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  • ross1948 08:30 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Wake Up! It’s International Human Rights Day! 

    Wake up!
    It’s International Human Rights Day, and shrilling must commence, supervised by the UN Human Rights Council, on which serve, or have recently served, such glorious champions of human rights as Red China…


    Can you tell who’s who?

    GENEVA, April 2, 2020 — China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human RightsCouncil panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention…


    …and Cuba…


    …aah, see for yourselves!

    And the UN hypocrites’ background music will be provided by such august organisations as Amnesty International…



    …., whose spokesman only a week or so ago called for jackboot censorship….  

    Amnesty? Shamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

    ….of those who dissent from his own twisted take on the right of mentally disturbed men to demand we treat them as women! 


    Let’s tell these shameless charlatans at the UN, and at Shamnesty….


    Cur Qureshi and Amnesty – Don’t Say We Weren’t Warned!

    ….and the rest of the ‘rights’ rat-pack…



    …that we have heard enough about the ‘rights’ of terrorists, illegal aliens, sexual aberrants and other lawless undesirables.

    Next year, let’s mark this day on our calendars as…


    National Duty Day!

    All our readers will know what that means to them and their countries, but for Brits?


    Duty to Queen and Country!


    Duty to stand up proudly for what matters..


    ….and never kneel to our country’s enemies.

    Duty to defend our borders…



    ….just as our forefathers did.

    But make sure you know your enemy!


    • Lois Wadden 08:54 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Wake up?
      I think we are all awake to the rights rascals!
      Fed up, more like.


    • Penny 16:05 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The UN is a bad lot, Amnesty too, but I most hate those ‘rights’ lawyers who soak the UK taxpayers to bring their cases for illegals due for deportation.
      I dare not say here what I would like to do about them.


    • Vanessa Reilly 19:01 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Until people understand that getting rights depends on doing their duty, the duties you list, for starters, things won’t get better.


    • Heine 19:58 on December 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is so true.
      In our home we have the rights and guests have privileges we give them.
      If they are rude and make trouble, we order them to go out.
      So it should be the same with our country.


  • ross1948 12:30 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Peddles Conspiracy Theory, Without Evidence! 

    The things I do for the sake of seeing to it that truth will out!

    I was relaxing after a trip into downtown Jakarta on Tuesday…

    …a trip that took a lot longer than expected, thanks to yet another demo!

    After preparing smoked beef and cheese sandwiches for  myself and Katty…


    ….and his visiting pals, the sofa looked good, so out I stretched and turned on the tv…



    …only to realise it was still tuned to UK Pravda, and a programme called ‘Our World’ was just beginning.

    I made to switch off and nod off, then I heard a vaguely familiar name!


    The ‘hero’ of this BBC World News channel delight was none other than Gabriel, not the archangel, but one of the ‘reporters’ who gave us such memorable accounts of the arson on Lesbos about six weeks ago.

    BBC Again Blights ‘News’ With Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! 

    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

    For seconds and seconds, I again contemplated the prospect of an arvo nap, then realised this show held tantalising possibilities.

    Gabriel was in ‘who-dunnit’ mode!


    Remember that fun bit of mockery after Deplorable Hillary tried to explain why she was such a walking disaster area?

    Well, if you don’t, maybe you remember that Mel Gibson film, ‘Conspiracy Theory,’ in which…



    …although many of Mel’s nightmare scenarios were unsubstantiable, one actually proved to be the real thing!

    Now we have the Great Lesbian Conspiracy Theory!


    No, not that kind of lesbian!


    Note – this programme is on again today.

    Please watch it and judge my perceptions ( below) for yourselves. I was taking notes hurriedly so may not have got everything word-for word, but believe my precis of what was said and done is accurate. My opinions are just that, my opinions, so up to you to form yours!


    This UK Pravda geezer – Gabriel Gatehouse is his full name – was filmed wandering around Lesbos…



    …because he seems to be more than half convinced that it was naughty Greeks…



    …who started the fires that razed the undesirable aliens’ encampment!

    Gabe was hard pressed to find witnesses to bolster any alternative theories, theories including ‘rightwing’ Greeks in cahoots with the authorities!

    Nothing’s impossible, of course, but it might help if there were even a tiny wee bit of evidence!

    He bumped into a crimmigrant ‘camera club!’



    …who said that ‘people were packing before the second fire…’ which hardly implicates either ‘rightwing Greeks’ or any Greeks!

    Au contraire, it sounds very much that at least some of the illegal immigrants were in on it.

