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    Kaiserin’s Great Game – Denmark Domino Falls? 

    Kaiserin Ursula’s expansionist exploitation of the war…

    Expanding Ursula’s Evil Empire! 


    …received another boost, with the news that the Danes will be holding a referendum, June 1st, on ‘whether to join the European Union (EU)’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).. ‘


    Defending one’s freedom by sacrificing sovereignty?

    It’s illogical, to say the least.

    Denmark has for seven decades been a member of NATO, a mutual defence pact, and that guarantee no doubt played a part when the country decided there was no need…



    …to let Brussels interfere in even more matters of key importance.

    December 2015, the Danes voted no to strengthening their cooperation with the European Union on police and security matters for fear of losing their sovereignty over immigration. 

    Yes, immigration!

    Denmark has shown wisdom and prudence, in their attitudes to crimmigrant fakers..

    Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” 


    …and if they now deviate from their prudent path, bowing to the Fourth Reich…



    …. mark my words, they will live to regret it!

    Denmark to hold referendum on scrapping EU defence opt-out

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    ISD Exposed Again – Will Priti Patel Stop Funding Anti-Boris Sticky-Beaks? 

    We wrote about this gang some months ago, when one of their flunkeys fired a few cheap shots at the excellent Herr Kickl, Austria’s then Interior Minister…

    Guardian Hack Kicks Kickl – Guess Who Funds Her Network? 

    • Image result for institute strategic dialoguehttps://www.isdglobal.org/isdapproach/

    • ..ISD fosters strategic partnerships across governments, academia, civil society and the private sector to develop policy and operational programmes to respond to the threat of extremism. We also work closely with leading players in the media and technology sector to help achieve impact on a global scale.

    …and while the supranationalist meddling which characterises the ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ is appalling, what was much more shocking was the huge amount of cash pouring into the agitprop outfit.

    And where it comes from!

    The Independent insists on describing ISD as a ‘think-tank,’ but my preference for the term ‘propaganda pump’ was confirmed last week by a woman named Chloe Colliver.





    She’s the boss of ISD’s ‘digital research unit,’ and she lashed out at British PM Johnson for telling it like it is.

    Bojo’s sin, in Comrade Chloe’s eyes, is to defined the Remainer’s legislative coup as a “surrender bill…”

    Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

    ….worse, says the ISD bint, was that Johnson was ‘positioning himself as enacting the “will of the people.”

    Since the people voted for Brexit and Johnson says ( and, one hopes, means it) that he wants to achieve Brexit, what’s Comrade Chloe cavilling about?


    She reckons the PM was “calling successfully to a nationalist interpretation of the Brexit debate.”



    If Brexit is not a nationalist issue, what the hell is it?

    Taking back control from the Brussels Commissars is not just some fiddly thing about regulating fishing or checks at harbours and airports, important though these may well be.



    It’s about flags and passports and freedom, the very stuff of national pride.

    Now the liberals, lefts and the far-lefts and the separatists find all that sort of thing abhorrent.

    We all understand that.



    But this ISD rat-pack are funded by governments and banks and big biz and like to present themselves as professional ‘experts.’

    ‘Experts’ like Chloe Colliver, who positively shudders at how “it seems very purposeful to me and it really harks back to the Second World War nostalgia in this debate, which plays powerfully to the far right and nationalist groups.”

    Sorry, Comrade Chloe, but it ‘plays powerfully’ to millions who voted for Brexit, but of course this condescending ‘expert’ thinks all those common people are thick as pig-sh-t!

    They don’t understand the mechanisms and decisions being made on their behalf….”


    elite arrogance-s


    The 17 million, who had had enough of ‘decisions made on their behalf’ and in 2016 made the decision THEMSELVES, were just so dim-witted!

    Just sod off, Your Arrogance!

    But there’s a better way than irate ‘sod offs’ to put these elitists in their place.

    Cut off the cash!

    Britain currently has a Home Secretary named Priti Patel.

    We know that the IDS gets funding from all sorts of sources, including the European Union…


    soro evil

    …and Soros’s ‘Open Society’ meddlers…


    ….British tax-payers’ money via the UK Home Office.

