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  • ross1948 21:58 on December 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    American? Resisting Alien Influx? ONE Month To Organise! 

    Should U.S. citizens have input into whether their neighborhoods are fundamentally and permanently transformed into United Nations refugee camps full of welfare dependents and tax burdens?https://townhall.com/columnists/michellemalkin/2019/12/05/citizen-revolt-resist-refugee-resettlement-dumps-n2557494?

    That’s a very good question, to which the answer from anyone with a taste for democracy – in any country – will surely answer yes.

    But as that admirable American lady Michelle Malkin shockingly reveals,

    Government-funded charities that profit mightily from the federal refugee resettlement program say: “Hell, no!”


    Thanks to President Trump, the parasitic ‘charities..’.

    ,’ ( and what kind of charity goes mooching tax dollars instead of seeking voluntary donations as real charities used to do?)

    Here’s the list Ms Malkin provides  — Church World Service, Ethiopian Community Development Council, Episcopal Migration Ministries, Hebrew Immigrant Aid SocietY, International Rescue Committee, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, World Relief Corporation

    …an executive order has been issued to require a measure of local democratic consent – the resettlement agencies must obtain and submit evidence of local, county or state consent by Jan. 21, 2020 to protect their refugee cash flow.

    Excellent news, although disgracefully the Enemy Within ‘open borders’ gangs are going to court, hoping Obamanoid judges will grant their malign wish to block this move towards local democracy.


    However, the rest of her article supplies patriotic responsible citizens with tons of ammunition, frightful facts about the huge burden on American tax-payers which these ‘refugees’ represent.

    Moreover, the final paragraph is a stirring call to arms –

    If you live in an economically depressed area, crime-ridden city or growth-clogged suburb targeted on the refugee resettlement map, now is the time to put boots on the ground to protect your community and country. ..

    But – and this is an important but – many a good citizen who doesn’t want to see his or her community dragged down by an influx of aliens may well not know how to organise resistance.

    Since I’m not American, I hesitate to offer guidance on the exact steps that need to be taken.

    However, I see that in Bismarck, North Dakota, a state whose Republican Governor has adopted a recalcitrant pro-‘refugee’ position…

    …‘an overflow crowd of residents braved subzero temperatures to register their opposition to allowing the Lutheran Social Services to dump any new refugees in their backyard.’

    That’s the spirit!

    And if you don’t have local civic leadership ready to give leadership in resistance to the menace these ‘charities’ represent, then step up yourself.

    Here’s Michelle Malkin’s email address –


    – I hope she can help patriots coordinate their endeavours to safeguard their neighbourhoods!

  • ross1948 06:43 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , executive order, federal funds free speech, , Hayden Williams, , Zachary Greenberg   

    Donald Warns Colleges, As Red Nazi Arrested! 

    It was only a week or three ago that we praised the launch of a UK version of Turning Point…

    Turning Point USA? Welcome To UK! 

    …so when we read of a young man in California viciously attacked by a Red Nazi lout whilst handing out TP fliers, we took note.

    Now a leftist cur named Zachary Greenberg has been arrested in connection with the unprovoked attack on Hayden Williams.

    Police are ‘charging him with assault with a deadly weapon and attempting to cause great bodily injury.’


    You can get more details from the RT link, which also provides a video showing the rabid foul-mouth who assailed the patriot.

    But the best part of the story is that Donald Trump has now ‘promised to issue an executive order requiring colleges and universities to protect free speech on campus in order to continue receiving federal funding.’



    “We reject oppressive speech codes, censorship, political correctness and every other attempt by the hard left to stop people from challenging ridiculous and dangerous ideas,”he said. “Instead we believe in free speech, including online and including on campus.”



    Great stuff! Even better were he to have Red Nazi Antifa listed as a terrorist organisation.

    Those federal funds are not chicken-feed.

    It would surely be a sensible strategy for university governing bodies to boot out red hoodlums, in order to retain tons of useful cash!

    Campuses all over the USA –  and the UK….

    Rees-Mogg Rumble- Who Really Is Divisive=


    …and elsewhere have too long been afflicted by Red Nazi Antifa scum and few if any expulsions have resulted.

    Time for a change!

    Nor should flushing the toilet be discriminatory – kick out not just trouble-making kids but good-for-nothing foul-mouth professors too.



     ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 

    Failure by college authorities to act, and to fire collaborator academics who encourage or openly incite mayhem, should result in wholesale dismissal of those who run the institutions concerned, and their replacement by men and women with a bit of backbone.

    What’s also noteworthy is how good citizens all across the USA ‘spread the video of the assault online in an effort to find the culprit.’

    Now THAT is truly putting social media to good use!


    • Nairn Moore 12:25 on March 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well done Trump!
      We had a case of red nazi violence recently, in Canada, when a reporter was assaulted and police on the scene refused to take any action.
      Cowardice or under orders to give antifa hoods a free rein, I do not know.
      Using social media to identify red thugs as you report here, is a very good idea.


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