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    Go For It, Hungary! 

    Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday that he was ready to start a new European movement if his party was kicked out of the EPP…


    That’s the inappropriately named “European People’s Party,” which is often inaccurately described as ‘centre-right!’

    “If [the] EPP is unable to change itself, we think in the future it will be obsolete and we need a new European initiative, which is Christian Democrat,” Orban said.


    This is a hopeful development, although the report does say he would rather the EPP improve itself, which is IMHO highly unlikely, especially since Mama Stasi Merkel’s so-called ‘Christian Democratic Union’ is one of the main components of the EPP…



    …and Mama is responsible for the greatest disaster for Europe since the Second World War.

    Time will tell.

    However, I hope that, rather than start a new group in Strasbourg, Mr. Orban will throw in his lot with the MEPs from the parties led by Marine Le Pen and Mario Salvini, and the German AfD.

    Brits will very soon no longer be afflicted by Ghastly Guy Verhofstadt and his Strasbourg Slugs, but as we always make clear, true Brits are not interested in turning their backs on brave nations like France, Italy and Germany.

    The UK will soon be free of the Evil Empire, but…


    …just as, in WW2, moral and material support was maintained throughout the conflict, so too should there be British solidarity with countries still yoked to the EUSSR.

    mob are . .  .


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    If Poles Have To Fight, They Won’t Be On Their Own! 

    Long Live Free Poland!

    Gambar terkait

    I carried a placard with those words, or some words very like them, through the streets of London during the Solidarnosc crisis 35 or so years ago.

    And today I feel the same sense of solidarity with  a Poland under threat, not, this time from the long gone USSR…


    … but from the equally evil EUSSR, the Brussels Empire.

    The Free World abandoned the Poles in 1945…

    …and although I don’t believe in the absurd notion of inherited guilt, I still feel ashamed at how that brave nation was betrayed.

    So now, when the forces of darkness again menace Poland, it is surely ALL our duty to speak up.


    So…God Bless Hungary!

    A press statement on Poland by the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party (EPP) caused an uproar within the centre-right group on Wednesday…

    How come?

    Those NAUGHTY Hungarians had simply said that it was “unacceptable that Brussels puts pressure on member states…The Polish government clearly represents an anti-immigration position, and Brussels punishes it for that!”



    But these days truth is a risky option.


    We heard it from the horse’s mouth only a few days ago, when the nastiest Euro-Commissar railed against democracy and against Poland.

    These EPP so-called ‘centre-right’ sad-sacks…

    The EPP are so very far from any ‘right’ ideology that even Cameron pulled the UK Tories out of their caucus!


    …had gone right (!?!) along with the left-liberal Strasbourg in-crowd’s resolution –

    which launches a sanctions process against the Polish government… 

    The sad-sack spokesman, Pedro Lopez de Pablo, tells us his side of the story – or rather a snippet of the facts, evidently deeming mere citizens unworthy of access to how his lynch-mob comrades behave behind closed doors.

    “It was a debate, because a lot of people did not like the press release at all,” he told EUobserver, but did not want to go into details…


    Hasil gambar untuk need to know basis

    “Everyone was aware that they would vote against the resolution – but it’s another thing making public steps with a press release,” Lopez de Pablo added.

    So the uppity censorious ‘centre-right’ takes exception to the Hungarians not even because of what they had to say but because the Magyars had enough sense of democratic accountability to explain their stance to the public?!!?

    But according to the EUObs report, kindly supplied by one of my fine commenters – thanks Ed!  – one of Turncoat Tusk’s henchmen, Polish MEP Janusz Lewandowski, was…wait for it…

    –  furious!


    Gambar terkait

    “…instead of staying silent, you issue a press release crossing all red lines of loyalty!”

    Well, now we know a bit more about one arrogant Europhiliac’s commitment to open government.

    And about to whom he thinks loyalty is owed – not to the people you’re elected to represent but his sad-sack Strasbourg rat-pack!

    Merkel’s Polish collaborator Tusk must be proud of Lousy Lewandowski.

    Bet the Poles who stood up to Hitler and Stalin wouldn’t be!



    Lewandowski’s line seems to be – Europe Uber Alles, and if you don’t like the EURODIKTAT, just shut your trap.

    Not good enough!

    Methinks the elites are likely just constantly furious, frustrated because they won’t get their wicked way because Hungary’s government has also said it would veto any attempt to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the council as part of the Article 7 sanctions process.


    • Andre Forwiczk 19:48 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      He looks like a know-all louse, that Lewandowski and we know Tusk is one. Real Poles who are note subservient to Brussels will like what you have written.
      And not just Poles but everyone in Europe should be grateful to the Hungarians.


    • Denny Blair 20:42 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      After Yalta, there’s a debt that’s beyond repayment.
      We should be shouting solidarity with Poland from the rooftops.


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