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  • ross1948 19:45 on December 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Like Non-Stop Left Bias? Love German Pravda! 

    Just by chance, I tuned into DW today, around 1.30pm Jakarta time.

    Tail-end of the news, their correspondent in the USA, Ines Pohl, ranting that the Stop the Steal resistance showed that the President’s message was not ‘America First’ but ‘Trump First.’

    As impartial reporting as we mght expect in Red China’s “People’s Daily!”



    But then if we check out Pohl’s record, we learn that she has always been far-left,

    ‘…actively involved in the German peace movement...…and later as editor-in-chief of Die Tageszeitung,.

    …where ‘her brief was to return the paper to its left-wing roots after a much-criticised foray into more popular journalism.[2]

    And then, from Comrade Pohl, to a quick burst of pro-crimmigrant propaganda, prefaced by a sleazy female voice claiming Greece’s new ‘asylum’ legislation had increased the ‘misery’ of the fakers who had lived in Morea camp, until it burned down…


    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

    ….no mention of the truth, that the arson was the work of the crimmigrants themselves.

    Then some creepy leftist photographer, blatantly pro-crimmigrant too, delighting in some alien Lesbos brat-girl, who organised a ‘protest march….’



    ….by arrogant aliens in someone else’s country, to which neither the brat nor any of her fellow-protestors had been invited.

    DW is downright nauseating.

    As bad as BBC!

  • ross1948 22:56 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Boosters – German Tax-Funded Media Rivals UK Pravda. 

    I flay UK Pravda much more often than DW simply because more of my readers watch BBC than tune into the German tax-funded propaganda channel.

    But I had a look in tonight around 10.15pm Jakarta time, just in time to hear a coarse Scots voice intoning that ‘Biden has ‘dedicated his life to public service’ whereas Trump has ‘dedicated his life to winning.’ Trump, said the man who sounded like an archetypal Glasgow pub bore, had ‘been cosying up to white supremacists.’



    The buffoon wittered on for a while, much blubby stuff about Biden’s bereavements, though while Biden’s dead son got serious attention, not a whisper on his live son, whose suspicious business dealings the media in-crowd have tried to seal off with a wall of corrupt silence.


    CLAIM: 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden insisted that his son Hunter Biden “has not made money” from China.

    VERDICT: FALSE. Hunter Biden’s law firm received nearly six million from a Chinese oligarch who sought power and influence in Washington, D.C.

    Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims ‘My Son Has Not Made Money’ from China


    It got more amusing when the drone fell silent and DW told us our next treat was a quick zoom around the world to see what non-Americans think.

    About a dozen folk all over the globe, I think, were asked, and the required negative opinions about Trump were heard, with only ONE man, a German, who said he expected the incumbent to be re-elected.



    Conveniently, this man said nothing in Trump’s favour, merely suggesting that Trump won last time, so why not this time?

    Almost unbelievably choreographed biased BS, but still more to come, courtesy of that fool Phil Gayle, whom we’ve noticed before.


    Gayle had a ‘social media’ expertess on, rabbiting about the geekstapo censorship we mentioned a few hours ago.


    When she was almost done, Gayle asked desperately, if enough was being done to counteract social media input from Trump and those who support him!

    Fair and balanced?



    • Jerry Jerman 23:55 on November 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      DW always embarasses us Germans, Ross.
      DW also forces us to pay their salaries, all the foreign leftwingers too, Gayle and Goff and Crane.
      They are so unable to behave themselves, never fair and never balanced.


  • ross1948 20:59 on October 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Pinko Prof Wows Ghastly Goff – Biden Evidence ‘Scurrilous!’ 

    Goff was on DW again, with an ideological soul-mate named Ethan Porter agreeing again and again.

    I hadn’t heard of Porter – unlike Goff….

    Lugenpresse! DW’s Fake-News Ex-CNN Hack LIES! 


    Biased Brent Goff – ex-CNN, now DW

    ….of whom we’ve all heard far too much – so checked him out.

    He’s listed as an ‘Assistant Professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University, Washington DC,’ so ‘academic expertise,’ as so often, was the excuse for bringing in what DW likes best, a far-leftist.

     – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter

    Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons!