    Priti Patel has a patriotic reputation and was appointed by Boris Johnson.


    Priti Patel Minister.jpg

    Might it not be a prudent, responsible and patriotic act on her part to stop her ministry’s funding of an ‘NGO’ whose minions so flagrantly launch outrageous propaganda missiles against the Prime Minister?

    Check out who funds them!


    ISD benefits from a wide range of financial support from philanthropic donors, private companies and governments.

    Curtin University, Australia
    George Washington University
    Harvard Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society
    Victoria University
    Yale University

    • Mack the Knife 20:50 on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Just look at all the governments and international banks funding these people and you have a very clear picture who the people’s enemies are.


    • Petra Malley 23:23 on September 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another ‘charity,’ is it?
      The far left War On Want was reported but it has not lost its charitable status, so we must hope at least Ms.Patel will put her foot down.


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    Declare Grimnasty Geldof An Undesirable Alien! 

    As usual, numerous good articles in spiked.com last week, of which the utter refutation of Grimnasty Geldof’s latest rant is my favourite.


    Hard to believe that even such a klutz as Geldof would expect people to believe his tripe, that British music might ( would, he insists!) go downhill without the blessings of subordination to the Brussels Empire.


    Gambar terkait

    GG -courting the youth vote?

    Past-It Pinko Pop-Star Thrills Effete Young Creeps! 


    But what gets me is that this drivelling foreign f-wit, a citizen of an alien and inherently hostile republic, somehow thinks he has the right to tell Brits how to vote.

    He actively interfered in the Brexit referendum campaign…


    Hasil gambar untuk bob geldof brexit nigel farage

    Uncouth foreign lout V English gentleman


    …in which, disgracefully, resident aliens from that republic were allowed to vote, which improperly inflated the Remainiac total…

    Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit

    And what gets me even more than that is  – why the media choose to give prominence to the plonker’s babbling.

    Silly question! Those who give him most attention are rabid pro-Brussels propagandists themselves.

    BTW – did anyone ever adopt my suggestion last year?

    Somebody Start a Petition – Ban Geldof from Britain! 


    • Tony Morrell 19:57 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      How old is Geldof anyway? Is he getting senile?
      Why does he think he is entitled to interfere in another country’s internal politics.
      If some sheikh from the Gulf came over and began telling English people how to vote, there would (I hope) be uproar.
      So why does this has-been foreign singer get away with it?


    • Donnie Waddell 23:31 on October 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If anyone does start that petition then I will be happy to sign it, but In my opinion Geldof turns people off by his self-importance and rudeness.
      That big mouth flapping away drives votes away!


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    Hang ‘Em Out To Dry? Boycott Big Biz Remainiacs! 

    So another multimillionaire has followed the evil billionaire Soros’ example….


    ….and ‘pledged his financial backing’ to the campaign aimed at subverting the Brexit referendum result.

    As with other big businesses whose notables have lined up behind the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ – as if the vote held in June 2016 were NOT a people’s vote! – the enterprise which made Julian Dunkerton rich…


    Related image


    …something called ‘Superdry,’ deserves to be boycotted by British patriots.

    Like Branson’s ’Virgin empire – Hypocrisy! Boycott Vacuous Branson’s Virgin Products –  and like Ryanair, Superdry should be cast in the role of leper when Brits go shopping.

    • Fiona F 20:45 on August 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have never used their services before.
      Now I never will.


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    God Damn Justin Welby, Archbishop of…Smear! 

    Hasil gambar untuk justin welby

    Should this man be re-titled the Archbishop of Brussels!


    There are a thousand ways to explain the Brexit vote, or the election of President Trump, or the strength in the polls in Holland of Geert Wilders or in France of Madame Le Pen and many other leaders in a nationalist, populist or even fascist tradition of politics.”

    Archbishop of Canterbury suggests Brexit ‘in fascist tradition’ | UK …

    There is ONE way to explain the Brexit vote, and that’s the demand for democracy, the righteous wrath of a people denied control over their land, their laws, by the supranational regime in Brussels.

     Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    Liar Juncker And ‘EU Rule Number One’ – Down With Democracy! 

