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  • ross1948 10:01 pm on February 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Share Merkel’s Joy Over Dirty Deniz Yücel! 

    Don’t be too overwhelmed by the plight of Deniz Yücel, that ‘German journalist’ released by the Turks, and for whom, it is widely rumoured…


    ….Mama Stasi Merkel has agreed to do some dirty deal with Erdolf.

    Not many of Dirty Den’s fellow hacks reporting on the case have mentioned exactly what sort of hate he’s spewed out in the past. 

    A lot of Germans have, but after a tip from a reader, I searched  for any reference to Yücel’s hate-speech, and found only ONE English language mention, viz.


    Gambar terkait

    Hate speech! Doubtful? Use Google Translate for yourself!





    …another Turkish “German” with ‘migration background,’ Mely Kiyak, attacked Thilo Sarrazin, whose face is partly paralysed on the right side following the operation of a tumour, and described him after his appearance on TV as a ‘lisping, stuttering, twitching caricature of a human being’ she harvested some animosity.

    Yücel sprang to her defence and wrote in his column that this description, while not funny, was perfectly usable and he added that one could only wish for Sarrazin, that “…his next stroke will do its work somewhat more thoroughly.”.


    end of extract


    Since  I know nothing about that blog, I checked for confirmation and found an impeccably left-lib source, Berlin’s Der Tagespiegel, which gives the same story.

    And it should know!


    Because Berlin’s District Court was so appalled by the spittle-flecked outburst that it not only awarded Sarrazin TWENTY THOUSAND EUROS in damages but also ruled that the offending newspaper refrain from distributing or publishing the column.

    Gambar terkait

    And that newspaper was none other than the Berlin Tagespiegel!

    As noted above, the gutter-level tirade was itself a quote from Liyak’s abusive attack. She subsequently tried to excuse herself by pleading ignorance of how seriously Sarrazin’s stroke had affected him.

    Yeah, right!


    Wriggling similarly, Yülcek provided a ‘clarification’ to his venomous recirculation of Kiyak’s obnoxious words, wishing everyone a life as long as possible free from illness, but then adding that long healthy life gave them the opportunity to learn something…

    Something like his disloyalty?

    What a sicko!

    Yücel has both German AND Turkish citizenship.  Sarrazin, in contrast, has no split allegiance, being a good German patriot and thinker,

    He formerly served in Berlin City government and famously wrote a powerful book in 2010, in which he expressed his belief “state and society could be taken over by the migrants in the course of a few generations.”

    We’ve covered Thilo Sarrazin in the past, noting how unpleasant ingrate Turks, most notably many who have prospered in Germany, sought to have him muzzled, after he spoke out.

    Thilo Sarrazin

     Nor were only disloyal dual nationality residents of Germany out to silence the man.

    Guess who sought to smear him in the UK?

    ...’ A Guardian columnist says writers like Sarrazin stirred the ‘toxic swamp’ from which Breivik emerged, guns blazing


    Interestingly, one of the charges from which Yucel has done a runner is “inciting public hatred and hostility…”


    • Hannelor 10:16 am on February 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Dirty Deniz, despicable Deniz.
      Damn Deniz Yucel and all the other ingrates who hate Germany but howl for help from Germany when Erdogan grabs them.
      I wish he was left in the Turkish prison but Merkel loves him so much she will not let that be..

    • Gerhardt W 4:00 pm on February 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You have used a very good way to show how bad this man is.
      He was born in Germany but made up his mind to hold Turkish passport also beside his German passport but he hates the idea even of Germany.
      So many Turks are like him as we have seen by the way they have attacked Thilo S.
      If there are also some good Turks who understand they live in Germany and therefore cannot be Turk any longer but become German, or else go home, then those good Turks are welcome to stay,
      Never the less, the other Turks like the Dirty Deniz are our enemies and must be sent home.

    • Rita 3:15 pm on February 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂
      There are unconfirmed (and of course “denied”) rumors running in Germany, that Mother Terrorista Merkel has done yet another dirty deal with Adolf Erdogan, something like: a panzer or two in exchange for Dirty Deniz.

      The other rumor is that they are “grooming” this Germany-Hater for political office. The SPD has a few more like him: the former “Integrations Beauftragte” (also Turkish/German) is hustling for “the vote for illegal immigrants without papers”. She has said about her generous host country that she could not detect any “Kultur” specifically German, other than the language.

