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    Petition For Italians – Demand Elections NOW! 

    I don’t have that many Italian readers, but I pass this on for their interest.


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    How can I not assist Giorgia Bellissima?

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    Italy’s ‘Poor Desperate Migrants’ Inflict Torture, Sexual Assault! 

    Sentenced to 20 years in prison three immigrants accused of torture, sexual assault, conspiracy, human trafficking and murder.

    They arrived in Italy aboard Carola Rackete’s Sea Watch.

    Nothing to say, the left-wing parliamentarians who boarded the ship to help the disembarkation?


    On her Facebook page, patriot leader Giorgia Meloni asks the question on millions of Italian minds, and some of the more honest Italian media reported the names of those convicted in a Messina court – 


    But Giorgia Meloni, quite rightly, wants us to understand that their evil needs to be seen in a much wider context.

    These scumbags “arrived in Italy on board the Sea Watch 3 commanded by Carola Rackete, the icon of the Italian and European left, who rammed a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza, violating our laws and our borders “.

    Yes, let’s not forget, ever, who brought the alien vermin into Italy!

    We wrote about the case back then, when we hoped that..

    …the arrogant Sea-Witch, Carola Rackete, will be charged, put on trial and sent to prison for the maximum ten years after her irresponsible invasion of Lampedusa harbour, endangering the lives of Italian port security officers who were on board a patrol boat…


    Migrant aid ship captain arrested; Italy police boat rammed –

    …but it was not to be.


    Instead Matteo Salvini faces criminal charges…

    …which are not so much unjust as downright imbecilic.

    But let’s stick with Giorgia Meloni, president of Fratelli d’Italia ( ‘Brothers of Italy’)

     ‘The condemnation of these butchers is sensational news, which today is hidden by the same great communication that a year ago covered Rackete with honors by painting her as a spotless and fearless hero.

    Without shame the hypocrisy of those MPs on the left, from Delrio to Orfini via Fratoianni, who boarded that ship a year ago to accuse the same Giuseppe Conte, with whom they are happily in government today of all iniquity and atrocity…”


    Brothers of Italy – Meloni concludes – remains consistent and does not change position: in Italy one does not enter illegally, who helps to do so must be sanctioned…

    …NGOs are not above the law and the naval blockade is the only definitive solution to stop the departures and fight the slavers of the Third Millennium “.

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    • Vicki 18:39 on June 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Giorgia always says good stuff.
      If she got back into government, I think she would not drag her feet the way Priti Patel has been doing.
      Can we import Ms Meloni?


  • ross1948 18:41 on June 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    As Conte’s Cabal Diss Patriot Lady, Italy’s Voters Warm To Giorgia! 

    In a deplorable display of discourtesy, Italy’s coalition government has refused to allow patriot leader Giorgia Meloni to lay a wreath at this week’s ceremony of remembrance in Rome.

    But it’s not so much the Conte cabal’s snub, as their manner that displays their lack of basic courtesy.

    Instead of timely and proper notification of their refusal, they went crawling to their media pals, so the first she heard of it was when the hacks passed on the news!

    The feisty Fratelli d’Italia leader did not try to hide her e tirely justifiable indignation.

    We wanted to lay a wreath in memory of the Unknown Soldier. If, on that day, it was not possible, it was enough to say so!”

    ”Instead, the prime minister’s staff spent the afternoon calling all the newspapers without anyone ever talking to us about the matter.”



    While the in-crowd may think they can show such Un-Italian disrespect and get away with it, La Bella Giorgia , as noted in the same report, is a rising star in the eyes of the voters.

    In the last election, her party got just over 6% of votes cast. In the latest Ipsos poll, the FdI now has the support of 16% plus!

    And her personal popularity has soared too.

    She may have been been banned from honouring the Unknown Soldier tomorrow….

    …but in the not-so-distant future it may well be Giorgia that decides who goes where!



  • ross1948 16:39 on November 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Viva Monica Picca! Some ‘Brothers!’ 

    Hasil gambar untuk monica picca ostia


    Another attractive Italian lady, the Fratelli d’Italia party candidate in Ostia, the modern municipality on the site of Ancient Rome’s port, Ostium.

    The party name translates as ‘Brothers of Italy,’ not sisters or even siblings, yet their outstanding personalities are clearly gals.

    As you can see, Monica’s a proud follower of the party leader, Giorgia Meloni…


    Gambar terkait

    Oh Brother!


    … whose gorgeous looks we featured last week.

    Bellissima! Will Italian Voters Opt For A Right Beauty? 

    Anglo-Saxon countries too have female politicians, of course, but not that many to rival the Italian delights above.

    The hideous and haggard face of Mama Stasi Merkel, for example, is a stunning contrast…


    …while Nancy Pelosi is a plastic nightmare.



    One could readily overlook those looks if the women offered wisdom, but the thoughts ( a charitable  description of their half-baked liberal dogmatism ) emitted by both Merkel and Pelosi are as grimly off-putting as their fizzogs.

    Anyway, pretty Monica didn’t win Ostia on Sunday, but there’s a run-off in two weeks which might just see her through.

    Good luck, Lady!

    BW – In the big regional election in Sicily, Giorgia’s ‘Brothers’ with their coalition allies swept to victory.

    M5S, centre right set for Ostia runoff (2)

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