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  • ross1948 22:40 on March 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ABC’s Q&A – So Much For The Free World! 


    A Q+A audience member has been slammed following a sensational blow up with ABC host Stan Grant over the Ukraine conflict.


    ABC host Stan Grant has ejected a Q+A audience member in a sensational blow up over the Ukraine conflict. Image: ABC

    Well, that’s true to some extent, as it’s easy for a shallow character like Stan Grant, to win lots of cheap hoorahs the way he did.

    But I remember Question Time, broadcast in London, as Britain was fighting an indisputably just war to rescue the Falkland Islanders from a dictator’s aggression.

    A young man rose to ask a question, introducing himself as a citizen of Argentina.

    He was heard in silence.

    Nobody screamed and shouted abuse at him.

    The Question Time host, or was it hostess – that I don’t remember – certainly did not act like a Galtieri, or a Putin.

    The man was not declared unwelcome, not banished from the studio.

    The Argie was not ordered out, or ‘booted’ out, which makes both that 1980s audience – and that host – morally more gifted than those at Q&A, as one Australian site reports Grant decided to take action, booting the questioner in emotional scenes.


    Another report is very revealing about how much free speech is allowed on that talk-show.

    Once the man had left, Stan explained to the audience that the question the man asked hadn’t been vetted, apologising for what had happened.

    NOT a good night on ABC!

    • Kemangeroo 22:57 on March 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think the young Russian should have been treated so rudely.
      I might have been ready to debate him, even angrily, but to banish him?
      Not right.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 23:18 on March 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That Stan man behaved very unprofessionally.
      If most of the crowd were shouting the Russian down, it was the chairman’s job to tell them to cool it.
      Instead he sided with the mob.
      And what’s the point of a, question and answer program if they pre-censor the questions?


  • ross1948 17:30 on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Outbreak – Pig Put Down! Good Job, French Cops! 

    And after the pig story from Nice…

    Another Atrocity? Step Up, Macron! Guillotine The Pig!

    …now it’s over to Avignon, where a man wielding a knife reportedly attacked a group of police officers patrolling the streets of Avignon in southeastern France.

    The officers opened fire, killing the assailant.

    Oh, and this pig was shouting…

     “Allahu akbar…” 


    One of my regular commenters has offered an improvement on my suggestion that Macron start moves for the guillotine to be brought back into use.

    Why not take a random sample of sectarian terrorists out of the French prisons in which they’re held…

    ….and put ‘em up against the wall!


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 17:59 on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross, for endorsing my previous comment.
      I was watching that woman Lucy something on BBC World News to see if they would give a fair report and they have admitted that the terrorist shouted Allahu Akbar.
      But then she asked some academic what this all says about ‘instituional racism’ in France.
      Not alleged ‘institutional racism’ but as if it was a real thing.
      If you know France, you know they don’t even record race in their census.
      What’s with these BBC people, treating theory as fact?


    • Mack the Knife 18:17 on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I have thought about that ‘execution of terrorists’ idea for a long time.
      It is only reasonable that anyone caught doing these wicked deeds should be put to death but as you say, why not put all terrorists on a list, telling their friends that any deadly crime will mean the five names atthe top of the list will be executed.
      That makes it all the more personal and it would ease the burden on the tax-payers too. It is very expensive keeping these high security prisoners for years.


    • Tam Birnie 20:59 on October 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent idea, for every victim these jihadists take, we execute 10 of their terrorists.


  • ross1948 22:15 on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Iraq! Now Carry Out Those Sentences! 

    Mixed feelings, surely, among many French and British people today, about the news from Baghdad, where three ISIS scumbags have been sentenced to death.




    An Iraqi court has sentenced three French citizens to death after they were found guilty of joining Islamic State, a court official said. Captured in Syria by a US-backed force fighting the jihadists, they are the first French Isis members to receive death sentences in Iraq, where they were transferred for trial.

     Hearty approval of course, though cautious, because not all those sentenced are in fact executed.

    But also a shiver of shame, that justice for such filth can only be found in a faraway Arab country, while May and Macron obsequiously bow to the Brussels Empire’s decadent diktat  – no capital punishment, even for vermin like ISIS.

