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    Good Work, UK Tax Payers’ Alliance! 

    Good for the UK Tax-Payers’ Alliance which has exposed horrendous waste of time and money by deviant civil service flunkeys.

    But what they reveal is probably the tip of a sleazoid ice-berg.


    The overall number of hours and attendees is likely much higher, however, as departments including the Treasury and the Home Office refused to provide information.

    Now THAT is just not good enough.

    We know most M.P.s are a waste of space, but all that’s needed is one, to put a series of written questions down to the relevant ministers.

    The Treasury?

    Who’s the tube currently serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer?


    New ‘Diversity Built Britain’ coin unveiled by Rishi Sunak
    Rishi Sunak proudly flashes his ‘diversity’ 50p piece

    It used to be ‘Diversity’ Sunak – so maybe these outrageous antics the mandarins are so shy about revealing occurred during his tenure.

    Currently, of course, he’s PM, naturally, having failed to get most of his party membership to vote for him.

    He should tell that other loser Hunt, who IS, for the moment, Chancellor, to spit out at least a morsel of truth.

    But Hunt, as we know and have reported…

    Hunt Promoted? A Dangerous Move! 

    Tory Leadership Hunt? Just A Reminder.. 

    …Is notorious for…

    ‘…his strong support for LGBT-inclusive lessons in schools..’



    …and his declaration that ‘his party must “leave no stone unturned” in ensuring every school in the UK is getting “the right message across to our children.”

    And that message?

    He ‘tweeted a video of the exchange alongside a further message of support for the LGBT+ community.’

    And if you’re still not alert to the danger?

    Get this rot!

    For me, being gay is like being left-handed, it’s something you’re born with, and it’s not something you choose, it’s not something you can change. And that’s why we need to recognise every child needs to understand that.”


    Which is patently untrue…

    Hunt is fanatically pro-perversion. 


    On the other hand, Suella, at the Home Office ought to be keen to turn the spotlight on the louche lice crawling around her department.

    Other examples.

    Events across civil service support groups at Beis included a “Festive Social” for the LGBT+ network plus two “she/they breakfast” events, which lasted for a combined hour and a half.

    At the DfT, civil servants attended a “bitesize training on inclusive language” session on June 20 last year, followed by a talk called “Pride Month: Being queer and living your truth” four days later.https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/01/03/civil-servants-paid-attend-film-clubs-parties-talks-work-hours/


    If only Britain had a conservative government!


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    Tories Finally To Fight Freakification? 

    Before any premature rejoicing over the Telegraph headline..

    Government to crack down on trans athletes competing in female sports…

    …let’s not forget who got Britain into this quagmire in the first place, the vile elevation of maladjustery to parity of esteem with normality…

    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds .

    Forget Guy Fawkes – Make It St. Theresa Of Transgendria!

    .. and the continuing war on normality waged by depraved ‘teachers…’

    Exposed! In Tory-Ruled GB, ‘Teachers’ Freely Spread Evil 

    …backed by the Tory government’s bureaucrats.

    So let’s see what legislative action the Tories will take…





    ( a real woman or a tranny man posing as a woman?)


    …to put rhe ugly genie back in its box!

    Culture Secretary calls meeting of sports executives and will urge them to ‘protect the integrity’ of women’s events… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/01/14/government-crack-trans-athletes-competing-female-sports/

    A Meeting?’

    ‘To Urge?’

    Impose A Trans-Ban!

    Pass A Law!

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    Exposed! In Tory-Ruled GB, ‘Teachers’ Freely Spread Evil 

    I usually quote from articles I like, but this is so shocking that I feel obliged to offer readers the entire C4M article.


    Clare Page is an ordinary mum who finds herself single-handedly taking on the State in defence of her daughters’ education. You can listen to Clare tell me about her epic battle here.

    Clare Page interview

    Clare noticed that her daughters’ schools were teaching controversial ideologies around sex, gender and race as if they were facts. But, she tells me, the questions she was asking “were unanswerable by the school because of what’s happened at [the] Government level”.

    Clare first noticed a change in 2017 when pupils at her daughters’ primary school were being taught to address each other as “they” if pronouns weren’t given. The school was a test site for the Government’s recently implemented Relationships and Sexual Education curriculum.

    Then, over lockdown, her children were asked to produce “social justice” materials that Clare considered “breached safeguarding” standards.

    Her daughter was taught in secondary school that “we live in a heteronormative world” which is a “really bad thing” and must be countered by becoming “sex-positive”. 

    The school refused to send Clare the lesson plans and materials because the copyright belonged to an external organisation. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sided with the school, confirming that she would have to attend in person to see what her child was being taught.

    Clare tells me that children were referred to the external organisation’s website, which, she says, contained sexually explicit learning materials, and encouraged underage children to use explicit sexualised terminology on social media. “These are known areas” for children to come into contact with “abuse”, she says.

