving any succor to Britain’s “out” campaigners.   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-eu-idUSKCN0X300U

    • EU - referendum vote
    • Hurray for Holland, indeed, a sweet kick in the teeth for the Brussels autocracy. The referendum result shows over SIXTY percent of those who voted did so to scupper the regime’s ratification plan. And the turn-out was over the 30% required to make the regime respond.

    But the enemy in Brussels is up to the usual dirty tricks, already playing for time to get the better of Brits – and the Dutch.

    Here’s the thing.

    Although the Dutch referendum is not officially binding and only a minority of the overall electorate voted against the agreement, the government pledged to abide by the outcome.   http://www.wsj.com/articles/voting-starts-in-dutch-referendum-on-eu-ukraine-deal-1459939630

    And that’s just as it should be!

    BUT…the law which affords the people even a modest measure of control is already being criticized. “It is an instrument for anti-establishment forces,” said Cad Mudde, an expert on Dutch politics and populism at the University of Georgia.http://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-eu-idUSKCN0X300U


    elite arrogance-s


    So some pinko stuck-up in a US uni thinks the Dutch don’t deserve a say via participatory democracy? Big deal. His name is Mudde and he’s a nobody. That ivory tower creep’s arrogance carries more than a whiff of cultural marxism.

    What matters is the response of Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


     Rutte stands before the enemy banner.


    He says he would no longer automatically proceed with ratification and would look for “a solution that is acceptable for all parties.”


    Sounds like he is seeking an alternative route to the same goal. And it’s hardly his job to make the democratic choice ‘acceptable to all parties,’ which does NOT mean all Dutch parties but those party to the EUSSR deal on Ukraine.


    • eussr10
    • —————
    • Ukraine itself, as an issue, is NOT the issue.
    • Because his government refuses to let the Dutch people vote on the EUSSR itself, Netherlands patriots used this ‘consultative’ mechanism to voice their aspirations.

    Rutte has NO duty to Brussels, except to tell them in no uncertain terms that the deal is a dead duck because his citizens had the chance to decide on it and they decided they don’t want it.

    If he now goes grubbing about the corridors of the EurocRats’ lair, placating their indignation at this latest popular revolt, he’s no more than a renegade.

    Maybe not as bad as Mama Stasi Merkel’s treason against Germany, but bad enough.

    Rutte ratified the ‘quota’ diktat, taking in a ‘share’ of Mama’s alien mob, with no popular consent, despite the notorious refusal of many primitives, imported from Middle East cess-pools, to abide by civilised standards. 

    Predators and Child Molestors

    As many as 20 girls between the ages of 13 and 15 have been given legal permission to join their older partners at Dutch asylum centres, according to regional news channel RTV-Noord. The figures were reportedly obtained from a leaked immigration service document.

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

     No referendum on the migrant menace, needless to say. 

    Bright morning for Holland, but clouds already gathering. 

    • Penny 15:23 on April 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve not read your blog for a while but I’m glad I rediscovered it today. This is very good, makes all the points and reminds us why Brussels os so bad for our health as a nation.
      I’m going to spend the next hour catching up on your previous posts that I haven’t seen yet.
      Brilliant work, well done.


  • ross1948 10:49 on April 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Go, Holland! Slap Soros Down! April 6th, Prelude to Freedom? 

    Busy day today for me, just sent off my old sofa to somebody who needs one, and then I’m off to meet nice people in North Jakarta.

    Big day in Holland tomorrow, a referendum!

    And since George Soros, a man who represents all that is bad for Europe and the world, has used his money to interfere in Dutch affairs,  with a hefty dose of largesse, I’m using this modest blog to counter his malign influence.


    soros refe

    elite arrogance-s


    Big day, because the Dutch political establishment has been careful to treat its citizens with contempt since they voted disobediently, rejecting the EuroCon.

    When its almost identical replacement supranational treaty was promptly produced, no more democratic nonsense was permitted, lest the uppity commoners might again spurn the wisdom of their betters.

