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  • ross1948 12:35 on July 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Foul-Mouthed Leftist Savages Attempt Arson! 

    We wrote just recently about how wrong it was to besiege anybody’s home, even someone as unwholesome as a leftist dork…

    Essentially, These ‘Protestors’ Are Pigs! 

    ….but now we have another case of ignorant savages launching another attack on the place a completely innocent person calls home!


    Attempted arson in Memphis, Tennessee!

    They’re a courageous as well as coarse collection of klutzes!

    Maria who declined to give her last name, works with the Memphis Activism Calendar, Native Rites and Vecindarios901, a group that responds to ICE raids.


    So this Maria was so gutless she wouldn’t identify herself? And is it true that these leftist scumbags were not BLM?



    But their pro-crimmigrant agenda certainly places them on the far-left, ideological soul-mates of the BLM cultural marxist revolution.


    Activist Amber Sherman joined about 40 protesters outside of Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich's home in East Memphis

    ‘Maria, Maria, Maria!’ Look at the fat sow – not much deprivation!

    These scumbags ‘shot fireworks’ at the home of a woman they don’t like.

    Their intended victim’s name is Amy Weirich and she’s a District Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Nor was that criminal behaviour the filthy louts’ only lawless act.

    The foul-mouthed swine ‘blocked several streets’ and ‘removed’ (should that not be ‘stole’ ) American flags from her front yard.


    And ‘set a U.S. flag on fire!’

    So where were the cops?

    They did show up, and the cowardly scum scuttled off!

    Perhaps a pity!

    This could have been a golden opportunity to baton charge the brutes…



    …or even take out any uppities who refused to disperse?

    What do you think?

    Read the whole story and decide if you agree with me!

    …the whole Independence Day episode was documented on now-deleted video..

    ‘This is our street, motherf***er!’: Protesters shoot fireworks toward district attorney’s home on July 4, block streets, burn American flag


  • ross1948 08:52 on November 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Wake Up, Jakarta! Look Where Your Money’s Going! 

    Rainy arvos but fine sunny mornings.

    That’s the way of the wet season here, but many Jakarta folks may wake up this morning and wonder if darkness is looming, no matter the sky is bright.



    That’s because of the news that the city government is lavishing public funds  – Rp 1.6 trillion (US$118.3 million) – on ‘non-profit mass organizations, mostly Islamic ones!‘ 


    One might be tempted to ask the obvious question – if they are really ‘mass‘ organisations,’ why don’t they ask their ‘mass‘ of members to reach into their own pockets rather than the public purse?



    But it would be invidious to single out Indonesia for criticism, given the outrageous plundering of tax-payers’ money by local, national and supranational government wasters in Europe…

    …like the pro-crimmigrant ENAR…

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

    …or the ILGA…

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    …lashing out largesse to all kinds of unpleasant outfits eager to stick their greedy snouts into the tax trough.

    But there are surely questions to be asked about some specific recipients of the Jakarta hand-outs, and it’s good to see somebody asking them..


     Gambar terkait

    City councilor William Yani has questioned the method used by the administration to determine the sum granted to each institution.

    “I request [that the administration explain] the criteria, [to see] why Komando Resimen Mahasiswa gets Rp 1 billion and Laskar Merah Putih Rp 500 million…”


    I must confess I have never heard of the KRM but since it is described by the Jakarta Post as a university student paramilitary group, it surely deserves a little research.

    HOWEVER..the ‘Red/White Commando’ ( for that’s the meaning of Laskar Merah Putih) have featured in our blog before now.

    And in the local media!

    Massa Laskar Merah Putih Demo di Kedubes Australia – Tribunnews ..

    (‘Laskar Merah Putih Demo At Australian Embassy’)

    Gambar terkait


    That flag-burning photo was taken on 22 November almost exactly four years ago at a demo in front of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

    And this anti-Oz activity was no one-off! 

    A couple of years later, the same gang ‘threatened to carry out ‘sweeping‘ against innocent Australians in the capital. 

    ‘Sweeping’ is the deplorable practice here of cowardly gangs going around town harassing anyone who belongs to a class or category of which they disapprove.

    Just so our Australian readers are aware of whom Governor Anies Baswedan thinks is worthy of public funding, I add a couple of Oz links, to save you the trouble of using Google Translate.

    Violence erupts at Australian embassy – News.com.au


    A half a dozen groups were represented, including one – Laskar Merah Putih, or the Red and White Front – which was involved in violent protests in 1999 over Australia’s involvement in East Timor.

