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    Sky News Scrapes Bottom Of Bias Barrel 

    That UK tv channel we have found interesting news in,  from time to time…



    …has really and truly scraped the bottom ( unfortunate word, given the issue!) of the barrel, with a totally misleading intro to their ‘report’ on those gutless soccer ‘stars.’


    Fans have voiced their anger after England and Wales said their captains would not wear OneLove armbands at the World Cup in Qatar because they could face an instant yellow card for doing so. https://news.sky.com/story/england-and-wales-decide-not-t-to-wear-onelove-armband-at-world-cup-after-fifa-threat-12752285


    Such true grit, those England kneel-creep notables!



    Talk about standing up for their principles!


    Spineless Wonders



    The yellow-bellies ran up the white flag at a mere flash of a yellow card!

    Harry Kane One Love armband cleared pic via Thomas Driscoll
    Harry Kane now won’t wear his pro-perv badge

    But the hell with pro-homo footie dorks of whatever nationality.

    How dare Sky News babble about how ‘fans have voiced their anger?

    Like, uh, how many fans?

    Well, TWO, actually.

    Out of only four they spoke to!



    Is it utterly impossible for certain UK media to discuss any news related to perversion without spin or slant?


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    FIFA Gets It Half Right! 

    Self doubt is always lurking’: Prince William talks mental health with Harry Kane  https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/royal-family/prince-william-mental-health-harry-kane-b2219216.html

    With that klutz Kane, maybe the focus was on megalomania?


    Nice though it was to see FIFA remember that footie is a sport….

    …with the report on the letter sent out, telling World Cup teams not to ‘lecture on morality.’

    …unfortunately the letter ‘does not reference the request by England and Wales and six other European nations for their captains to wear “One Love” multicoloured armbands at the World Cup…’

    Harry Kane One Love armband cleared pic via Thomas Driscoll
    Harry Kane flaunts properv badge

    …and Kane is being childishly defiant.

    It’s sad, really.

    Most boys in the UK have always included players in fave teams in their pantheon of youthful heroes, which was fine ..

    ..until teams became infected with decadent ideology, captains now  adorned with emblems exalting perversion.

    One has to hope young lads will see through the self-righteous dorks’ posturing, but who knows?

    It’s hard for kids, already subjected to school indoctrination…



    ..and tv brain-wash.

    Incredibly, it seems that ‘Both British nations…’


    NB – that refers not to the actual nations but to the teams. Many Brits have no time for the gaystapo agenda.


    ‘…have already said they would defy any ban by FIFA, which used the letter to caution against activism.’

    So Kane is not alone in the klutz category.


    FIFA president Gianni Infantino

    ..FIFA president Gianni Infantino


    While we applaud FIFA president Infantino’s caution to bleading heart pinko pukes…


    At FIFA, we try to respect all opinions and beliefs, without handing out moral lessons to the rest of the world….

    …and wish UEFA talked as much sense..…

    UEFA – Useless Eejits, Friggin Asses! 

    ….I have to say that the rest of his statement is tommy-rot.

    One of the great strengths of the world is indeed its very diversity, and if inclusion means anything, it means having respect for that diversity.

    No one people or culture or nation is ‘better’ than any other https://news.sky.com/story/lets-focus-on-the-football-fifa-bosses-tell-world-cup-teams-not-to-lecture-on-morality-12737705

    Not so, signor!

    In Iran  for example, an old, rich culture has been submerged by another one, infinitely inferior.

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    FIFA Should Ban Those Pro-IRA Soccer Sows! 


    What a slimy ‘apology’ for those slimy pro-IRA bitches’ disgusting behaviour!



    Eire’s Football Association clearly are embarrassed at how the vile creatures were caught on video chorusing their support for terrorist murder….

    Ooh ah, up the ’RA” – words associated with support for the Irish Republican Army

    Image result for evil irishman

    Get this!..

    The Football Association of Ireland and the Republic of Ireland women’s national team manager Vera Pauw apologise for any offence caused by a song sung by players in the Ireland dressing room after the Fifa Women’s World Cup qualifying playoff win over Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday night.”

    The mealy-mouths could have tried just a wee bit harder to sound like they meant it.

    They could have said the apology was ‘for the OBVIOUS offence, singing the praises of a genocidal psychopaths….’

    But then they’d have upset the huge cohort of scum – from Sinn Fein leader O’Neill –

    Sinn Féin Vixen – “No Alternative” To Terror! 

    Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald (left) arrives with Vice-President Michelle O'Neill (right) to the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast as counting continued yesterday afternoon

    Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neill

    …down through the 70% of her electorate who think IRA atrocities were justified…

    – so it’s just for ‘any offence‘ – like maybe caused by the sows’ unpleasant voices?




    And one of Pauw’s rabid songstresses rather gives the game away when she tail-ends the FAI hypocrisy with this.


