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  • ross1948 09:13 on November 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Self-Righteous Slobs, Sanctuary Myths, Undesirable Aliens 

    Hundreds of churches in the US have said they are willing to provide sanctuary for undocumented migrants threatened with deportation…                    Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants

    What century do these dog-collared dolts think they’re living in? Or even which millenium? The Guardian gives an historical clue to their archaic mind-set.

    The concept of sanctuary can be traced back to the Book of Numbers in the Hebrew Bible.

    We’ve all seen movies with mediaeval fugitives ‘seeking sanctuary’ from pursuit by Sheriffs of Nottingham etc.  But of course those days are long gone!

    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • The law makes no exceptions for malignant law-breakers who pollute consecrated premises by their noisome trespass. ‘Sanctuary’ as a legal concept has long since passed into the realm of mythology. 
    • Disturbingly, however, the report provides a disturbing insight into the mush-noggin mentality evident at the relevant government agencies, ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement and CBP Border Protection.

    “Enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations such as schools, places of worship, and hospitals should generally be avoided,” say guidelines.



    How stupid can they get?

    If the Guardian can get hold of those cop-out guidelines, so can all the soppy sob-sisters of both sexes anxious to aid and abet crimmigrants!

    So too can the crimmigrants! 

    Announcing appeasement of evil-doers emboldens their evil!

    If American schools and churches and hospitals have fallen under the control of Un-American elements, if such places have become unhidden hide-outs for illegals, then the bad elements should be ousted and the bad bludgers arrested.

    Of course Obama would never lift a finger to get that done.

    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

    But in sharp contrast, the President-Elect’s already made clear his intention to deal with the scum-ruled ‘sanctuary cities.’  Democrats vote to defend sanctuary cities, block mandatory jail time for repeat illegals – 


    • Illegal-aliens-i-want-you-out-of-my-country

    Trump has said he will block federal funding to such cities.


    He should be equally upfront about dog-collared appeasement monkeys and the churches they put to sinful use.

    Listen to this holier-than-thou jerk, Peter Pedemonti of the New Sanctuary Movement….



    Pedemonti looks exactly as you’d expect!


    …Peter Pedemonti of the New Sanctuary Movement.

    The self-righteous prat whines that he just can’t “wrap my head around” the fact that 81% of white Christian evangelicals backed Trump in the election.

    “I don’t understand how a Christian can vote for a person whose policies so blatantly contradict the Bible’s teaching to love your neighbour.

    What a merchant banker! That’s cockney rhyming slang, BTW. Does this klutz think his pro-crimmigrant prejudice affords him the ‘right’ to flout laws enacted democratically by his fellow-citizens?



    He and all those ‘reverend’ rat-bags backing his NSM have presumably forgotten those words about rendering unto Caesar…. 

  • ross1948 15:23 on September 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Besim ‘Unfathomable?’ Get Real, Your Honour! 

    In what possible way can Mr. Justice Croucher justify his assertion in court this week that it’s somehow ‘unfathomable’ that an alien cur like Sevdet Besim, an 18-year-old boy, planned to kill a law enforcement officer, to crash into him with a car and then behead him with a knife..”




    Is it Besim’s age?

    Shouldn’t be.

    After all, Europe has been over-run by savages as young as, and younger than, eighteen – the sort of undesirables who terrorise women in Stockholm Station….Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun … those poor little unaccompanied minors…Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 


    …or that ‘Lone Wolf’ Man on the Bavaria train….Mein Gott!! Afghan Axe-Man? ‘Unaccompanied Minor!’    …all those ‘boys’ whom we’re forever being told we should feel sorry for.

    And one of Besim’s soul-mates turns out to be none other than that piece of pig-sh-t we covered last year, 14 years old…

    evil children

    So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

    ….and already rotten to the core – and the UK authorities are still hiding that swine’s identity, presumably so that, when they all too soon turn it loose, some good guy doesn’t track it down? 


    But back to the judge’s inability to ‘fathom’ Besim’s evil.

    Is it that the malignant beast was “corrupted by lunatic clerics?” 

    Shouldn’t be in the least surprised!

    Who in Oz is not aware of many clerics’ dedication to ‘corrupting’ and/or inciting and/or indoctrinating whomsoever – Australians read all the time about jihadist treason –Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban– and most are perplexed why their government fails to expel the Anti-ANZAC Cancer in Australia!  

     and …


    Australia's Grand Mufti stands with Sydney siege gunman Man Haron ...

