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  • ross1948 05:40 on October 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Supporters Invade Guatemala! 

    A dark sort of weekend, not just the weather but the alarming news of President Trump falling victim to the Chinese Virus, while here in Indonesia those grim daily statistics passed the 11,000 deaths level…

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


    ….which many believe is an underestimate.

    So I almost missed the news from Latin America, where thousands of Biden supporters ‘mostly young men, surged across the border from Honduras into Guatemala on Thursday despite restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.’


    Not the current crimmigrant horde, but last year’s – but exactly the same arrogance which characterises illegals everywhere


    This is hardly the first such invasion!

    As far as I know, Guatemala still has an army, so I’m at a loss to figure out why these arrogant illegal swine weren’t taken out as they invaded..



    ….but one fervently hopes that Mexico, their next target, will show a bit more guts.

    If only a few hundred were shot and killed in the course of the next crimmigrant crossing, we’d not see many action replays for a long time!

    The Mexican President, Andres Lopez Obrador, doesn’t spell it out precisely but he does make it clear enough that the alien incursion is linked to Biden’s bid to take the White House.

    ”It seems very strange to us. It’s very strange that this caravan leaves on the eve of the election in the United States,” Lopez Obrador told reporters.


    President Obrador said Mexico wanted to avoid a confrontation with the caravan [File:Reuters]
    President Obrador of Mexico
    It has to do with the election in the United States. I don’t have all the elements but I think there are indications that it was put together for this purpose.”

    Perhaps El Presidente thinks it undiplomatic to say it out loud, but the reality is surely that even ill-educated Honduran louts can hear on the news that Biden is leading in U.S. opinion polls, and they equally surely know that Biden, like his soul-mate, Obama The Racist…


    …is 150% pro-crimmigrant.

    If Biden wins, it’ll be open-door time.

    And once they get in, even if they are the most blood-drenched gangsters, Biden won’t allow their deportation!

    But there’s mixed messaging coming out of Mexico City. He has ‘ordered the military to deploy along its southern border to block’ the invasion, but is also quoted in Aljazeera as saying he does not want a confrontation.

    We wait and see!

  • ross1948 22:15 on September 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Suppresses Biden Report! 

    Even much of the Left media, albeit complainingly…

    …took note of a congressional report released this very day, which revealed – and here I quote from a non-left source –

    ‘…consistent, significant, and extensive financial connections among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Devon Archer, and Chinese nationals connected to the communist regime and PLA [People’s Liberation Army] as well as other foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds…”



    ..but though I sat patiently through an hour of UK Pravda bilge aka BBC World News from 10pm Jakarta time tonight…



    …not a word was to be heard on the report.

    And BTW, there’s a lot more to it than the brief extract above!

    • JazPen 08:51 on September 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Morning, Ross. BBC did mention the report but stuck it on the website, not on the tv screens I an sending you the link so you can read how their Washington reporter does all he can to play it down.


  • ross1948 20:19 on September 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden-Dragon? If You Get That Beijing’s A Common Enemy, Watch! 

    In Australia…


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 


    …and India…


    Bravo, India! Excellent Example To Us All! 

    …and Free China (Taiwan) especially…


    …but also in Ecuador….

    Viva Ecuador! Fighting Red China’s Sea Monster! 

    ….and all around the world, more and more people are waking up to the menace of Red China, and taking steps to thwart the evil intents of Adolf-the-Pooh!.

    In the USA too, of course, but there’s a complication in the fightback there, which UK Pravda, aka the BBC, will never highlight!



    Or has it?

    Check it out, please…


    See the source image

    ….then anyone who has seen any BBC mention of the facts uncovered therein, please advise us!


    .For decades, the Biden family have enriched themselves through Joe Biden’s “public service.”


    But there’s more to this disturbing story. The Chinese Communist Party gave Joe’s son’s private equity firm a sweetheart deal worth over a billion dollars.

    Just how much have the Bidens been compromised by the Chinese communist regime? 

    Everyone deserves a chance to see this film…

    Watch “Riding the Dragon” to get the full, alarming truth.

