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  • ross1948 00:02 on March 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Back-Stab By Pro-Crimmigrant Judges 

    The High Court has found that the Home Office acted unlawfully in a programme known as Project Sunshine in which data was extracted from mobile phones seized off migrants who arrived on small boats.




    Robed Rats!

    As if the crimmigrant parasites should even be allowed to carry mobile phones….


    Gambar terkait


    …never mind keep their secrets in those devices.

    We discussed this case only a week ago…

    Push Off, ‘Privacy International!’ 

    …so no need to go through all that again.

    But while individuals of that swinish sort are allowed to sit in judgement…



    …what hope remains for true Brits who wish to keep their realm inviolate?

  • ross1948 18:15 on January 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Al Swealmeen Bungling? Purge Priti’s Home Office 

    Most of you will by now have heard today’s news, about the crass incompetence of the Home Office, which allowed that fake-‘refugee…’

    Why Was The Dirty Lying Savage Still In UK? 

    Al Swealmeen, the swine who thankfully blew himself up in Liverpool late last year


    • …to stay in Britain long after his lies were shredded.

    • A previously confidential 2015 asylum judgment reveals how his claim of being a Syrian refugee lacked basic facts about his home and the danger he faced. Al Swealmeen, an Iraqi, lost that case but the Home Office did not remove him before he tried again under a new name.

      The Home Office will not comment on his case and no review has been announced.


    • Even the BBC news person seemed dismayed at the buffoonery of Priti Patel’s flunkeys.

    • And their arrogance!?! The clowns refusal to comment on their disgraceful ineptitude!?!?!

    • Time to fire them.

    • =
    • If the Home Secretary won’t do so, she should have the grace to accept responsibility for the shambles and quit herself.

    • But this affair raises questions about the mind-set prevalent in that hapless government department.

    • Remember that old bat who gibbered during the Penally uproar….

    • Priti’s Girl Exalts Crimmigrants : ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

    Deborah Chittenden, director of Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office. Picture: Youtube
    Deborah Chittenden, director of Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System at the Home Office. .
    • ….assuring angry citizens that ‘asylum‘seekers were ‘just like you and me?’

    • Chittenden should be made to stand on the steps of the Home Office and publicly retract her rot. But how many of her fellow-flunkeys share that simpleton sentiment?

    • Out with them!

    • ….
  • ross1948 21:10 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos? 

    Didn’t Labour leader Keir Starmer used to run the Crown Prosecution Service


    Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer


    He has his new job now, but it seems like a lot of his former CPS colleagues (comrades?) still ostensibly serving Britain….


    The Crown Prosecution Service notoriously…UK Tax-Payers – ‘Defective Descendants Of Albino Mutants?’ …crawls to BLM racism


    – if any ‘civil servants’ today still see that as their role-

    ….are no better than Enemy Within collabos.

    Here’s the latest news of their anti-British mind-set!

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is failing to prosecute migrants who arrive in the UK illegally, figures show, as MPs warned that “soft touch” justice was encouraging people to get on small boats to cross the Channel…. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/11/26/failure-prosecute-migrants-arriving-illegally-leaves-uk-looking/

    That’s a damn disgrace.

    We know there have been thousands of crimmigrants pouring in from France….

    only 51 convictions among 46,000 people who have entered illegally since December 2019


    … and each and every one of the wannabe parasites should have been charged and detained….

    ….not just a paltry 51, for pity’s sake.

    If convicted, of course, of ANY offence, they should not serve further time…

    ( at already over-burdened tax-payers’ expense!)

    …but simply get kicked out, back to where they came from.


    • Pamela 21:41 on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They must be a very strange ‘prosecution’ service if they don’t prosecute serious criminal acivity.
      They should be fired, or transferred to another government department, like the one that hands out social security payments or pensions.
      If they had to look at the cases of old people struggling to survive, they might develop a conscience.
      That is unlikely,though. The left have no time for British people, if there are illegals that ‘need’ help.


  • ross1948 14:55 on September 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Xtinko Scum Still Un-Truncheoned! 

    I have no time for big banksters like JP Morgan…

    Related image

    ….who are very much part of the Enemy Within…

    JPMorgan will donate $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)..

    Big Biz Banksters Funding Hate Group – Tell ‘Em Off!  

    Boycott Bad Banksters – A Cautionary Tale! 

    Europe Day? Please Note Collabo Companies! 

    ..but when a ‘group of eight women lined up outside the offices of JP Morgan at Embankment, before carefully using hammers and chisels to break two panes of glass….



    …then why were they not prevented from perpetrating malicious vandalism by London’s Metropolitan Police.