    PM with malignant mufti Australia, Deport This Sex-Obsessed Sectarian! 

    …just as many find it revolting that their Prime Minister openly hobnobs with one of the most benighted bigots in the Commonwealth, the foul foreign fanatic who calls himself the Grand Mufti of Australia.

    Incidentally, the pig Besim’s own lawyer identified the particular place where his potential for evil was recognised and energised.

    Besim’s barrister, George Georgiou SC, said his client was a young man who was exposed to a radical form of Islam by charismatic older men at the Al Furqan Islamic Information centre in Springvale.  


    THAT’s a familiar name.

    Furqan Fanatics! Oz Jihadists Shut Down – Now Show ‘Em The Door! 

    Perhaps Aussie readers can advise us if, the den having been closed, all sectarian undesirables who lurked there have been deported, and if not, why not?


    I worry about Judge Croucher, however, handing down a sickly soft sentence, ten years ( out inside seven) when life was an option? 

    Had the swine shown an ounce of contrition, there might be an excuse, but hardly!

    Besim blew kisses to a large group of supporters as he was led from the dock.


    • shoot terrs

    He and all his ‘supporters’ would be better put in front of a firing squad, before any more atrocities are unleashed. 

    • Raven 15:15 on September 7, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      ‘His Supporters?’
      Traitors to Australia!
      These deserve no mercy.
      You are quite right with what you say about a firing squad..


  • ross1948 13:22 on May 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Ban Murderous Mullahs? Nice One, Norway…But Be Thorough! 


    Norway moves to bar entry to 'hate preachers'
    This is the Government’s agreeably prompt response to the news that a very unpleasant outfit called ‘Islam Net’ had sent out invitations to some very unpleasant ‘preachers’ to appear at a recent conference.
    Since ‘Islam Net’ is Salafist, this should not have come as a surprise. They are the worst sort of sectarian fanatics, who belong in cess-pool countries like Saudi or Pakistan, not in nice places like Norway.
    I’d have an even higher opinion of Sylvi if she outlawed that outfit and kicked the swine who run it out of Norway, but nevertheless, her words of wisdom are welcome.
    “It is unacceptable that religious organizations in Norway invite people to Norway who undermine Norwegian values,”she said, adding that her aim is to ‘thwart antisocial viewpoints.‘ 
    The report reminds us that Denmark too is out to deal with these kind of malignants, with new laws being drafted to tackle imams who “undermine society”.
    OK, but what’s important is that these laws and initiatives are pro-active, not merely passive.
    By that, I mean, governments should not wait till some rabid cur in a robe stands up and tells a flock of backward buffoons to go forth and decapitate innocents whose only ‘crime’ is to have drawn a cartoon satirising some aspect of religion.
    What NEEDS to be done, as a matter of urgency, in ALL civilised countries, is for every preacher (of all creeds, to be seen to be fair ) to be REQUIRED to include in EVERY sermon a two-fold warning, viz. –
    A  – that EVERYBODY has the absolute right to convert in or out of every creed, and no harm should be done or threatened to those who so choose…
    B – that EVERYBODY has a legal right to criticise, satirise and/or mock ANY aspect of any religion, and that NO HARM should be done or threatened to those who do.
    Any clerics who refuse to issue those fundamental assertions of freedom should be deported.
    Sure, they might agree, then flout their promise, or they might say the right words then clandestinely spread contradictory advice when they think they’re not under surveillance.
    That’s always a risk, but simply reinforces the need for strict surveillance, with rewards on offer for information leading to arrest and conviction.
    The West is at war, and no stone should be left unturned in the war effort. 
    • Hendro Kenny 01:52 on May 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      very good thoughts for the goverments to require the Protestant pastors and Catholic priests too, when every one of us knows the pastors and priests do not call to kill apostates or blasphemers.
      They know that God will punish guilty when they die and are not so blasphemous as the imams and muftis and mullahs who think they know God’s mind. They are the real blasphemers when they imagine they His deputies with little tin-stars who may murder freely in His Name.
      I hope this will be a required thing as you propose. Many evil men will then be made to leave our countrys.


  • ross1948 18:32 on August 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Dog-Collared Appeasement-Monkeys and EuroNews Bias, Again! 

    Just gone 4;45pm in jakarta, and my lunch of gado2 was so filling I nodded off, so on waking I turned on EuroNews.

    OMG, I wish I hadn’t.


    Some pinko bint named Valerie Gauriat has just been give a platform, under the pretext of answering questions sent in by viewers, to blather about the poor little savages engaged in lawless incursions against the peoples of Europe.


