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  • ross1948 00:46 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Nasty Jew-Hater’s Fan Welcomed To Twitter HQ 

    Thanks to the Daily Caller for exposing the far-left bias of Twitter,  whose vile management welcomed Tamika Mallory, a big fan of the notorious Jew-hating racist Louis Farrkahan, to their multimillion dollar HQ this month.


    Hasil gambar untuk twitter tamika mallory blm




    Twitter’s grotesque extremism was further exposed when the fanatic female was photographed in front of a huge poster promoting the racist Black Lives Matter gang.

    We have looked at the BLM racists before…

    Gambar terkait

     – Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    ..so we must judge Twitter harshly on both counts, admitting Farrakhan’s groupy-girl and celebrating racism.

    No wonder the Twitter toe-rags are infamous for censoring anti-left users. Thanks be I have never enlisted in their ranks, and I recommend you don;t either.



    • Ben Baniek 10:58 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I never seen any point in using Twitter. I used to use Facebook but then they stated censoring me.
      I wont be using either of them now and that is a promise.


    • Vinnie Fiore 12:15 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Terrible woman, no conscience.
      But she is not the only one who likes this racist.
      Check out CNN’s cover-up of their Democrat.buddies

      Farrakhan was photographed with Obama too but it was covered up by the dirty liberal media till he got safely into the White House.
      2 Feb 2018 – Attorney and pro-Israel activist Alan Dershowitz says he would not have campaigned for Obama had he known about the photo http://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Why-did-Barack-Obama-meet-with-Louis-Farrakhan-in-2005-540510


      • Dave Reid 22:07 on March 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Hey, Vinnie, thanks for those stories and they make it pretty clear Obama and his party are as racist as a bunch of us have been saying for years.
        As for CNN, it must be the worst of all the ‘American’ media, dishonest to a fault.
        I get nauseous if I tune into it for more than 10 minutes.


  • ross1948 12:51 on August 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Which Lives Matter? Not White, It Seems! 

    Woke up to another sunny morning, which turned out to be almost arvo, a late-night movie having prevented me hitting the pit till 2.30am. So switched on the TV and thought I’d see what ‘even-handed’ hogwash was spilling out of the BBC today.



    Their coverage of the crimmigrant crisis in Calais has been unpleasantly reminiscent of their declaration of neutrality when Britain went to war against Argie imperialism in 1982. Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 

    This time round we’ve had more than enough of hearing illegal immigrants’ whining, despite everyone – including the sycophantic Beeb jerks interviewing the wannabe parasites – knowing full well that they are vile and violent law-breakers, bent on gate-crashing the UK’s internationally recognised borders.

    This morning, noon, to be precise, the BBC had the father of the Ferguson, Missouri shootee talking away. One felt genuinely sorry for him – no  parent ever wants to believe anything bad of a child.

    But what about the exonerated cop whose career was ruined?  


    Who feels sorry for Darren Wilson?

    BBC’s All-American Anti-Cop Lynch-Mob – Round Two? 

    Not the BBC, for sure!

    Apparently this weekend in America many noisy ‘Black Lives Matter’ demos are planned. Will these be law-abiding events?The rotten racism behind the ‘protests’ we have seen in the last year or two in the USA were exemplified by that gutless buffoon O’Malley, noted in our previous post.

    Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

    Now we hear of a case of another young man, a young white man, named Hammond, shot by a cop while apparently un-armed.




    Who knows if he was more or less anti-social than Trayvon Martin or the shootee in Ferguson? But whatever, Obama and the ranting racist whine-mobs are saying little about this death.

    The death of Hammond, who was 19, bears some strikingly similarities to the death of Samuel DuBose, a Cincinnati man who was shot by a police officer on July 19. In both cases, the two men were unarmed and the official police record, that said the suspects attempted to run officers over, has been called into question by conflicting sources.

    The difference in media attention thus far, however, is notable.   http://news.yahoo.com/why-unarmed-teen-killed-police-hasnt-led-national-194100058.html

    Obama, as one expects from a hypocrite who exploits racism, is as silent about Hammond, as he was when that poor girl died in San Fran Sanctuary  ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

     But here’s an example of another posturing, though surely most venerable, creature, a ‘cleric’, who is far from silent…

    Minister Louis Farrakhan, the 82-year-old leader of the Nation of Islam


    preaching directly from the Quran before a packed Baptist church, no less, recently, a foul old fiend named Farrakhan, who’s been in the habit of urging murder as an inspiration to his flock.

    And no condemnation by Obama? Nor any action by police?

    None, it seems!

    Will Farrakhan be arrested for call to kill whites?

    What’s wrong with America?
    But then what’s wrong all over Western civilisation, subversives, Fifth Columns and fanatics afforded all the rights that only loyal, decent citizens deserve, while more enemies of civilisation pour in unhindered.

    It’s got to stop!

    And it won’t stop while Farrakhan goes un-arrested, nor while an arrogant loud-mouth like Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison says she wants to see an officer shoot an unarmed white teenager in the back before agreeing that the “conversation about race” is over…

    Obnoxious old cow!


    Blood-thirsty Morrison with Manchurian Marxist – Two of a Kind!


    That dumb bint is morally no better than Farrakhan. And her intellectual calibre can be measured by her use of the word ‘conversation‘ to describe what’s been happening in the USA.


    Those rioting swine burning cop cars in Ferguson, gutting neighbourhoods in Baltimore (that Democrat ‘s  Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP  home state, BTW!)  are not interested in ‘conversations.’  


    They’re no better than the crimmigrant savages in Calais!

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