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    Remainer Rebel Bob Neill’s A Lawyer – And Worse! 

    On the tried and tested principle of ‘Know Your Enemy,’ we took a quick look into this geezer Bob Neill, MP, and were not surprised to learn that he’s a lawyer by trade.


    Official portrait of Sir Robert Neill MP crop 2.jpg

    Europhiliac Neill actually looks like a lawyer!

    He’s also a Freemason – I was thinking the other day, with the virus ban on handshaking…

    …how do Freemasons recognise each other when they meet for the first time?

    But that’s their problem.

    Sir Bob Neill is a problem for Brits who understand that the Brussels Empire is an implacable enemy!



    It was interesting to read that even Boris Johnson has openly admitted this…


    Boris Johnson: EU a threat to integrity of the UK

    PM defends decision to alter Brexit divorce deal, saying he cannot hand Brussels the ‘power to carve up our country’ Daily Telegraph, 12/9


    …though whether Bojo has the guts to say this to the Euro-Commissars’ arrogant faces remains to be seen.

    Incidentally, Bojo’s political judgement must still be in grave doubt after he had the Queen confer a knighthood on Neill, as recently as this year, for political services!

    Because Neill is what he always has been, a Europhiliac, who has been identified as having, not once, but TWICE…


    ….backed the ghastly un-conservative Kenneth Clarke as Conservative Party leader.

    And now Neill is the author of an amendment which would undermine Johnson’s attempt, albeit timid and belated, to tackle Brussels’ insidious intention to undermine British Ulster’s place in the United Kingdom.

    Ireland FURY: Dublin lashes out at Boris Johnson over Brexit…

    We know that Neill is a man whose stalwart devotion to following the letter of the law is a matter of record.

    As of 2008, Neill claims an allowance for a second home outside London, despite his constituency home being only 12 miles from Westminster.[17]

    A spokesman said that his claims were “in accordance with the rules”.[18]   Wikipedia

    We also know Johnson’s move must be in the right direction because Ulster’s bad neighbour, expansionist Eire, is angry!


    Image result for evil irishman


    Boris attacked by Taoiseach after Brexit plan shock


    Johnson cannot, unfortunately, recall that knighthood, but he can expel Neill from the Parliamentary Conservative Party if the posh barrister persists with that wrecking amendment.



    It will be a test of Bojo toughness to see if such expulsion is decreed, as happened once before, but before any patriotic Brits cheer any such move, best bide yer time, as they say…



    Bojo Brings Back Half The Rat-Pack! 

    …because the last time Johnson flexed his ‘muscles’ like that, he performed one of his many u-turns and let a lot of them back in!



    • Petra Malley 22:08 on September 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Is it not enlightening, how a rich barrister (there are no other kind of barristers) can and happily does claim a substantial allowance in respect of a ‘second home, ‘ despite his constituency, Bromley, being a London borough only a short train journey to and from Westminster.
      It is possible, probable, that barristers do not use public transport but that is another question, the answer to which would also be enlightening.
      As to Johnson, he has a large enough majority to get his little alteration passed. I think it would be wonderful if May joined Neill in rebellion and was expelled.
      She might turn on the water-works again and flood Parlianent Square!


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    GFA Anniversary-Sinn Fein Evil Embedded In Eire Society! 

    Especially on this anniversary of the shameful Bad Friday Deal…



    …Ulster’s British people will be contemplating the historical expansionist hostility that forever simmers just across the frontier.


    Among Brits on the mainland, however, there may still be a lingering naivety about their country’s ancestral enemy.

    That should be, can be, MUST be, transformed into a realisation that it’s not just dimwit millennials, bored with Eire’s old parties, that has raised a vicious ethnic-cleansing gang to the brink of parliamentary power.

    Take a careful look at the comely face of satanic evil below!


    Elisha McCallionElisha McCallion

    Again, it makes you think of those horror films, where an alluring damsel sooner or later reveals herself to be nothing less than a foul demoness…



    …and that McCallion vixen is foul, an unapologetic servant of the Sinn Fein cause, the same blood-thirsty sectarian cause that waged war on innocents for decades…




    …a ‘public health emergency’ if ever there were. At least the Chinese Virus doesn’t single out people because of how they worship God!



    The fiendish female has just been elected to Eire’s upper legislative house.

