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  • ross1948 12:45 on August 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Finland’s Flapper PM’s Drug Test! 

    That the Finnish prime minister has reportedly passed her famous drugs test…


    Sanna Marin M-7403 02 (cropped).jpg
    Sanna Marin

    …with flying colours is undoubtedly very welcome news for her very vocal far-left fan-club.

    For my part, I can’t be bothered to comment on Sanna Marin’s nocturnal gyrations….




    ..but I did briefly contemplate the possibility that her seeming indifference to the long-standing crimmigrant menace…

    Finland Stabbing – “An 18-Year-Old Moroccan Citizen’

    ….and her notorious enthusiasm for  ‘Pride’ pukery, despite the way pro-deviant lobbies are making war on Finnish freedoms..

    More Christian Refugees OTW….From FINLAND? 

    …would be more comprehensible were her thinking skewed while stoned.

    Not so!

    Since her brain is unaddled by artificial stimuli, she has no excuse…



    …and Finland’s patriot party…

    Patriot Finns Facing Unfair Fight! 

    ….should fight the authoritarian censorship they face and pillory her mercilessly in the run-up to the next election.

    PS…If Ms. Marin insists on gallivanting into the small hours, one hopes she will have a serious security presence…

    ….to make sure she gets home unmolested.

  • ross1948 15:40 on June 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Patriot Finns Facing Unfair Fight! 

    Good to read that the Finns Party, led by the very forthright Jussi Halla-aho…


    Image result for jussi finland peru's

    Jussi Halla-aho.

    …who’s running for Helsinki mayor, has been rising in the polls.

    But not so good to learn that the patriot party’s ‘controversial’ advertising campaign ‘was pulled by the authorities’  last week – and why?

    Some pinko whiners claimed it was ‘discriminatory!’

    Well, boo-hoo-hoo!

    Finland has a long history of free democratic elections…



    …but now, if it’s suggested that some non-Finns can ‘jump the housing queue,’ instead of debating the claim in an appropriate  forum, the Left can get ‘the authorities‘ to interfere?


    Nevertheless, the report in Politico is encouraging, because the censorship was too late to stop the ads gaining ‘national headlines’ which ‘provided the party with valuable extra publicity..

    Finns are great folks – I fondly remember fun times there, before and after running the Helsinki Marathon – so I’d expect them to react fiercely to suppression of any party’s right to campaign freely.


    Good luck to Jussi and all his other party candidates.


    • Mack the Knife 18:11 on June 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to find out if the Finnish Government does what the British Government does, putting aliens in nice hotel rooms, all paid for including meals and pocket moneey included.
      That’s how Priti Patel treats them at taxpayers expense.
      If it’s all about queues for public council housing, then migrants should never be ahead of Finns in rhe queue.
      Good luck to the Finns Party.
      I wish we had a Brits Party.


  • ross1948 22:50 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: crimmigrant collaboration, Danish mutineers, , Finns Party, , , Treacherous Finns.   

    Mutinous Danish Dogs, Finnish Feminist Flap-Jaws… 

    Greek Frontex leader ordered Danish Frontex patrol boat to force 33 rescued refugees/migrants back in their dingy and to tow them across the sea border.

    The Danish patrol boat refused to follow the order from “Operation Poseidon” headquarters.. https://www.dr.dk/nyheder/indland/saadan-foregaar-bevogtningen-af-eus-yderste-graenser-dansk-patruljebaad-beordret-til 



    If that’s true, that the illegal aliens were instead brought ashore onto Greek territory, by despicable Danish personnel, the insubordinate swine should, in an ideal world, end up facing a firing squad.

    But since we are very far from living in an ideal world, then at least the scum should be put on trial for mutiny, clapped in a military prison for years, then get  drummed out of Denmark’s armed forces in disgrace.

    I found that nauseating news item embedded in a larger report in Breitbart –


     –  which described the antics of the red/green witches’ coven currently governing Finland..



    …flapping their ghastly gobs, announcing how they have volunteered a batch of Finns to join the defence of Greece’s frontiers, but with the avowed intent of abetting illegals intent on gate-crashing those frontiers!



    That must be a uniquely perverse interpretation of ‘help’ – a foul betrayal of a partner nation under attack, which tests even my fulminatory capacity.

    I can only hope the Greeks declare these fifth columnist Finns persona non grata when they arrive in the beleaguered land.

    PS. The pinko bints in Helsinki are up against  a ‘no confidence’ motion proposed by the Finns Party, but there’s no guarantee the patriot opposition can rally enough support from other parliamentary parties to oust the Enemy Within red/green regime.




  • ross1948 18:41 on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Big Day For The Finns? Suomi Wakes Up! 