    Hasil gambar untuk no to eussr


    It was rammed through the legislature, replicating the same disdain that the French elite displayed after France’s referendum thwarted the Brussels mafia’s machtergreifung.

    So tomorrow’s vote is a big improvement, but NOT that big, for reasons explained in a Swiss blog… 

    http://www.swissinfo.ch/directdemocracy/opinion_dutch-citizens–veto–panacea-for-democratic-ills-/42065538  ….which points out that whatever the citizens have to say in the ballot box, even by a 90% majority, the Dutch Government can ignore them. It’s purely ADVISORY.

    There’s also an extra ‘blocking mechanism,’ that if there’s a less than 30% turn-out, the ruling class does not even have to pretend to consider its verdict.

    The Swiss blogger is quite right to say this skews the whole process. In a sovereign democracy, the people are the source of legitimacy.

    Switzerland understands this – voters can vote on just about everything, and the government in Bern may not defy democracy. And rather than having to wait till a law is passed, the Swiss have a citizens’ initiative, NOT like the phoney Brussels version…

    Brussels’ Citizens’ Initiative Exposed As Beggars’ Opera! 

    …but a powerful tool which can preempt the rulers by requiring a vote on any issue.

    And there’s no minimum turn-out. If people don’t care enough to turn out, they forfeit their say. Fair enough. It’s their choice. The Swiss system should be a model for all European nations.

    For example, only Hungary appears to be having a referendum on the migrant menace ( thanks to its good government) but concerned citizens in Germany,Sweden, Italy, France…

    referndmlet peole vote

    ….and, of course, the UK, should have the right, in a free and fair ballot, to require action.


    The vote tomorrow is over a seemingly minor issue, EUSSR trade with Ukraine, but patriots are using it to send a message to the Enemy Within Brussels and their local collaborators.

  • ross1948 17:27 on February 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Help Dutch Patriots Fight Soros’ Supranational Arrogance! 

    If  you detest and despise George Soros, then you’re far from unique. If you want to do something easy, and quick, and effective, to counter his latest attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of a small sovereign country, here’s your chance.


    Geef Gul voor de GeenPeil Referendum Campagne!


    GeenStijl, a blog in The Netherlands, has begun a grassroots crowdfunding initiative to finance their  campaign for a good, and hopefully winning, turnout in the forthcoming referendum. Use that link to help them, please!

    It has already collected 10 percent of the target goal of €427,939 – a figure chosen to reflect the number of signatures that were gained to ask for the referendum.    https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/132072


    soros_murdoch Soros V Sovereignty

    Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros is donating €200,000 to the Yes side in the Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine association agreement, through his Open Society Foundation…    https://euobserver.com/tickers/131962

    What a selective introduction to this unsavoury character. EUObserver’s editorial clique should be ashamed of themselves for hiding his record. Anyone who doesn’t know about his past can catch up here!

    Open Society?
    If his minions want to support and expand an open society, the obvious thing to do is pump some cash into making people aware of the referendum, trying to maximise participation, not playing the EUSSR’s game.
    It is only an advisory vote, after all, but the Brussels establishment is visibly fretting.
    jean-claude-juncker-2006- Juncker, another supranationalist SOB
    Liar Juncker, who shares Soros’ disdain for sovereignty, has shown similar tendencies to sticky-beak into Holland’s internal affairs.

    As we have previously noted, direct democracy, even the limited variety now afforded to the people of the Netherlands, has stirred things up. 

    Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power! 

    I hope patriot power wins out.At the momnet, signs and polls are encouraging. But plutocrats like Soros have no respect for nation states, and will wilfully plough fortunes into this campaign, though it’s clearly nobody’s business but the Dutch!

    • elite arrogance-s
    • Always, everywhere, big money, the cosmopolitan elite, is determined to do democracy down.
    • netherlands_small
    • The Dutch will have their chance to kick the swine in the teeth on 6th April.
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