    Clare is now challenging the ICO’s decision at Tribunal on behalf of all parents. She would like to see political intervention to make it impossible for schools to withhold materials from parents.

    Ask your schools “for full transparency” Clare advises. Request lesson plans, materials, and the names of any external providers used. Then be prepared, she says, to make constructive, respectful complaints.

    It’s important for child safety and for democracy, Clare concludes, that we all now get involved.

    You can follow Clare on Twitter @NoSecretLessons.

    C4M believes all children should be taught that growing up with your married biological mum and dad leads to the best outcomes for children, adults and society in general.

    While other relationship types exist, it is very clear at the population level that nothing comes close to the benefits of real marriage.

    If you would like to support us financially, you can do so using the button below.


    Yours faithfully,

    Dr Tony Rucinski

    Dr Tony Rucinski
    Director of Supporter Strategy
    Coalition for Marriage (C4M)


    So that’s what the Tories are doing to British children.

    Next time you hear ANY Conservative Minister or MP prattling about educational standards, think about what they’re up to, and…

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    Exposed! Slimy Soft-On-Crime Tories! 

    Exclusive: Home Office figures show 60 prosecutions for illegally arriving in British waters while almost 30,000 made journey https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/channel-crossings-migrants-prosecutions-patel-b2234561.html


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    Fire Foul-Mouth Williamson! 

    We have previously mentioned the knight currently exposed….

    Sunak under pressure over Williamson’s ‘vile messages’ to Wendy Morton


    ….as a churl who uses foul-mouthed abuse against a lady….


    ….which ought to require his resignation!

    Back when he was Secretary of State for Education, we observed that….

    If the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE knew about this nauseating ‘math question’ (which is presumably just one example of pervert poison being injected into UK schools, and then…



    …didn’t act to excise the filth, he needs to face a motion of no confidence, in Parliament, naturally (so Tory MPs must be mobilised) , but also by his Constituency Conservative Party in South Staffordshire.

    South Staffordshire Conservatives
    4 Station Road, Codsall, South Staffordshire, WV8 1BX
    01902 844985

    Who’s Poisoning British Children’s Minds? Protest! 

    Back then, I urged people, especially parents, to take up the cudgels..


    .. so I merely repeat that exhortation today

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    Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War 

    Eritreans may seem to hog our headlines..…

    Eritrean Migrant Gang Bound for UK Face Manslaughter Charges

    Even in Israel…

    Eritrean and Sudanese illegals commit disproportionately more crimes in comparison to the general population.’

    Israeli police fear releasing African migrant crime figures


    …but let’s be fair, plenty of other fake-‘refugees’ of various origins..…

    Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 


    …commit horrible crimes too.

    But this month it’s a filthy savage named Okbazge, who was enjoying a cozy stay (at you Brit tax-payers’ expense!) in the Britannia Hotel in Standish.

    The dirty pig just got a mere 9 years for rape…

    • yes, of course he should be castrated and deported, but the UK has a Tory government  remember?-

    …but let’s note too how…

    ‘…Bolton Crown Court heard that Okbazge’s attack last Christmas occurred just weeks after allegations were made that asylum-seekers staying at the hotel had been harassing local schoolgirls by filming PE lessons at their high school causing parents to stopping their daughters from going out…’


    Ablolom Okbazge

    Ablolom Okbazge

    Nothing about deportation, please note – oh, of course, Eritrea is dangerous and the pig might get hurt there..



    And still the Tories are putting alien gate-crashers in hotels, and refusing to impose 24/7 lock-downs to stop predators such as the above prowling around the neighbourhood as they please?

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    The Ipswich Cuckoos? ‘Refugees?’ Really? 

    People in the English city of Ipswich will no doubt approve of their (Labour!) councillors winning an interim injunction…

    ….against the Tory government plan ‘to house more asylum seekers in a town centre hotel ..’



    The local Novotel was targetted by the Tories with a scheme to pack it with 200 aliens. Home Office secured a contract to house 200 asylum seekers in the Novotel Hotel.

    Significantly, the order ‘does not apply to refugees who have already arrived…’ https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-suffolk-63419279

    Interesting, that, how the UK Pravda report substitutes “refugees” for ‘asylum-seekers‘ half-way through.

    Maybe to make their audience more sympathetic?

    After all, a real refugee, for example fleeing the aggression against Ukraine, evokes benevolent feelings, whereas ‘asylum-seeker’.…

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    …has become a near-universal synonym for unpleasant crimmigrant.

    Hence my headline, a reference to John Wyndham’s famous SF book, made into a film, ‘Village of the Damned.’

    Midwich or Ipswich?

    Beings of extra-terrestrial origin ( not nice ones!) pretend to be human – with unpleasant consequences!

    Similarly, if Ipswich’s prospective aliens, presented by the BBC as poor ‘refugees,’ are in fact ‘asylum-seekers?’