    Aine O'Gorman won 100 caps for Ireland.
    Aine O’Gorman

    The veteran player Áine O’Gorman reiterated the apology, telling RTÉ Sport: “We sang 100 songs last night and that was the one that went out.”


    And what other ‘greatest hits’ didn’t ‘go out?’

    Sounds to me that her fatuous ‘apology’ has more to do with being CAUGHT engaging in grossly offensive misconduct, rather than what they actually did..


    Ulster’s British people certainly now understand what life will be like if their country is taken under Eire’s evil wing.

    Here’s one Ulsterwoman telling it like it is.

    If my words above come from anger far away from Ulster, hers echo the outrage of thousands of good citizens right there, where the IRA did its worst.

    Statement by TUV spokesperson Lorna Smyth:
    May be a closeup of 1 person
    “When I first saw the footage of the Republic of Ireland’s women’s team celebrating their qualification to the World Cup by singing a pro-IRA song I questioned if it was real.
    Surely young women who knew they were role models and were aware that they were being filmed couldn’t be so offensive?
    Yet now we have confirmation that the video is indeed genuine.
    “While there have been apologies, tellingly there has been a failure by the FAI or the players to spell out why the song was unacceptable.
    They have apologised merely for “for any offence caused.”
    “Much more is needed.
    Is disciplinary action being taken?
    If not, why not?
    There needs to be recognition by all concerned, both the players and the FAI, that the IRA were a murderous terrorist organisation responsible for visiting death and destruction on countless families on both sides of the border.
    A bland apology which says sorry for any offence without clearly spelling out why a song glorifying the IRA is offensive isn’t enough.
    “The pussyfooting around the nature of the IRA’s bloody campaign for the sake of the so-called “peace process” is the reason why a generation has grown up not thinking about the victims of Republican violence. A process which has normalised terrorists has meant that many celebrate their actions without a thought for their victims.
    “There is a need for the FAI and the players concerned to come out clearly and say they recognise that the murders of Bloody Friday, Kingsmill, Enniskillen, La Mon and countless other atrocities were horrendous.
    “It is well beyond time that the casual glorification of those who murdered Protestants was just as unacceptable as the casual glorification of those who murdered Jews”.


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    ‘Walks Like A Wummin And He Werrs A Bra!’ 

    A weepy, woeful, woko-loco news-flash on UK Pravda today, 10.15am today, all about outrage…


    ( if only in BBC World News HQ!)

    …over ‘homophobic chanting’ at football matches.

    That old familiar BBC bias boob, Eades….

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 

    So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )


    ….adopted an absurdly serious, almost sepulchral, tone, as he introduced the report on Mexican soccer as impartially as we might expect..

    …’not such a beautiful game..’

    It seems queers in that country..

    (or maybe not in that country but in BBC HQ!)

    …are fretting about footie fans’ creative input into crowd noise….

    ..’ALL IS NOT WELL..’ said Eades!

    Then over to BBC’s Tim Allman, who told us that FIFA had got involved!

    That invites the observation..

    Have They Nothing Better To Do?

    FIFA logo without slogan.svg

    World Map FIFA.svg

    But then FIFA seems to have loads of time to waste on wokish trivial pursuits!

    Frankly, I’d forgotten this previous post…

    “Ehhhh…..Puto!” Hey, FIFA, Lay Off The Mexicans! 


    Gambar terkait


    ..so those damn bureaucrats have been hounding Mexico at least since 2018!

    Allman told us that ‘homophobic chanting’ had led to a game between Mexico and Canada being suspended!

    But Allman today d didn’tidn’t let us hear the chants, or give us examples, and who cares anyway?

    Were the Canadian players all known to be sexually maladjusted…

    …or wearing rainbow sashes?

    If not, then the fans were simply irrationally goading them, which has been perfectly acceptable in UK football since Scots chorused at the late, great Bobby Moore, that he…

    Bobby Moore statue.jpg
    Statue of Bobby Moore at Wembley


    Walks Like A Wummin And He Werrs A Bra…!

    Nobody believed Bobby was other than a healthy, normal man.

    It was all part of the fun.

    But fans nowadays, fun in the 21st century, must not impinge on the delicate feelings of deviants.

    Hence, we learn ‘new measures’ are due, in order to make sure the game can be ‘inclusive!’

    But what will FIFA do about the racist BLM kneeling that now blights so many games.

    Will FIFA issue a long overdue rule to make such kneelers stand up straight, like honest men, and make a non-racist declaration…

    …that All Lives Matter!


    • Tam Birnie 14:46 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You must be joking.


    • Jock Tamson 16:37 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Golden Age, when we could have a laugh without some torn-face scowling at ye!


    • Ned A 19:12 on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Oh My God!!
      What is wrong with these people? Is humour dead?