    Juncker is of course an exemplar of the evil that Brits voted against.

    But their true enemies are those within. Cameron and Blair and John Major, ex-premiers who toiled and still toil to keep the UK under Brussels rule.

    But at least they are, or rather were, elected to speak for electorates in their respective constituencies, albeit they often failed to represent even those people’s views…

    •  …in Major’s case, even his own views, as when he voted for corporal punishment then cravenly u-turned because the Euro-Court clowns told him to.
    • …………

    But this be-robed buffoon in Canterbury?

    He’s a nobody, who speaks for nobody but himself, as un-elected as the rest of his clerical comrades and the parasite peers he sits among in the House of Layabouts.


    • Gambar terkait

    Brits! Sign Up! Abolish The House Of Layabouts! 

    • But although we have slammed the worst sort of clerics before, very even-handedly, denouncing both Muslim and Christian disgraces…

    Another Damn Dog-Collared Appeasement Monkey! 

     Valiant Viking Sylvi Blasts Pro-Parasite Pinko Prelate! 

    Maybe We DO Need Blasphemy Law- ‘Christian ‘ Brat Likens Christ to Crimmigants!

    Many Islamic Scholars Are ‘Former Prisoners and Thugs!’ Gosh! If WE said that…

    No Damascine Repentance from Dope Francis?  –



    ….Welby struts his stuff as the leader of  the world’s Anglicans. ‘Anglican’ is an adjective referring to England. Welby is chief prelate of the Church of England, and England voted HUGELY for Brexit (the overall UK majority for liberation was narrower)

    So by blatantly deploying a transparent smear tactic – guilt by association – Brexit with ‘Fascism…


    ….a 1930s ideology which rejected democracy and exalted violence — he insults the very country, or at least most of its people that he’s meant to stand up for.

    Has he nothing useful to do or say?

    An archbishop with any coherent commitment to spreading his creed’s gospel would be urging his assembled clergy and laity to get out there and start missionary work in those English cities colonised by non-Christians….

    …on missionary work, doing peaceful battle for hearts and minds – seeking to CONVERT them!


    I acknowledge that, at least in part, there are millions of English people Welby admits have abandoned his denomination  


    Hasil gambar untuk empty churches church of england

    Where have all the Anglicans gone?


    its declining numbers, as he puts it –  and he has them to win back too!

    Speaking up for Christian values…

    Evangelicals Must Stick With Church Despite ‘False Teaching’ 

    …instead of dissing the English, might just help!

    • William Jonas 07:19 on March 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That’s exactly what I have long thought, why are the C of E ( and other Christian denominations too) not trying to evangelise in non-Christian communities around England?
      I can see that missionaries might be in danger in formerly English cities like Dewsbury or Bradford or London’s Tower Hamlets, but that was always part of missionary work among barbarous peoples.
      On the plus side, if photographs of the missionaries having to be accompanied by police escorts were widely circulated,it might wake up a lot of people to the damage done to Merry England by irresponsible migration policies… .


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    Le Brexit? ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien!’ Say Most Brits! 


    Had to smile at an intro to an EUObserver article yesterday – As in Brussels, London’s political and financial class takes its leave for the month of August. Westminster is populated only by selfie-taking tourists…- how one wishes that London, and the UK as a whole, might be blessed with a 365-day August!

    How wonderful, if the political and financial class never came back from their vacations!

    But more interesting to read, given that EUObserver has often been a Europhiliac cheer-leader against us wicked ‘populists’ (aka patriots and democrats) is this shorter piece.

    Hasil gambar untuk je regrette


    A majority of Brits do not regret June’s Brexit decision. When asked by YouGov whether Britain “was right or wrong to leave the European Union” 46% of responders confirmed their desire to exit, while 42% said they do not find that the outcome of the vote was correct. https://euobserver.com/tickers/134593

    So the muesli-munching millenial ‘Brit-Brats in The Park’ can go crying all they like to the Remain has-beens like Heseltine and Clarke…



    …who are cooking up a treason-plot at Westminster hoping to thwart the people’s will.

