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  • ross1948 00:04 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Foul-Mouthed Freak Attacks Feminist! 

    Shocker, this one!

    A foul-mouthed trans-freak, a man calling itself ‘’Cathy Brennan,” launched its noisome self at a prominent feminist named Julie Bindel as she left Edinburgh University on Thursday.


    Brennan, who incredibly has in the past done work for the British Film Institute ( never again, one hopes!) had previously posted hate threats on social media, obscenity laden grunts about ‘terfs’ saying that ‘debate’ was out of the question so his fellow-freaks should just…



    Make them afraid  – f—k them up!’

    If you need an explanation of ‘terf,’ please refer to our old post…

    TERF POWER OK! Solidarity With Normality! 

    TERF is an acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.


    Gambar terkait

    ….to find out what they are and why trans-freaks hate them.

    Equally interesting was the victim’s statement in the aftermath, in which she laid the blame fairly and squarely on Edinburgh Uni ‘lecturers and staff….’

    .I think the lecturers and other staff who stoked the flames of this by calling women bigots and fascists and Nazis because we were holding an event to discuss women’s rights, should take responsibility for this.”


    They’d been ranting and raving prior to the meeting she’d spoken at, which was in fact nothing to do with trans-freaks at all, the subject being violence by men against women.

    Edinburgh was once one of Scotland’s most distinguished old universities, hence it’s sad to read it employs significant numbers of nutjobs. .

    As to Brennan, perplexingly, Bindel said she’s not yet decided to press charges!

    Come on, lady!


    Any man who purports to be a woman, or vice-versa, clearly needs to be handed over to specialists. If they’re genuine in their delusion, then serious therapy is essential.

    If, on the other hand, they are just sex predators wishing to prowl ladies’ loos..

    .Predators and Child Molestors

    …or obnoxious louts like Brennan, then a sound thrashing a day for many weeks should suffice





    • Martin Crichton 02:50 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A repulsive specimen, Brennan, by anybody’s measure.


    • Joey Mitchell 09:06 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Bigots, fascists and nazis?’
      So that’s the description now applied by ‘university lecturers and staff’ to people who say that men can’t become women?
      It’s not just that Brennan freak that needs his head examined.


  • ross1948 18:47 on September 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Back in Jak, Still Laughing About ‘Rear of the Year!’ 

    Well I got back to Jakarta late last night…

    i love jkt


    … but it’s taken me all day to regain control of my laptop from Windows, who seized it for installation of  ‘updates!’  They offered no option to postpone their installation, so I was unable to email my numerous friends in The Old Country who made my visit fun.

    First time in the UK for quite a few years, and much to comment on ( incidentally, no blog comments recently from anyone, so if I don’t publish yours, please resend – Windows maybe erased them whilst making free with my technology!)

    Meantime, no rush to blog about all my experiences in modern Britain, which will include a gripping comparison of Manchester and Abu Dhabi Airports…


    Britannia sad


    …except for the hilarious poster I saw when strolling nostalgically around my alma mater. It comprised an imaginary (?) conversation, presumably between two normal British blokes, roughly along the lines of –

    ‘Why would she be offended when I said she had the ‘Rear of the Year?’



    This nice pic was NOT on the ‘diversity’ poster.


    Yeah, I’d have thought she’d take it as a compliment.’


    Indeed, any normal girl would!

    But the poster was a warning from some nut-jobs in the campus ‘diversity’ shrill-squad, whining about men being ‘disrespectful’ to women!  I laughed aloud at the po-faced ( and presumably skinny-assed) prigs who felt so slighted. Then I continued my walk and came upon the most recent update of the student union discipline code, which has now included ‘leering’ as a possible disrespectful disciplinary offence.


    • leering


    As my former Scots colleague might have put it, were these people born, or did their maw knit them?  

    However, it turns out there is an actual event – no, not a ‘National Leering Day’ – but a Rear of the Year contest! 

    Hasil gambar untuk rear of the year 2016


    The ‘Rear of the Year’ is a light-hearted award presented annually to British celebrities with prize-winning rear assets.  It was created by publicity consultant Tony Edwards and is organised by Rear of the Year Limited.  http://www.rearoftheyearcompetition.com/

    So belated congrats to Jennifer, above – uptights please note, there are awards for both female and male bums, but you won’t get any of the latter featured on THIS blog!


    But a big question mark over how students supposedly engaged in serious studies at a respectable UK university have time to get their knickers in a twist over a neat chat-up line.