      He would probably also be welcome with open arms among the Greens, like this grotesk MP, Claudia Roth:

  • ross1948 12:01 am on January 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf’s Agenda? War On Kurds, Aegean Perfidy! 

     As Erdolf The Turk ostentatiously prepares for aggression against the Kurds, who were among our staunchest allies against the ISIS rape-gang…

    =Hasil gambar untuk erdolf


    …a lot of us will be watching for him to echo Old Adolf’s infamous assertion that there are ‘no further territorial claims to make,’ despite previous claims Erdolf’s made on Mosul..

    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna? 


    ….and his known aspiration to don the mantel of the Ottoman Caliphate.


    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


    Now we read that his Minister for EU affairs, Omer Celik, has contemptuously spurned  partnership rather than full EU membership for Turkey.


    Gambar terkait

    “A privileged partnership or similar approaches, we don’t take any of these seriously. Turkey cannot be offered such a thing!” 

    Who does he think he is?

    The last time Turkey played a major role in European affairs is recorded in history books as an era of shameful sectarian misrule…


    Hasil gambar untuk bulgarian horrors 1876


    But Celik didn’t stop his ranting at that point!

    The insolent hound showed Erdolf’s true colours on the billions splurged by Brussels on the crazy ‘migrant’ deal – Brussels-Ankara ‘Bargain’ Backfires! 1-for-1? Yeah, Right! – which, he claimed, ‘the EU was not fully honoring’ its hand-out pledge, which was “not working well…”



    “Technically there’s no reason for Turkey to maintain this deal,” he said.

    Turkey threatens migrant deal with EU

    Time for civilised countries to recognise that today’s Turkey is a hostile power! 

    The last thing Europe needs to do is approve this external enemy’s transformation into an Enemy Within. 

    If Erdolf reneges and fails to stop the crimmigrant incursions?


    Teach The Turk A Lesson!

    • Vicki 11:40 pm on January 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It’s so sad how we are letting him attack our friends the Kurds.
      The very idea of letting the Turks into Europe!
      Why do we even bother keeping Turkey in NATO?

  • ross1948 1:59 pm on January 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A Fair Trial In Erdolf Land? Har-Har-Har! 

     Just keeping up to date with Erdolf news, as ever – Red Tsipras in Dirty Deal – Betray REAL Refugees to Erdolf?   – and noticed that the Turkish Foreign Ministry has its Islamist knickers in a twist, letting us know that any suggestion of a fair trial for those Greek officers is as likely as me hearing my cat bark for her brunch!


    Who’s cuter?


    “By granting asylum to one of eight coup plotters involved in the July 15 coup, Greece has once again showed that it is a country that protects and embraces coup plotters with this decision…”    http://www.ekathimerini.com./224546/article/ekathimerini/news/asylum-decision-for-turkish-officer-will-have-negative-impacts-warns-ankara


    Not ‘suspects,’ not ‘the accused,’ not bloody likely!


    No need for any trial at all, fair or unfair, if Erdolf’s Foreign Ministry flunkeys have already declared them not as suspects but as coup plotters… criminals who took part in killing hundreds of Turkish people and targeting the democratic order..”

    The fate of the remaining seven genuine Turkish asylum-seekers will be decided in Athens this week, we’re told.


    Red Tsipras, appeaser of Islamist despotism!


    Will Red Tsipras, already out to undo the asylum granted to one man, further crawl before Erdolf’s bullying, or will the others be kept safe from his vengeance?

    • Mack the Knife 4:49 pm on January 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Suspects’ is not allowed any more, Ross, you should know from NCIS!
      It’s ‘unsubs.’
      Mustn’t offend the criminal classes!
      On the main topic, I agree with you
      Never trust Erdolf!

  • ross1948 6:00 pm on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Meddler Erdolf's Hypocrisy – 'No Foreign Interference?' 

    Unlike the curs who run Twitter, we will not hold our tongues (or anyone else’s) on the developing situation in Iran.