    …and learn that people who love freedom should….

    Beware of Biden!

  • ross1948 21:33 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Yells ‘Excessive Force!’ Scum Cheer-Jeer At Fallen Cop! 

    Nobody has yet asked the question that sooner or later somebody’s bound to – does this latest ‘victim’ in Kenosha have a criminal record to match George Floyd’s, or that other ‘martyr’ in Atlanta…

    BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

    Instead we have that old fool Biden bleating about how “yet another black american is a victim of excessive force.”

    How does Biden know that?

    He doesn’t!

    I too don’t know all the details of what happened in Wisconsin, because we have only seen a very brief video of the shooting incident.

    But we have seen video of a mob of filthy savages cheering and jeering as a police officer lay seriously injured, struck by an object hurled or swung against his head by one of the many criminal scumbags…

    ….who have been devastating public and private property in the city of…what’s it called, Keshowna, Kenosha?

    A city nobody’s heard of, outside the USA, but now infamous as another lair of …

    Onlookers at first react in shock as fellow officers attend to the injured officer: “He just got bricked! He just got bricked!” one observer exclaims…

    So did people rush to help?

    Obviously not, because we are discussing the same sort of people…

    ….who have torched towns and cities all over the country as they howl BLM slogans.

    But when the mob begins to realize that the victim is a law enforcement officer, one person begins to applaud — and then loud cheering and hooting and hollering are heard.


    It’s time to stop…

    ….rioting and arson.

    I just watched the Governor of Wisconsin, grovel personified, yammering much as Biden yammered.

    “Equal justice has not been real for Black Americans and so many others. We are at an inflection point. We must dismantle systemic racism. It is the urgent task before us…”



    ‘…so many others…?

    He’ll be in trouble for that!

    Not just one colour but ‘others?’

    Never mind!

    We wait to hear if Biden will extend his concerns about ‘excessive force’ beyond the person resisting arrest, to the cop who got his head bashed by scum.


    Riots and arson?


    • Mack the Knife 23:04 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Best yet, Ross! Everybody is just so sick of these wild animals burning and looting.
      Shoot a dozen and then charge them, guns at the ready.


    • Ken Kasic 23:26 on August 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There’s more information coming out, the man shot was caught on video
      it’s in your British Daily Mail, a physical altercation between Blake and the cops.
      We also know there was a warrant out for him.
      It’s good to read what you say about the violence.
      If there us nothing done to put these rioters down, they will burn our country down.


    • Andrew Swannish 02:01 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Three cheers for anyone who says its time to break this insurrection.
      The rioters are not protesters, they are exactly what you say, filthy savages and they are being used by communists. BLM admitted they are ‘trained marxists’ and so its time law enforcement trained our firearms on their shock troops.
      God bless you.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 07:04 on August 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Did you see that CNN described what these animals are doing as ‘violent protests’ and then self-censored, removing the world violent?
      This kind of violence has to be crushed. The BLM revolution is aimed by its communists leaders at destroying the country.
      The country has to fight back and the sooner the better.
      The President should mobilize the National Guard just like Kennedy or was it Eisenhower did when state governors were not interested in defending the rights of Americans.
      I used to think you were too hardline but not any more.
      Fight fire with fire.


  • ross1948 08:03 on August 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Did YOU Know What We ALL Know! Ask Sleepy Joe! 

    Message To Sleepy Joe!


    Biden said:

    “What you all know but most people don’t know…”



    If you want to know what you all know ( but most people don’t know!) please use this link…


    ..which takes you to some very entertaining material!

    • Ken Kasic 10:55 on August 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      ‘What you all know but most people don’t know?’
      How stupid a statement is that?
      Who said it, Bovis, Butthead or Biden?


    • Walter Kelton 11:48 on August 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      There’s not much else you can say, when somebody says something so idiotic.
      How could even Biden come out with such cr-p?


  • ross1948 20:30 on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Mad Max Allow Sleepy Joe To Pick Daffy Dolezal! 