    • Noreen Paterson 22:33 on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Bravo it is, and SHAME on May for brng traitors home.
      Traitrix is the perfect name for her.
      She’s lucky she’s only getting slung out of her botched job, and not being measured against a Downing Street lamp post, of course after a trial, like those three French traitors have had.


  • ross1948 16:00 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho! Sexy Gals Have Got To Go! 

    Firstly, my apologies for the headline – I find that imbecilic millennial chant – ‘hey-hey, ho-ho‘ – irksome in the extreme…

    … so am using it to mock the misery-guts hackette whose rant I’m contemplating today.


    It’s a lovely sunny morning here in Jakarta, and I’m hoping the arvo too will afford me another chance to bask like a beached whale in my front yard, as I did yesterday, neglecting my blog.



    I often go indoors and out, to get coffee, which requires me to move around in that small space clad only in my shorts, visible to anyone going past, if they care to look.

    The house next door is empty, but were it suddenly to be occupied by a winsome Indonesian wench, of whom there are LOTS, like these…



    … I’d not be loud in my protests, were she to engage in sunbathing in similar attire!

    Meanwhile, in France, where sexy women were once held in high esteem, shrews galore have been assailing a lady for looking yummy on TV.


    OPINION: It's not sexist to say this French MP shouldn't wear revealing clothes on TV

    Aurore as seen on TV.  The old guy doesn’t seem upset by the proximity of a pretty filly!


    So today I find myself in the unexpected role of defender of a Macronette, the gal in question being an MP for the French President’s party, Aurore Berge, who dared display a spot of cleavage and a dash of thigh on a talk-show!

    The (verbal) assailant whose whining has alerted me to Mamselle Berge’s agreeable ‘aurat‘ ( an Indonesian word – you should insert it in my ‘Search’ space to the right) is given far too many column inches in – of course – The Leftal, sorry, The Local, and her name’s Evie Burrows-Taylor…


    Evie Burrows-Taylor

    Lefty Hackette Echoes Islamists- Don’t Dare Enjoy Beauty! 

    …a kill-joy pinko whom we’ve come across before!

    She’s up in arms about the MP’s appearance, allegedly because Berge was not dressed ‘appropriately’ for a discussion on political issues.

    The Leftal’s dreary headline tells us enough about her mentality.

    ‘It’s Not Sexist To Say MPs Shouldn’t Wear Revealing Clothes On TV!’

    Unravel the double-negative and read her entire litany of grievance for yourselves.  https://www.thelocal.fr/20180227/opinion-its-not-sexist-to-say-mps-shouldnt-wear-revealing-clothes-on-tv

    But methinks  little Evie is more vexed about girls looking attractive ANYWHERE, since that previous mention here arose from her dismay that Miss World contestants attracted a huge audience!


    Lefty Hackette Echoes Islamists- Don’t Dare Enjoy Beauty! 


    • Vanessa 17:50 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Evie is a narrow-minded hypocrite, isn’t she, pretending to be upset about the pretty MP showing a bit of leg on tv.
      Unsuitably dressed for the occasion because it wasn’t ‘appropriate?’ Come off it, luvvie!,
      We already know from her disapproval of beauty contests that it’s sexy looks anytime anyplace that really gets her pen moving fast and furious.


    • Ned Ansell 18:11 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Just need to take a look at the pix, mate.
      Jealousy, innit!


    • Lorne Marzio 19:03 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting stuff but I like best how you put down that ‘hey-hey’ noise they make.
      They sound like kindergarteners on crystal meth..


    • Cass 20:13 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Correction due? Was it Miss World? Or Miss France?
      All those girls are wearing sashes denoting French provinces.
      Not complaining, mind, they all are gorgeous.


    • Jacko 22:56 on March 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Must agree with you, Ned.
      I cant picture her filling out a swimsuit to match those contestants in the final photo.
      She would look fantastic in a burka though..


  • ross1948 00:24 on April 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Can The New Joan of Arc Slay The Muppet? 

    Joan of Arc hauled France up from the depths of despair by rallying a nation against an invading horde.

    Not hard to see the similarities between Jeanne d’Arc and Marine Le Pen, right?