    Indeed, another of Gabe’s new pals said he’d heard from somebody that somebody said ‘local people helped a number of refugees’ to start burning.

    A very clear evidential chain!

    Gabe tracked one of those, who blamed it on ‘fascists.’  


    The fave word used by reds everywhere to smear patriots? 

    More on the possible provenance of that smear further down the page!

    But was it not a certain BBC reporter who said the arson was committed by migrants experiencing ‘aggravation?’

    Or did I mishear that too?



    But it was instructive to watch him, going to and fro, trying.


    He had fallen in with a bunch of Afghan illegals, and made murmurs of agreement when they sought to clinch their case – 

    ’why would migrants burn their own accommodation?’


    Gabe works for a rotten news outfit, but he must be aware of what goes on in the real world!

    More ‘Refugee’ Arson And Violence In Greece! 

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see one fake-refugee amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot


    We know fake-refugees have a reputation for arson!

    It’s their version of an infant’s tantrum.

    Gabe almost had one witness, an Afghan, of course -Ghulam Farouf by name!  He had seen a possible malefactor, but –

    I didn’t know if he was Greek or not, but he was not Afghan.”

    Even if true, that hardly exculpates the ‘migrants’ – they come from all over the Third World…

    Teenagers arrested over alleged gang-rape of a boy in a Greek migrant camp – TheJournal.ie.  Sep 28, 2016 · FOUR PAKISTANI minors have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping a 16-year- old Pakistani boy in a Greek migrant camp, police said today…

    …and from African countries…

    …after police had asked the illegal immigrants to go back to their accommodation, the mostly African migrants not only refused the order, but started ridiculing Greek authorities and coughing on them.

    Illegal immigrants defying coronavirus lockdown on Lesvos cough on Greek police (VIDEO)

    ….and various Middle Eastern territories also…

    Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan

    …all sorts, some of whom may evoke our sympathy more than others!

    Gabe sure doesn’t have much sympathy for the Greek Police.

    Hanging out with his crimmigrant acquaintances, he observes that the police are doing their best to move the rabble into the new camp – ‘but if migrants don’t want to be enclosed, avoid police!’



    The Beeb-Man seems to share the aliens’ assumption that, although they are in somebody else’s country, they’re under no obligation to obey the rules!

    Interesting too, what he tells us of their vocabulary – as noted above, they call Greeks who don’t want crimmigrants in their country ‘fascists,’ believe it or not!


    And left-talk picked up, probably, from other foreign undesirables…



    …the far-left ‘NGO activists’ buzzing around Lesbos, like flies around sh-t!

    Afghan Milad Ibrahimi, another rogue, hiding out, has enough English to say –

    If I were local, I would be a fascist too.’

    Hmm, some grasp of reality, at least!

    Gabe winds down his melodrama by blaming Greece for turning the burnt-out camp into a pressure cooker!


    Greece didn’t send out fliers urging savages to drop by for an Aegean holiday.

    These crimmigrants made a conscious decision to disregard any notion of applying to migrate legally. They gate-crashed Greece!




    There may be a trickle of genuine cases, but we know there are plenty who came for anything but good reasons!

    “We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

    Poor Gabe chunters on-

    ‘…if they enter the new camp, will they be allowed out? Behind these fences, it feels like they’ve swopped one prison for another.’

    PS  Meanwhile six migrants have been arrested in connection with the arson.

    No Greeks!


    • Geoff Cates 12:59 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Day in, day out, I have watched BBC running down our country and doing everything they can to make life worse for our people, every day broadcasting BLM propaganda.
      I hate the BBC.
      They have no sympathy for British people but so much for these illegals that they spend British taxes to send this fool to Greece to record their conspiracy theory.
      Well done for your honest hard work with this, exposing them.


    • Uncle Oz 15:09 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That was a good long read and I had a few laughs too, the lesbian conspiracy and the archangel…
      These journos always mock conspiracy theories if they dont like them but here’s the BBC fermenting one all of their own.


    • Randall Bear 16:22 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Well said.


    • Amanda Adams 17:45 on October 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Leftok! You have a way with words.
      We hear loads of leftok every time we turn on the BBC and that’s why I try not to.


  • ross1948 14:08 on September 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Get ‘Em, Greece! Subversive ‘NGO’ Apparatchiks On Trial! 