    Not a hint that these invaders are illegals, unwanted by the citizens of the lands they’re swarming into.

    Not a word about the positive alternatives put forward by Liga Nord in Italy, or Hungary’s Orban, or the sensible UKIP approach.

    Gauriat is GAUCHE! She could have been reading from a script written by Juncker. 

    A load of biased baloney about how they’re fleeing from war and dictatorship, when we know  – and even the weak-kneed UK Government has confirmed….




    Brokenshire said:  ‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3153808/Immigration-minister-claims-majority-migrants-trying-cross-Mediterranean-doing-economic-reasons-instead-fleeing-lives.html

    …that the rabble in Calais and the hordes crossing the Med on those bludger-boats are ‘desperate’ (the emotive buzz-word at this very moment being used by the 5pm Euronews bulletin to describe the parasites) not for the joys of democracy… .


    ..but at the prospect of dipping their dirty snouts into the benefit trough which Cameron has slightly trimmed but not begun to close down.

    • devil destroyed

    As for fleeing ‘war,’ ask that Calais cop in hospital how peace-loving the scumbags are, or read again how satanically-evil crimmigrants murdered a batch of fellow-passengers merely for worshipping God Almighty in ways different from their own.


    Trust Cameron!




    Not good advice in most circumstances, though he CAN usually be relied upon to weasel on issues of principle.

    Brits who heard him correctly describe the mayhem mob in Calais as a ‘swarm’ were doubtless pleased he shared their abhorrence of the crimmigrant swine. Alas, he’s been quick to exculpate himself of any meaningful sense of solidarity with his fellow-citizens.

    Cacophonous clergy – Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church – are on Cameron’s case, and that of Philip Hammond, who has also echoed popular sentiment.

    It’s a refreshingly ecumenical change for me to identify Christian clerics, instead of Islamist imams, as the bad guys. But, sadly, the UK political elite resembles its Indonesian counterparts in their weak response to trouble-makers.

    Instead of slapping them down as they deserve, instead of noting the collapse in the number of British folk who attend their churches to listen to their sanctimonious bleating, Cameron caves in.


    • David-Cameron-001
    • =====================
    • Cameron has since defended his use of the word “swarm” –
    • “I was explaining that there are a large number of people crossing the Mediterranean, coming from the Middle East, coming to Europe and I was trying to explain that it was a very large number of people.


    I think everyone was well aware of the extent of the menace. Swarm is a word implying something unpleasant, and he didn’t spend years at the most expensive school in England to emerge with no grasp of the nuances of the English language.

    “I was not intending to dehumanise, I don’t think it does dehumanise people.”

    Oh dear, poor savages, their feelings must not be hurt!

    At least not as badly as that poor French cop was hurt!

    Their own women huddle together nightly, for fear of sexual molestation by the scum, but we mustn’t denigrate or demonise the swine!  http://www.christiantoday.com/article/uk.church.leaders.attack.government.for.calais.failures/62081.htm

    Nor should we refer to them as ‘marauding around the area…’


    Busily not marauding


    …when it’s perfectly clear that they are just respectable, law-abiding people, out for a Sunday stroll, as captured on camera, above.


    He and Hammond would do better, and win wide applause, if they denounced these rabbiting ‘reverends’ for their utter lack of patriotism, their condemnation of the appalling idea that Brits might be more important to the British Government than undesirable aliens, or, as the prattling priests put it, “that British lives and well-being are somehow more valuable than those of others.”

    For God’s Sake!

    Did their pulpit predecessors between 1939 and 1945 preach that kinda hogwash to the bombed-out East Enders in London, or the citizens of Coventry or Clydebank?

    Hardly – clergy then were patriots!

    No wonder the churches today are empty.

    British Governments are SUPPOSED to put British people first.




    God damn these dog-collared appeasement monkeys.

  • ross1948 10:38 on November 16, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta – Islamophobia Stoked By TV Fanatics? 

    It’s a fine sunny morning again here in Jakarta, and all the brighter for reading Yenny Wahid’s splendid denunciation of the IslamoNazi FPI ( self-styled’ Defenders of Islam’).




    Yenni is the daughter of the late President Gus Dur, a man who exemplified the best sort of Muslim, and she says the white-shirt thug gang does not reflect an Islamic attitude. She went on to describe them as not civilized.