    Kenneth Clarke is just bloody awful, while Michael Heseltine is so senescent that he’s forgotten that rare occasion when he recognised realities…

    The British public sees with blinding clarity. - Michael Heseltine

    Instead, they reckon a reckless Lords/Commons conspiracy would suffice. Curse the Snake That Hisses From History’s Dust-Bin 

    If they do that, and I wonder if they really are that stupid, there would be ample justification for revolution…



    • Hang-Em-High-1968-Cd-Cover-86534
    • ….with lamp posts across the UK put to good use. 


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    Belgrade Europhiliac – No Way Will Serbs Be Allowed A Vote! 

    The people of Serbia probably thought, when the communist dictatorship lost its grim grip on their nation, that at long last they’d be free to determine their own future.

    • anti_communism_by_leandrotr
    • —————–
    • Not if their current Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, has anything to do with it!

    He’s the worst kind of arrogant Europhiliac elitist, as you’d likely expect from his impeccable pro-crimmigrant stance.

    A big fan of Mama Stasi Merkel, he has strongly aligned himself with the policies of the German Chancellor…




    ….and publicly praised German migration policy. 

    We don’t build fences,”he has said. Aleksandar Vučić – Wikipedia

    But while he’s got a soft spot for the alien horde, he takes a tough line against his own people.

    He has now declared that Serbia would not hold a referendum on whether to join the European Union. 



    He’s quite adamant.

    Vucic said: “My answer to that is clear: There won’t be a referendum no matter how many initiatives there are for that.”



    A perfect pinko pin-up boy, with that gut hostility to the right of his own fellow-citizens to approve or reject their subordination to Brussels.

    Having won the Battle for Britain, freedom-fighters in the UK should show whatever solidarity they can with the Serbs now facing disenfranchisement.

    • referndmlet peole vote
    • Indeed, such solidarity could be seen as, historically, a moral duty, given how their young monarch, exiled in WW2 London, was bullied into betraying the anti-communist Resistance leader Draza Mihailovic, thus handing post-war power to totalitarian marxists.    


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    Voulez Vous Exit Avec Moi, La Belle France? 

    “Europe is a common home that is on fire,” said Laurent Joffrin of France’s left-leaning daily Liberation. 


    Well, some of it is!

    REPORT: Migrants Burn Down Asylum Centre After Not Receiving Ramadan Wake Up Call

    But that particular sort of arson is down to Mama Stasi Merkel’s importation of ungrateful arrogant primitives, of whom Joffrin’s President Hollande has shamelessly agreed to bring thousands into France, another kow-tow to Merkel never yet put to any French referendum.




    But back to  Joffrin.

    “Workers across the continent don’t believe in it anymore. They are turning towards their national identities as the only credible rampart against the excesses of globalisation.”

    OF COURSE, in a crisis, people ‘turn to their national identities.’  That’s wiser, and more wholesome, than divisive, selfish,  class-war ideologies or disloyal sectarianism.

    So a rare bit of realism from a French lefty. 



    Yet instead of drawing the obvious conclusion, lots of Continental pinkos are lining up to shore up the supranational Tower of Babel.

    The only real sense emerging from France comes, not unusually, from Marine Le Pen, who has called for a referendum, only to be dissed by the lame-duck in the Elysee Palace.



    I was watching France 24 a day or two ago as she describes her brief meeting with the hapless Hollande, during which, when she raised the outrageous idea of giving the citizens of their country a chance to decide the issue of a Frexit, he reacted as if she’d used foul language!


    • bb360-12965009_1713452952260093_1075105851_n
    • ——————
    • That of course has been the rotten elite’s stance since the last time France’s people got to vote on ‘Europe,’ when they rejected the absurd ‘European Project.’ They were promptly snubbed by the political establishment, who have never let them express their preferences on Brussels rule via any ballot box since.

    However, back then, people didn’t have the redoubtable lady around to champion democratic principles, who has now warned France’s Enemy Within.

    “Victory for Freedom. Europe will be at the heart of the next presidential election!”

  • ross1948 19:23 on June 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Demophobia Spreading? Don’t Let Danes Vote, Says Socialist 



    After that disgusting outburst from ex-BBC hack Robert Harris, demanding that Brits NEVER AGAIN be given a say in their country’s destiny –

     –  what turns up but a similarly demophobic declaration from a prominent Danish leftist.