    One of the most irksome aspects of the BBC’s pro-crimmigrant outside broadcasts from Greece ( and other countries suffering illegal alien infestation) is the almost inevitable interview…




    ….with some uptight leftist sticky-beak, usually not Greek, more often a middle-class foreign bint, like Carmen Dupont, of ‘Lesvos Solidarity – BBC Again Blights ‘News’ With Pro-Crimmigrant Bias! – handed a microphone to champion the primitive intruders and demand that more money ( yours, not their own!) is wasted on freebies…



    ….or on provision of yet more accommodation after arsonists among the primitives have destroyed what they lived in!

    More ‘Refugee’ Arson And Violence In Greece! 

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see that amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot


    So all the more enjoyable to read that no less than THIRTY THREE ‘NGO’ apparatchiks, ‘alleged to have actively supported smuggling rings to sneak in migrants using closed social media groups, apps and confidential information including gathering points of migrants on the Turkish coast…



    ….and the geographical coordinates of refugee flows towards Greece,’


    All kudos to the Greeks, who must be fed up with these meddling outsiders…



    …and their ‘NGOs,’ which are often NOT Non-Government Organisations at all, their dirty snouts in the tax-troughs of the Brussels Empire…



    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    …or gouging other government handouts.

    We will watch out for more details on exactly which parasitic ratbag gangs are named in future Greek press reports..

    Lying press – Germany’s media are as bad as the UK’s!


    …which are a LOT more reliable than the rotten media in the English-speaking world.


  • ross1948 19:12 on November 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    For Each Alien Out, Mama Stasi Imports How Many More?!? 

    While the the blame for the pathetic trickle of deportations must be shared between Mama Stasi Merkel, who has not only FAILED to kick out the vilest vermin, like these….


    Insurrection, As Savages Riot! Blood On Merkel’s Hands? 

    …but even seeks the return of scum like this..

    Merkel Wants Bin Laden Brute Back, To Ensure His Safety! 

    ….and Germany’s Enemy Within judiciary…

    Germany Ensures Jihadist Scum Don’t Get What’s Coming To Them! 

    …who let primitive beasts off with wrist-slap sentences…

    Wrist-Slap For German Apostate Sow – AND An Attempted Media Cover-Up! 

    …or simply let them off altogether….,

    ‘Asylum’ Thug-Scum Walk Free After Attacks On Germans – Flog The Swine!   

    Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks

    ….only she, as head of government in Berlin, carries the guilt for the inportation of even more undesirable aliens into her sorely-afflicted country.

    EUObs reports that an ‘unknown’ -YES, ‘UNKNOWN’ – number of crimmigrants are newly arrived to Germany ( and Lithuania, and Romania) – the illegals who were ‘rescued’ by one of those far-left ‘NGO’ vessels in August.


    This latest betrayal of Europe is of course sponsored by Brussels, and it’s not the first time the EUSSR has facilitated this practice of importation instead of deportation, and God only knows how many evil aliens have already reached the continental mainland in consequence of this irresponsibility..

    Migrants Amok – Malta Reaps Another Little Whirlwind! 

    Image result for malta migrants police fire

    You can see their amok-run for yourselves on the video link. https://www.rt.com/news/471416-malta-detention-center-riot/


    Now Piracy Pays! Surely Better Just Hang Migrant Hi-Jackers


    Exactly how many of these dangerous crimmigrants have been included among the batches merrily delivered into the midst of decent European citizens here there and everywhere?

    Angry Germans, Lithuanians and Romanians, however, have, like the rest of us, been kept in the dark, as the Time of Malta relates, on the scale of this scanda.

    “ ….the numbers of migrants transferred and those who remain in Malta are still unknown…”


  • ross1948 21:49 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘NGO’ Pinko Slurs Bolsonaro, Carefully Cued By BBC’s Clever Maryam! 

    Some Indian ‘activist’ in Brazil was murdered last week, and the BBC duly reported the crime.

    But the slanted ‘news’ report on Sunday was a crime against the impartiality which the BBC is bound by its charter to observe.



    The news-reader was named Maryam Moshiri, and very surprisingly  (not!) Maryam had invited an obscure far-left ‘NGO’ flunkey to comment – but clever old Maryam carefully sought to cover for her own typical BBC bias…

    Image result for maryam BBC"

    Maryam Moshiri


    ….with that handy get-out clause –  ‘a lot of people saying’ – that the ‘rhetoric of President Bolsonaro’ was to blame!

    Very objective – NOT!

    After all, since Bolsonaro was elected by a majority of Brazilians this year…


    Jair Bolsonaro


    …it could equally have been possible for ever-so-clever Maryam to interject that ‘a lot of people deny’ that their President is at fault…



    …but Hell, this is the BBC we’re talking about!