    A country I’m very fond of, going way back to when I ran the Helsinki Marathon, is holding its parliamentary elections today.



    Sadly, like many another European nation, Finland has allowed far too many primitive savages  to take up residence  within its borders, ingrate, sectarian savages, who have demonstrated how foolish such importation was, and is!

    And it’s not just jihadist beasts like that swine in  Turku…


    …who have caused thinking Finns to wake up to the migrant menace, but also evil primitive predators who commit crimes against their children.


    Predators and Child Molestors

     Finnish police have said around a quarter of last year’s 1,400 reports of sexual assaults against children involved suspects of foreign backgrounds — higher than the proportion of foreign-born people in the population, which is 6.6 percent.

    Enter, or rather re-enter, the Finns Party.  These patriots have been around for a while, and, as the True Finns, did so well in 2017 that they entered government.

    But the True Finns made too many concessions to join that coalition.

    That caused a split, and the the F.P. has gone back to basics -and been rewarded with ever-rising popular support.

    As well as high-handed hostility from the establishment.


    elite arrogance-s

    All too typically, the in-crowd parties have adopted a childish, anti-democratic stance towards the patriots.

    People are being raped, people are being killed. But the other parties are only interested in whether the Finns Party’s support is going up,” says party leader Jussi Halla-aho.

    The arrogance of those other parties…


    …who have expressed distaste at the idea of joining a coalition with the Finns Party, is reminiscent of Mama Stasi’s collaborationists…

    German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

    ..who constantly engage in discriminatory action against the AfD patriots.

    But significantly, we read that ‘few have ruled out cooperation entirely!’


    So let’s hope for two things today.

    First, that the Finns give the patriot party huge support via the ballot box.

    And second, that, if the Finns Party does as well as we hope, they will bend the other parties to their will and start large-scale deportations of those whose mind-set belongs in an alien landscape

    • Jacko 19:16 on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck to the Finns!


    • Lissa M 19:27 on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is not only the sex crimes of migrants that is making Finns Party popular.
      Climate extremists now telling parents and schools what the children must eat and even want to cut meat down from school meals.
      Finnish voters are angry and will not accept this bullying.


    • Jerry Jerman 23:27 on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The exit poll is looking good, the Finns Part is close to being in the second place.
      I wish all parties like this can increase as fast and as strong as the Finns.
      It is an encouragement to us in other nations.


  • ross1948 18:44 on September 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    The New Lucky Country? Finland – Ingrate Aliens Don’t Like it! 

    “You can tell the world I hate Finland. It’s too cold, there’s no tea, no restaurants, no bars, nobody on the streets, only cars!”

    Aaah, yes…must be one of what the BBC and Euronews call ‘desperate refugees fleeing misery for a better life‘ in countries they’ve no right to enter.

    Yup, sure enough, the words came from a sleazy young swine named Mohammed. One does wish those Hungarian border forces might have used live ammunition instead of water-cannon, doesn’t one?

    The quote is from a report headlined… 


    Finnish-flag The Lucky Country?


    …’Finland’s no good’: Disappointed migrants turn back.’

    But while this is obviously good news for the Finns, the reasons set out so tiresomely by Moaning Mohammed are a load of lies, as one expects from these crimmigrants, of course.

     Finland is quite cold, but no more so than Sweden, which is infested with alien garbage. . Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden  

    Contrary to crimmigrant claims that it’s too cold and boring, my visit there, some years ago, admittedly, comprised a huge amount of merriment, singing, bounding from sauna cabins into the Baltic Sea ( I was mostly in Turku, the second largest city, but everyone spilt out to the coast at weekends, where they congregate in their cabins, roast pork sausages, keep bottles chilled in the icy waters nearby) plus fishing, boating, running a marathon…

    Finland is FUN….


    Sauna cabin by the Baltic – nearly all Finns spend their weekends by the sea

    …and NEVER boring!

    There were plenty of bars and restos, there were people on the streets (maybe fewer nowadays, for fear of being mugged by illegals) and tea was available, though I preferred their excellent vodka and even better beer.


    • ingrate
    • ————————-
    • Mohammed is just am obnoxious little pig, and deserves a boot on his ingrate ass to speed him on his way to imbecilic Sweden, which will, as usual, no doubt be delighted to top up its enormous minority of savages.

    But as we read on, we see further encouraging news!


    The Finns I met back then were great, friendly, hospitable, patriotic, probably among the growing number today who have made the Finns Party, which takes a sensible view on such matters, being populist ( generally meaning responsive to democratic aspirations) the second-biggest political party.

    So there’s a clue how to avoid pest-infestation.


    • RAT-facebook
    • Make pests unwelcome. 



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