    Porter sees nothing at all wrong with Twitter suppression of the latest, plainly factual, report on Lying Joe Biden’s behaviour.

    BBC Quietly Conceals Geekstapo News      

    The rather unkempt-looking bearded professor…

    ( there are photos on the internet of him being bearded but neat, so he must be one of those who use the Chinese Virus as an excuse for letting things go!)

    …actually compared Dirty Dorsey’s censorship to a newspaper declining to publish a ‘letter to the editor’ that contains “scurrilous’ allegations!


    Did Porter condemn that sleazy Atlantic magazine publishing much more scurrilous lies about Trump a few eeks ago?

    I don’t know, but I doubt it.


    Not all leftists are lowlifes but a lot are.

    But then guess what?

    They managed to bring their duet to a close by loudly chorusing how American tax-payers should be squeezed some more, to pump cash into PBS…


    ..which, as you know if you ever watch UK Pravda, is the BBC’s official American ‘partner!’


  • ross1948 11:10 on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    DW Bias – Right ‘Spouts Rhetoric’, Left Just Talks! 

    It’s Sunday again.

    Time hasn’t exactly stood still since I got back from Oz in March, but the absence of normal social life, thanks to Red China exporting its plague, seems to have warped our perceptions of how time passes. 



    I thought it was just me, but chatting to others, this appears to be a widespread phenomenon.

    However, media bias is eternal, so it appears, as I noticed an hour ago, 11am Jakarta time, on DW, which was hard at work lionising a politician.

    She was actually not far-left but from the ‘liberal’ Free Democrats, the FDP, and had travelled for hundreds of miles to confront ( politely, I admit) a group of demonstrators who were objecting to Mama Stasi Merkel’s rather draconian anti-Chinese Virus measures.



    Her intrusion was not well-received, but no mayhem erupted, possibly to the disappointment of the left-bigot DW hack who was trailing around after her.

    Whatever his reasons, in a snotty, rather pooftery voice, the hack decided he had to use the occasion to bad-mouth the ‘far-right’ – some of whom were among the objectors.



    The DW hack, of course, could not present this aspect of the opposition as any impartial reporter would.

    Instead of saying his political antagonists were making speeches, he accused them of using the issue to ‘spout rhetoric.’

    When the FDP gal was making her case, needless to say, he did not accuse her of ‘spouting rhetoric!’


    These media lice just can’t observe the rules, not rules about the Chinese Virus but of objective reporting.

    The show degenerated into a hit-job, with claims of ‘Anti-Semitism,’ though none of the voices we heard said anything about Jews.

    Mind you, if the scene had been Berlin, rather than wherever they were, that might have been different….

    More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

    Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

    ‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 

    ….because thanks to Mama Stasi’s importation of sectarian alien savages, hatred of Jews is back with a vengeance!

    DW bias is outrageous, as I noted ( but was too busy to mention at the time, though I made notes!) last Wednesday morning.

    Nauseated by the BBC, I had changed channels to DW!

    Alas, the tax-funded German propaganda channel was no more pleasing than UK Pravda, with their Phil Gayle umpiring a debate between a Democrat and a Republican, after we had got to see some of Michele Obama’s new hate-video.



    When the GOP man said he wasn’t surprised at the ass’s rant, because it was much the same as the kind of tripe heard from her husband…



    ….Gayle immediately cut in and told his Republican guest not to criticise what Obama had said or done in the past.

    Totally biased!

    DW News Moderator Phil Gayle (Artikelbild Detailseite)

    Gayle’s not as rancidly prejudiced as DW’s ‘all-American’ imports Goff and Crane, perhaps, but his previous jobs include no fewer than EIGHT different branches of the BBC *…so one should not be surprised that he’d hear no ill of the nasty racist…



    …who spent eight years messing up America, and given DW’s record of rabid Trumpophobia…

    DW – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter! 

    After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 


    Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons!

    …Gayle’s intervention should ensure not just job security but probable promotion!


    * BBC TV, 
    BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio WM, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Shropshire,

    • Keith Milner 11:57 on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      In Australia, AbC, in Britain BBC… In Germany DW.
      Is there any country where state broadcasters reflect the thinking of the people and not the views of the Left?


