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  • ross1948 19:00 on December 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Indecency Update – Eire Fined For Pro-Terror Chant 

    Nice to see some good news on UK Pravda!



    Nice also to see that UEFA, which has in the past given cause for dire offence….

    UEFA – Useless Eejits, Friggin Asses!

    UEFA Vector Logo - Logowik.com


    …can make an eminently sensible decision.

    Uefa’s control, ethics and disciplinary body issued the fine (£17,271), described the incident as “a violation of the basic rules of decent conducthttps://www.bbc.com/sport/football/63894969

    The indecency referred to?


    UEFA Investigates Eire’s Soccer Sows! 

    The Football Association of Ireland has been fined 20,000 euros by Uefa over the Republic of Ireland women’s team singing a pro-IRA chant after their World Cup play-off win over Scotland.

    Maybe the punishment should have been more draconian but the finding of indecency is welcome.

    And there was a spin-off benefit from the vile vixens’ indecent conduct….


    Eire Terror Fans Multiply…Or Surface? 

     …as we learned how the pro-terror piece had ‘risen up the charts...’ on a wave of public support received from so many evil ignoramuses in Ulster’s bad neighbour….

    Image result for evil irishman


    …indicating what fate might be in store for our decent British kindred there….

    Ulster Brits Face ‘Zimbabwe’ Nightmare – No Surrender! 

    ….if they were ever sacrificed on the altar of Eire’s aggressive expansionism, that irrational, atavistic concept continually propagated by the Dublin in-crowd, e g.

    Micheal Martin –  ‘I want unification. I make no bones about the fact that I want a United Ireland.

    Even while every Ulster Brit knows full well…Lest We Forget…Eire’s Neck-Deep Collusion With Murder! ..Eire governments’ long record of aiding and abetting terrorism.

    A video emerged on social media of the players singing the chant in the changing room soon after sealing qualification for their first-ever major tournament on 11 October https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/63894969

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    IRA Scum In Brum? Bravo, Carla! 

    Good for Carla Lockhart MP!


    Carla Lockhart

    Carla Lockhart MP

    Amid the uproar over Eire’s soccer sows…

    FIFA Should Ban Those Pro-IRA Soccer Sows! 

    …the DUP lady’s asked Birmingham City what they’re doing about the “pro-IRA chanting” recorded on video after a game.


    Ms Lockhart quite rightly demands “severe consequences,” if any Brum players were involved in such “unacceptable behaviour.”

    Again, good for her, and decent folk in Birmingham will surely agree, unless  (surely not!) they’ve forgotten the evil inflicted…

    Victims (top row left to right) Neil Marsh (silhouette), Lynn (Lyn) Bennett, Trevor Thrupp, Paul Davies, Michael Beasley, Marilyn Nash and Charles Gray (second row, left to right) Desmond Reilly, Stephen Whalley, Pamela Palmer, Maxine Hambleton, Jane Davis, James Caddick and Thomas Chaytor (third row, left to right) John Clifford Jones, James Craig, Ann Hayes, Stanley Bodman, Maureen Roberts, Eugene Reilly and John Rowlands
    Twenty-one people were killed in two blasts on 21 November 1974

    …on their city in 1971 by IRA vermin.

    And good again that Carla Lockhart is putting her fellow MPs on the spot. .

    The MP has also filed an early day motion in the House of Commons calling on members to express their “dismay and disgust” at what she described as the “prevalence of the glorification of IRA violence”.

    It also asked the House to express revulsion at the chanting by the team and to call on UEFA to take action “that reflects the severity of this display of glorification of terrorism”.

    We have already touched on the need to get UEFA to grasp the seriousness of what happened last week…

    …but it will be fascinating to watch the Westminster reaction.

    In a worthwhile world, there’d be unanimous support for Carla’s call, but the loathesome Jeremy Corbyn…

    .Corbyn with Blood-Beast Adams


    …isn’t the only MP known to share Sinn Fein’s enthusiasm for partitioning the UK..

     ..handing over British Ulster to the expansionist bad neighbour.

    Let’s see what happens.


    Best add your voice to Carla’s, as far as Birmingham City FC is concerned.

    Their response so far has been downright mealy-mouthed!

    Head coach Darren Carter has spoken with the individuals and has reminded them of their responsibilities while representing both Birmingham City and their national team.”


    ‘Spoken’ with them!

    “It is paramount that everybody associated with Blues is acutely aware of the Second City’s history and the sensitivities that surround this,” the club said.

    “The players involved have expressed regret for their actions and ill judgement.”

    No punishment?

    True, that head coach has no powers to administer the punishment such transgressions deserve…


    ….but  how about the sack?

    Or at the very least suspensions?


    Tell them…

    By Post
    Birmingham City Football Club plc
    St. Andrew’s
    B9 4RL

    By Phone

    By email

    …that a talking-to won’t do!


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    UEFA Investigates Eire’s Soccer Sows! 

    Having criticised UEFA more than once…

    UEFA Vector Logo - Logowik.comUEFA – Useless Eejits, Friggin Asses! 

    ….it’s only fair to offer a tentative cheer on the news that the soccer big-wigs are investigating’ those Eire vixens..

    FIFA Should Ban Those Pro-IRA Soccer Sows! 

    …for what is apparently designated “potential inappropriate behaviour…”

    after a video of them singing a song containing a pro-IRA chant emerged after their World Cup play-off win.. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/63242412

    Ooh ah, up the ’RA” – words associated with support for the Irish Republican Army https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022


    Oh, and that absurd word ‘inappropriate’ again?

    Sure, UEFA’s got to say ‘potential’ until it’s established exactly how many of the squad joined in the pro-murder gang song.

    Image result for evil irishman

    Did they all descend to the level of base beasts?

    It would be nice to think one or two had enough residual decency to abstain the adulation of evil, but…

    Wait and see.

    Meanwhile, UEFA’s indictment should be amended.


    Potential Inappropriate Behaviour.’

    Had a team chanted support for the homicidal sectarian ISIS…

    …rather than the homicidal sectarian IRA…


    …one hopes a more fitting adjective might be deployed.

    Potential Incitatory Behaviour.

    ‘Potential Incendiary Behaviour.’

    ‘Potential Intolerable Behaviour.’


    Here’s UEFA’s email.


    Tell them what you expect of them.

    Investigate every woman at the crime-scene…

    ….then, whoever is found to have joined in the murder-gang chorus….

    …ban them sine die.


    • Angela Kitts 22:51 on October 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Uefa will do the right thing and ban that team until every player is replaced by women without terrorist sympathies..
      As has been said.
      If they had sung that ‘Akbar’ or another Isis song, that’s what would happened, so what’s the difference?


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