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  • ross1948 00:09 on January 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Now HERE’S A Surprise – NOT! 

    The information was released now because the Israeli Immigration Policy Center (IIPC) demanded it under the Freedom of Information Act.

    It turns out that even in Israel, a country which can hardly be accused of complacency,  the instinct to cover-up the crimmigrant menace has yet to be eradicated.

    • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinig


    The only information given by police in recent years was crime data on the foreign population as a whole, which includes cases opened against tourists and legal workers from abroad.

    Appalling to read that Israeli cops were suppressing such information because…wait for it…


     “labeling of this kind may harm public safety and security as a result of the population’s reactions.”  

    .Israeli police fear releasing African migrant crime figures

    Popular ‘reactions’ to the nightmarish truth that –

    ‘Eritrean and Sudanese illegals commit disproportionately more crimes in comparison to the general population.’

    – should be demands for immediate deportation of every filthy alien savage convicted of assault and of sexual crimes- the crimmigrant proportion of which is 4.3 times higher than that of citizens.


    .Israeli police fear releasing African migrant crime figures

    • Keith Milner 11:39 on January 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a surprise. I would expect better of Israel.


  • ross1948 10:33 on February 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Nice One, Judges – Swiss Door Slams On Lying Snouts! 

    No sound sweeter than the slamming of a door…



    …if those thus excluded are lying crimmigrants!

    That thought arises from a report in The Local, viz.

    Switzerland has slammed shut its open-door policy toward Eritreans which had automatically granted them refugee status.
    In announcing its decision on Thursday, the Swiss federal administrative court in St Gallen said the lax policy was unjustified. It had also been criticized by several Swiss politicians who claimed it was being abused.

    An uncanny echo here of those mangy ingrates in Canada…

    ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

    …and also the more recent report on certain infamously ‘desperate refugees’ from Syria, who’ve been sleazing off surreptitiously from their safe haven in Norway…

    ‘Desperate Migrants’ Demand ‘Asylum’ – Then Go Home for Holidays! 

    There’s a very good North American phrase which captures the essential character of such people.



      This time it’s some mendacious Eritrean ratbags who had been exploiting an absurd policy, by which ‘to qualify as a refugee upon arrival in Switzerland, Eritreans simply needed to say that they had left their country “illegally”( who initiated such a lame-brain rule in the first place?) – they’d show up among the Alps, demanding Swiss ‘asylum,’ then, once their snouts were securely tucked into the public purse, they’d swan off back to their ‘oppressive’ homeland for nice little visits with the folks!
    Unlike America’s 9th Division court, or those anti-democratic UK judges who ruled against prompt implementation of the British people’s decision to escape the Evil EU Empire, some at least of Switzerland’s judiciary are not slaves to the elite – the court ruled that “the illegal exit from (Eritrea) cannot in itself justify recognition as a refugee.”
    So hats off to that court.
    But what about all the other countries in Europe ( no chance in Canada, with Justin Turdostan in power) where similar phoney ‘refugees’ have been caught out making sly visits back to the places they claimed were so awful that they had no choice but to flee?
    Will all those historic nations across the Continent facing elections this year finally wake up to the ‘asylum’ insanity and DEMAND the removal of EVERY  crimmigrant who has shown by their misconduct that they are no more ‘desperate’ than all the sun-bathers I can see around me on this Bali beach?
  • ross1948 21:44 on May 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Renzi Rats On Pledge to Fingerprint Crimmigrants! 

    Italy’s marxist Renzi regime rants and raves at Austria…


    • RENZI_12_resize Red Renzi
    • 00000000000000000000000000000000000000

    The Alps have been an effective barrier since ancient times, though Hannibal proved that their impregnability was and remains a myth, if enemies are determined.

     A nobler invader than today’s!


    And the determination of undesirable aliens to penetrate beyond Italy is surely bolstered by Renzi’s eager assistance, not by just his calculated decriminalisation of illegal immigration….

    • illegals-45735984408
    • …but by his minions’ repeated failure to ID the illegals on arrival.

    That too is calculated, because if they are not ID-ed, then other victim countries can’t use Brussels rules to send them back there!

    Now Renzi promises faithfully to do what he’s supposed to, fingerprint the frauds before they disembark from the Frontex ferry service thoughtfully provided by the EUSSR.

    Well, not quite.

    Even while his wretched navy and its EUSSR collaborators are still under orders to keep pumping them in from Libya – ‘Six thousand migrant arrivals is not an invasion’: Renzi  …consider the actuality of his latest cast-iron commitment!

    It was not clear if the policy will be applied systematically – migrants picked up at sea are often in a traumatized state…



    How ‘traumatised’ do you have to be that you can’t be finger-printed? Who’s in charge, illegal intruders or Italian security forces?

    And that last question needs to be asked even more loudly once we read the next part of that sentence!

    and asylum seekers from Eritrea notably generally refuse to have their prints taken because they want to make their applications elsewhere.   Italy to start fingerprinting migrants at sea

    Good grief. These uppity undesirables REFUSE?

    Beggars, cheeky beggars at that, DON’T get to be choosers!

    Or refusers!



    Slap them in manacles, tell them straight – you want food and water, you’ll give us your prints as payment.

    And how come these arrogant Eritreans are the most obnoxious of all? 

    • It turns out that a huge proportion of Eritreans probably don’t have a leg to stand on in their heart-rending demands for ‘asylum.’

    The Danes got wise to the lies they’ve been spinning. http://www.thelocal.dk/20141126/denmark-tightens-restrictions-on-eritrean-refugees

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