    Except that the English in the 15th century were nowhere near as alien as the horde entrenched in the banlieues…

    …or the crimmigrant hordes who have been pouring in unopposed – except on rare occasions – by French governments of all parties.



    • Socialist President Hollande in fact added to the influx, crawling to HMV in Berlin,  agreeing to admit an extra twenty thousand aliens, with little protest from the other in-crowd parties.

    • ONLY Marine has taken a realistic stand.



    And that’s why I am confident she will get through this first round of the French presidential election today.

    She has tremendous support from young French people –Le Pen Pulling in Support Among Young Voters – Breitbart – illustrating a sturdiness of character….



    .… the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” 

    Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 


    ….which even the millions prised from the public purse to subvert their loyalty to La Patrie has failed to subvert.

    But whom will she face in the final conflict?

    Most say it will be Macron, whom I’ve hitherto dismissed as a mere Merkelite, due to his overt Europhilia, that eagerness to bow to Brussels, ‘migrant quotas’ and all.

    He reminds me in some way of Canada’s Pretty Boy, Justin Turdo, all mouth and trousers, but French citizens, unlike Canadians, have had a belly-full of arrogant ingrate aliens – Canadians will, of course, and more’s the pity they haven’t yet woken up to the menace imported by the callous elite.



    Thus I think henceforth I’ll refer to Macron as The Muppet, a silly, empty thing, made to speak and act by others…

    • …and on behalf of others.

    I look forward to the final conflict.


    • e ,
    • Adam Keyser 19:50 on April 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The Muppet is so very suited to this strange man.
      I have been thinking about this emergence, from really nowhere, junior minister banking world, media ties.
      The powers that matter are clever, and see the people are restless because of what is being done to them, by the elite if you will.
      So they want to provide an alternative to the candidate they see as dangerous to their rule, a figure who is not of the old bad party system, and so they find a little sock puppet to do the job for them,
      That way he becomes a front-runner and the one candidate who could bring back democracy to France, Marine Le Pen, is second to their sock puppet now, keeping the threat of referendums back.
      It would be nice to know who whispered in Muppet’s ear. Junker has just been meeting with Soros.
      I am certain they could tell me the answer to my curiosity but they never will.


  • ross1948 19:13 on April 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Marine, My Huguenot Blood And Macron’s Cheap Smears! 

    So now Merkelite Macron is trying to beat up on Marine over a passing reference to something that happened nearly 500 years ago?


    Image result for macron brussels

    France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 


    I saw him mouthing off on France 24 today about how she had used divisive rhetoric to the detriment of France’s Protestants.

    Since they are not in the habit of arrogant anti-social obstruction of public roads and footpaths…


    Hasil gambar untuk muslim pray paris


    NB- French street, but even here in Indonesia, outrageous arrogance occurs


    …nor of telling their women-folk to hide behind ugly face-masks, nor of slitting the throats of elderly Catholic priests… Priest Slain, Two Pigs Shot Dead – What Now, Argie Dope? …yea, verily, I have to say that Elitist Emmanuel’s outburst came as a surprise.

    Naturally, I had to look into this.

    It turns out Marine was asked in an interview which historical figure inspired her.


    Hasil gambar untuk cardinal richelieu

    Her answer?

    Cardinal Richelieu, because, she said, he ‘was the promoter of a modern state, precisely refusing to allow a religion to take precedence over France!”


    This shows that Marine understands the essence of the Islamist menace, because those of us who want it rooted out surely have no problems with Muslims who want to pray five times a day or refuse to drink wine or eat pork.

    What is essentially different, and evil, about the Islamists is their demand on decent Muslims that they exalt sectarian solidarity above loyalty to country.

     The Cardinal was a significant 17th century minister, who might even be said to have ‘made France great again,’ so no reason to be surprised at her choice.

    But at once the left-liberal opportunists leapt at the opportunity to smear – it was, apparently, pointed out to her that the Catholic bishop and statesman “was not very friendly with the Protestants.

    Marine replied evenly that perhaps Protestants had demands at the time that went against the nation.   https://fr.news.yahoo.com/marine-pen-protestants-pol%C3%A9mique-quatre-actes-163334884.html


    We’re talking about the era of religious wars that roiled all Europe. Thank God that, since then, civilised peoples have grown out of such primitive passions.