    Gambar terkait

    Twitter restricted the account of a prominent London-based dissident who has been sending a steady stream of video images of protests across Iran. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/2/mainstream-media-twitter-slammed-promoting-irans- (good article, that, in WT, covering too the shameful  way the New York Times and other Western media are siding with the hardline Islamic rule…

    I have never used Twitter, but their current censorship antics reminds me of how Zuckwit’s Facebook erased my account there for publicising the Cikeusik Pogrom.

    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

    I already today wrote about the Ayatollahs https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2018/01/03/wheres-r2p-when-irans-people-need-it/ so now I write about their chief ally (apart from Obama, of course!)

    Turkish foreign ministry welcomes Rouhani speech, say it hopes ‘that rhetoric and foreign interventions that incite developments are avoided’

  • ross1948 7:26 pm on December 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf Threatens Austria? Slap Him Down! 

    In yet another display of arrogance, Turkey’s Islamist tyrant Erdolf has issued a warning…



    …that Austria will get “the reaction that it deserves” for saying what most sane people think, that his sectarian state is not fit to be part of Europe.

    Whilst some of us may think to be excluded from EUSSR membership is a blessing thinly disguised, that’s hardly the point.

    The Turks were, happily, prevented in the 17th century from expanding their cruel caliphate regime into the heart of Europe…



    …when civilised forces beat them back at the Gates of Vienna.

    Erdolf has made it clear he sees himself as the heir to that caliphate…

    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna?

     “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”


    …and it is incumbent on all European governments to line up alongside Austria’s sensible stand today.

    What a pity that, as The Local reminds us, while Austria has called for the accession process to be formally halted, this has met with opposition from key EU members…



    …notably Germany.

    Mama Stasi Merkel is more bad than mad, but under her rule, it’s not unfair to say that Germany has become the cuckoo in the Continental nest,

    She has cravenly failed to put down or boot out Erdogan’s fifth column.

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    The bulk of the Turkish diaspora – especially that in Merkel Land, where a recent survey showed that most of them are undesirable aliens…


    …44 percent of Turks in Germany see German criticism of Erdogan as unjustified...Germany drops inquiry against Turkish imams suspected of spying …

    ….needs to be sent home, with a message for their hero in Ankara, a proper response to Erdolf’s threatened ‘reaction.’

  • ross1948 7:22 pm on December 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Lost, Erdolf! Turk Tyrant Picks At 95-Year-Old Scars! 

    That sectarian tyrant Erdolf is at it again!



    On a visit to Greece last week, he affronted his hosts by DEMANDING an update of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne!

    Like, what’s that, say readers who are not avid students of modern European history?

    As the Dark Age Caliphate system collapsed, a major war occurred, and the Greeks who had lived in Smyrna, now Izmir, and other areas along the Aegean coast, for centuries, were forcibly expelled.


    • Gambar terkait


    The treaty which ended the war fixed the modern Greek-Turkish frontier and made provision for the rights of ethnic Turks within Greece’s borders.

    Now, nearly a century later, Erdolf has used a ‘goodwill’ visit as an excuse to invoke sectarian solidarity.

    “I demanded [from Tsipras during the meeting] that improvements should be made regarding the situation of the Muslim minority. It is the Greek government’s responsibility to protect the legal rights of the Muslims in Western Thrace,” he said.

    Funny, how he doesn’t even bother to talk about ‘Turks’ but rather says ‘Muslims…’ .


    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf


    …at once jumping on his usual Islamist hobby-horse,which he once infamously defined =

     “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

    I don’t like Red Tsipras but he at least responded properly, that any revision to the Treaty of Lausanne was “out of the question.”

    The arrogant authoritarian in Ankara has made little secret of his desire to expand his dominion over territories once ruled by the ottoman Caliphs.



    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna?

    Nor is he shy about interfering even in West European lands where the Sultans’ writ never ran.

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    He is an enemy of the West.



    But how come he’s got his dogmatic knickers in a twist about Thrace, that area next to Turkey at the top of the map above?

    Well, it seems that he met President  Pavlopoulos and had a whine that Muslims in the border region were not able to choose their own chief mufti.


    I don’t know about that.

    Presumably Athens likes to make sure no evil clerics like that one in Switzerland we wrote about last week  – Evil ‘Asylum’ Imam Gets ‘Non-Custodial’ 18 Months! – get near any position of influence.

