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  • ross1948 18:10 on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    EuroCommissars Deploy Goon-Squad Against Their Own! 

    Those EuroCommissars really dropped the mask and showed their Fourth Reich mentality this week!

    Hasil gambar untuk fourth reich


    Even the pro-Brussels EU Observer headline made no effort to play down the jackboot tactics deployed against EU staff sickened by the stench of cronyism and corruption which has for years engulfed the Evil Empire for which they work….

    EU staff blocked from delivering Barroso petition

    Of course it’s not just a Barroso petition! 

    That Portuguese supranational SOB who has landed a top job at US investment bank Goldman Sachs, is merely the latest in a series of nasty notables who have sailed through the ‘revolving doors‘ which link anti-democratic Eurocrats to equally anti-democratic plutocrats, ensuring the  swine a VERY cushy ‘retirement.’


    The Brussels in-crowd get grotesquely fat pensions for their years of disloyalty to their respective countries, gouged from tax-payers all over the Continent ( and from those of the UK until May gets off her backside and presses Button 50!)

    But actual ‘retirement’ is not often what they move onto. Life after Brussels usually means a plush slot in some multinational corporation, drawing vast sums they neither need nor deserve.

    And that’s what goaded their flunkeys into a demo. They are themselves Europhiliacs, they aver, deeply committed to the European project…




    But rather like those Strasserites who died in Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives, or the Old Bolsheviks in Stalin’s Russia, executed while protesting their communist commitment, fealty to the regime’s ideology – it’s the first time that EU workers have publicly criticised their leadership – is no safeguard against a vengeful elite intolerant of dissent.

    The EU staff want to remain anonymous, both for fear of retaliation…




      – but also “because we represent the people of the street”, one of them said.

    Sorry, comrades, you do NOT represent the ‘people of the street.’ The EUSSR holds the ‘people of the street in utter contempt. Anyone who actually DOES represent them is branded a populist and threatened by Brussels running-dogs with suppression.   Germany’s Red NazisSPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!


    But still, one feels sorry for the flunkeys, who now understand that even their allegiance to the Fourth Reich gives them no right to criticise Juncker’s politburo…



    security guards stopped the petitioners from entering commission headquarters on Wednesday .A delegation from the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (Alter-EU) received the same treatment..

    The response of one of those turned away from EUSSR HQ does, however, confirm what we know of the essential authoritarianism there.

    We want to see Juncker – he’s the only one who can change the rules.”

    And since Liar Juncker and his fellow-commissars are absolutely wedded to abusing their powers..

    Goebbels Would Applaud! – EUSSR Uses Brit Taxes to Indoctrinate Brit Kids! 

    …I hope these poor saps with their delusions about their ‘European Project.’ are not holding their breath meantime.

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    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    A restful day is in order, after my first few beers last night since my return to Jakarta, and another wee session tomorrow, a send-off for one of the many foreigners who are leaving this dear city for the cold climate of Europe.

    But time to look in that direction, to Merkelstan…




    If you eagerly collaborate with the worst leader Western Europe has produced since Adolf Hitler, it might seem the height of hubris to be telling another country’s electorate whom to choose as their head of state.


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    Yet that’s exactly what Mama Stasi Merkel’s Foreign Minister Steinmeier has had the gall to do, with his venomous attack on Donald Trump.

    This from the man, please note, who was not long ago flexing his arrogant muscles to demand ‘a fair distribution of refugees’  – the alien horde whom Merkel blithely summoned into Europe.

    Please remember too that nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami…


    • merkel danger
    • —————–
    • Merkel did not consult her own electorate when she flouted even her EU-approved ‘asylum’ agreement, so it’s her problem, not France’s nor Denmark’s nor Poland’s, nor any other nation’s.
    • —————-
    • raperefs
    • ————————-
    • Yet her Socialist comrade castigated the citizens of all those other countries for their disinclination to unleash the ‘refugee’ pack on their wives and daughters.

    “We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    Now Steinmeier has declared he “is not neutral” on whether the Republican candidate is fit to occupy the Oval Office,” says his spokeswoman.

    • trump
    • “He is of the opinion that it is frightening, if you follow Trump’s remarks, what could become of this world if Trump actually became president,” she said.