      • ross1948 19:03 on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, there is, Keith.
        And every other country could fix the problem if politicians did their duty and removed the leftists who have taken over public media they have no right to control.


    • Jerry Jerman 13:54 on October 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The state media should all be privatised.
      In Germany the tv and radio are colonized by tle cultural marxists.
      I think it is definitely impossibe to rise high or even find a job with DW qnd the local state tv if you are conservatice.


    • Mel Henderson 08:01 on October 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There are probably a number of your non-American readers who were not aware of how racist Mrs Obama”s intervention was, so if they are curious, here’s more information.



  • ross1948 17:53 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Trumpophobe DW News-Reader Lies, Live On TV! 

    According to DW News at 5.14pm ( Jakarta time) the federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon, were sent by President Trump ‘to end anti-racism protests.

    (More …)

    • Amanda Adams 18:06 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      DW is as bad as BBC!
      Did you see the UK Pravda’s latest?
      Sending it to you separately.


    • Hans B 18:58 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      So bold they are in the hatred of truth.


    • Annelie Neumann 21:57 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      DW takes our money but gives only speaking voice to the Left.
      Naturally they lie.


  • ross1948 17:24 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    DW’s Mystery Leftist ‘Antoine’ Wants To Bring ISIS Sows Home! 

    Whose game is Germany’s TFPC playing?

    DW went over the top today, the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel  throwing a loaded dice in what must be deemed a winning bid to beat their rivals, like BBC, France24, CBC etc…in the bias game,,

    Their star, a mysterious sometime far-left activist, whose true identity DW obligingly concealed, oddly consented to appear on screen, using the pseudonym ‘Antoine.’


    Wer ist ‘Antoine!?’

    What’s he got to hide?

    Grandfathers are usually thought of as benign persons, despite the fact that many of history’s worst characters were grandfathers.

    So cute but facile decision, surely, by DW, to introduce “Antoine” as the grandfather of one of the brats stuck with their evil ISIS sow mothers, currently detained in a Kurdish camp.

    “Antoine’s” daughter turned apostate against the family’s agnostic tradition, converted to Islam, and scuttled off…




    ….like numerous other dirty French bitches, to adhere to evil in Mosul.

    But “Antoine’s” own background sounded as if it might be dodgy, to say the least.

    DW referred to his ‘trade union’ activism in ‘workers’ rights,’  no details at all, which makes me wonder if he has, or had, links to the notorious PCF, which we discussed a couple of years ago…

    Cuba Libre! – Collaborateur! Hollande Emulates Thorez! 

    ….the French Communist Party, or some other unsavoury marxist cabal.

    DW don’t know, or won’t tell us?

    Not much investigative journalism at DW!

    As for balance, there WAS a French Government spokesman allowed to be heard…


    ….for even less time than that allotted to a leftist lawyer, who, we were told, has represented numerous ‘alleged’ ISIS scum.

    She proceeded to argue that ‘their crime began in France so they should be tried there!’



    But the vermin LEFT France in order to reach the satanic ‘caliphate,’ so, while a taste for treason and terrorism undoubtedly motivated their departure, what ‘crimes’ did they commit until they had arrived in the rape-gang’s stronghold?

    That lawyer bint is full of sh-t!

    Still, the DW reporter, Lisa Louis, did tell the truth about surveys of French opinion…

    …which hugely supports keeping ISIS vermin out of France, and corralled in Mid- East detention.

    Which, in a democratic country, should settle the matter.


    I thought that was it, but DW suddenly hauled in a female named Rumyana Van Ark, who works for something called the ‘International Centre for Counter Terrorism!’

    Sounds promising, I hear you say?

    But we just got more stuff about how we should make things easier for the detainees.

    She even whined about the ‘deplorable’ conditions (boo-hoo!) which, she suggested, ‘can trigger further radicalisation,’ as if the mangy sows could get significantly more satanic than they already are!

    And not a word about stringing the b-stards up…



    ….which would solve the problem instantly!

    But then her ICCT is funded by the Dutch Government, which is subject to Brussels..



    …and thus would not be permitted, even if it wished, to continue funding any organisation that talked such good sense!