    She was a candidate on the Industrial and Commercial Panel for election to the Seanad…

    She topped the poll after the first count, but had to wait until the 31st round to secure her seat.

    One almost has to smile – but not quite – at her quoted words.

    Her immediate priority, she said, is “dealing with the ongoing public health emergency…”

    How ironic, when her party were the cheer-leaders for the cowardly sectarian filth of the IRA murder gang….



    …vicious brutes like Martin ‘Murder’ McGuinness.

    The Eire Senate is modelled, wittingly or not, on the fascist ‘coporate state’ idea.

    Forty-three of the 60 seanad seats are decided through elections to five vocational panels, which represent various sections of society….the others are appointed by the taoiseach (Irish prime minister) and elected by graduates of the University of Dublin and the National University of Ireland.https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-foyle-west-52150587

    So the poison of Sinn Fein is no ephemeral ‘protest vote!’ No temporary blip caused by a brat bloc of frustrated millennials.

    The ‘Industrial and Commercial Panel’ is as mainstream as it gets.

    Eire’s underlying Nazi-style expansionist urge has never gone away.

    Although there is no moral, historical or logical case for the annexation of British Ulster, Eire clings to the evil dream, and only very foolish British leadership would expect anything else.


    • Billy King 00:35 on April 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      All very true, Ross.
      I wish the government in London would pay as much attention to the other side of the water as you do. Eire is our enemy and always will be, until they get rid of the idea that we Ulster people should be taken over by their republic.
      It is just insulting that anyone should say we dont have the right to be who we are.
      We are British, and want nothing to do with Eire.


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    Nasty Nancy – Trump’s Sworn Foe, Britain’s Enemy Too! 

    Most Brits who take an interest in their country’s well-being will never forget that Donald Trump took their side in the Brexit battle…



    …in contrast to Obummer’s overtly anti-British, pro-Brussels antics.

    ( as of course Canadians will remember the creep’s arrogant intrusion into their internal politics )

    Obummer The Meddler Seeks To Succour Turd


    This week we have another reminder of the existence of   pro-Brussels collabos in the USA, in this particular report the notorious Nasty Nancy aka ‘La Plastica’ Pelosi…



    …her Democrat faction invoked by a Sinn Fein scumbag in Eire’s legislature as a champion who will subvert any UK/US trade deal unless BoJo knuckles under to EUSSR arrogance on the Ulster/Eire frontier dispute.

    The Democrats have long been infested with Sinn Fein sympathisers, but La Plastica’s prima-donna tantrum last month…

    ….when she childishly tore up her copy of the President’s State of the Union speech, was a useful warning of the fanaticism likely to emerge in the months ahead.

    After all, given her rabid hostility to any moves towards securing her own country’s borders, British people should not be in the least surprised that she wants to leave a British province’s border as open as possible…

    …despite the proximity of a hostile and expansionist republic.


  • ross1948 21:18 on January 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Loyalty Oath? ‘Appease Murder-Gang Fans,’ Say Catholic Magazine! 

    There’s a Catholic magazine called ‘The Tablet,’ which, to the best of my recollection, used to be a very respectable publication…


    …the favourite reading material of a Catholic friend of mine, the owner of the shop where I worked during my school holidays, who occasionally used to read me extracts in vain hopes of recruiting me for Rome.

    Argie Dope’s Dorks – A Pray-Day, But Not For Crimmigrants’ Prey! 

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security!”

    My friend passed on years ago, but if he were still around, he’d be so horrified by the Argie Dope’s asininities that he might have converted out of his denomination!

    But I never thought The Tablet would descend to the disgusting level it reached this month, when the ‘influential Catholic weekly The Tablet called for the House of Commons’ oath of allegiance to be modified in order that Irish republicans can take their seats.’

    Do the editors not know that the ‘Irish republicans’ they are talking about are Sinn Fein, the ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder-gang?

    Murder McGuinness in terrorist gear

    A leader column in the international weekly urges a similar oath to that at Stormont, where MLAs promise to obey the law rather than pledging allegiance to the British monarch.

    True, there’s an argument for a change – in the Stormont oath, created by the sell-outs in Westminster as part of the appeasement package.

    Making Sinn Fein MLAs pledge allegiance would put the vermin in their proper place -OUT!

    The Tablet said the present oath “may be regarded as a historical relic of past religious troubles”.

