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    Everyone Says This Is Worth Watching! 

    In 2018 Kisin made headlines when he refused to sign a “behavioural agreement” form explaining a “no tolerance policy” with regard to racism, sexismclassismageismhomophobiabiphobiaxenophobiaIslamophobiaanti-religion and anti-atheism when asked to perform at a fundraising gig for UNICEF at SOAS, University of London.

    The form explained those topics were not banned, but stated the topics should be discussed in a “respectful and non-abusive way” and presented in a way that is “respectful and kind…”.

    That’s from his Wikipedia entry.


    Konstantin Kisin on Rebel Wisdom.jpg

    Konstantin Kisin


     A viral video of a British satirist tackling “woke” culture and climate alarmism has garnered more than five million views.

    “About 15 months ago, my wife got pregnant,” said Konstantin Kisin during a recent Oxford Union debate.

    “Not me – we’re old school.”

    Watch his full speech here.  READ  

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    Oakville Freako Outrage Update! 



    The sheer surreal nighmarish nature of what Halton District School Board has unleashed on the Oakville children whose safety during days in the classroom ought to be their top priority…


    Oakville Freak-Show? Tell ‘Em Off!

    ….has shocked many people not only in Canada but all around the world….



    ..thanks to honest media from GMB in the UK to small resistance blogs like ours.

    Here’s the GMB link, to restoke your righteous wrath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2CJlDhKei4


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    Skip Kevin Spacey! Here’s A Brave Way To “Come Out!’ 

    Once again, we have news of Mass Resistance, that excellent organisation founded in the USA but active around the world in the resistance to gaystapo evil. Whilst American have suffered grievously at the hands of homo hate-freaks…

    …in the United Kingdom the entire state apparatus, police, courts, local and national government, has been co-opted to enforce that evil agenda.

    There’s a nationwide inquisition in progress…


    ….the foulest aspect of which must surely be the use of schools to indoctrinate the youth with the offensive delusion that sexual perversion is somehow ‘normal!’

    So a welcome addition to the arsenal, in the form of its video. Spread it as far and as fast as you can, because freedom, under Theresa May, is under threat.


    Telling the truth is a risky business.


    Just posted on the MassResistance website:

    VIDEO from MassResistance in the United Kingdom:
    “Be yourself: Coming out as a homophobe.” Fighting back in an oppressive anti-family nation. 

    So-called ‘homophobia’ is illegal in the UK and can result in arrest. Here’s how our MassResistance-UK chapter deals with it! More

    The video was considered to be dangerous enough that their UK-based video-hosting company – run by conservatives – told us they were afraid to post it.

    Help us continue our work!

    MassResistance fights to protect parents and families across America and overseas from the radical agendas. We depend on people like you for financial support.

    Help us continue our critical work. Donate to MassResistance

    Better yet – become a monthly donor (email us to get set up)

    Donations can also be mailed to: MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454
    ALL donations are confidential. MassResistance does not sell or lend any of its lists.

    Contact us if you want to get involved!

    For all recent posts see our website.

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    Fight YouTube’s Leftist Censors – Sign Here! 

    I honestly had not heard of Prager U before last week, and given the determined efforts by’social media’ giants like You Tube, I suspect many of you readers haven’t either.


    Hasil gambar untuk prager university


    However, in view of their appeal  – that we make people aware of their petition –  I checked them out. 


    They make videos to educate millennials and Lord Knows, that’s something that’s badly needed!

    See for yourselves, and read this Wall Street Journal article, of which I offer a part here…


    Tech giants like Google and Facebook always deny that their platforms favor some viewpoints over others, but then they don’t do much to avoid looking censorious. This week a conservative radio host and author is wondering why YouTube classifies his educational web clips as “potentially objectionable” material.

    Warning: This Article Is Educational – WSJ


    This is the message YouTube DOESN’T want you to read. That’s because YouTube, the world’s number one video sharing site, doesn’t like conservatives or conservative ideas.

    In fact, YouTube has gone out of its way to block conservative ideas from those who need them the most: university students, parents and people seeking to educate themselves in public spaces.

    Recently, YouTube “restricted” a number of informational videos produced by PragerU, a non-profit conservative educational organization, which aims to spread awareness of pro-American ideas, history, capitalism, and conservative values.

    You can fight back!

    By placing PragerU’s educational videos on YouTube’s “restricted list”, YouTube has made it impossible for people to access them in public places. According to the YouTube guideline for restricted videos, the PragerU videos that YouTube has restricted have “potentially objectionable” and “potentially inappropriate” content.

    Let’s be clear: these videos are not restricted for anything violent or racy. On the contrary, PragerU’s five-minute, animated videos are uncommonly wholesome. These videos are restricted because, simply stated, YouTube objects to their ideas – conservative ideas.

    We need your help to tell YouTube that their restriction of PragerU videos is wrong. Add your name to our petition, and join the thousands of Americans who value the free exchange of ideas.

    We’re confident that our principles – American principles – can withstand open discussion and rigorous scrutiny. It’s telling that our adversaries don’t feel the same way about their own.


    • Hughie Lester 13:04 on October 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You make a good point, about giving political leaders a word of encouragement when they do good things.
      If we only complain when they make mistakes, it’s all stick and no carrot.
      Not that I say politicians are asses.


    • Cory Murano 15:31 on October 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Facebook,Google, Youtuber, all these social media giants in the hands of liberal billionaires.
      We need to get alternatives going but we conservatives never seem to have the money men on our side.
      But somebody did once say blessed are the poor.


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