    We already know what has become of Steinmeier’s OWN country thanks to his Fuhrerin!


    I am not uncritical of The Donald.

    But as with the Brexit campaign, given the alternative to a Trump presidency, I see no point in making waves, not the way that simpering Senator Collins has, or Klutz Kasich.

    If the alternative to DT is hoary old Hillary Clinton, squawking nightly in her quest to ensure fellatio becomes once more an aspect of White House life..


    • b2afe-freepussy


    …and corruption the essence of American government, I can see no other practical option except to hope Trump wins.

    On the fundamental issue of the border, he has given a commitment to build that wall, and to remove the crimmigrant horde from the USA.

    So no wonder Mama’s mouthy minion is beside himself, flouting every standard of diplomatic propriety, grossly intruding in a foreign power’s internal affairs.  



    • However, this is par for the EurocRat course.
    • They flagrantly took the side of Cameron’s clique in the Brexit vote, and Liar Juncker infamously railed against Herr Hofer in Austria’s presidential election (where a promising re-run is now under way!)

    I wonder if Obama’s Ambassador in Berlin has made representations to the German Foreign Office about this latest Steinmeier sticky-beaking?

    Probably not.

    And if by some miracle there were to be a diplomatic protest lodged against this latest display of the ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’ mind-set, Mama would coddle her snarly hit-man.

    No protection from insults or abuse for a popular candidate in a democratic ally.

    That sort of solidarity is only available to sectarian autocrats like Mama’s big pal Erdogan.

    ‘Merkel threw me to a despot’: German comedian fights back…

    As for Trump’s campaign, I doubt he’ll even notice Steinmeier’s slings and arrows – with the rotten American media slanting all their output against him, even making a fuss about a joke into a major issue for days, while Crooked Clinton…
    (let’s stop saying “Hillary’ – it’s sexist, this use of given names for women candidates but surnames for men…I almost said ‘Christian’ names, but I doubt she’s any more Christian than Obama, both intent on helping the gaystapo war down religious liberty -just read this linked story!

    …while Crooked Clinton, probably the most corrupt aspirant to the White House ever…

    Clinton Cash Clique, Campaigning for Crimmigrants! 

     … gets marginal attention, at best, to her manifold evils.

    She hardly needs a Steinmeier, who, unwittingly, paid The Donald a great compliment a week or so ago, likening the New Yorker to the best sort of British AND German patriots, saying he had much in common with “fear-mongers” in Germany’s right-wing populist AfD party as well as advocates of Britain’s exit from the EU.


    Good company to keep!

  • ross1948 17:28 on March 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Untermensch? Evil Merkel Back-Stabs Balkans! 

    • jean-claude-juncker-2006-

    European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, a self-proclaimed liar whose true face is finally and fully revealed as a traitor to Europe; Europe, please note, not the EUSSR!


    Merkel — who is facing pressure at home over her open-door policy towards refugees — and Juncker had objected to the initial draft statement approved by EU ambassadors on Sunday, which said: “Irregular flows of migrants along the western Balkans route are coming to an end. This route is now closed.”

    The Local offers up the common media gloss for the back-stab, that the draft raised concerns that agile smugglers would circumvent EU barriers and take alternative routes, which those working on the migrant problem say could run through Bulgaria or Albania. Merkel scuppers EU plan to close Balkan refugee route

    Of course the wannabe parasites will weave their weasel way towards Europe’s welfare troughs any which way they can. But those working on the migrant problem totally side-step the reality that Macedonia, bravely manning the front line against the horde, is not an EU barrier. 




    Neither Macedonia nor Albania has yet joined the EU. Yet honourable countries like Hungary and Slovakia have sent reinforcements to Macedonia. Unlike Juncker and Mama Stasi, they care – about fellow-nation-states on their own Continent.

    Alas, Merkel and Juncker don’t. Their priority is simply to spread the infestation of Germany to other countries. If they can fix that the way they want, further importation of barbarians is no big deal. Angela has a continent to ruin.

    The armed forces of Western Europe, yes, including the UK, should and could ensure that Bulgarian and Albanian troops are up to warding off invasion. In the longer run, Greece should also be delivered from the horde.


    Hasil gambar untuk open fire!