    A spot of neat truncheoning would have nipped the nasty harridans’ antics in the bud.

    picture of truncheon

    Again, I have no time for the WWF, whose original purpose seems to have been mired in woke-puke posing, as when they got all worked up after the demise of the low-life Floyd…

    We are compelled to speak out to condemn the trauma and injustice that the Black community has borne for so long… Black Lives Matter… 


    …,spewing out leftist claptrap.

    But the key question, surely..

    Is that property theirs, legally leased or owned?

    If so, and so it seems to be, then trespassing agitators, Xtinkos or anyone else, have NO right to be there.

    About a dozen activists organised under the banner WTF WWF occupied the WWF offices in Woking, Surrey, on Tuesday morning. They stayed overnight, refusing to leave until it begins a dialogue with indigenous communities

    They should be kicked out, using any level of force required…

    picture of truncheon


    …though truncheons would be the most pleasing to behold.

    • Diana 15:16 on September 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Truncheons are very effective when dealing with villains.
      We should all have one.


    • Amanda Adams 15:46 on September 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They’re getting more out of hand every day.
      Truncheons are a good idea. .
      A few ( hundred) broken heads would have a deterrent effect!


  • ross1948 21:14 on July 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Meltdown – Far-Left Fire Commissioner Accuses Cops Of Arson! 

    Just this week, we ‘discovered’ the far-left Jo Ann Hardesty…


    JoAnn Hardesty.jpg


    Fanatic Fire Chief Burns Bridges With Law Enforcement! 


    …who ‘serves’ ( ! ) the city of Portland as Fire Commissioner.

    Her record of extremism should have brought her to our attention a long time ago, but Portland teems with so many fishy fanatics that we had overlooked her role in the descent of a once undistinguished ( but probably happy enough) municipality into melt-down.

    No longer!

    BLM fan Hardesty has now accused her own police officers of arson!


    After hours of largely peaceful demonstrations, violence escalated late Friday in downtown Portland, as hundreds of people gathered to protest the Minneapolis police killing go George Floyd.
    Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty blamed the Portland Police Bureau and Mayor Ted Wheeler for exacerbating violence in Portland and effectively welcoming federal law enforcement agents to the city.

    She also leveled an incendiary charge at Portland cops: Hardesty claimed it was they, not protesters, who had started fires around government buildings.


    There’s lots more to this gripping yarn which you really should read, not least the understandably ‘livid’ response of the Chief of Police, though if you recall how appallingly he has run his department…


    “…masked thugs run the streets of Portland, Oregon, and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem, according to Portland police.” 


    …you likely won’t feel too sorry for him!

    Comrade Hardesty appears to be in some sort of power struggle with Comrade Wheeler, who is  also far left.

    One hopes that, remembering a famous historical analogy…


    ….they won’t ultimately settle it with an ice-pick!

    Donald Trump is the only person whose role in this mess does credit to his sense of responsibility.



    Let’s hope the President sticks to his strategy of re-Americanising cities currently in the hands of the Enemy Within!



  • ross1948 23:34 on July 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Enemy Within! Top UK ‘Civil Servant’ Promotes Evil BLM Cause! Get Him Fired! 

    My friends on Facebook sent me this.


    Iain Bell, deputy statistician claims ‘systemic racism’ exists in Britain and is learning about ‘my white privilege’ as he endorses BLM in an email to hundreds of staff…

    Senior civil servant endorses Black Lives Matter in email to staff


    Turns out it was the Daiiy Mail that exposed him for abuse of his position, which people have been complaining about!

    But complaining to whom?

    Each other? On Facebook?

    Not good enough, given the gravity of his shamelss misconduct!


    Senior civil servant Iain Bell has caused a storm by claiming that ‘systemic racism’ exists in Britain and endorsing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in an email to hundreds of staff.

    … but as I have said again and again, it’s no good just deploring this slimy rat.

    He is a ‘civil servant’ and has a duty to be non-political.

    He has the right to hold opinions, but should not be expressing them and DEFINITELY should not be using his position to promote those BLM lies about ‘systemic racism,’ and ABSOLUTELY should not be seeking to influence other public employees!

    Bell’s position comes under the authority of a government minister.

    That’s Michael Gove, Minister for the Cabinet Office!


    The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

    The Rt Hon Michael Gove was appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 24 July 2019. He was also appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office on 13 February 2020.

    Contact the Member at their Westminster address.
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA
    Contact the Member at their constituency address.
    Curzon House
    Church Road
    GU20 6BH

    Iain ‘BLM’ Bell draws a HUGE salary, and therefore must come under scrutiny from the Civil Service complaints department…

    Correspondence Team
    Cabinet Office
    70 Whitehall
    SW1A 2AS
    United Kingdom

    Telephone  020 7276 1234′


    …and from MPs who are duty bound to respond to complaints from constituents.

    Don’t just moan and groan, give this treacherous swine MERRY HELL!

  • ross1948 18:16 on June 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Death Threats In UK – One Good Tory Speaks Up! 