    Protester anger spreads to Australian embassy in Jakarta

    • Keith Milner 10:34 on November 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      How many millions has Australia given Indonesia in aid over the years?
      And this is how the Governor of Jakarta shows his thanks, by bankrolling an anti-Australian paramilitary gang.that takes part in violent demos in front of our embassy in his city?


    • Deirde Collings 11:02 on November 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I am very annoyed by this.news.
      This governor must have plenty of money to spare from his city budget if he is giving so much to paramilitaries.

      I’ve been to Jakarta and there is real poverty all over the place.
      Why not cancel the gang funding and give the cash to people who need it?


    • Kezia 15:00 on November 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Sad that our taxes go to a gang.


  • ross1948 15:04 on August 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Germany’s Biased DW Show-Cases Anti-Brexit Ulsterman 

    Just savouring my third morning coffee, with DW’s news in the background, and their biased coverage needs a mention.

    In fact, their reporter was not unfair in his description of attitudes among the British majority there.

    But WHY give somebody called Ian McLaughlin, described as a ‘Protestant community worker’ in the loyalist Shankill Road area of Belfast, a chance to emit a lengthy diatribe against Brexit.


    Hasil gambar untuk ian mclaughlin, community worker shankill



    I’ve no doubt there are a few others like him, who voted for Brexit but has now changed his mind, but it is also likely true that there are plenty of people in the Shankill, and in Belfast, and all across Ulster…


    Hasil gambar untuk brexit is best


    ….who could have been given equal time to present all the good reasons why Ulster is more safely British OUTSIDE of Brussels’ baleful sphere.


    As for McLaughlin, it seemed a good idea to check him out, and sure enough, he’s not your average Shankill man, appearing in a Youtube video to declare how ‘disappointed’ he was that the Eire tricolour was burned on Ulster’s annual bonfires!’



    A fine bonfire ready to be lit!


    • Until Eire abandons its expansionist delusions about annexing Ulster, I can see nothing wrong with good loyal people showing what they think of those offensive imperialist ambitions.

    • But I see a LOT wrong with Deutsche Welle singling out an individual so unrepresentative of the British citizens there…. 


    …and giving him an exceedingly undeserved five minutes of fame.

    PS I was too idle to get up and switch channels, so all too soon had to listen to that far-left fool Ken Follett, ranting about how America’s fight for freedom in Vietnam was a ‘colonial war.’


    Gambar terkait

    What a dork!

    Follett was starring in a long turgid show about ‘protest songs’ which at one point included that famous picture of the little girl with napalm burns.


    We wrote about her a couple of years ago.

    Always Learning Something New! That Little VietnamGirlChose Freedom! 

    No mention of her subsequent escape to the West, where she is today, and where she has given the lie to all the Hate America clap-trap from red lice like Follett, whose fiction-writing skills are adequate but whose politics are best categorised as ‘Sixties Nitwit.’


    • Billy King 18:40 on August 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That McLaughlin counts for nothing here, Ross.
      We want our Ulster IN the UK and OUT of the EU.. Those Brussels crowd have never cared for Ulster and that’s why Sinn Fein are so keen on sticking with them.


  • ross1948 00:43 on July 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    A Petition For Canadians! No Victimisation of Patriots! 

    I had heard a bit of this story but, thanks to The Rebel, it is clear to me now that a lot of the left media have chosen to spin it as somehow racist, a bit much when some of the men being victimised are of mixed race.

    Please read!

    Stop the witch hunt against the five servicemen in Halifax!


    Hasil gambar untuk save the five petition


    On Canada Day, five servicemen heard there was an anti-Canada rally going on in a local park in Halifax.

    They went to check it out and were immediately swarmed by left wingers who told them they may not enter the park carrying the Canadian flag because it’s a flag of genocide.

    The protestors were carrying an upside down Canadian flag with the word “Decolonize” written on it. The servicemen peacefully asked the mob a few questions and then quietly left.

    Since then, the far left and the media have turned this innocuous story into a case of “Nazis” disrupting an Indigenous religious ceremony.

    The servicemen are part of a multiracial men’s club called The Proud Boys which is anti-Nazi, not to mention that two of the five servicemen are Metis and another is gay.

    Top military officials in Canada have run with this narrative, apologized to the mob and said the servicemen are facing “severe consequences.”

    This is a witch hunt.

    It’s despicable and we should be embarrassed that we treat our soldiers and sailors this way. We ask these men to die for our country and fight under our flag and then ruin them for daring to ask a few questions at a protest.

    When this petition reaches 10,000 signatures I will fly to Halifax and personally deliver it to Rear Admiral John Newton of the Canadian Navy.