    Yet, if words have meaning…


    Obviously, if any of those who ‘have already arrived‘ did in fact arrive from France, they are NOT seeking ‘asylum” and can’t be ‘refugees’ at all…

    …since they arrived from a safe, democratic country.

    Rather than nit-pick about their municipality getting ‘more than their fair share’ of parasitic hotel-dwellers, as the councillors in Stoke did…

    Stoking Anger, Not Only In Stoke! 

    …and elswhere…

    …Asylum’ Hotels – BBC Cover-Up!

    …those Ipswich councillors should pass a city resolution, demanding the Tory Government act to stop the tsunami..


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    Hunt Promoted? A Dangerous Move! 

    Jeremy Hunt is now ‘de facto’ PM, says senior Tory MP https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/10/17/jeremy-hunt-now-de-facto-pm-says-senior-tory-mp/

    Sir Roger Gale MP is not somebody I regard as an oracle.

    Yet Truss is a busted flush, as card-players might say, so her move to bring Jeremy Hunt into a top job should be a red…

    ( or rainbow?)

    Tory Leadership Hunt? Just A Reminder.. 

    …flag to any conservatives who inexplicably remain card-carrying members of the ‘Conservative’ party.

    The Strange (Queer?) Death Of UK Conservatism… .


    ‘…his strong support for LGBT-inclusive lessons in schools..’


    …and his declaration that ‘his party must “leave no stone unturned” in ensuring every school in the UK is getting “the right message across to our children.”

    And that message?

    He ‘tweeted a video of the exchange alongside a further message of support for the LGBT+ community.’

    And if you’re still not alert to the danger?

    Get this rot!

    For me, being gay is like being left-handed, it’s something you’re born with, and it’s not something you choose, it’s not something you can change. And that’s why we need to recognise every child needs to understand that.”


    Which is patently untrue.

    Of course queers can be cured. London Calling – Big-Mouth Boris Bans Free Speech on the Buses 

    However, along with talk of pro-maladjust Mordaunt…

    Send Mordaunt On A Tour Of New Jersey Prisons! 

    “Trans men are men and trans women are women..”

    Yeah, Right!

    …as a possible deputy to  ‘Diversity’ Sunak…



    ..we may be watching the final moral implosion of a party which once, within living memory, stood for decent values.

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    Tories To Tax-Payers – ‘Asylum’ Vandals? Cost No Prob! 

    So the Tory government wanted his magnificent hotel in England’s historic Arthurian heart-land, eager to fill every room with ‘asylum’ aliens?


    Listen to this honest man tell how he expressed his concerns about the damage that could be caused by such infestation…



    ….and the reply from government flunkeys?

    No worries, any and every costs incurred will be covered by our generous British tax-payers!


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    RAF Scandal? Hapless Heappey Doth Protest Too Much 

    We have now thrice, in just the past few days….

    No Such Issues When ‘The Few’ Flew! 

    Spitfire - Season Premiere Airshow 2018 (cropped).jpg

    Stop Ben Wallace Wokifying HM Forces! 

    RAF ‘Racist/Sexist’ Row? ‘Crack On, Implement It!’

    …added our small voice to the chorus of concern about the Tories’ ‘diversity‘ obsession…

    ( though we have been sounding the alarm…War Clouds Gather? UK Forces Get ‘Diversity’ Training! …for quite a while!)

    ….and the ‘woconservatives’ are feeling the heat, it seems.

    That woker Armed Forces Minister Heappey ‘has strongly denied these allegations, telling Sky News…


    “….what is definitely not true is that recruitment of white men has in any way been paused…”.

    Great, but then listen to his uniformed minion, downright rabid on the subject of ‘diversity!’

    ‘…head of recruitment in the RAF Air Vice-Marshal Maria Byford said she was “unashamed” of a policy that could see ethnic minorities and women prioritised for roles over white men.


    AVM Maria Byford.jpg

    Comrade Maria Byford – ‘unashamed?’

    In an article in The Times, the Air Vice-Marshal said she had “slowed” down the recruitment process for all candidates after figures showed the RAF was not meeting its targets on diversityhttps://www.forces.net/services/raf/defence-minister-clarifies-reports-about-rafs-recruitment-approach

    Fire That Fanatic!

    Scrap appeasement.

    Drop diversity.

    If good, true Brits, men or women, dark or pale, are keen to serve their country…

    …they will make their own way to the recruitment office.

    No need ffor’targets’ or cultural marxist quotas.
    • Edward Lamont 18:35 on August 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I appreciate the way you are sticking with this shameful scandal. I don’t see how either Wallace or Heappey can call themselves conservative when they let Byford and others like her ram this diversity through.
      I feel like standing as a real conservative candidate against one of them myself.
      But I would rather somebody else did that and I would help out.
      I’m no public speaker but I have plenty of door-to-door canvassing experience.


    • Vanessa Reilly 20:26 on August 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Your tenacity is praiseworthy.
      Don’t you ever feel like washing your hands of it all?


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