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  • ross1948 13:10 on July 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Blackmail?’ Hungary’s Smart Moves Provoke Leftist Outrage! 

    Hungary’s Viktor Orban is a zealous patriot, who has once again seized an opportunity to fight for his country


    …as we saw last Tuesday, when ‘the Hungarian national assembly, adopted a resolution that calls on ending the so-called Article 7 sanctions probe as a condition to agreeing to the EU’s long-term budget and planned recovery fund tackling the economic crisis prompted by the pandemic.’


    That Article 7 is all about the Brussels Empire’s efforts to bully the small country into laying off Sorosoid so-called ‘NGOs’ and going easy on crimmigrants.

    The Euro-bullying has been instigated not just by the Euro-Commissars, but by false, fair-weather friends as well.

    Fake ‘Right’ Strasbourg Slugs Gang Up On Hungary! 



    And of course Hungary has been bashed repeatedly by the Europhiliac Left media for standing up to the bullies, not least on EU Observer…

    Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 


    …by that Zalan woman, herself a Hungarian but blatantly hostile to her own country.

    As is her headline today, which seeks to disguise its bias by putting inverted commas around the word ‘blackmail!’

    Orban raises summit stakes with ‘blackmail’ conditions

    Since when is it blackmail to do all in one’s power to protect your nation from relentless aggression!

  • ross1948 18:44 on May 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Reuters Ranter Ignores Madrid’s Media Jackboot! 

    We have noticed the engrained bias of that Reuters in-crowd more than once…

    Reuters Rotters Spread Crimmigrant Sob-Story -Albeit ‘Unverified!’ 

    …both in regard to their inaccurate assertions…

    No, Reuters Rotters! Crimmigrants CAN Be Deported! 

    …and to the unsavoury left intolerance of one of their hacks-in-chief, Luke Baker, Reuters’ Paris Bureau Chief, who claims to know what the rest of us want to have reported.

    ‘The rhetoric that’s coming out of Poland and Hungary is not what anybody wants to hear.’

    To which I responded, of course…

    ’Oh Yes It Is!’


    … so perhaps we mustn’t be surprised at this geezer Antonio Zappulla, who is as queer as a coot …




    …but is only identified (in the article we’re concerned with today) as ‘CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation,’ when he uses a lot of space graciously provided by EUObs –


    – to romp around the globe on the issue of press freedom, throwing his net so widely that it renders his case absurd.

    Including Donald Trump’s scorn for the rabid bias of CNN etc….


    ..with the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian suppression of every freedom…


    …is just plain silly.

    But as a former ‘Young European’ you’d think he’d focus on media problems nearest to home, nations under the Brussels aegis, and he does…once!

    Just three weeks ago in Hungary, parliament passed a law that authorises prime minister Viktor Orbán to rule by decree, handing him unprecedented emergency powers of the country, ostensibly until the end of the pandemic. A five-year prison sentence threatens anyone who spreads ‘false information’.


    Does Little Pink Zappi think every other European countries’ similar measures to handle the Chinese Virus are there ‘ostensibly’ till no longer needed?

    Queer that he doesn’t say!

    Nor does he mention the most draconian steps taken anywhere in Europe, those imposed by the leftist regime in Spain.


    Spain’s Left Regime Gags Media – Not A Peep From Pinkos 

    But then the regime in Madrid is bosom-buddies with the Open Borders gang…



    …as we have seen all too often.

    Spain’s Irrepressible Suicide Urge! 

    And they won’t be the targets of a left Europhiliac like Zappi!

    The measures have drawn severe criticism from the European Commission – with 13 EU member states issuing a joint statement expressing deep concern about their potential impact on fundamental rights and freedoms.

    Which measures?

    Not Spain’s Left jackboot, but Hungary’s perfectly proper response!

  • ross1948 19:53 on February 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    EUObs Provides Platform For Another Enemy Within! 

    EUObserver is a pain in the neck, but one gets used to its babbling pinko Europhiliac ‘journalists’ and their prejudiced pap.

    .Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 

    They adore the ‘European Project,’ a supranational globalist project, dishonest from the get-go…

    • …….
    • .“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
    • Jean Monnet

    …to bring every one of Europe’s historic nations under the horrid banner of the Brussels Empire.


    But why must they extend their enmities to include rants like this, from some Egyptian bint who thinks the UK’s finest museum should be subjected to total politicisation.


    Ahdaf Soueif at PalFest 2008.jpg

    Adhaf Soueif

    The world is caught up in battles over climate change, vicious and widening inequality, the residual heritage of colonialism, questions of democracy, citizenship and human rights. On all these issues the museum needs to take a clear ethical position.


    British Museum (aerial).jpg

    British Museum

    Museums do NOT need to take ‘ethical positions,’ but should be doing what they were built to do and meant to do – display interesting and educational exhibits.

    To be truthful, as a sometime archaeologist, I have no strong feelings about sending back items from Western museums to countries they came from, if proper care and attention can be provided to keep the items on good condition.

    I don’t see it as a ‘left v right’ debate.

    But equally I’m at a loss to figure out why EUObserver serves as ‘co-host’ for far-left propaganda podcasts, like this –

    Ahdaf Soueif, who recently resigned from the British Museum, talks about the persistence of racist thinking, EU-funded authoritarianism in Egypt, and the Cold War roots of terror..