    But on the general issue of ‘muftis,’ I do know that a lot of people in Australia would very much like to have their government exercise a veto on similar appointments there..

     Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    …to prevent the enthronement of malignant fanatics like the incumbent Oz ‘Grand Mufti,’ of whom we have written much.

    Last word to the Greek President.

    “The Treaty of Lausanne defines the territory and the sovereignty of Greece and of the European Union and this treaty is for us non-negotiable. It has no flaws, it does not need to be reviewed, or to be updated.” 


  • ross1948 8:37 am on September 26, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations, Free Kurdistan! 

    No, the official results of the Kurds’ referendum are not out yet, but I will stick my neck out and bet the vote in favour of independence will be overwhelming.


    Gambar terkait


    My return to this subject is prompted by one news broadcast telling us that the ‘US, UK Turkey and Iran’ are united in opposition to the Kurds’ exercise in self-determination.

    We mentioned this earlier this month.

    An Unholy Alliance Against Self-Determination? 

    Similarly hostile is the UN, which, if I’m not wrong, has some theoretical commitment in its Charter to every people’s right to be free.

    Are Trump and May at ease in such company?

    Iraq’s boundaries are an artificial construct, drawn up after World War I. They make no more sense than do many other borders created by imperial powers.

    But the difference in Kurdistan is that circumstances have given the Kurds the opportunity to re-draw those borders, thanks to their heroic soldiers (of both sexes) who have fought the good fight against the ISIS rape-gang.


    Gambar terkait


    Erfdolf is threatening military intervention, no doubt motivated by his caliphate expansionism.

    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna?


    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf

     “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” 


    Western countries should make it clear that their ‘NATO ally’ will be summarily booted out of NATO if he crosses the line, in either sense, politically and militarily.

    He is an enemy of the West.

    Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

    A Free Kurdistan could be a valuable friend, IF we champion their cause.

  • ross1948 12:16 am on September 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: AK party women, Erdogan Turkey, Safek Pavey, , Wahhabist mosques   

    Civilised Turks Fear ‘Wahhabist Version Of North Korea!’ 

    Presumably most of you saw the revolting news from Morocco last month, where a young woman was sexually assaulted by a pack of savages.

    Protests across Morocco in solidarity with sexual assault victim

    That’s the report from the left-liberal Deutsche Welle, but knowing how many North African males prey on women in Europe, and especially in Germany…

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So! 


    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    …not many of their readers will have been very surprised at such horrible events.

    However, violence by ignorant savages is not the exclusive province of men.

    Read on!

    I don’t much like ‘Vice’ but whilst waiting for ‘NCIS’ to appear on Fox Crime one evening ( there was nothing else worth watching – I’d braved my daily dose of CNN poison much earlier!)



    Anyway, it turned out to be all about Erdogan’s Islamisation of Turkey,

    What startled me most was a lady Opposition MP who spoke the words I chose for my headline – when asked what she expected if the bigot Erdolf got his way, Safek Pavey foretold that her country would become ‘a Wahhabist version of North Korea.’


    Hasil gambar untuk safak pavey


    But that was not the most alarming thing Ms Pavey had to say.

    She described how she had been personally, physically, ATTACKED by over a dozen of Erdogan’s legislators who were brandishing ‘scissors and screw-drivers!’


    Shocking? Yes of course!

    But more shocking by far was the fact that the demented dozen were WOMEN!

    I had to check this and here’s a Turkish media account –

    …an affray took place where CHP MPs Şafak Pavey and Melike Basmacı and HDP MPs Pervin Buldan and Burcu Çelik were injured in a way that led them to get treatment in the hospital.



    Gambar terkait


    AKP female MP Gökçen Özdoğan Enç, who had brought a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign to the Parliament last week in response to claims of an AKP MP where he said he had been bitten on the leg by a CHP MP, was also the MP who pushed Şafak Pavey and hit Pervin Buldan last night.

    One must expect unpleasant brutish behaviour from male Islamist fanatics, since they believe women are theirs, chattels, to be ordered about like mediaeval serfs.


    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!”

    Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic

    But what kind of women betray their own sex (not ‘gender,’ please!) in such a manner, more like wild beasts than human beings?


    Sorry, that’s not fair to wild beasts.