    Peter Hummelgaard, the EU spokesman for the opposition Social Democratic party is alarmed at the rising opposition to Brussels among his fellow-citizens.



    But rather than argue his case, debate the merits of self-government versus supranational intrusion in Danish affairs, in a free and fair referendum, he is opposed to any such ‘disturbing’ exercise in democracy.  

    Get this for a non-sequitur. 

    “It would be an extremely bad idea to have a DK-exit [vote]. It is not in Denmark’s interest to opt out of the EU!”


    elite arrogance-s


    Well, now, Mr. Hummergaard, maybe it is a bad idea for Danes to Leave EU, but on the other hand, maybe it isn’t.

    The whole point of spending centuries transforming feudal societies into modern nations where the people are the source of legitimate sovereignty is that you and your elitist in-crowd DON’T get to dictate to them. 

    dignif  ‘We know best!’

    So when you say, sir, that it’s not in Denmark’s interest to opt out of supranational controlsthere’s no logical connection between that and what you say by way of preface, that it’s a bad idea to let everyone else in Denmark, not just you and your elite, get to vote on the matter.

    Unless, of course, you are admitting that if Danes got to vote, they would not hesitate to free themselves from the EuroCommissars’ misrule?

    Why, Mr. Hummelgaard. do you so bluntly oppose democracy?

    Do you fear to put your arguments before your people?

    Are mere citizens less qualified to choose their form of government?

    Does your self-regarding in-crowd always know best, or at least know better than the Danish nation, what’s good for them?

    Happily, not all Danes take that view.


    The Danish Party, for one, shows support for Danish freedoms and for democratic decision-making. .

    Good luck to them. 




    • Penny 09:27 on June 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      If Bliar’s right-hand man Alastair Campbell had his way, we Brits would not get a vote either. He was on tv last night, saying no referendum was needed, people should just let their leaders make these decision.


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    Red Nazi Antifa Stalks Patriots – At Tax-Payers’ Expense? 

    It’s all very well for me to record the disgraceful hooliganism seen here in Indonesia, with IslamoNazis stomping citizens’ rights to do anything of which the fanatics disapprove.


    IslamoNazis war down freedom


    fpi kill busddhist

    FPI- unashamed of their blood-thirsty mind-set

    But fairness demands we note similar obnoxious activity back West.

    We posted recently – and regrettably will no doubt have to do so again – on the Red Nazi gangster-group, Antifa, violent masked hoodlums who abhor democracy and resort to Hitlerian storm-troop tactics against conservative and patriot parties and personalities across Europe.


    ‘F-ck Germany, Viva Antifa, For Communism!’

    Global War on Free Speech – Scheiß Antifa!

    In America too, as seen in videos of vicious louts under foreign flags assaulting Donald Trump supporters, these scum are active.


    Nor should we forget similar thuggery in Britain by David Camoron’s UAF.


    Astoundingly – well, not really! – it turns out that the German section of this amorphous terror movement may be funded by Mama Stasi Merkel’s government.

    Even honest members of her CDU party are expressing dismay at this.

    Kristina Schröder of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has spoken out against the government’s potential funding of left extremist groups:

    “You cannot fight with left-wing extremists against right-wing extremists, not with the extreme right against left-wing extremists, and not with Islamophobes against Islamists.”

    She went on to state that it was “fundamentally problematic when groups that receive government funds agitate against parties that are not classified as anti-constitutional.” Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party

    Read that whole article. Thanks to Breitbart News for revealing some of the shocking details.
    But I fear that as popular resistance mounts against the cultural marxist elite, many more reports of the same phenomenon will be seen.
    merkel danger
    The Enemy Within has had things its own way for more years than I care to remember.
    Finally facing a fightback, of course they won’t rely on the democratic process to put the people’s champions down.
    • Penny 19:18 on June 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Right as usual and good you rub in Camoron’s links to the red nazis.
      But it is incredible that Merkel is funding them. I suppose her Stasi background stands her in good stead for stealthy dirty works. ,


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