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  • ross1948 19:56 on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Insufficient Eyes To Watch Enemy Within? Intern The Swine! 

    Just listening to France24 news, telling us that Macron’s government hasn’t enough man-power to monitor the 25,000 Islamist disloyals…



    …and that’s only the ones they know about!

    There must be a lot more who thrill to the benighted hatred of democracy spat out by the notorious fanatics known as Salafists …

    Moroccan-born Lakdim was known to authorities for petty crimes, but had been under surveillance by security services in 2016-2017 for links to the radical Salafist movement..

    Islamist gunman attacks French supermarket, kills three

    …so 25,000 represents the tip of an evil ice-berg.

    One obvious step to take – and it would be welcome not just in France but also in Britain, Australia and Canada, to name but three of the many Western countries where sectarian evil prowls- would be to do what the UK did in WW1 and WW2.


    Gambar terkait

    Intern all 25,000 of them!

    The term ‘Enemy Aliens,’ as defined by the UK Government back then, does of course need to be brought up to date, to include ‘French’ individuals who spread the hateful doctrine that puts solidarity with foreign persons or regimes…



    …that share their ideology above allegiance to France, or, in the British case, loyalty to Queen and Country.

    Both the UK and France have a number of more or less uninhabited islands which could be used to accommodate the undesirables.


    No Man's Land

    One of Britain’s offshore and uninhabited islands

    Pity about the seagulls, but pending Frexit, the obvious alternative, and an even more effective way of cutting down the need for monitor-man-power…



    …the restoration of Madame Guillotine to her honoured place in the French justice system is interdicted by both the EuroCommissars in Brussel and the robed clowns in Strasbourg!

    • Hannelor 22:56 on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There are many Salafist in Germany. But Merkel will not intern or deport them.
      They freely spread the poison.


    • Marty Nagel 23:03 on March 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Canada should do that to the CAIR-Canada crowd and also vet all those Syrians coming in, for signs of jihad infection.
      Islamists are our enemies. They cannot be obedient to sharia and still be true to our country.


    • Tam Baird 00:44 on March 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Where is that island in your photo?
      It looks the perfect place to put a thousand or more Salafists!
      But don’t forget there’s Rockall, just begging for jihadist inmates.


    • Jeanne 13:14 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you have seen the French news that the main opposition party has said what you said in this, that the listed Islamist traitors should all be taken for detention.
      The Macron government is on defensive.
      Marine too has spoken for the emergency to be continued.
      This is all a good portent that France may be awakening and one day soon we may guillotine jihadists.


      • ross1948 15:43 on March 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t often reply to comments, happy to let people speak for themselves,as you do very effectively, Jeanne.

        However, I too have just been watching the news, on France24 (unfortunately) and was nauseated by their bias.

        They showed the various leaders making their points, then all at once brought on their left-liberal slug Robert Parsons to make totally one-sided attacks on the government’s critics, defending Macron’s failure to intensify the war on terror and calling the opposition ‘facile’ for urging renewal of the state of emergency.

        If they want to imbalance their reports, at least get one of Macron’s ministers to achieve their imbalance. Parsons is nothing more than a paid hack ( paid from French taxes just as, when he -surprise-surprise! -worked for the equally based BBC he was leeching off the UK public purse. )
        He should not be giving party political broadcasts on behalf of Le Muppet Macron’s regime.

        I would wait till tonight to write this as a new post but am so disgusted I am using the reply facility to let you and other (especially French) readers what France24 is up to.
        Or down to!


        • Henri 16:23 on March 28, 2018 Permalink

          That channel is better to be known as Anti-France24, always makes me shout one thing, you all know our French word “Merde!”

          If you are watching French news today you will be hearing of the other memorial event, for the old Jewish lady.
          She survived the German Nazis but now is victim to the Jihad Nazis.
          I think the French opposition is smart to be for detention of all the Islamists but it is much smarter if we kill them like the Resistance killed German Nazis.
          I think England also needs a resistancet.