    • Chrissie Miles 19:53 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have had a look at that ICCT website and they get lots of funding from unnamed non governnent sources.
      Would it be fanciful to speculate on Sauron gold being involved?


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 20:08 on July 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is one strange story. This man wants to keep his name off the tv news but is more than happy to talk with his face fully visible?
      Do they think nobody in France watches DW?
      I have watched it from start to finish like you did, Ross, and his daughter wasn’t even one of those who can claim she was ‘forced’ to follow a jihadist husband.
      She does not deserve to be allowed back into France.
      She does not deserve to have custody of a child either, an unfit mother by anyone’s reckoning.
      The ‘grandfather’ needs to be investigated.
      He has something to hide!


  • ross1948 17:10 on July 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Astounding! German TFPC Puts UK Pravda To Shame! 

    I had switched to DW, and was all ready to switch somewhere else, after seeing that pinko git Goff mouthing off, his usual bigot bias on display when he started snivelling about  ‘White House politicisation of the pandemic.’

    Surely even an ex-CNN hack like him…


    Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons! 

    ….must be aware of the constant efforts by the Media-Democrat party in the USA to exploit the Chinese Virus Crisis!

    However, I was distracted by Katty the Cat’s endeavours to grab my salad sandwich ( it included smoked beef, of which she insists on fair shares!) so hadn’t changed channels when one of their black news- woman appeared, rabbiting ignorantly about blacks in the UK having had to deal with years of ‘racism and discrimination..’



    Of course that’s hogwash.

    But when they began a segment featuring an agreeably busty young black gal with blonde hair, I expected unmitigated partisan tripe.

    NOT SO!

    Firstly, Imarn Ayton did not talk total rot.

    She does have some outrageous ideas, like having ‘quotas’ to give jobs to blacks whether they are as qualified as non-blacks or not.

    That’s aping America, where even high court judges have seen through it.

    Nice One, SCOTUS! Michigan Students Freed From PC Discrimination 


    Quotas would of course be as unjust as the racist ‘affirmative action’ programmes in America which blatantly and unfairly disadvantage non-blacks.

    But while Imarn harbours the fantastical notion that ‘institutionalised racism’ is a real thing ( any more than the US version, ‘systemic racism’ is anything but a manufactured war-cry to spread hate! ) at least she apparently has the sense to reject the evil BLM agenda item about replacing the police with ‘committees of public safety.’

    When They ‘Re-Imagine Public Safety?’ Read History! 

    And she really, really, really dislikes being told –

     ‘You’re attractive for a black woman.’



    Imarn Ayton, an activist who led tens of thousands at recent protests in London, poses for a portrait near her Peckham home in south London,

    Imarn Ayton

    In fact, as already noted, she IS quite attractive, by anyone’s standards.

    However, the BIG shock came when DW revealed it was going to provide a fair and balanced report!


    After their repeated brazen bias-bleats on all manner of subjects, for years…

    DW – German Bias Channel Welcomes US. Hate Group Ranter! 

    ….they actually had a Brit who reflects the nationwide hostility to BLM which the BBC’s coven – The Maitlis, Awful Embley and the rest -strive with demonic determination to keep off their viewers’ tv screens.




    The opposition spokesman was a guy named David Kurten, a Brexit Alliance councillor and currently an independent candidate for London Mayor, who seems to be just about as black as Imarn!

    It was a delight to hear him say that the BLM propaganda was rubbish, that Britain s one of the best countries in the world that black people can live in…

    ….and that quotas demeaned those who benefited from their iniquitous discriminatory elevation of individuals on the basis of race.

    So what happened at DW?

    Fair play?

    Can it last?

    Probably not, but I shall be watching carefully.


    At least today they put their counterparts at UK Pravda to shame!


    • Lois Wadden 17:33 on July 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is quite well known after the Daily Mail covered her exposure of the very dangerous communists who are raking in money from mugs.
      It’s extremely unusual as you say for any state broadcaster in Western Europe to report on this kind of thing fairly.
      Either there is more to this than meets the eye or else the chief censor had a day off and his apprentices were distracted by Imarn’s bust!


  • ross1948 19:05 on June 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC, DW, Other Rotten Media, Hide Stuttgart Truth! 