    Islamophobes please note – Yenni is a good woman. She is faithful to her religion, and naturally is concerned if it is brought into disrepute. One example she used to back up her words was the thugs’ demo last month in which twenty or more police were injured. There was another FPI demo on the same theme recently.
    And those present there that disgraceful day do tend to explain why Islamophobia exists.

    One man given the opportunity to deliver an oration was Ahmad Al Habsi, popular because he’s a speaker on the morning lecture at a private television station. In the speech, Ahmad Al Habsi said Ahok was arrogant. According to him, Ahok’s vanity Ahok is not a reflection of the descendants of Adam.”

    So Ahok’s not human!?!?! This ‘cleric’ actually likened Ahok’s ‘arrogance‘ to that of a ‘DEVIL.’ 

    ahok  =  devil destroyed
     Ahok a DEVIL? -a deranged comparison!

    “And the arrogance of this Ahok should be fought with arrogance.”  http://metropolitan.inilah.com/read/detail/2152830/ahmad-al-habsi-yang-sombong-iblis-harus-dilawan


     Al Habsi


    Well, that’s about as extreme as it gets.

    Ahok’s real offence, as some FPI leaders have admitted, is that he’s Christian. Most normal people, of all religions, will dismiss sectarian railing against the honest, plain-spoken Governor of Jakarta as totally deranged.

    Yet this man is a given a regular spot on a major TV channel to spout his jihadism. Whose decision was that, to provide a platform for a fanatic to target millions?

    We could dwell on devils, or at least diabolical behaviour.

    Habib Rizieq, the IslamoNazi coordinator of the demo, did jail time for his role in the Monas Riot in 2008, and Rizieq’s FPI are notorious for sectarian thuggery all over Indonesia. Rizieq may not be a ‘devil,’ but he’s pretty bad news.


    One might even ask how this Al Habsi sits down and works out how to measure the level of devilry in public figures.


    alubis Lubis


    Once he explains his method, ask him to apply it to the FPI’s then Secretary General, Lubis, who is on video record urging a demented rabble to ‘kill, kill, kill’ members of the peaceful Ahmadi religious minority… link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4 )  …an outburst of sectarian hate which doesn’t quite square with Al Habsi’s peroration, ‘We love peace.’ 

    Clearly the tv channel managers who chose Al Habsi for their programme must be well aware of his outrageous outburst, but so far no  news of his dismissal.  So whoever runs the show must be judged to have found no fault with his rabid rant. 

    Al Habsi is not the only extremist who gets far more than his fair share of media time. We have covered Arifin Ilham before, That’s him, in the photo below, with Rizieq.


    He’s never tried to hide his enthusiasm for the IslamoNazis.


    trans tv


    Arrahmah.com reported that Muhammad Arifin Ilham reiterated his support for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), by writing a statement on his Facebook account page on this day, Thursday (16/02/2012) which contains a statement of support for FPI and criticism of corrupt officials who support the secular media and disobedience and spread slander that the FPI are anarchistic…


    Trans TV has often given pride of place to this extremist. He has also appeared on Metro TV.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/metro-tvs-hate-group-fan/

    I know he’s still on Trans, but I don’t know if Metro has dumped him.  Whether either of those is the channel guilty of putting Al Habsi on to gladden viewers’ hearts, I can’t confirm, yet. I generally switch off when that kind of programme starts!

    But maybe readers can tell me.  




    If major Indonesian media continue to harbour hate-preachers like Al Habsi and fans of thug gangs like Arifin, maybe businesses who want decent people to buy their products should be told to consider where ads are placed.

    Readers only need to check out when the ugly face of fanaticism leers at them from the box, then note which companies’ advertisements pop up at that time of day.

    Then email the head offices and suggest a review is in order. Perhaps Yenni Wahid could get something like this underway. She does, after all, quite rightly, want to keep the reputation of her creed untainted. 


    • Santi 09:09 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Again good when you show people all over the world what these ustadz are.
      Hate preachers is the right words for what they are. And TV boss who pays them no different.
      You should name others also because there are so many in Indonesia.


    • JazPen 11:55 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Youre right on this one,Ross.
      I hope Ahok has tight security though, these jihadists are like mad dogs.


    • Wulan 13:16 on November 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Go ahead and tell the truth like this, it is happy to read what the others do not publish.
      We know where they are coming from, Yemen and Middle East who came to Indonesia many years ago and cannot become truly Indonesian.
      They are still holding on to the bad Arab ways, even dressing like Arab not like Indonesian, I mean men too not just women. Look so stupid.


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