  • ross1948 23:34 on December 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Um Gottes Willen! Merkel's Regime Exposed – Clueless Clowns! 

    Hasil gambar untuk anis a


    Have you seen this Tunisian?

    I offer a photo of Anis A, the ‘suspect’ sought by German Police in connection with the Berlin terrorist atrocity.

    It’s from the UK Telegraph and NOT from Deutsche Welle, which tonight provided a partially obscured image totally unhelpful to anyone inclined to assist in the search.

    DW’s reticence echoed the German provincial government spokesman they had on, who was unwilling to answer several of the questions put to him.

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big
    • It’s time Merkel and her clowns started to get real.

    We did get a much more enlightening interview with somebody from the German Police Union, which told us SO much about the frivolity shown by the politicians in their pathetic handling of the terrorist issue.


    It turns out that the poor cops are hand-cuffed by the in-crowd’s refusal to reform German law. This creep was refused ‘asylum,’ because he had no grounds for his pretended ‘refugee’ status.

    • send-them-back
    • So he was supposed to be deported.

    Tunisia refused to take him back. So, obviously, he should have been kept behind bars until this impasse was resolved.

    Instead, despite his known nefarious affinities…

    identified as a potential threat some time after his arrival in Germany and was supposed to be under surveillance..http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/12/20/everything-know-suspected-berlin-christmas-market-attacker/..

    … he was turned loose!


    • insanityfair


    If it transpires that he was involved – as ‘suspected’ – in terrorism, then this failure is yet another reason to hold Merkel accountable.

    She has done NOTHING to reform the law which permitted this nonsensical situation. On the contrary, she and her coalition comrades are still wittering about how ‘liberal’ principles must not be compromised merely to keep citizens safe.


    Seriously, have Germans not had enough, heard enough, of this offensive crap about ‘liberal’ values?

    What about patriotism, decent conservative values, recognition that liberalism has done their country no good and much harm? 


    It was good to read that German police ‘stormed’ an ‘asylum’ centre in Berlin’s disused Tempelhof Airport.

    Berlin attack: German police storm refugee centre in airport hangar …

    Gambar terkait

    Tempelhof – in better days!


    Going in mob-handed and turning over not one but ALL of these lairs might unearth a lot of info that would come in handy in the War on Terror.

    I said that when I read of the raid a day or two ago, but now, looking at The Local last night, I say it again even more emphatically.

    Terror suspect arrested in raid on refugee home in Salzburg state

    A 25-year-old asylum seeker from Morocco was arrested on Monday morning after a police raid at a refugee home in Fuschl in the state of Salzburg, suspected of planning an attack in Austria. Austrian authorities say that they believe he “was planning a serious offence in the period between Christmas and New Year in Salzburg.”


    So that’s where they found him!

    Clearly all these so-called ‘refugee’ centres should be put under lock-down.

    We are at war, and if I remember right, from my parents’ generation, enemy aliens were interned for the duration of their war.


    • Hasil gambar untuk internment of enemy aliens ww2
    • ————————–
    • No way should we today be less vigilant.
    • How many ‘Anis A’s are lurking around, aided and abetted by Mama Stasi Merkel’s, lousy, lackadaisical laxity.
    • .
    • JazPen 08:35 on December 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hello again Ross.
      Ii isnt always the case that I agree with your very conservative thinking but its hard not to agree with your criticism of how the German police are hog-tied.
      The illegals fail in their asylum claim, so they have no right to be in Germany? Then the police are forbidden to hold them till deportation time? So the illegals just wander away and go off the grid?
      The police have a list of hundreds of dangerous islamists but are not allowed to arrest them?

      If thats liberal values, no more please.


    • Andrew Parkins 23:47 on December 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I just don’t get this German policy of letting people marked down for deportation go walkabout.
      Of course they should be locked up until departure day, otherwise they will never be deported and we see what’s happened as a result.


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