    Just when we thought one of Boris Johnson’s ministers had found the guys to talk sense about the BLM rabble, Raab retreated into drivel about how he ‘respects’ the Enemy Within.


    Brendan Clarke-Smith


    But then we heard reports that a back-bench Tory MP, Brendan Clarke-Smith, had spoken up, denouncing ‘Black Lives Matter protesters as ‘undesirables’ and ‘the loony left’.

    No wonder, for red vermin have targetted a pub in Retford, which he represents at Westminster, because of its name – the Black Boy!

    The landlord says ‘he and his family received death threats.’


    The Black Boy pub before red death threats got the sign hauled down


    This is not some bar in one of London’s multicult no-go zones. Retford is a hitherto unremarkable town in Middle England!

    The scumbag intimidation worked.

    As Clarke-Smith says-

    Now the signs have had to be removed to prevent the threat posed by ‘protesters’.

    Meanwhile we also see the statue of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph in London being protected by metal boxes, Penny Lane in Liverpool having its street signs defaced and Fawlty Towers episodes being pulled from tv.


    Well, praise be for at least one legislator…


    ….who shares the horrified disgust most Brits feel at the assault on their national heritage!

    But get this fatuous input from the Labour leader on Nottinghamshire County, Alan Rhodes – he thinks the MP should be doing more to unite his constituency, rather than creating further division…

    As someone with what could be described as a national profile, I feel he should be using less inflammatory language.

    – so death threats are not as divisive, as inflammatory as it gets, Comrade Rhodes?

    But that local report bizarrely also gives prominence to a clearly cultural marxist diatribe from some far-left fanatic who refuses to identify him (or her) self.


    That’s not English!

    What kind of pinko twit-talk is it?



    Some Red Nazi Antifa rat, I’d say, a red rat that should be dragged out from under its stone and asked the obvious question –

    So why should decent Brits NOT use ‘extreme actions’ against undesirables who issue death threats against an innocent family?

    At least another far-leftist had the guts to give his name, a geezer called Phil Ramsay –

    This language is offensive to those folk that suffer from mental illness and is unacceptable from any public figure.



    Oh, Comrade Ramsay must mean the phrase ‘loony-left!’

    And maybe that is off-target, because while we have seen plenty of psychos in BLM rabble demos, the Enemy Within’s agenda is cold and calculated

    As the astute MP has pointed out!

    This is not a ‘debate’, this is an attack on our culture, our heritage and our history. It needs calling out for what it is and challenging head-on.



    We must not let these people win. They will not stop at statues, streets and pub names. Again, they are not looking for a ‘debate’ – they are looking to dictate.”

    Good stuff, yes?

    Here’s more, and would that all British MPs were as committed to their country as this man clearly is!

    • Diana 19:54 on June 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Unbelievable, a family terrorised because of a pub sign.
      Good the MP has said what most British people think.
      Now we wait for other MPs to join in, and then for this weak, weak government to crack down hard.
      After Johnson’s kow-tow, I won’t be holding my breath!


    • Vanessa Reilly 20:23 on June 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Why are all the other ‘Conservatives’ in the Commons not saying what he is saying?
      BLM are a menace and their demonstrations would benefit from a series of baton-charges to put them in their place!
      What news of the Antifa culprits sending death threats?
      That should be a priority for the police, or are they too busy kneeling in front of anti-British mobs!


  • ross1948 22:50 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: crimmigrant collaboration, Danish mutineers, enemy within, , , , Treacherous Finns.   

    Mutinous Danish Dogs, Finnish Feminist Flap-Jaws… 

    Greek Frontex leader ordered Danish Frontex patrol boat to force 33 rescued refugees/migrants back in their dingy and to tow them across the sea border.

    The Danish patrol boat refused to follow the order from “Operation Poseidon” headquarters.. https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/saadan-foregaar-bevogtningen-af-eus-yderste-graenser-dansk-patruljebaad-beordret-til 



    If that’s true, that the illegal aliens were instead brought ashore onto Greek territory, by despicable Danish personnel, the insubordinate swine should, in an ideal world, end up facing a firing squad.

    But since we are very far from living in an ideal world, then at least the scum should be put on trial for mutiny, clapped in a military prison for years, then get  drummed out of Denmark’s armed forces in disgrace.

    I found that nauseating news item embedded in a larger report in Breitbart –


     –  which described the antics of the red/green witches’ coven currently governing Finland..



    …flapping their ghastly gobs, announcing how they have volunteered a batch of Finns to join the defence of Greece’s frontiers, but with the avowed intent of abetting illegals intent on gate-crashing those frontiers!



    That must be a uniquely perverse interpretation of ‘help’ – a foul betrayal of a partner nation under attack, which tests even my fulminatory capacity.