    It’s not any religious aspect of the oath that upsets Sinn Finn/IRA scumbags – it’s the very idea that they should be expected to be loyal to the country they live in, the UK, and not to the alien and hostile republic…

    …which has always salivated at the prospect of bringing British Ulster under Dublin rule!

    And continues, under its present leadership, so to salivate!


    ….There’s one thing that I would like to say though – I am somebody who firmly believes in a united Ireland and I believe a united Ireland in my lifetime is possible…’ 

    • Jock Tamson 22:22 on January 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why would we drop the oath to let these b-stards come into the Commons? There are enough anti-British MPs there already, that we saw when those SNP bozos deliberately messed about with their oaths.
      And another Separatist named McCaskill was just after telling us the traditional prayers have to go too, because we have let so many non-Christians live in our country?


    • Tommy Deacon 02:14 on January 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I never understand why Varadkar and almost everybody else in Dublin want a ‘United Ireland.’
      If all those British Protestant Unionists are against it, what’s the use or value in going against their wishes?


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    ‘Re-Unification?’ Don’t Hold Yer Breath, Senator Daly! 

    If you have read The Times this week, you will be aware that a prominent member of one of Eire’s major political parties has told the expansionist element in his country that “Ireland should heed the lessons of Brexit and prepare for reunification before any referendum…”



    By ‘Ireland,’ one assumes, he is referring to Eire, because ‘Ireland’ is a mere geographical expression, an island on which dwell two distinct nations, neither of whom has any right to aspire to absorb the other by any kind of annexation, by paramilitary coercion…

    …or by ‘border poll.’

    I know I have said this all before, but there are still too many mainland Brits insufficiently acquainted with the historical and/or ethnic realities, who may be susceptible to mystification by constant misuse of the name ‘Ireland…’



    …into thinking that the proximity of the two peoples, each with a right to self-determination, allows for absorption of the smaller by the larger into a republic repugnant to that smaller nation’s sense of national identity.

    ‘Re-unification?’ The island was only united politically under rule from London! Bet that’s not what’s being discussed in Dublin!

    Clearly, Fianna Fail Senator Mark Daly has forgotten the lines of one of his nation’s songs, about fighting so that ‘small nations might be free!’


    Image result for senator mark daly

    Mark Daly

    His warning to Varadkar that ‘ministers were acting recklessly by failing to hold risk assessments’ may sound like practical advice but in fact it’s just offensive to the British people of Ulster.



    The real ‘risk’ which Daly, and Varadkar, and their Sinn Fein fellow-travellers, will face if they think a border poll plurality, or indeed majority, for the extension of Dublin sovereignty over the Ulster-Brits, is easily and quickly assessed.

    It’s called WAR, and while no Ulsterman or woman wants a war, equally, none of them will sit back and see their country go quietly into the nightmare of alien rule.

    Image result for bismarck counting majorities


    Any such expansionist antics by Eire would be met with what Bismarck called ‘Blood and Iron.’

    A righteous fight would see to it that Dublin, Cork, Limerick and the rest of Eire’s urban communities would get a taste of what Dublin’s cat’s-paws dished out…



    ….to Belfast and Londonderry and the rest of Ulster over those harsh years.

    Though unlike the savages of Sinn Fein/IRA…



    …the Ulster resistance fighters would not prey on the innocent.

    So let’s send Mark Daly a message, His facile conclusion, that ‘a vote on uniting Ireland should only happen “at the end of a very long process”  ‘ is over-optimistic.



    If the Enemy Within wins in a border poll, there must needs be immediate moves towards Re-Partition of the British Isles, namely the removal of alien-infested areas like Crossmaglen.

    Once the disloyal dregs are subtracted…

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    Those Nasty Prods Won’t Kow-Tow To Treason, Damn Them! 

    There’s only a minority speak Erse in the unfirendly neighbouring republic that’s yet again meddling in Ulster’s affairs. In Ulster itself only a TINY minority can claim it as their mother-tongue.

    The only reason it’s been elevated to an issue is the obvious one, that the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang and their big pals in Dublin value it as…

    A – a means of putting down the British people of Ulster, teaching them who’s boss..


    B – another step in aligning the land they covet with Eire, where Erse is an official language.


    That’s why Dublin and its running dogs in the westernmost part of the UK are determined on exalting an alien lingo.