    Heck, you try to find a picture to match the exhortation ‘Open Fire!’ and…


    But that, of course, would require a readiness to fight, and we know the Dirty Duo would NEVER countenance a shot fired, no matter how clear and present a threat looms, massed on the frontier.


    .Hasil gambar untuk merkel juncker

    They’re hopelessly devoted to undesirable aliens.

    By their well-publicised dissent from the common cause, they have consequently undermined whatever prospects ( already pretty slim) of success that the Brussels pact with Erdogan might have had.  

    • Pam Trevelyan 22:16 on March 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You make my day with what you write about this woman. She has done more to destroy Western civilisation in a year than Attila the Hun did in all his wars, although I don’t know exactly how long his wars lasted.
      I’m constantly surprised that she is still alive and kicking but never surprised that she’s kicking us and not those unwanted migrants.
      That fire-place! I am still laughing.
      When you are good, you are very very good, and even when you’re not on top form, you’re still very good.
      Thank you so much!


    • Ted Grenfell 05:18 on March 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      She does treat the Balkan nations as second-class peoples, and they are now coming out and reacting as you’d expect. Did you see where the President of Macedonia has protested about the back-stabbing and the fact his little country has had to stand alone in keeping out jihadists. Merkel is a monster who must be stopped.


    • Martens K 09:16 on March 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Love that photo of Adolf and Angela, two of a kind.
      As you have said before, Germany needs a new Von Stauffenberg, some hero who cares more for country than to only follow the fuhrer.
      There is still time to do this in a democrat-constitutional path and we could see that begin in Sunday’s regional elections, but the time is running out.


  • ross1948 09:57 on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels’ Lackeys WILL Abuse Public Funds in the UK Referendum! 

    A very late start today, as it’s on the cards I’ll have a fairly late night tonight. Holiday here tomorrow, so fun is required.

    First, though, a glance at EUObserver, a piece about the ham-fisted way the PR people employed by the EUSSR don’t always seem to shine at their work.

    But it was the last sentence that made me smile quietly – no raucous laughter too early in the day!

    Faced with growing disillusionment with the European project across the continent and slick, well-funded propaganda from its opponents – whether the Russian government or Eurosceptic groups – it is time for the EU to up its game. https://euobserver.com/opinion/128619




    Slickness is in the eye of the beholder, but ‘well-funded?‘ It is a matter of public record that pro-independence parties and campaign groups have to raise their funds from memberships, donations and some sympathetic businesses.

    Our common enemies, however, the supranationalists, have no such limitations- they simply plunder the public purse, using taxes paid by Eurosceptic citizens to blast propaganda at them, and – much more sinisterly – at their children.

    A recent report gives chapter and verse of what is very clearly EUSSR propaganda – http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/04/03/true-story-we-do-pay-for-children-to-be-given-pro-eu-propaganda/ -described as ‘free’ but of course paid for from every tax-payer’s pocket.

    And the Commissar’s flunkeys have no inhibitions about telling anyone who asks exactly what it’s for.





    Get this.

    The European Commission in the UK has defended these sorts of publications, saying they are needed to balance out the “robust positions” expressed daily in Britain in national newspapers. 

    Balance out? All three – or four, if you count the SNP – establishment party leaderships are pro-EUSSR, as are  much of the media, e.g. the Guardian, Independent – even some of those who criticise the EurocRat enemy’s excesses are not firmly on the side of sovereignty.

    And I reported the BBC’s “balance” last night!

    British media are quite ‘balanced’ enough, thanks. 

    It’s no part of a civil servant’s job to interfere in the political process. They are mere hirelings, servants, to do the people’s bidding, not muddy the waters with poisonous waffle aimed at innocent kids. 

    “If – and only if – schools contact us for information material, we supply it” a spokesman said.“It is for schools to make sure pupils are aware of the wide range of views on the EU expressed daily in Britain.”





    The EuroCrats don’t hesitate to funnel millions into class-rooms, where too many subversive Europhiliac teachers are slavishly serving the enemy agenda.

    So no hogwash, please, about how ‘well-funded’ are the freedom fighter movements. They are facing a juggernaut of lies financed by those who wish to subjugate all the historic nations of Europe, operating on a cultural marxist moral level, no better, worse, really, than the morality of a common cut-purse in a crowded market square.

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