  • ross1948 9:06 pm on September 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf Leeches On, But Won’t Turn Off The Tap! 

    Last Monday, in a piece written on Sunday, presumably, Greek media reported that, since Friday, over SIX HUNDRED crimmigrants had swarmed across the Aegean from Turkey, onto the northern islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos.

    Over 600 unwanted aliens in just three days!



    It’s outrageous enough that Brussels, using British money still, I suppose, agreed to pay the Turk tyrant billions…

    Crimmigration – Treacherous Turk’s Pound of Flesh! 

    …to do the job any sovereign state has a self-evident duty to do, control its own borders and.


    But when the arrogant Islamist takes all that money (squeezed from the pockets of every European tax-payer) and STILL fails to fulfil his part of the dirty Danegeld deal, it’s a damn disgrace.

    We warned of this likelihood and our alternative strategy…

    What Islamist Erdogan Needs – A Cuba-Style Embargo! 

    …outlined then, is still perfectly viable.



  • ross1948 10:36 am on September 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    An Unholy Alliance Against Self-Determination? 

    What have the US State Department, Boris Johnson and Iran’s backward and brutal ayatollahs got in common?

    An obdurate hostility towards self-determination.



     Sure, we don’t expect any better from Tehran’s benighted regime…



    ….but wasn’t it Boris who set himself up as champion of British self-determination last year in the Brexit campaign?

    And has not one American Secretary of State after another made incessant noises about every people having the right to choose its own government – except Tibet, of course.



    So what nation’s aspiration has brought these powerful forces together in hostility to freedom, a hostility shared, it might be added, by Turkey’s Erdolf.




    Hasil gambar untuk kurdistan

    The Kurds!


    US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert -“We support a unified, stable and a federal Iraq.” For the Americans, the referendum, “would distract from urgent priorities and that be the defeat of ISIS.” 

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson remarked, “. Unilateral moves towards independence would not be in the interests of the people of Kurdistan Region, Iraq or of wider regional stability. 

    Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei commented, “Iran opposes holding talks of a referendum to partition Iraq and considers those who fuel the idea as opponents of Iraq’s independence.

    But just look at that map, above.

    The territory inhabited by Kurds is larger than Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria, and at least as large as Iraq.

    Their conduct in the war against ISIS has been exemplary.

    Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza? 

    Kasihan Kobane! Erdogan…Echoes of Warsaw 1944? 

    They are not infected with the jihadist virus.


    Gambar terkait

    Erdogan, No Enemy of Evil, No Friend to the Brave! 


    The Kurdish women above, like all Kurd patriots, are, moreover, sworn enemies of our enemies, the sectarian dictators in Iran and Islamist Erdolf, whose view on the Kurds’ referendum was as follows –

    “A step toward the independence of northern Iraq is a threat to the territorial integrity of Iraq, and it is wrong.”

    This from the autocrat who, not that long ago, was openly eyeing a carve-up of Northern Iraq to expand his own borders?


    Our Enemy, Erdogan, Claims Mosul – What Next – Vienna?


    Why should we not applaud their freedom fight?

    Apart from the issue of principle, if all the Kurds came together in one Kurdistan…


    .Gambar terkait


    …it would upset the apple-carts of more than one insalubrious regime!

    The quotes come from a Kurdish news site, which also offers opinions, some of which make sense.

    …as the Kurds eye independence, they will slowly grasp that the international community will never settle on a propitious moment to secede from Iraq.

    Logically, therefore, there should be no hesitation in going ahead with the referendum in the Kurdish area within Iraq’s present frontiers.

    But the commentator, Barak Barli, then goes on to draw precisely the opposite conclusion…

    The key to success may lie in delaying the vote in exchange for ironclad guarantees that independence will be negotiated in the coming year.  


    But what value is there in such guarantees, ironclad or otherwise? Ankara and Tehran will under no circumstance approve independence.

    And even if London and Washington were to shift their position and show sympathy – unlikely – there’s NO way they’d be prepared to back up any guarantee with force of arms, given all they have gone through in the Middle East in recent decades.

    Go for it, Kurds!

    • Goldie 11:43 pm on October 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am not disagreeing with you about the Kurds, Ross, but you have not said anything at all about the Catalans!
      Do they not have the same rights to self-determination?

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