    I can only hope the Greeks declare these fifth columnist Finns persona non grata when they arrive in the beleaguered land.

    PS. The pinko bints in Helsinki are up against  a ‘no confidence’ motion proposed by the Finns Party, but there’s no guarantee the patriot opposition can rally enough support from other parliamentary parties to oust the Enemy Within red/green regime.




  • ross1948 03:00 on February 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'leaks', 'war crime' smears, , , enemy within   

    Australia’s Tax-Funded Hacks Get Court Knock-Back 

    Good to see Australia’s tax-funded Enemy Within broadcaster finally get an over-due kick in the teeth, in court!


    Few patriotic Aussies will have forgotten how the ABC smeared their country’s armed forces, solely on the word of some sleazy crimmigrants, megaphoned by the little ABC squirt stationed here in Jakarta at the time.

    The ABC backed off back then, but as we asked more recently, was the hack dismissed, or disciplined?

    Rats On The Run! ABC Memo –

    Tony Abbott summed up that episode perfectly.

    But there must be something about Australia’s men and women in uniform that bring out the nastiest instincts of the ‘national broadcaster’ (!)…



    …as the court case which the tax-funded hacks just lost arose from a 2017 ‘investigative’ exercise aimed at witch-hunting so-called ‘war-crimes’ by Aussie Special Forces fighting Islamist fanatics in Afghanistan.

    What the big-wigs at ABC think of war heroes, and patriotism – oh, and Islamist fanatics in general –  may be measured by that other episode in 2017…..

    9 Sep 2017 – ‘It’s a beautiful day for migrating’: Yassmin Abdel-Magied leaves Australia for the UK – after branding herself the country’s ‘most hated Muslim’ for her Anzac Day post.

    Yassmin Abdel-Magied leaves Australia headed for the UK



    …but despite pledges that the vile bitch would no longer blight Australia with her shrill sectarian presence…

    ..sure  enough, back it came, 2018, not only paid handsomely from ABC’s public purse, but also as an ‘actress’ on the equally unpleasant SBS channel.

    That ugly sow should be black-listed not only by ABC but by every Australian media, employer and publisher in the land!

    But back to the court case, where the ABC ‘lost its legal challenge to controversial police raids on its Sydney newsroom last year.

    And I bet their lawyers cost a pretty penny, doubtless sucked out of the public purse too!

    ‘Leakers’ were the issue, much like Ciaramella in the current USA maelstrom.

    Australian Federal Police did their best to catch the scumbags, searching ABC premises and a newspaper ‘journalist’ and now this is where we realise we’re quoting from the UK tax-funded hack machine, the BBC, which claims that –

    The raids sparked public outrage…

    …and protests across the nation’s media.

    PUBLIC Outrage?

    Hardly! The trendy muesli-munching dorkerie, yes, the far-left Get-Up gits, yes, Green grots like Hanson Young, no doubt – but the ordinary people of Australia – gimme a break!

     However, the Federal Court of Australia has ruled the raids were legal. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-51526607

    • Uncle Oz 13:24 on February 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is what annoys me most about this case. I believe what you say about ABC using our money to take this to court.
      It’s bad enough the money they get from us to make their biased programmes. Using dollars they take out of our pockets tp pay lawyers to fight the government we elect is adding insult to injury.


  • ross1948 02:12 on February 3, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: enemy within, , NCIA evil ayatollahs   

    Evil Ayatollahs’ Agents In America – Does The UK Have The Same Enemy Within? 

    “A ‘lobby group for the Islamic Republic of Iran’ is actively bolstering Tehran’s status in the international stage and helping to sell and legitimize its nuclear ambitions as just causes to the globe, Alavi claimed.”


    That’s a quote from an American newspaper, used in a very good article about something called the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

    The Alavi mentioned is this man, clad in that distinctive style by which Iranians can instantly recognise their oppressors…


    Image result for alavi iran

    …is Mahmoud Alavi, the dictatorship’s ‘Intelligence Minister, and three US Senators are now demanding his little friends in the USA be investigated.

    Good for the Senators1

    But what about the UK and other countries/

    Are they similarly afflicted with Enemy Within outfits?

    We know the evil ayatollahs have plenty of Western grovellers, the most disgusting of whom are of women like Red Fed Mogherini, Julie Bishop and those foul Swede hags…

    Home Sweet Home? Not When Evil Sexists Hold The Keys

      Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 


    …who ignore the sexist discrimination against Iran’s women.

    Shame on any Western  collaboratrix who sports the scarf of subjugation into which millions of decent females in that ghastly shariah prison-state are coerced.

    But how about organised agents of influence?

    Can any UK readers, or Canadians, or Australians, advise of counterparts to NCIA in their countries?

    Have any MPs in London, Canberra or Ottawa been demanding action against local Enemies Within?


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