    Yesterday I asked, almost as an afterthought, whether a Biden/Dolezal ticket was a possibility.

    Embedded image permalink Dolezal – same person!

    Today, after the latest racist, sexist rant from Mad Max Waters, of whom we all have such a high opinion…

    Muzzle Mad Max – She’s A Dangerous, Deranged Ranter! 

    Maxine Waters dedicates legislation to sister dying of coronavirus



    …I am moved to raise the question again.

    Why not Rachel Dolezal?

    After all, if Democrats are gullible enough to believe tranny men who pretend they’re women…




    …why would they not accept a similarly preposterous claim by a white woman who pretends to be black?

    And nobody can say that Daffy Dolezal’s somewhat plain-spoken approach to inquisitive media…

    Rachel Dolezal, Spokane’s National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) Chapter President, said in response to those accusing her of lying about her race-  “I don’t give two shi*s what you guys think…” True Colors – Blackin’ Up Is Hard To Do! 

    …would not neatly complement the relentless flow from Obummer’s doddering former deputy…



    ….of outlandish faux pas and fatuous mis-speaks?

    • Jim Ex Jakarta 22:29 on August 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very droll, Ross!


    • Mort 09:19 on August 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I follow your logic, Ross, but whatever logic may suggest, the arguments for such a ticket would collapse because Mad Max and all her comrades cannot be so easily appeased.
      Poor Rachel’s DNA is undeniably white and that will emphatically never be alright with BLM racists.


  • ross1948 00:55 on August 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Karen Bass Confirms She’s A Damn Red Rat! 

    If a Communist or a Nazi stands up and admits what he or she is, a certain amount of credit is due for honesty.


    Two of a kind!


    But when those who admire totalitarian tyranny seek to hide their true allegiance in order to advance their political prospects, only contempt is due.

    This most certainly applies to the Cuban Communist regime’s most ardent California cheer-leader, Representative Karen Bass…


    Grinning hypocrite Karen Bass

    …who’s been metaphorically licking Sleepy Joe Biden’s boots, desperate for the chance to run as his VP nominee.

    After YEARS of obeisance to the Castro dictatorship, including multiple trips to what Bobby Kennedy correctly called ‘that imprisoned island,’ after servile service in the red front called the Venceremos Brigade…



    ..the mangy cow has been rowing back on the truth and pretending she’s not a red at all.



    Her stentorian lamentations when the monster died, praising him as El Commandante, she now tells America, was not a signal of fidelity to Fidel.

    No, here’s what she is now gabbling in clarification of her previous grunts about the ‘comandante en jefe…’


    what I meant by that is, clearly in Florida, that is a term that is endearing to him. I didn’t see it that way,” said Ms. Bass. “I was expressing condolences to the Cuban people, to the people in Cuba, not Cubans around the world.”


    To the extent that her attempt at self-exculpation is even coherent, it is damning!

    Obviously, the ‘Cubans around the world,’ in other words those thousands driven into exile by the despotism in Havana, rejoiced at Castro’s belated death.

    But why would anyone, except a stinking Communist, express ‘condolences to the Cuban people,’ when those people, if free to express THEIR true feelings, would have danced in the streets at the departure of the evil old brute to join his psycho comrade in Hell?


    .Comrade Guevara


    Castro was indeed a fiend,  who made the Cuban people’s lives a constant misery.

    He proved HIS true feelings for the Cuban people by NEVER submitting his regime for their approval in the free elections…

    …which he promised but NEVER held.

    By expressing her condolences, as if there was anything sad about the death of their oppressor, Comrade Bass has shown her true colors.







  • ross1948 09:43 on July 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Silenced By Evil Left, ‘Secret Trumpers’ Coming Out In November? 

    Since I expect all my UK readers voted ‘Leave,’ let me ask them a question.

    When you went to bed on referendum night, did you think you’d wake up to good news the next morning?



    I wasn’t at all optimistic, given how Brussels had been up to dirty tricks for years…



    …poisoning British children’s minds at ever level of schooling.