    A World We Have Lost

    • H Gaines 23:50 on February 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      These Third World archeology agitations about taking stuff out of Western museums.
      If the Western museums have looked after it for ages and ages, why move it?
      The ones who moan and make a fuss are lefty globalists, so they should think global, right?
      It must be ‘narrow nationalism’ to want everything put back in the place it came from.


  • ross1948 16:43 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Katty Kay Defiles D-Day – Europhiliac Snark Against Nationalisml 

    She’s a ghastly creature, KK, as we know…


    Katty Kay.jpg

    Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

    ,,,but who’d have thought even she would try to use the D-Day 75 celebrations for propaganda purposes.

    I just turned on the tv, half an hour ago, and there she was.

    For no good reason at all, she began quoting people she didn’t name who lived through WW2 and who, she yammered, were anxious about ‘what’s happening in Europe today.’

    This source of anxiety, she quickly hammered home her partisan point, was ‘nationalism.’

    You stupid, biased bitch.

    The reason war-time Brits ( just ask yer grandparents) put up a fight was nothing to do with any hostility to ‘nationalism,’ but on the contrary, ’twas a fierce pride in their national identity…


    …a determination not to let the supranational Third Reich crush their freedom.



    Hitler’s vision was the fore-runner of the Fourth Reich -EUSSR…


    Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed


    …the evil aims of which are precisely what today’s patriots, the nationalists, like Salvini, and Le Pen and indeed the Brexit resistance movement, are battling to defeat.


    Maybe so, but that debate should not have been introduced into D-Day commemorations..


    …in the form of one-sided BBC Euro-Bias by a louse like KK.

    • Noreen Paterson 17:05 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She certainly knows no bounds of decency, or respect for the fallen, who were overwhelmingly what she derides as nationalists, proud to be fighting for their country.
      The BBC is a a national embarrassment.


    • Vicki S 18:12 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She IS ghastly.
      It’s what we all expect of the BBC, though I agree with you it was unexpected they’d introduce their anti-patriot bias into D-Day celebrations.
      I hate paying that compulsory licence and pray for a government that gives viewers free choice.


    • Petra Malley 22:53 on June 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Kay disgusts me. You should dig into her background and connections.
      One never knows what motivates these people.


    • Cherie 03:18 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I dont think you will be watching the BBC where you are, as it must be just before dawn in Jakarta.
      If you are, you will have heard their Matthew Price in France, yes, even the BBC man, admitting that Macron was using the D Day anniversary to make political points.
      By that he meant the supranational line, ‘Three Cheers for the UN, EU etc.’
      Apart from the distaste this must make the veterans feel, De Gaulle and all the French war-dead who fought not for Vichy Schumann’s ‘European Project’ but for a Free France, must be turning in their graves.


  • ross1948 18:16 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    More Rancid Rettman Bias – EUObs Extends Anti-Pole Jihad 

    That pinko EUObs squirt Andrew Rettman is at it again, injecting his Europhiliac prejudice…

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’ 

    Hasil gambar untuk andrew rettman

    EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias 

    ….into what’s indefensibly categorised as a ‘news’ report on the non-stop Euro-Commissars’ vendetta against the patriot government of Poland.



    Rettman’s presumably still incensed at Warsaw for its broadcasting reforms, which took steps to stop his fellow leftist ideologues from parasiting on Polish taxes while using state media as a private platform to propagate personal political prejudices…



    ….or else he’s miffed that none of Merkel’s undesirable effluent will be allowed into Poland.

    So miffed that he can no longer distinguish between the kind of headline an impartial report might have, perhaps something like –

    ‘Polish PM Defends Court Law Reforms’

    ..and the slanted leftist drivel we actually find in the Soros-recipient EUObserver, viz.-

    Polish PM defends judicial witch-hunt

    • Poland’s PM Morawicki addressing the Strasbourg Slugs
    • ==================




    Any red vermin ‘judges’ who have presided over any Polish court since before Solidarnoscz ended the marxist tyranny are no mythical ‘witches!’

    They are ipso facto enemies of freedom and democracy, hold-overs from an evil era.



    Red judges should be fired  – nor do they deserve pension rights. Better they be left to beg on the streets, but the Warsaw government is not as harsh as I would be!

    At least Rettman had to reveal the lily-livered refusal by Liar Juncker to face the Polish leader when Mr. Morawicki stood up to defend his country’s sovereign rights before the ‘European Parliament.’



    And Rettman also quotes the Pole who reminded the Strasbourg slugs that…

    … ‘the kind of people whose verdicts in the 1980s led to jail terms and deaths of personal friends of Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki were still sitting in the country’s Supreme Court (SC) and had to go…    https://euobserver.com/justice/142278


    But no matter these modest attempts at balance, no honest journo should ever have allowed his writing to appear under a banner headline that twists the story so far leftwards that nobody will trust hat follows.

    • Jannie Mark 20:27 on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have gone back to live in Krakow although my grandfather made a new life in the West after the communists were put in control by Stalin.
      My cousins grew up under the communist dictatorship and they say very certainly that judges were part of the repressive machinery. How could they not be, since only communists and those who took communist orders could hold public office until freedom came back thirty years sgo.
      These Euro-slugs as you call them must understand that communist stooges are not fit to fill judicial roles in a democratic country, so why the political war on Poland’s elected government.
      My question is rhetorical. We know the answer.


    • Orion 15:11 on July 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I agree 100%. It takes time but the wheel of history is starting to turn faster and faster and there is panic in the ranks of our enemies. So let us push harder as well. Our future is the East : Russia with its vast expanses and massive resources. Why should we be tied up with the decadent US empire? Europe must wake up!


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