    The doctrine that prevailed THEN was defined in Latin-

    Cuius regio, cuius religio…

    the ruler’s religion was the state religion, and it was shape up or ship out!  Back then, religious minorities in many countries were seen, rightly or wrongly, as potential allies of external enemies.

    Often rightly.

    English folks who know their history know that Guy Fawkes was executed not for being a Catholic but for being a traitor.

    Hasil gambar untuk guy fawkes


    In the British Isles, and France, and elsewhere, both Catholics and Protestants were burned at the stake, tormented and/or driven into exile.

    I have an interest to declare.  

    My great7grandfather, Charles De Azeley, was a Huguenot, a French Protestant. In 1685, the King of France revoked the Edict of Nantes, which guaranteed his right freely to worship.

    He left his home and ended up in Ulster, at a place called Corbally.

    So I have a genetic predisposition to favour religious liberty.


    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais


    And that’s another good reason for me to share Marine’s hostility to those who adhere to shariah law, and any barbaric brutes who think it proper to harass and hurt ‘apostates,’ or behead cartoonists who dare mock their creed.


    She has no more disparaged French Protestants by her observations on Richelieu’s behaviour in the 1600s than she was disparaging French Catholics when she told Dope Francis to get off his hypocritical high horse.

    Bravo, Marine! Blonde Bomb-Shell Slams Hypocrite Dope Francis! 


    Far from being ‘divisive,’ Marine seems to me the most unifying force that France could choose on Sunday.

    In view of the clear and present danger of both illegal alien crimmigrants and the Enemy Within the banlieues...



    …that’s exactly what true French folk need.

    Of course if evangelical extremists and pentecostalist truck-bombers begin to attack innocent people, I will need to review what I have written above. 


  • ross1948 16:51 on April 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    For True French Folk, Marine Offers A Truly Fair Future! 

    Pinko hysteria is reaching a crescendo, with some far-left rich nag named Natalie Nougayrede shrilling in the Guardian that it’s no exaggeration to say the fate of democracy in France and in Europe is at stake.


    Guardian’s Comrade Nat (‘ previously executive editor and managing editor of Le Monde!‘ )


    Nattering Natalie’s reasons for this absurd outburst – which is laced with venomous hostility to all the usual bete noires of the cultural marxist in-crowd – Trump, Brexit, etc. –  basically boil down to the fact that the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen might be chosen by the French people in the democratic election next week.


    Hasil gambar untuk marine victoire


    Marine’s platform offers the people genuine participation in decision-making, via referenda on France’s subordination to Brussels, on the restoration of capital punishment, and no doubt other issues on which the arrogant elite either denied citizens any say at all (capital punishment)…


    ….or did give them a vote, got a result that elites didn’t like, then refused to hold any more referenda on that subject viz. the EUSSR…



    • After the EU’s astonishing defeat, recalling how they promised to “get rid of” the flag and the anthem, Farage blasts, “They were lying, weren’t they?” and points to the omnipresence of both now.
    • He also condemned the European Constitution’s rebranding as the Lisbon Treaty and the words of a former Italian Prime Minister who actually boasted that “the great thing about calling it the Lisbon Treaty is that we won’t need to have referendums.”. Nigel Farage Calls for ‘More Direct Democracy’


    So far from being any kind of threat, Marine, if she wins, will expand and exalt true democracy.

     And that takes us cheerily away from the Guardian and onto another sector of the media, and an interesting aspect of what’s going on in France this month….


    Gambar terkait



    …the campaign of Jean-Luc Melenchon, whom even the ABC admits is ‘far-left!’http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/france-election-left-melenchon-enjoys-late-poll-surge

    But it’s his supporters who are worth looking at.

    On to another media site!


    Others shrugged when asked if they would be able to accept a Le Pen presidency. One said he would vote for Le Pen against Macron in the final round.


    France’s hope and glory


    Two hinted that a President Le Pen was preferable to a President Macron, because she represented a “real change” whereas the former economy minister was “the same old recipes.”



    Yes, that fans of the far-left Melenchon might favour Marine.


    Very, for even if they don’t vote for her, the leftist’s 18% of the vote, according to polls, would not go to the Merkelite bankster Macron.

