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  • ross1948 21:30 on January 15, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    No Sell-Out = No Biden? Stand Firm! 

    So we read of sell-out, the betrayal of Brexit, due to…


    “…pressure on both sides for a deal to be reached by April, in time for the 25th anniversary commemorations of the Good Friday agreement….


    Or the Bad Friday Deal, as many of us remember it…


    …the BLiar pact with Blood Beast Adams, which rewarded terrorist traitors with power and glory.

    And already affronted, we read on, learning that The Dotard, mired in scandal in the White House…



    …or in whichever of several locations those stray confidential docs surfaced….


     “…hopes to attend.”


       Washington has made clear attendance is conditional on a settlement being reached…”


    Fingers crossed for no ‘settlement!’


    Who wants that senescent soiling honest Ulster ground?

    And the cloak of cover-up descends, because a dirty deal looms, by which ‘ministers could shelve proposed legislation that would allow the UK to unilaterally rip up some Brexit arrangements…


    …. as a sign of goodwill in negotiations with the EU, the Guardian has been told.’

    Told By Whom?

    One of the sleazy Foreign Office Europhiliac flunkeys, leaking again, or a Tory minister, unwilling to say publicly what he tells a pro-EUSSR hack?


    That phase, which involves intense negotiations with no public comment...”

    Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Fourth Reich VP Šefčovič already have “an understanding the bill –

    ( to dismantle Euroid rules)

    would not progress while the negotiations were at a crucial stage…”

    Oh yeah?


    Yes, according to a gutless ‘senior European source,’ who refused the hack permission to identify him,  or her.


    Or a big bad lie, according to ‘a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) source…’ again too spineless to give his name!.


    Open Covenants, Openly Arrived At?


    In my view, we’ll soon see.

    The clincher is whether the robed rogues of the ECJ are removed from any meddling role.



    Britain is NOT part of the EUSSR  so there’s NO role for the ill-named ‘European Court ofJustice’ in any dispute.



  • ross1948 17:18 on December 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    LibDem Dirty Tricks – Unbelievably Underhand! 

    The little lefty gang that calls itself ‘Open Democracy’ is not an outfit I have a lot of time for. They are anti-Brexit, for starters. And they moan a lot about how they are few in number and oh dear, what a lot of effort is required to keep going.

    Heck, out here in the East Indies, there’s only me doing this job, with a nice local helper who provides much moral support but whose tech skills are marginally less polished than mine.




    But the way the lousy LibDems have resorted, quite unjustifiably, to slimy lawfare against the O.D.s has been nothing short of scandalous.

    Frankly, I despise the LibDems.

    They pout and prance about pretending to be a nation’s moral compass but they are just as much grubby partisan hatchet-men  – and women as the rest of the yammering pack that infests the Houses of Parliament.

    Anyway, please read what the ODs have to say. I think you will share my feelings when you have.

  • ross1948 20:57 on November 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    More Proof Of Strasbourg Slugs’ Dirty Tricks – Where’s That Green Left Lesbian Now? 

    When even the Brussels Empire’s own judges have to rule that the Strasbourg Slugs are guilty of blatant political prejudice against patriot parties, it tells you all you need to know about how bad and biased the anti-democratic ‘European Parliament’ really is, and has been for years.

    The villain of the piece, or rather villainess ( if that suffix is appropriate to a far-left Green lesbian!) was an Austrian named Ulrike Lunacek, whose other main distinction during her MEP years was as a shrill advocate, unsurprsingly, for the sexually maladjusted.

    She also, interestingly, championed the cause of an alleged Balkan war criminal!

    see her wikipedia entry


    Lunacek.Ulrike-6701 (16887025110).jpg

    The lesbian leftist Lunacek


    But she’s in the news this week after the European Court convicted that ‘parliament’ of deliberate dirty tricks, when Lunacek and her colleages victimised the group of which UKIP was then a leading member.

    A brief quote or two from a leftwing newspaper shows how, when the (exclusively Europhiliac) panel of Strasbourg Slugs decided that the patriot group be issued with a demand to repay EU funds’ – to the tune of £148,000 – and a refusal to stump up  half-a-million euros to which the patriots were entitled…

    ‘…the bureau of the European parliament failed to guarantee impartiality!’

    The lesbian bigot, who, inexplicably was then (2016) ‘a vice-president of the parliament’ had ‘prejudged the issue before the contested decision relating to the 2015 financial year was adopted” –  AND the panel’s minutes revealed she was the only MEP to speak on the case during the meeting. 


    Image result for prejudice meaning"


    But she had made her partisan bigotry clear even before the hearing began!

    “It takes exceptional nerve to disparage the EU at every opportunity while illegally cashing in on EU funds” she ranted, and… in reply to a social media user, she also claimed that “fraudulent use of funds” had taken place.’


    This arrogant sow’s outbursts not only reveal her disregard for basic rules of fair judicial play but also show how the Europhiliac elite regard tax-payers’ money that falls into their hands as a kind of big yummy trough…



    …into which they may shove their dirty snouts in order to push their adored ‘European Project’ –  but which is off-limits to democratically-elected MEPs with a mandate to fight back against the supranational agenda.

    Curiously, the Guardian reporter becomes quite guarded when it comes to what has become of this bigoted bint.

    Lunacek left the parliament in 2017 for unrelated reasons.

    Anybody know what those ‘reasons’ were?

    • Edward Lamont 16:14 on November 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I had heard about this but you provide background on the main culprit which the Guardian concealed.
      Lunacek epitomises all that’s worst about that ‘European Project’ crowd.
      If you find out what the Green Lesbian Lefty is up to these days, be sure to let us know.


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