    But reading the Guardian report, we learn it’d not just what they inaccurately call the ‘Irish Government’ ( inaccurate because Ireland is a geographical expression, not a country) but also the BRITISH Government, yes Bojo’s team…



    …,which ‘have blamed the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) for holding up a compromise deal to revive Northern Ireland’s dormant assembly.’

    Mincing Varadkar and SF/IRA are those that want the language exalted, purely as a triumphalist step towards annexation.

  • Any British Government should unquestionably support those loyal to the British Crown, especially since they are blood of our blood and spirit of our spirit.

    Yet we hear some twit named Julian, Julian Smith, the Northern Ireland secretary, lament how he’s “bitterly disappointed” and that talks would probably be paused over Christmas to give all parties time to “reflect” before trying again in January. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/19/dup-blamed-for-holding-up-stormont-compromise-deal

    I know there are people in the DUP who want to move forward and I would urge them to move forward so we can get this done,” he said.


     Secretary of State Julian Smith at Stormont –  Sonofabitch!


    Who is this creep?

    Sad to say he was born a Scot, but plainly has no sense of duty to the Scots across the water. If you look up his role in the Commons ‘pairing’ scandal, you will see he’s an extremely dishonourable man.

    How dare he tell the DUP to ‘reflect’ when it’s little meddling Tank-Top Varadkar…

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs

    Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 

    ….as Bojo probably refers to him behind his back ( I’m sure Johnson doesn’t feel safe if Varadkar is behind HIS back!) and Blood-Beast Adams’ gang, that could end the impasse right away by shutting down their insolent snash.

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    Sinn Fein/IRA – Eire’s Collabo-Cops Forced To Face Kingsmills Questions? 

    ‘Dublin is on trial for covering up for the IRA!’

    Well said, Alan Kane QC, on the subject of the sectarian murder-gang’s atrocity at Kingsmills in County Armagh in 1976.

    He, and we, are calling for Eire cops to be forced to tell the truth about what their colleagues knew back then.

    No less than ten blameless British Ulstermen, honest workers, killed in cold blood –  simply for their faith.


    The cowardly republican scum slaughtered their defenceless victims then – as so often – scuttled off to safety across the border, in the hostile republic which guaranteed so many such bestial brutes sanctuary.



    You should read the whole report to refresh your memory, because, sad to say, while Ulster folk will never forget the foul crimes committed by the terrorist traitors whose ‘political wing’ was then, and is still today, none other than Sinn Fein…



    …too many mainland Brits lose track of the many evils done by those with whom Tony Blair did his dirty Bad Friday Deal.

    After sustained pressure, then Taoiseach Enda Kenny met the families in Bessbrook in March 2015 and promised them full cooperation with the inquest.

    But over four years later, the families say they have yet to see any significant disclosure from the Garda.


    I have every sympathy with those families.


    Kenny in Blood-Beast Adams’ embrace




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    Will Even A Dozen Dubliners Pen Apologies To Britain? 

    Dear Britain … Write an open letter to UK voters

    The Irish Times invites Irish readers to write an open letter to Britain and its citizens 


    Related image

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

    After the spiteful, aggressive, rabidly hostile antics of Varadkar and his ministerial flunkeys over the last three years – and Eire’s rancid record over the past seventy something years – the great majority of Brits might reasonably expect to receive bushels of letters – of apology.



    Dublin signed a treaty, solemnised and registered with the League of Nations, nearly a century  ago, recognising Ulster’s right to self-determination.

    A plan consequent to that treaty, to adjust the land border the better to ensure ethnic homogeneity..


    …was ditched due to Dublin’s arrogant refusal to countenance the reciprocal transfer of even an inch or two of territory.

    De Valera’s frolicking with Nazi envoys and his lamentation over Hitler’s death…

    This was indeed a deadly moment in our life, and if it had not been for the loyalty and friendship of Northern Ireland we should have been forced to come to close quarters with Mr. de Valera or perish forever from the earth.

    However, with a restraint and poise to which, I say, history will find few parallels, we never laid a violent hand upon them…

    ..Image result for devalera hitler

    ….which at times would have been quite easy and quite natural, and left the de Valera Government to frolic with the German and later with the Japanese representatives to their heart’s content.


    Dublin/Berlin- ‘Nexus’ or Axis? 