    Help save these five servicemen by signing the petition below =

    The Petition

    The five servicemen who peacefully protested an anti-Canada demonstration must be exonerated by Rear Admiral John Newton of the Royal Canadian Navy.

    Will you sign?
    Signing this petition automatically subscribes you to The Rebel, even if you have previously unsubscribed.
    Take Action
    • Hugh Ritchie 16:46 on July 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I read some place that the five marched in singing God Save The Queen and flying a Red Ensign.
      And that gets them punished?
      The petition is good and I will sign it but it wont do much good.
      Canada’s clinically insane.


  • ross1948 20:50 on March 27, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Trump? Flag-Burning Antifa Scum Are ANTI-AMERICAN! 

    …masked protesters wearing all-black outfits started burning an American flag on the sidewalk…

    Trump rally, protests turn violent at State Capitol

    • Hasil gambar untuk burning stars and stripes
    • ==

    • Twas only yesterday we posted on the international red nazi movement that calls itself ‘Antifa.’


    Hasil gambar untuk antifa

    Antifa red nazi attacks downed cop – so how come cops elsewhere appease them?


    We also offered a simple solution – outlaw masks! 


    Hasil gambar untuk burqa ban

    More and more reports keep surfacing on these marxist vermin, who, if they are burning the Stars and Stripes, are more accurately described as Anti-American, much the same as Obama’s sometime spiritual adviser…



    Un-American and/or Anti-American, rather than anti-Trump. 

    And their agenda is becoming clearer too, with a report from Philadelphia, that, rather than do their duty to safeguard authorised demonstrations, local cops are using Antifa thuggery as an excuse to shut down patriot rallies.

    At about 1 p.m., the pro-Trump supporters in Philly shouted angrily at police who were blocking them, saying that they had a legal right to march and their event had been usurped by the anti-Trump counterprotesters who were dressed in black and did not have a permit.  Pro-Trump Philly march cut short by police for safety

    That’s outrageous.

    Those Philadelphia police commanders draw their salaries on the basis that they safeguard the rights of decent people and put down lawless gangs.

    We have seen this before, notably on the English-speaking world, conservative/patriot manifestations curtailed not because they cause trouble, but because subversive swine of the Antifa variety illegally obstruct those against whom their hatred festers.

    The cops in Philly presumably possess or have ready access to counter-terror equipment.

    At the very least, they surely have tear-gas, water-cannon, billy-clubs and fire-arms?



    Those weapons MUST be used to quell red nazi terror tactics.

    On the other hand, you’ll have noticed that I confine my condemnation to ‘commanders.’

    Some rank-and-file police officers merit commendations, or better still promotion, for how they respond to Antifa hoodlums. 

    A police officer was caught on film using his bicycle to hit an anti-Trump protester in the back after American flags were burned…US police officer hurls bike at anti-Trump protester

    • Enid Timmons 13:50 on March 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If they just hated Donald Trump they could use their kindergarten little brains and make cardboard cut-outs of the president then burn them. Maybe they do, it woulnt surprise me.
      Burning our flag, that’s something else. Only the idiot judges in the high courts would deny it’s treason.
      We need to clean this up and if political action wont work, need to look at any more direct ways.


  • ross1948 09:00 on January 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: CopBlock, flag-burning, Iowa City, Matt Uhrin   

    FedEx Hero Won’t Be Fired? Only Vermin Said He Should Be! 

    FedEx tweeted Saturday morning that Matt Uhrin, an employee who tried to stop the burning of American flags with a fire extinguisher Thursday in Iowa City, will not be fired. 

    FedEx won’t fire employee who intervened in Iowa City flag burning

    For The Luvva God!


    Hasil gambar untuk american hero


    Whoever even suggested this man  – Matt Uhrin’s his name – might risk dismissal for doing what any decent citizen has a moral duty to do – prevent filthy freaks from desecrating his country’s flag?


    FedEx man, Matt Uhrin, was unafraid as he waded into the group of flag-burners, because he knew that there wasn't a man among them.

    Matt Uhrin Confronts Flag-Burning Vermin


    Turns out an undesirable agitprop gang called CopBlock are the villains of the story.

    Their obnoxious demand that Matt be fired provoked indignation even from some of their own sympathisers (nice to know at least some leftists still have a glimmer of decency!)

    Meanwhile, two of the swine involved have been arrested and charged for the offensive conflagration.

    Police arrested 21-year-old Kelli Ebensberger of Iowa City and 23-year-old Paul Osgerby of Ames.  According to the police report, officers say they saw Osgerby setting fire to a U.S. flag Ebensberger was holding. The pair did not have the proper permit from the fire department for a fire.https://bluelivesmatter.blue/matt-uhrin-fedex-response-flag-burning/

    Unfortunately, the maximum penalty in Iowa City for not having a permit to burn one’s national flag is a mere thirty days.


