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    Fight The Freak-Show, Speak English! 

    Must congratulate the lady writing in the Telegraph last week about Kemi Badenoch’s intention to seek some sense from an unlikely source..

    .(a body which, had Brits a conservative government, would by now have been scrapped)

    …the ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission.’

    Kemi is smart, and has decent values, a rarity in the Tory ministerial team….

    ….Kemi Reveals Enemy Within – Drain The Swamp! .

    ..Official portrait of Mrs Kemi Badenoch crop 2.jpg

    Kemi Badenoch MP


    ..but currently Kemi wants the EHRC’s advice on  the potential clarification of the definition of “sex” under the Equality Act.

    Well, 95% of Brits know that sex is a simple matter.



    But the 5%, who include Keir Starmer…

    “Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’

      Labour’s Penis Problem 

    • Hasil gambar untuk keir starmer

    Stumped By Starmer’s Impotence? Why?

    …hold  a disproportionate amount of power at present, so who knows what answer Kemi may get!

    But I was talking about understatement, so let me quote Julie Bendel’s words…

    ‘This is necessary because, while sensible people understand the term to mean either male or female, some companies, charities and other organisations seem rather confused…”



    Rather confused?

    I think she knows very well there’s no confusion,  at least among those who give the orders.


    It’s deliberate.

    The Big Lie!

    Men are men, women are women  and one person cannot be referred to as ‘they/them.’

    But a crime against the English language is not a prosecutable offence, alas.

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    Already Tory Lies Exposed! Cameron Endorses Labour Curb on Expat Voters 

    UK nationals who have been resident overseas for 15 years or more will not be eligible to vote, despite assurances from the Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapp, last year that they would be.


    • EU - referendum vote
    • —————————————-





    The Guardian report also reminds us that it was Labour, in 2000, that narrowed overseas voters’ rights, no logical argument presented then, clearly party advantage discerned, since older voters are said to be more conservative.

    Now Cameron has cast aside his party pledge, and certainly thus rigged the expat vote. Many of the younger ones, who get to vote, are on the EU payroll, or at least have a vested interest in that they are employed in EUSSR member states.

    This should make no difference, of course, on how they mark their ballot papers, but ‘should’ and ‘will’ are two separate verbs. It’s a fact that a lot of people these days, in a lot of countries, vote on the basis not of patriotism, or any principle, but on crass short-term personal advantage.

    As noted previously, this freezing of the franchise mirrors the frozen pensions – if a man lives outside the UK, his senior citizen state pension remains forever at exactly the same sum he first got when he turned 65.

    I believe some very old folk in this situation are expected to live on roughly five pounds a week!

    But that would cost money to fix!

    And Cameron has a lot of financial outgoings MUCH more important than that!

    Like the wads of cash handed out to ‘asylum’ bludgers..




    .. plus the millions wasted on lawyers playing games with illegal immigrant cases,  plus the millions soaked up by sticky-beak trouble-makers on bodies like the ‘Equality Commission…’


    ….not to mention the rip-offs perpetrated by Brussels against the UK tax-payer.





    Only a damfool would expect Cameron to care more for elderly Brits than for wastrel projects like those.

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    Sinn Fein/IRA and Gaystapo – Natural Bed-Fellows? 



    Some readers will be aware of the latest gaystapo hate campaign in Ulster, where the so-called Equality Commission has brought a civil case against Ashers Baking Company after it refused to bake a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan.


    Now Paul Givan, a DUP member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, plans to bring forward a “conscience clause” to reform Ulster law, creating a legal exemption on grounds of strongly held religious beliefs.


    Ashers Baking Co

    Ashers Baking Co




    It is of course deplorable that any law prevents people in any private business from accepting or rejecting customers on any grounds. It’s THEIR business, not the state’s. But these days it’s sexually normal folk who find themselves in the firing line.  

    “Our democracy for centuries sought to make reasonable accommodation for religious belief and freedom of conscience,” says Givan…”Gay rights, and the right to have those rights endorsed and promoted by everyone, is more important than the rights of Christians to live according to their conscience,” he said.

    But at once legislators belonging to the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang faction, who ipso facto ought to be disqualified from debates on morality of any kind, are declaring solidarity with the gaystapo. This could well scupper the needful reform.

    Having recently criticised the DUP, I’m glad to admit that Gavin’s move is to be applauded, as a welcome but small step to roll back the queers’ crusade against freedom.

    But TUV leader Jim Alister is also on the warpath to defend decency. He tabled a proposal for a half-a-million pounds reduction in the ‘Equality’ Commissars’ budget.


    Jim_Allister_410683t Jim Alister, MLA

    “Clearly the Commission has too much money if it has money to squander on persecuting a Christian bakery. So, I am giving MLAs the opportunity to express their disapproval of the conduct of the commission by cutting their budget. Such is a traditional parliamentary tactic available to backbenchers to focus attention on a matter of public concern…we have the opportunity, in addition, to give tangible effect to denunciation of the Commission’s anti-Christian agenda.

    “Taking £500,000 off its budget will focus the Commission’s mind on addressing its proper role, instead of its malicious vendetta against conservative Christians.

    But what happened next?

    Sinn Fein/IRA joined with the other overtly disloyal party, the SDLP, in a procedural device, ‘a petition of concern,’ to block any vote on Jim’s amendment.


    Aware of Sinn Fein/IRA murder boss Gerry Adams’ notorious cover-up of pedophilia in his own family…

    …it was surely predictable they’d pander to perversion.

    And readers who recall my recent description of the Sinn Fein/IRA Speaker of the House…

    Mr. Speaker, Sir – You’re the Scum of the Earth! 

    …will not be surprised to learn that HIS name was on that petition, tippexed out at the last minute to maintain the fantasy that he’s impartial.


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