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  • ross1948 6:57 pm on March 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-Israel 'NGO' bigots, far-left pro-crimmigrant 'Charities', , Giulio Meotti,   

    LOTS More On Oxfam’s Badness And Bigotry! 

    Even I was taken aback by the latest report on Oxfam, from Gatestone….

    ….not because of its fulsome details about sexploitation, much of which we know about, but by the wicked way the ‘charity’ victimised two famous actresses, who dared appear in ads for Israeli businesses.


    Gambar terkait


    …and while I know little about Scarlett Johansson (above) or Kristin Davis (below)…


    Hasil gambar untuk Kristin Davis


    ….I can see no justification for this vicious targetting of the two ladies on the basis of perfectly professional activities.

    It seems Oxfam’s pro-Palestinian prejudice is so engrained that they resorted to the old trick of ‘guilt by association.’


    The author of the Gatestone piece, Giulio Meotti, an Italian journo, touches on a wide variety of abuses and names not just the ‘charities’ we have attacked…

    Amnesty ‘Only’ Use Tax-Payers’ Money For Propaganda? 

    Yasser Abdou


    …but many others too.

    That’s down to Gatestone and its people having far more resources than I have, which I don’t begrudge them; they do a great job!


    Hasil gambar untuk giulio meotti

    Giulio Meotti


    However,I would offer a mild criticism of Signor Meotti, who is Cultural Editor at Il Foglio.

    Over and over again, he calls these ghastly gangs ‘NGOs,’ but WITHOUT those inverted commas!


    Yet he is clearly aware of the fact that many of them have their filthy snouts in the tax-trough.

    How can ANY outfit leeching off government funds be a ‘non-government organisation?’

    • Mack the Knife 9:04 pm on March 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There’s not many charities worth giving anything to.
      The Salvation Army I think are honest and above board so they are alway welcome to any spare change I got but Oxfam, Amnesty and even Save The Children are all run by leftwing extremists.
      Never give them a penny.


  • ross1948 7:01 pm on February 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , far-left pro-crimmigrant 'Charities', , , migrant law reform,   

    Mon Dieu! 'Migrant' Menace – Macron's Fiddling Too "Tough?" 

    I see The Leftal, sorry, The Local, is telling us how Le Muppet Macron faces a difficult week!

    How come?

    Poor Macron’s ‘controversial bill that toughens France’s stance on migrants!’



    Heck, current French law is so pathetically weak that almost anything would be an improvement – Retch Hollande happily kowtowed to the Strasbourg ruling that those who violate French borders illegally can’t be arrested!



    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders.


    So let’s have a look at what Merkel’s buddy has done to upset Paris pinkos.

    Seems his direst sin is a pledge to to deport economic migrants more swiftly, while better integrating those who stay.

    Inevitably, so-called migrant charities  are shrilling, with left-wingers blasting the bill as repressive.

    But what are we to make of activity akin to bare-faced treason among flunkeys paid from the public purse…



    ….with employees at both the asylum court and the Ofpra refugee protection office set to strike!

    If Macron had even an iota of true grit, he’d fire these disloyal slugs for insubordination. Their job is to do what they’re told by France’s elected government.

    If that government’s policy is not to their taste, then they can do the honourable thing and quit, thus making way for new staff who understand the responsibilities of civil servants.



    Their dismissal would surely be welcomed by the public, who pay their salaries, because some 63 percent of the French people, according to the latest survey, recognise that there are too many immigrants.

    No bloody wonder! – 

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’   

    ….and push through effective measures to kick out crimmigrants, or pander to pro-parasite slugs, so-called ‘NGOs’ like ‘Cimade,’ which has shown its true colours are not those of the French Tricoleur!

    “We’re asking for it to be withdrawn! We’re not even in favour of fighting for changes to the bill, because the philosophy behind it is just too repressive.”

    Gotta be kidding!

    Muppet has already weaseled out of one segment of his law, what should have been an utterly non-controversial plan to deport people to a third country deemed “safe.”    https://www.thelocal.fr/20180219/macrons-repressive-migrant-law-faces-rough-ride-in-parliament

    While many decent French folk see Muppet as their Enemy Within, it seems even he is up against collaborationists fanatics within his own party.

    Hasil gambar untuk Florence Granjus

    “We are in danger of normalising locking people up,” said Florence Granjus.

    Lord, if only!

    The reported ‘locking up danger’ is laughable, with crimmigrants to be held for a mere 90 days (maximum!)  -although that’s apparently double the current limit — any government serious about dealing with the arrogant aliens should lock ’em up UNTIL they get their ‘asylum application approved, and if approval is not given, immediate deportation, to any country, ‘safe’ or not, should be mandatory. If their claim to be ‘refugees’ is disproven ell mend the lying ratbags!

    Needless to say ‘tighter deadlines…making it more difficult to appeal a decision,’have got both ‘activists and immigration lawyers’ fretting. Understandable. What would they do with no crimmigrants constantly to agitate for, nor all that lucrative legal work which appeals entail?


    Macron seems to be leaving his Interior Minister Gerard Collomb to fight for whatever minimal reforms are left after the sensible ‘safe country’ section was abandoned to appease the vermin lobby.




    One sympathises with Collomb, who is much hated by the unpatriotic elements, having come under fire in recent weeks after he ordered immigration agents to go into homeless shelters to check people’s residency status.

    For pity’s sakes!

    Since when have doss-houses achieved the status of mediaeval cathedrals, where outlaws are immune for law enforcement?

    Of course illegal aliens therein should be rooted out.

    But unbelievably…

    Charities have taken the government to France’s highest administrative court over the policy, which they say breaches people’s right to seek shelter without fear of questions being asked.

    Aaah, more fat fees for those lawyer lice!

    But let’s be clear.

    An honest Frenchman down on his luck would have no rational objection to answering legitimate questions.

    Do these ‘charities’ emulate Oxfam, splurging ‘charity’ funds on advancing the prospects of criminal migrant thugs…


    Yasser Abdou

    Yassir Abdou – whose criminal record is an indelible mark, like one of his many tattoos…


    …like the individual we named in our post earlier this week?

    • Jonathan Keller 9:26 pm on February 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron whom you call The Muppet is exactly that, but who pulls the strings?
      He came from nowhere, a lightweight ex junior minister and a banker man and suddenly is President of France?
      Nobody should take anything he says or does at face value, except possibly hs threat to throttle opposition on social media..


    • Justin Not Turdo 4:36 pm on February 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t like the fact that these illegals are spongers and liars but I understand it.

      What I have to say I hate is the ‘charity’ swine who don’t care about the risks facing their own people from having uncivilised aliens in France or any Western country.
      As for those civil servants you write about, they deserve the toughest treatment of all.
      Why not a big T for Traitor tattooed on their foreheads so everybody can see them for what they are.


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