    Eire’s refusal to extradite savage Sinn Fein/IRA terrorists…

    ...the Provos continued to use the Republic as a launch pad, and numerous requests for extradition of the most evil perpetrators of republican crimes were continually refused…

    …and the Dublin government’s subversive stance on “Europe’s” solidarity during the fight against Argentina’s expansionist aggression in the South Atlantic…


    Image result for evil irishman

    Eire’s bigotedly anti-British Defence Minister branded Britain as the aggressor, a crude and ignorant jibe…Dublin’s entire foreign policy was based on imposing foreign rule on a British community…Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing 

    …have not been forgotten, nor forgiven, nor have Varadkar’s intrusions into a peaceful neighbour’s internal affairs…

    Mind Your Erse! Varadkar Minces Into Ulster’s Internal Affairs


    Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 


    So the letters of apology due from the Irish Times’s readers should be lengthy and fulsome.


    Don’t be waiting for the postman ( oops, the PC ‘letter-carrier!’) at the garden gate, all you British readers.

    You’ll likely get not a word of contrition from a country with no conscience.



    If you use the link to read the invitation, it says you too are invited to write something.

    A few of the historical/political facts listed above may inspire your composition of demands for Eire apologies!

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    Mind How Ye Go, Sammy – Labour Will Betray Ulster In A Trice! 

    Bercow was a rightwing pipsqueak when I knew him in London years ago.

    Now he’s a leftist, up to his neck in Europhilia, giving LibDems and Labour every chance ot scuttle even the semi-Brexit Johnson is presenting to parliament.


    But every patriot in the UK by now expects nothing else from the pompous little creep.

    Fascinating Historical Footnotes! 

    Besides, Brits have handled unworthy Speakers before.

    What is unexpected is the way the DUP is behaving, a patriot party consorting with collabos like Starmer, who’s invited them to collaborate.

    “…if you want to work with us to make this situation better, our door is open,” he says.

    What’s that about long spoons required…?

    …another DUP source meanwhile refused to rule out backing a customs union amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. 

    “Clearly that would be one way we could look at addressing our concerns,” they told the paper.

    What is, however, distressing, is what we’re hearing from Sammy Wilson, who can’t be blamed for what he said yesterday when he reiterated his anger at Johnson.

    Sammy is fundamentally a good guy.


    Hasil gambar untuk sammy Wilson MP

    Time For Counter-Revolution – Sammy Wilson for Education Secretary! 

    He must know, moreover, that the Labour Party, with a mere handful of honourable exceptions, like Kate Hoey MP, who is facing a witch-hunt by the left in her own constituency, has a long and dishonourable history of favouring the illegitimate expansionism of Eire’s evil leaders…



    …and that, while many degenerates in the Tory Party can be held responsible for the darkness descending on Ulster tonight…

    …the Labour Party, predictably, were near unanimous in imposing homo-weddings, by sly parliamentary manouevres designed to thwart democracy across the water.

    Yet he’s prepared to work with these people?

    Although he made clear the DUP “does not seek a second referendum”, Mr Wilson warned: “The people of the United Kingdom were asked whether the UK should leave the EU, not whether Great Britain should leave Northern Ireland behind.”

    And he added: “We want to leave as one nation. That remains our goal. If the Prime Minister remains willing to achieve that outcome he will find DUP MPs as willing partners in that project.” https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/news/107405/dup-could-team-labour-commons-bid-kill-boris-johnsons-brexit

    Fine words, Sammy.

    But mind how ye go!

    Labour hardly any longer pretends to regard Ulster as part of the British people.

    They’ll take any help you give them, but they’ll stab Ulster in the back as soon as look at you.

  • ross1948 20:52 on October 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    De Valera/Hitler…Varadkar/Merkel…Time After Time! 

    enemyaliensIrish PM Leo Varadkar in Berlin

    … she said a deal would never be possible unless Northern Ireland stayed in a customs union.


    Let’s remember what Churchill said after DeValera expressed his condolences on the death of Adolf Hitler.

    This was indeed a deadly moment in our life, and if it had not been for the loyalty and friendship of Northern Ireland we should have been forced to come to close quarters with Mr. de Valera or perish forever from the earth.

    However, with a restraint and poise to which, I say, history will find few parallels, we never laid a violent hand upon them…

    ..Image result for devalera hitler

    ….which at times would have been quite easy and quite natural, and left the de Valera Government to frolic with the German and later with the Japanese representatives to their heart’s content.


    Dublin/Berlin- ‘Nexus’ or Axis? 

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