    • Diana 11:45 on September 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I sent a comment last week but so far it hasn’t been published. It’s a little late now so I am sending anther, to say how much I agree with you about the ‘rear rage’ students. They are so censorious. I thought university years were for fun. They were for me.


      • ross1948 13:07 on September 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Sorry, ma’am. Some trouble with the comments column.
        I think some are lost permanently, but it seems to be working well now, just slow.


  • ross1948 08:54 on March 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    March 8th – Our Salute to Women! 

    b9246-rorofitria2 Roro Fitria


    Yes, it’s International Women’s Day.


    Hasil gambar untuk women's day.


    Here’s to WOMEN!

    First of all, the splendid ladies in the photo below…


    The Housewives!

    …….whose very mention must enrage the gang of pinko exhibitionists in the photo below.


    A French ministry for women, kids, cooking and cleaning?


    Please note I insist on using that non-PC word ‘housewives,’ rather than the ridiculous, trendy ‘home-makers,’ to describe all those women smart enough to send their men out on the grim commuter trail each day while they can enjoy their children and have pals round for tea and chat when they feel like it.


    A woman to share your home? From which of those groups would you make your selection, to maximise chances of dependability?

    Think about it

    I mean ensuring you have a decent dinner on the table when you get home from work, all that washing and ironing efficiently managed, and the house clean, and as tidy as she can get it despite your best efforts.

    Or is a wise man more likely to prefer one of the show-off slappers in the other photo?




    • I ask because last month I saw the hapless Hollande was under fire from freako feminists, who have accused his government of being “backwards”


    …for linking the issues of family, children and women’s’ rights under one ministry.

    “Hey guys, didn’t you forget cooking and cleaning?” the feminist activist group Femen wrote on their Twitter account.http://www.thelocal.fr/20160212/french-feminists-angry-after-being-lumped-with-children-and-families


    • Terry McCassey 23:14 on March 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I think I’ve seen that one third from the bottom when I was out socializing a little to the north of Jalan Melawai!
      In fact I’m sure of it, I would not be likely to forget her.


  • ross1948 11:53 on July 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Cewek2 Negara Kangguru Main Bola – Hampir Bugil! 

    My headline simply alerts Indonesian readers to the alluring prospect of watching scantily-clad ladies playing football in what local media here in Jakarta often refer to as –

    ‘The Land of the Kangaroo!’



    Astoundingly, in a free country, uptights are up in arms over this enjoyable adaptation of Oz sports activity, and that of course is their right. Normal people must make allowances for frigid Brigids who find the sight of sexy women disagreeable.

    And of course, they have to be given the right not to attend, or watch on tv, any such displays of yummy aurat

    That’s the word sectarian Islamists use to decribe body-parts which they abhor, like thighs, mid-riffs, and even knees and shoulders!


    ‘Fathers and husbands, their aurat is your responsibility’ (to make girls unappealing!)


    Look at the magnificent ad from some kill-joy crackers which exemplifies the rancid patriarchal sexism which motivates many such people.  


    But it’s sad to see wowser prigs in The Land of the Kangaroo echoing this nonsense.



    And worse that a major company, Nestle, is lining up on the side of intolerance. 

    Nestle has asked a sporting venue not to put its logo on a game of gridiron played by women in lingerie after pressure from consumers who say it’s gender discrimination.

    Frankly I’ve never liked Nestle since they childishly changed the pronunciation of their name, which, in English-speaking countries, was always pronounced to rhyme with ‘wrestle’ but suddenly was altered to rhyme with…what..something like ‘breast-lay?’

    The Allphones arena will be the second venue in Australia to host a promotional game played by teams from the US’s Lingerie Football League.

    In America, it’s quite common, albeit uncommonly agreeable, to see women playing in these impressive outfits.



    Since the sport isn’t, alas, played in Indonesia, I give you a few photographic examples, just to let all readers grasp the essentials of the issue.

    And, ever-mindful of our commitment to our readership, here’s a link to http://www.lfl360.com/ or just Google Search for Lingerie League, where many more interesting illustrations are available!



    All good clean fun, so why has Nestle taken this censorious step?

    It seems some ding-a-ling dame named Claire Johnston Hall began the shrilling!

    Not content with her constitutional right to ignore something she doesn’t like, she wants to deny thousands of her fellow-citizens the right to enjoy something they do like, very much!

    “It promotes the idea that women shouldn’t be taken seriously in sport.”


    But surely sport is an entertainment? It should never be taken seriously, except as a means of letting off steam, at the stadium or on the sofa with the tv blaring?