    In a tight race, then, there’s everything to hope for – a patriot party president would not only save France but deal a possibly mortal blow to the Evil Empire.



    Bliss would it be, in that dawn to be alive, when the headlines could at last report that…

    Hasil gambar untuk brussels has fallen

    Brussels Has Fallen!

    Politico offers a fairly basic explanation of why some, or a lot, of the Far-Left’s voters might make the great ideological leap forward.  .

    Both advocate a confrontation with the EU, and a referendum if they don’t get what they want; both are skeptical of the United States, friendly toward Russia and want to redefine France’s relationship with NATO.

    All true – but methinks they miss the deeper point.

    Many of Melenchon’s crowd are not brain-dead marxism-addicts, nor banlieue ingrates, but salt-of-the -earth working men and women, who have grown out of class-war rhetoric to a level of political maturity capable of grasping the truth, viz.-

    International bankers, supranational elites, are not only indofferent to the everyday lives of everyday people, but are also utterly devoid of the patriotism which plays a key role in the hearts and minds of the common folk in every land.

    It’s not that the elites dislike patriotism – although they do –  but that they simply don’t understand it.

    Whatever normal love of country, of residual national pride, may once have dwelt within their souls, it’s been eradicated by decadent left-liberal teachers through their high-school years – France’s End Begins Today? Thierry Tuot Defiles La Gloire! 


    As in Britain, same in France –

    Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 

    …by subversive academics in their universities, and by something like a process of osmosis as they entered and rose through the drone PC bureaucracies, local or national or ‘European.’

    The elites, in every single European nation, exemplify the concept of ENEMY WITHIN.


    They fear the uprising of the people, which in France is led by Marine, and honest French workers are instinctively drawn to her banner.


    French workers, united, can never be defeated!

    • Francois 23:00 on April 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am so happy to read this that you send out and for your support for Marine.
      I am sending you an article about the worry you and all the other foreign friends of France are giving to the elites in Paris.
      Accept it please as praise.


  • ross1948 13:37 on April 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Macron To Use Brexit To Unleash Cross-Channel Crimmigrants? 

    Never heard of Richard Ferrand?

    Me neither.

    Until this week!

    • Gambar terkait

    Ferrand with Macron


    He’s a Socialist Party politician who has risen to the position of Secretary General of Emmanuel Macron’s ‘movement’ and Macron could well succeed the weak weasel Hollande as President of France later this year – unless patriots there rally behind a certain formidable blonde lady!


    Vive Marine!


    So when Monsiuer Ferrand says that his candidate intended to “reopen discussion with Britain” as part of wider negotiations over Brexit on “the situation that has turned us into the border guards in a sense of this country…”


    En garde!

    Contrast this thinly veiled threat to unleash a cross-channel crimmigrant surge toward Britain with the clear-headed common-sense expressed by the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen.

    Marine Le Pen

    “This chaos must stop,” she said. “Our national borders will be instantly reestablished” should she win, she added.

    Of course the UK Government has to share the blame, in that it continues to lavish tax-payers’ money on ‘asylum’ bludgers.


    We know the brutish aliens are re-grouping in Calais, making a mockery of Francois Hollande’s ‘dispersal’ deceit.

    Hollande had years to treat them as the illegal immigrants they are, but refused to deport more than a tiny fraction, which, since they declined to seek ‘asylum’ in a safe country, thus forfeiting any claim to be called refugees, he was perfectly entitled to do.

    The Calais Jungle under his presidency became a by-word for squalor, rape and violence.


    Calais Curs Try To MurderBrits? PUT THEM DOWN!  


    No sane Brit wants any of them prowling British streets.

    But Theresa May is as weak and wet as Hollande. She buckled to left-liberal shrills and imported Amber’s Army, those hulks pretending to be ‘unaccompanied minors.’

    She’s not to be trusted!

    She has, moreover, snubbed one front-runner in the French election while welcoming the other… Lost In France – Theresa May’s Damn-Fool Partisan Prejudice! …an act of partiality for which she’s now being repaid by threats!

    Isn’t it time she got real?

    We have drawn attention to May’s disgraceful discourtesy to Marine more than once –   – but there’s still time for her to atone for her churlishness before the election in France, which falls on the 23rd of this month.

