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  • ross1948 18:26 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias! 

    Deja vu

    Two Arrogant Examples of the Enemy Within? The Matarella/Merkel Axis


    That bearded American creep, Brent Goof, who ‘does’ the Deutsche Welle news ( does it in, more like! ) was in spectacular bias mode this morning…


    Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW


    …feeding lines to a leftist Italian MEP –  who hardly needed it, such was her vitriolic hostility to the defenders of democracy in her own country.


    Hasil gambar untuk elly schlein

    Elly Schlein MEP – ‘ Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament’


    The sheer dishonesty of the German tax-funded broadcaster was exemplified by their complete failure to identify Elly Schlein’s party allegiance  – so that meant a brief bout of research on my part.


    Red Renzi- remember him?

    Sure enough, she’s a leading member of Red Renzi’s leftist ‘Democrat’ Party, which, need I remind you, was HAMMERED in the Italian elections.

    DW’s Little Sir Echo, ex-CNN hack Brent Goff, eagerly orchestrated Comrade Schlein’s harangue against the elected representatives of Five Star and the Lega, with neat little cues like –

    That’s exactly what these anti-euro parties wanted, right?’

    …’right? surely ‘left?‘…


    As if they had plotted to give Bastardo Matarelli no choice but to sabotage all the long hard months of work the pro-Italian pair had put into putting together a new Italian government…


    Patriot Lega leader Salvini


    …with Extremist Elly singling out Matteo Salvini, suggesting he had deliberately provoked the constitutional crisis, by choosing as nominee for Minister of Finance a distinguished economist who has recognised the euro system as a “German Cage,” just so Sergio Bastardo Matarella, as an EUSSR lapdog, would be bound to refuse him – can’t have dissent heard from Rome, can we?


    The Puppeteer?

    Hence Merkel’s media lapdogs’ furious animosity, I guess.

    DW boldly sent interviewers onto Rome’s streets, where they managed to talk to no less than THREE ‘shoppers‘ of whom TWO were pro-Bastardo and NONE were supporters of the Salvini/DI Maio people-power alliance!

    All hail DW’s commitment to objective reporting!



    I have relatively few Italian readers, who all seem to be well-informed, so they don’t need me to urge that they show the world that DW’s carefully selected ‘Italian-in-the-street’ interviewees do NOT speak for Italy.


    Join the pro-democracy demo in Rome on 2nd June!



    Drive that BASTARDO Matarella OUT of the Quirinal Palace.



  • ross1948 15:43 on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Czechs Keep Biased DW Off-Balance! 

    It was 10pm last night when I got fed up with CNN’s endless yapping about that crotchety old Congressbat in the silly cowboy hat…


    Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., talks to reporters, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, in Miami Gardens, Fla. Wilson is standing by her statement that President Donald Trump told Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson killed in an ambush in Niger, that her husband "knew what he signed up for." In a Wednesday morning tweet, Trump said Wilson's description of the call was "fabricated." (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

    ….who thinks an ‘empty barrel’ is a racist slur – demented ould biddy! So I switched to DW for some Germanic-style bias.

    Nor was I disappointed.


    Hasil gambar untuk czech map


    Their mustachioed newsman was reporting how the Czech ‘populist’ candidate, Mr. Babis, was ahead in the legislative elections.

    As ever no effort to explain what’s meant by populist!


    It has, after all, no real meaning, except that a party pays attention to what the people think, and is therefore often quite popular!

    However, usually when there’s some party in the news that’s derided as ‘populist,’ the Media-Creeps throw in an extra abusive epithet  –


    Think of AfD, or Austria’s FPO, or Marine in France. The Media-Creeps use the adjectives as more or less interchangeable,  just one of the ways they slant the news against patriots!

    But suddenly, we heard that, besides those ‘populists…’


    Hasil gambar untuk Tomio Okamura babis

    Okamura (left)                                Babis (right)


    – there was a far-right party, led by Tomio Okamura.

    It’s called ‘Freedom and Direct Democracy,’ and if you study his message, no wonder he did so well, winning over ten percent of the vote!

    “We are living under a total EU dictatorship,” the 45-year-old politician said in a pub in Prague’s historical center. “Not even the Soviet Union dared to dictate to us who should live here and who shouldn’t. 

    How a Tokyo-Born Outsider Became the Face of Czech Nationalism

    And it’s hard to deploy the usual racist smear against the son of a Czech mother and a Japanese-Korean father...

    How confusing for DW and all the other left-lib propaganda channels.

    I checked another source. Not much better. According to Radio Prague, the winning party, ANO, has a leader who is, wait for it…


    That’s another word batted around against leaders who stray from the preferred song-sheet… Andrej Babiš: the divisive central figure in Czech politics -as if the job of a party leader is NOT to define clearly how his party differs from the others.

    As I said, at length, not long ago…

    Prick Up Your Ears When You Hear ‘Divisive!’ 

    …what else is an election for, if not to reflect in parliaments the division of opinions among the electorate?

    However, off-balance though DW might have been, that Herr Moustache still bravely stuck to their engrained bias.

    Talking to a Czech analyst, on Okamura’s success, he asked –

    …if there was a fear that it might push the party’s anti-EU, anti-migrant, views into the mainstream…  .


    If I had asked if there was HOPE that the SPD might push sensible views into the mainstream, you’d say I was biased.  Fair enough. I’m a blogger.

    BUT Deutsche Welle claims to be impartial, objective, in its coverage of news.

    So FEAR?  

    Not a ‘possibility.’

    Not a ‘chance.’



    Hasil gambar untuk scary


    Objective? Impartial?

    Forget it – it’s DW we’re talking about!

    • Josh Daneille 17:18 on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Crotchety old Congressbat!?
      I love that, sums her up so well.
      Sorry, dunno enough about the Czechs to comment on their election but I am going to speed your description of that nasty woman around my contacts.


    • Otto J D 22:17 on October 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Herr Moustache is Matt Hermann and he would not keep his DW job for very long if he is not liberal.
      He is not the worst in DW,
      That will be Melinda Crane who is a foreigner from America but rises high because she is so left.. ,


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