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    Ayatollahs Shift A Little – But Does Segregation Still Rule? 

    So the backward savages who misrule Iran have decided that women are not so inferior after all?

    They have previously tried to justify their sexist discrimination on the grounds that women need to be denied the “sight of half-naked men.”



    An obvious remedy would simultaneously be to afford men the “sight of half-naked women,” but the ayatollahs would have a collective heart attack were they ever to witness anything as interesting as that!

    So maybe worth considering?

    Sorry, this is a serious issue but the regime in Tehran invites ridicule.




    FIFA, a gutless gang which has so far never enforced its own rules on the Islamist tyrants in Tehran…

    (FIFA’s own statutes hold discrimination on grounds of gender punishable by suspension or expulsion.   https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/09/fifa-iran-assures-women-attend-world-cup-qualifier-190922113806296.html)

    …is making much of a ‘concession’ by the sexist old sectarians.




    The ayatollahs have suggested that women will be allowed to attend the up-coming international against Cambodia, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

    But though I have looked at a variety of news-sites, I can see nothing that dispels my fears that the women, once admitted to the stadium, will not be segregated, like blacks in The Old South.

    Like Jews in Nazi Germany, Iran’s women are regarded as second-class human beings, not branded with Yellow Stars but with head-shrouds.

    It’s an attitude regrettably not unique to Iran – it is shared by bigots here in Jakarta, where I live.

    habib novel Supreme leadershipfpi

    Habib Novel – “women already have limitations, let alone non-Muslims!” http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2013/10/26/1937287/.FPIMenolak.Lurah.Susan.Harga.Mati

    But here, in Indonesia, overwhelmingly Muslim in terms of population, it’s perfectly acceptable for soccer fans both male and female to enter and enjoy a game, mingling happily with each other.

    One of the reasons for hope in this country.

     But Iran?

    Despite Al Jazeera’s own extremist sympathies, at least they included mention of that poor little girl  Sahar Khodayari, dubbed “Blue Girl” after the colours of her favourite team Esteghlal…


    Image result for Sahar Khodayari


    …who died in hospital after setting herself on fire outside a court where she feared being jailed for six months. 

    Her crime?

    Since the mangy old mutts wouldn’t let her watch her team, she had donned men’s clothing in hopes of gaining entry.

    One day, one fervently hopes, the people of Iran will rise up, restore civilised government, put the ayatollahs on trial, and hang the cruel old b-stards responsible for such evil.

    Yet even after that ‘Blue Girl’ tragedy, FIFA’s yellow flunkeys declined to outlaw Iran from world soccer.

    I hope they have made it clear that letting women into that stadium is not enough.

    There must be no segregation.

    I ask that simply because, having checked any number of photos of the rare occasions when women have been allowed in, it seems they are penned together, apartheid-style, segregated from their male friends, relatives, boy-friends or colleagues.

    Separate but equal is an affront to what sport is all about!

    NB – I’m not talking about provision of voluntary areas for women, similar to those on the Jakarta buses, where those who wish to can self-segregate, but those who don’t are free to sit in the general area alongside us guys.

    I’m talking about compulsory sex-apartheid. Unacceptable!


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    Yes, Another Petition! After FIFA Scandal, Stop Qatar Cup! 

    It’s an open secret that Qatar is best friends with the sectarian gang that calls itself the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood – you know. the bunch whose Egyptian representative describes Jews in a way that Hitler would have applauded..

    Egyptian President Calls Jews ‘Sons of Apes and Pigs’

    That’s the Muslim Brotherhood for you, a latter-day nazi hate-group!.

    ikhwanul-musliminQatar Emir support for Muslim Brotherhood is a “duty”


    So the allocation of the 2022 World Cup was bad news.

    In any case, Qatar is an iniquitous country, in the literal sense of that adjective, no real justice at all, operating its very own shariah regime, predicated on the second-class status of women – and here’s a very non-Ross-type  source to confirm that –

    Women’s Rights – Provisions of Law No. 22 of 2006, Qatar’s first codified law to address issues of family and personal status law, discriminate against women. Article 36 states that two men must witness marital contracts, which are concluded by male matrimonial guardians. Article 57 prevents husbands from hurting their wives physically or morally, but article 58 states that it is a wife’s responsibility to look after the household and to obey her husband. Marital rape is not a crime.  http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/qatar?page=3 

    So I’m very happy to append this appeal for your support for this petition.
    For years, Qatar has funded terror across the globe. They are noted as the “primary financier” of Hamas. Reports indicate they’ve sent millions to ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda. U.S. officials claim Qatar may have become the biggest source of private donations to radical groups in Syria and Iraq.
    A new FIFA president will be elected and they could move to take the World Cup from Qatar.
    The world needs to hear your voice now.
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