    Hence I am intrigued at the peculiar polling that pops up in the rotten media, which shows that old friend of segregation, Sleepy, Joe, riding high, while Trump slumps, despite his admirable appeals to Americans who, surely a majority, abhor the evil racism of BLM…


     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 

    .Chanelle Helm Blm

    Foul-Mouths Menace 77-Year-Old, Screaming ‘F His Wife!’ 


    Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All Lives Matter’

    ‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’





    …and the arson and violence unleashed on innocents on the pretext of protests over the deaths of men known to have criminal records.

    So how come The Donald’s numbers look so bad?

    We have all seen how even the wearing of a MAGA hat can invite hoodlum attention…

    Yellow-Belly Red Nazi, Kino Jimenez, Exposed And Fired! 

    Hasil gambar untuk maga hat san antonio teenager

    Which Slug Is Slimier – The Coward Or Dem Rep Grijalva? 

    ….just as saying All Lives Matter can get you killed.

    Not everyone savours becoming a target.

    And while pollsters may well be trying to do an honest job, they are inevitably  identified in the public mind with the media that publish the polls!

    And most Americans, probably all Americans, even the worst leftist elements, understand very clearly that most of the media are part and and parcel of the Hate-Trump machine..

    CNN, NYT, WaPo…and the rest, too, are not interested in fair and honest journalism.

    So why would patriotic, conservative voters trust anyone they associate with the Enemy Within?

    Why would they identify their true, Trumpian, voting intentions to people they don’t know and of whom they feel, at the very least, they should be wary?

    All those thoughts came into my head when I read about what the Washington Examiner describes as ‘Secret Trump Voters!

    An extract – read the rest if you please!

    Belief in the existence of secret Trump voters is even higher among voters in Pennsylvania’s swing counties (62%) and the counties that supported Clinton in 2016 (61%) than it is in Trump counties (51%)….
    …perhaps revealing that Democrats lack confidence in polls showing Biden with a commanding lead. Meanwhile, just 27% of Pennsylvania voters believe there is a silent Biden vote.
    • Vinnie F 11:12 on July 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That is a good point you’re making.
      Trump supporters have been threatened and attacked by the Left and we have been reading how even our law enforcers in Portland risk being doxxed and made targets by violent BLM antifa.
      Trump has gigantic support all over the country and he has a very good chance of winning in November, if the Democrats are prevented from ballot tampering.


    • Fiona 15:59 on July 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Many of us feared the worst as the Brexit count started.
      But right triumphed.
      I’m sure our American friends are anxious and will be more so in November.
      But the media and the polls wrote Trump off in 2016 and he won.
      Faith in our just cause is what counts.
      Think of previous generations and don’t let them down, and our countries can fend off the Enemy Within.


  • ross1948 19:01 on May 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Dirty Debby Messy And Her Disappearing Tweet! 

    That Debby Messy, sorry, Messing, really is the pits!


    Read this!


    “Look, boss, just because my supporters are sleazy scumbags, and/or hypocrites who operate double-standards, that doesn’t mean I’m not as saintly as you!”

  • ross1948 17:49 on May 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Cuomo, CNN’s Rabid Cur, Adds To His Infamy! 

    That Andrew Cuomo has been making a name for himself as New York governor, but if he is planning a run for the presidency, either in 2024 or sooner, if Groper Biden is brought down by scandal…


    ‘Honestly, boss, I’m as truthful as you are…’

    Biden-Servile NYT’s Nadir Of Partisan Self-Abasement 

    …he’d best divest himself of his mendacious and mentally unstable brother.


    Story image for chris cuomo antifa from RealClearPolitics

    Kermit Cuomo

    Kermit, as we used to call him, because of his frog-like face…


    …or Fredo, the nickname he acquired from his uncontrollable violent temper, so simpatico with his beloved crimmigrants..

    CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? 

    ..and with the Red Nazi Antifa hoodlums he admires…

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa: Attacks On Police, Journalists


    ..or, as of this week…



    …Pinnochio, a new nickname which one hopes will be soon bestown on him after his latest virus-crisis Big Lie….

    …which you need to read all about, right here…



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