    As soon as I saw the little text news on the BBC screen about rioting in Stuttgart, I suspected the UK’s very own Pravda would be busily hiding the origins of those involved.


    Savages amok in Stuttgart


    But I believe in due diligence, so I checked and OF COURSE neither the ‘British’ tax-funded channel nor their equally dishonest ‘German’ equivalent, DW..


    …told us that the ferocious mayhem began when police tackled Turks and Kurds who were engaged in the illicit drug trade.


    That truth had to be tracked down.

    This report below reveals what kind of undesirable aliens were involved, and is backed up with videos – so you can see for yourselves the joys of multikulti in Stuttgart!


    ….the protesters virtually had full control of the city and the authorities for a while had to stand back helpless while reinforcements were rushed to the area.


    A shocking episode, which could have been quickly ended, had the German cops been free to use their fire-arms…



    …and do what should be done to violent savages!


    • Inge S 19:30 on June 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It is now what we long expect and just like at the Hauptbahnhof on that New Year, most media are not saying the guilty are the non German criminals.
      So you have it right it is best idea to shoot them.


  • ross1948 22:44 on February 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons! 

    Brent Goff is a nauseating pinko creep, as regular readers know well.

    Lugenpresse! DW’s Fake-News Ex-CNN Hack LIES! 

    As an ex-CNN hack, Goff lives up to, well, down to, the abysmal standards he presumably absorbed when he was with the Clinton News Network.


    Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW, whom we have noticed before  

    Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias!


    This week, he excelled his biased self, a rant about Donald Trump’s pardoning of a handful of prominent prisoners in the USA.

    A ‘pardoning frenzy,’ Goff impartially called it, and then introduced his guest, James Robenalt, another American, who ranted that Trump, like Nixon, is ‘authoritarian.’

    Critics say Trump pardons are attack on the rule of law’ – said the text on the DW screen

    ….but no balanced text to say that…y

    non-critics say they were not!

    Goff obliged in turn, pointing out that another impeachment was possible, but even Robenalt admitted that such action would be ‘political suicide.’

    If you read a few reports by informed Americans on Trump’s pardons….


    …you can make up your own mind.

    But if you are informed about the record of Trump’s predecessor, Obummer, whose executive clemency was extended to…

    A traitor in every sense, in 2013 Manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

    Nor was the traitor tranny the only unrepentant evil-doer unleashed by that worst-ever POTUS!


    Related image

    How about convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera…a leader of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN), a Puerto Rican terrorist group responsible for 130 attacks in the United States, and at least six deaths.


    That vile scumbag was sent down for seven decades, but Obummer let him walk.

    You may wonder if Goff waxed indignant back when Obama showed his true colours.

    I don’t recall any news of the little DW creep complaining then.

    Probably because he wouldn’t, would he?



  • ross1948 23:48 on February 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    What The HELL Is Surprising About Patriot Party Poll Advance? 

    It’s certainly curious that the far-left Die Linke party…


    Die Linke, heir to the Soviet collabos


    …has ‘surged’ in a Thuringian poll, but not in the least surprising that Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU has slumped.



    Nobody who considers himself or herself remotely conservative should have anything to do with the CDU, whose Fuhrerin in Berlin threw a tantrum, or as much of a tantrum as can be expected of a fat old bat, in her fury that the Left were kept out of power.

    However the engrained bias of Deutsche Welle is blindingly obvious when they say this in their report –

    Perhaps most surprisingly, however, is that despite the outcry, support for the AfD improved slightly, from 23.4% to 24%.

    What is in any sense ‘surprising’ about that?

    The AfD did nothing wrong. They were elected properly and exercised their right – their duty, surely – to vote against the ascent of the far-left heirs of the DDR quisling regime.

    If anything is surprsing, it’s that their increase in voter support is not greater.

    PS Oddly, DW makes no mention of Mama’s coalition chums, the Socialist SPD. Have they been totally squished, their remaining voters gone over to the more full-blooded reds in Die Linke?

    More of this by the weekend.

    • Heine 16:29 on February 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The AfD do nothing but legally representation of their policy and their voters
      It is Merkel who always gets angry at democracy.


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