    Sure enough, the lefty shrilled back, picking up Maryam’s cue just like Little Miss Echo.

    ….it’s a genocide…..the racist rhetoric of Bolsonaro and his ugly business colleagues…encouraging, almost giving the greenlight…


    Image result for sarah shenker survival international"

    The shrill was identified as one Sarah Shenker, as said an ‘NGO’ flunkey, of course, and to be fair to her, a check on her ‘NGO’ reveals that her rant is par for the course…



    President Bolsonaro has “declared war” on Brazil’s indigenous peoples


    Shenker and her ‘NGO’ are entitled to their opinions.

    BUT there was, of course, no chance, it being the BBC, of anybody appearing on a live link or in the studio who could exercise a right of reply to her rabid anti-Bolsonaro diatribe.



    That would surely be what ANY media purporting to be objective and even-handed would ensure.

    Who knows what the full story is?

    So it was loggers who did it?

    The murdered man had had a few run-ins with loggers, apparently, but that quarrel is essentially economic.

    Nothing to do with ‘racism!’

    BBC bias stinks.

    • Rusty Rollins 22:32 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I know next to nothing about Brazil but I have to hand it to you, Ross, the way you catch them out in their dirty bias tricks.
      It shouldn’t need to be said that if this leftwinger gets to attack the Brazilian President so ferociously, he or one of his spokesmen get to answer back.
      I don’t know anyone who trusts the BBC to report fairly.
      The trouble is, there are a lot of people I don’t know and who don’t have the benefit of your eagle eye.


    • Nick Pryce 23:42 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The bad media do that a lot – “‘a lot of people say’ ‘ – ‘widespread protests’ – ‘outrage around the world’

      Then you realise that it’s only ‘a lot’ of lefties, and the ‘world outrage’ is only to be found among journalists and politicals and unbalanced millennials!

      Most people never see through the dishonesty.
      Well done for drawing attention to it!


    • Uncle Oz 10:48 on November 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC is as bad as Australia’s ABC.


    • Fiona F 15:43 on November 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another very good example of how the BBC bias squad never takes a break from its mission.


  • ross1948 23:56 on October 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 

    Who is Bodil Valero?


    Bodil VALERO


    She is a Swede ( no surprise!) affiliated to the ‘Greens/European Free Alliance’ (no surprise!) and although not as notorious as some other Strasbourg Slugs, she is the MEP tasked with setting the European Parliament’s position on the EU’s planned support for NGOs...



    Anyone who’s been reading our modest blog for more than a few weeks will be aware that using so-called ‘NGOs’ as vehicles to fund their ideological agenda is a key strategy of the Euro-Commissars.

    When they, as they do, publish blatant propaganda material, they get blow-back from patriots in every land.



    They resent such criticism and find it a lot more productive to funnel millions in cash-handouts (aka ‘grants’) to ‘non-government-organisations’ whose sleazy ‘activist’ bosses are so utterly devoid of integrity…


    ….that they wallow in such ( not non-government!) grants as gaily as hogs in their own excreta!

    There must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of these hypocrital cliques, of which we have been able to focus on a few, like the pro-crimmigrant ENAR…

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

    …and the revolting ILGA…

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    But this far-left Swede shrew is now revving up for a push to waste a bloody BILLION on the scum.

    It’s no accident, I’d say, that this scheme to break all records in bank-rolling Enemy Within movements is underway, to, as EUObs puts it, establish a billion-euro program for promoting democratic values and civil society.

    The EUSSR of course detests democracy.


    Even Liar Juncker has been upfront about that.

    And if you doubt their contempt for popular sovereignty, cast a glance at their risible ‘European Citizens’ Initiative…’

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    …which not only relegates the electorate to the role of supplicant, presenting petitions for the kind attention of the Commissars, but even excludes the electorate from raising any matter that fits ill with the ideology of the ruling class.

    Now they are mobilising to fight democratic resistance by using left-vermin ‘NGO’ mercenaries, rather than face their foes honourably.

    We knew it would happen.

     Un-Elected ‘NGOs’ Want YOUR Cash To Fight Elected Governments!)

    We should expect no less from a class that’s lower than a snake’s belly.