    Pandering to the Merkel sycophant Macron has been an investment with a poor return. He’s no more a likely ally than Mama Stasi.

    But then May, like Macron, like Merkel, adheres neither to conservatism nor nationalism.

    They share an unwholesome taste for liberalism, the poison that’s killing Europe.

    • Penny 22:45 on April 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Marine LePen is BRILLIANT.
      No wonder May keeps her distance, the comparison between the two makes Theresa look like a muppet..


  • ross1948 10:33 on March 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Les Français d’abord? Not Aboard France 24’s Bias Express! 

    Just got up about half n hour ago, and having now had enough coffee -six cups of black!

    …I have masochistically tuned into France24’s incredibly mistitled ‘Debate!


    Hasil gambar untuk france 24 bias


    Certainly, there was debate, about the Merkelite candidate Macron’s rise to ‘front-runner’ status in the French presidential polls – or rather ONE poll.

    Plenty of others still have the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen ahead of the pack.

    So there is much to talk about, with Macron ‘leap-frogging‘ Marine… to a ONE PERCENT lead!

    Some leap!

    The poll suggests support for Macron at 26%, Marine at 25%, Fillon at 20% and the Socialist trailing FAR behind the rest at 13%

    Spokespersons for the top two were included, and maybe a good idea to have somebody from the third-placed candidate. And the insignificant Socialist? Well, why not, just to show fairness?

    BUT…ignore my excursion into fake news!

    That’s NOT what France24 did.

    We had a Macron gal, a Fillon bloke, and, indeed, a Socialist.

    But Marine’s party?




    NO alternative voice allowed to be heard amid the in-crowd din!

    Establishment bias in France24 is so engrained that anyone who challenges that in-crowd does not get a look-in.



    Even though Marine is in first place, as most polls still say, or in second place, as in even their carefully selected poll.

    Why are France24 so TERRIFIED of letting the French electorate, or even the overseas audience, hear Marine Le Pen’s case?

    Hasil gambar untuk Les Français d’abord!

    Les Français d’abord? It means ‘PUT THE FRENCH FIRST!


    Presumably because, like the lady herself, it is so appealing. 


  • ross1948 17:37 on March 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    After all the fuss about interference in other countries’ elections, you’d think Theresa May would grow up and adopt a hands-off  – or at least even-handed – approach to France’s forthcoming Presidential contest. 

    Instead, she presses on with her interference, not direct but indirect, not rushing over to France to speak for one particular candidate but overtly ostracising one while opening her door to the others, those who are in favour of keeping France yoked to the the Evil Empire, the EUSSR. 


    • uber-alles
    • ————-
    • Only a month or so away from polling day, May maintains her ill-advised, indeed infantile bias towards the pro-Brussels candidates.
    • Fillon’s welcome under her roof, and if the socialist showed up, she’d doubtless let him in.
    • Now the arch-Europhiliac has come to call on the woman who said this… 
    • ==============

    Image result for theresa may remain quotes


    The Leftist New Statesman’s description of Macron below betrays its bias but it has its facts right about the rendezvous.

    …the telegenic centrist also took the time to meet Theresa May and Philip Hammond and to hold a press briefing.

    Image result for macron brussels


    If May hoped that her invitation would help soften Macron’s Brexit stance (the Prime Minister has refused to engage with his rival Marine Le Pen), she will have been left disappointed.


    • 1757e-marine
    • ============
    • Refuses to engage with the front-runner!?
    • Prefers to try out a spot of empathy with a Gallic Mama Stasi acolyte? 

      France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 

    • How irresponsible can it get?!
    • …………….
    • It makes you wonder whose side May’s on.
    • But don’t forget, she’s tipped her hand already.
    •  Lost In France – Theresa May’s Damn-Fool Partisan Prejudice!
    • She was openly on the Remain side during the referendum campaign.
    • She collaborated with Cameron’s sloppy soft appeasement of the European Court.
    • She recently prevailed on one of her Ministers, Priti Patel, into abandoning what we used to think was Priti’s principled commitment to restoration of capital punishment.
    • —————
    • Theresa of Ten Downing Street is no nationalist, and as far as adherence to principles of conservatism is concerned, it’s always going to be a MAY but never a MUST!
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