    …Johnston Hall contacted all of the sponsors listed on the Allphones Arena website, the background of which had been fully covered with promotional images of the lingerie-clad players. She said Nestle responded quickly, ringing her to say it had asked Allphones to remove its logo from the list of sponsors on its page.

    But the report doesn’t say WHY Nestle kow-towed to little Claire’s huge hang-ups. It does, however, reveal how principled the Nestle nitwits are.  

    However, Nestle advised that it could not end its partnership with the arena – for which it is the sole supplier of ice cream – because that would mean it could no longer sell its products there.

    • 6e6cb-hypocrisyofoursociety
    • ………………………………………………………………..
    • Oh, well, OF COURSE Nestle are determined to be on the politically correct side of the debate – so long as they don’t lose money. 
  • ross1948 10:05 on October 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Hallowe’en? I’m Scared! Because I Find I Agree With Calgary Feminists! 

    Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.


    I always enjoyed Hallowe’en (notice I can spell it properly, please!) as a kid in a North American small town. We’d get dressed up as witches and ghosts and trek up and down our street for candies, fruits and the occasional nickel. Nobody was worried about children going out after dark in those halcyon 1950s days.


    But this report from modern Canada came as something of a shock….a sexy leopard costume for a three-year-old, complete with fishnet stockings? And a ‘mac pimp daddy’ costume for eight-year-old boys…?

    Frankly that’s disgusting! I thought when I first read about, ‘hey, this must be a bad joke,’ or at least hyperbole, but Pam Rocker, of Calgary, says she and a friend actually saw such things on sale in a costume shop.


     Pam Rocker


    Gals clad thus are not likely to upset me – if they are over sixteen!

    But a toddler? What the hell is wrong with whoever designed, created and put such a thing on sale?

    Pam is involved in a ‘feminist theatre company in Calgary called Urban Curvz, ‘ an involvement that would tend to make me wary of her.

    But I have to applaud when she asserts that her group is ready to fight back against what they say is an increasingly sexualized holiday.

    Sex has nothing to do with Hallowe’en. It’s first and foremost a day, or night, for the kids.


    sexy red indian Nice costume – for adults!


    Sure, adults can enjoy parties and grown-up girls can get tricked out in all kinds of yummy gear, but for God’s sake, not little children.  

    Proper witches, like we became on All Hallows Eve back then, were ANYTHING but sexy. They were horrid old hags, as portrayed above, and the ghosts wore plain white sheets. That was enough, and we had loads of fun.

    We were 5, 6, 7, years old, and sex was something we were hardly aware of, or talked about. Cowboys and Indians in summer, building snowmen -oops,-snowpersons! –  and snowball fights in winter. Us little guys liked toy soldiers, our female friends played with dolls.

    Surely kids can be allowed to be kids?

    So good for Pam the Feminist with her Take Back Halloween!

    Having said that, it sounds like she’s going a bit far with a feminist costume contest! Especially when she starts rabbiting on about how the costumes will not gender stereotype and maybe actually empower women.”

    C’mon, Pam, just let them be good old-fashioned ghosties and ghoulies. 


  • ross1948 09:29 on September 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: feminists, , Puteaux Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud   

    Pinkos Rage at ‘Blue For Boys’ School Satchels! 


    It’s a word often used by Communists, generally as a justification for aggression against their real or perceived enemies, and so its use in France last month, by various cultural marxist harpies, should come as no surprise.

    Their target?

    Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud?

    Her crime?

    Giving school bags to kindergarten and primary-age kids to mark the new school year.



    Puteaux Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud


    But these are no ordinary school-bags!

    Well, they are, actually, nice little satchels, blue for boys, pink for girls…

    …and THAT’s what’s got the weirdos wailing!

    Feminists are disparaging the mayor of Puteaux’s “immaturity” and accusing those who like satchels to have a “girlish” color for girls and a “boyish” one for boys of encouraging inequality, “sexism” and keeping girls from developing their talents.

    The real question is, of course, is whether the kids were disappointed with their mayoral gifts. Did the boys cast envious glances at the girls, wishing they’d got a nice jewellery manual? Did the girls offer to swop for a robot? Was any student of either sex (‘gender’ should be relegated to grammar books, where it belongs) embarrassed at being given a school-bag of the appropriate hue?

    Had any of those developments occurred, betcha the media would have latched onto it!

     Good luck to the lady in Puteau! She can have the last word today!

    The mayor of Puteaux has called the media quarrel a “waste of time.” .

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