    • Pamela 00:37 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is abuse of power by the ‘European Parliament,’ which must be fought tooth and nail.
      When you think of all the much better ways that our money could be spent, by our own governments, it is even more infuriating. A fleet of small but effective gunboats in the Mediterranean could be funded with that kind of money.
      What else?
      We have to take a leaf out of Hungary’s book and stop NGOs that are waging political campaigns.
      They should for starters not be allowed to call themselves NGOs if they are getting money from governments, either directly or via Strasbourg. They must also be deregistered from charity status which many of them have.


    • Noreen Paterson 14:22 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Talk about cheek!
      Those MEP drones get gigantic salaries and they are so anxious about the extra ‘expenses’ they grab that they are unwilling to let even their own euro-friendly media know the details of their claims.
      Now they want to take a billion of our money and give it to our enemies?
      What do we have to do to stop this?
      Take up arms?


    • Robbie Rayner 15:46 on October 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Add that billion to the oceans of cash that Soros has been pumping into anti-sovereignty and pro-illegal subversive movements.
      At least Soros is using his own money but these Members of European Parliament use our money to make war on us. This is all wrong and invites retaliation from the wronged.


  • ross1948 11:30 on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Can Pompeo Rein In USAID Collaborators? 

    Rational people have long pointed out that giving money or any kind of aid to evil movements that claim those funds will only be used for ‘humanitarian’ purposes is either stupid or wicked.



    Any such assistance obviously frees up resources the bad people might have used on THOSE projects, resources that will be used INSTEAD for their barbarous criminality.

    Which brings us to our lead question, can The Donald’s new Secretary of State rein in USAID, which has hit the headlines, AGAIN!


    A global humanitarian group that receives generous U.S. government funding helps Islamic terrorist organizations abroad and a country that appears on the State Department’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

    The ‘NGO’ referred to is something called Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), and you can read all about them via our link below.

    Hasil gambar untuk Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

    The group, which describes itself as the labor movement’s humanitarian solidarity organization…it maintains a “positive long-term” relationship with the U.S. government, which has filled its coffers with cash since the 1990s.

    Pumping US tax-dollars into pinko  projects?

    The Judicial Watch report explains further…

    U.S. Funds Scandinavian Humanitarian Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists…

    …about what is surely concerning to our many American readers – the role of USAID.

    Unfortunately, USAID, which leeches off American tax-payers, has been featured in our blog before, and never for anything particularly admirable.

    Like here in Indonesia…


    USAID Funding ‘Gaystapo’ Groups – A Neo-Colonialist Agenda – In Indonesia Too? 

    And in Brazil…USAID Eggs On Brazil’s Unwholesome One Percent Elite 

    And in Africa…American Economic Imperialism – Bullying Christian Africans 

    And in Europe, where European nation’s arch-enemy has allegedly enjoyed their collaboration.


    ‘Soros has been funneling USAID money into the Social-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM) — the country’s former Communist party.’

    Macedonia’s  SOS leader Nikola Srbov claimed that the Communist Party’s heirs – the SDSM  – has been supported through USAIDSmash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 



    So again, we have to ask how come leftist groups which are financed by governments can in any sense be described as NGOs, ‘NON- Government Organisations.,

    They are parasites, as we have said, and should be told to stop misusing that description.

    Mike Pompeo has a good record of speaking up against undesirables – Democrat Gaystapo V Pompeo? – Sign The Petition! – so maybe we can expect action to curb USAID’s unpleasant partnerships.


    Gambar terkait

    Mike Pompeo


    But it’s not just an American problem.

    Theresa May has been made aware of what goes on with ‘NGO’ outfits in the UK –LOTS More On Oxfam’s Badness And Bigotry! –  and if you are resident anywhere in the EUSSR, then Brussels has long been pouring YOUR taxes into extremist gangs  – ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse!  – that promote far-left and liberal causes that most decent people abhor.


    Time for all good people around the world to get together and fight back!

    Norwegian NGO to Pay US $2 Million for Providing Money to Terrorists

    • Mort 17:18 on April 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Now we may see if Pompeo stays true to all he has said in the past or if he will be suborned by the State Department ‘public servants’ who think they have the right to use the elected government as their puppets to enforce their favored policies.
      I am hopeful but I honestly do not know what to expect of him.


    • Joe Jesnik 00:02 on May 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The fake ‘NGO’ gang in Hungary has been getting tax-dollars too.
      You should take a look at the situation there.
      I think you have written about it before but there always more to tell about how dangerous the activities of this ‘NGO’ crowd really are, to Hungary and to the West in general.. ..
      Viktor Orban is a good leader and it is very bad that American tax-payers can be ripped off by Sorosoids to help their leftist campaigns.


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