    • vermin
    • ====================
    • Let’s hope that’s what they get.

    Anything less is an insult to everyone who served under the Stars and Stripes.

  • ross1948 18:23 on November 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    As McCain Mealy-Mouths, CNN Goes Into Melt-Down! 

    What a miserable, mealy-mouthed performance today from failed Republican presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John RINO McCain..



    …who didn’t have enough cojones ( I use that Spanish word in appreciation of his enthusiasm for Mexican illegals) to answer a straightforward question as to what he thinks about Donald Trump’s welcome denunciation of flag-burning filth.

    McCain: No comment on Trump flag burning tweet – CNN Video

    Then shortly after that, we had the unspeakable CNN shrew Amanpour kick off her shrill show by saying that Trump had attacked Americans’ First Amendment right to protest.’


    • Hasil gambar untuk liberal amanpour
    • ………………
    • That’s a blatant lie.
    • Neither Trump nor any of his associates has said citizens have no right to protest.
    • What he did say was that in his opinion ( and, I suspect, most decent people’s opinion) treasonous swine who set fire to the Star and Stripes should get jail-time, or be deprived of the privileges they enjoy as American citizens. 
    • THEN it got worse, with a ranting leftist named Walter Shapiro as her guest.
    • He’s a failed Democratic Party candidate and a former speech-writer for Jimmy Carter, BTW, just in case you might imagine Amanpour would have anyone objective on her show.

    Hasil gambar untuk walter shapiro

    While not visibly frothing at the mouth, Shapiro was evidently near hysterics, accusing Trump of being a con-man and worse, because the President-Elect, presumably more aware of voter fraud than the left-lib media, had chosen to communicate his views directly and candidly with the nation he’s been elected to lead.

    CNN bias is utterly offensive. Read this link for some specific examples. 

    • Hasil gambar untuk liberal bias cnn


    • The problem is a lot of people probably do believe the garbage that CNN churns out, folks who just swallow the cr-p that’s fed to them without thinking too much.
    • Trump is waking those people up and CNN can’t handle that. 
  • ross1948 11:13 on November 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , flag-burning, Not My President, ,   

    Media Just Can’t Get Past Their Candidate’s Defeat! 

    Just saw the news on France 24, a bearded twit telling us with po-faced solemnity that there was ‘no evidence‘ to support Trump’s tweeted assertion that the shrill ‘millennial’ brats on the streets were ‘professional protestors incited by the media.’


    Does not that Mirk menace earn her living in the agitprop media industry? Obama Out, But BBC? ‘No Change, As Pinko ‘Bitch’ Rants! 

    Would she not fall easily into the category of professional protestor?

    The sheer volume of rabid hatred  – CNN’s Communist Bile Erupts, Before The Count Is Over!  -and bare-faced lies  – America – Supremes OK With ‘White Supremacist Militia?’  – pumped out by the media…




    …will probably go on longer than the brats’ truancy, which may be no bad thing – a day off political indoctrination by pinko pedagogues like this thing pictured below..



    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!’ 


    The Derangement of North America! 

    And as to that repulsive mangy anti-American rabble we hear hollering ‘Not My President?
    Hasil gambar untuk burning flag not my president
    Flag-burning filth rage against democracy

    Given the number we hear whining bitterly that they or their crimmigrant friends or family are at risk now of deportation, at least they’re telling the truth!




    Trump is President Elect of the USA.

    Self-evidently, therefore, he is NOT the President of mangy mutts with no right whatsoever to be there.


    out with them


  • ross1948 00:01 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Memo to Oz – Stop Antifa Storm-Troop Thuggery! 

    I see Turnsteer has reversed his earlier anti-democratic rhetoric.

    He had said that Pauline Hanson wasn’t welcome in Parliament. He’s now acknowledged that his fetid brand of leftery has no veto on how Australians may cast their votes.

    Suddenly it’s his ‘commitment to work in every way possible to ensure that the crossbenchers feel that they have access to all of the information they need and all of the resources they need to be able to play their role in this Parliament…’   https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/32032875/australia-govt-finally-wins-majority-after-fierce-election-fight/

    Okay, that’s fine.

    But how about people who openly and violently flout democratic norms?

    Three people were arrested during the protests as far left and right groups faced off.   http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/police-prepared-for-far-left-and-right-protesters-to-hit-melbourne/news-story/



    One woman was arrested in Carlton Gardens after an Australian flag was burned…left wing protesters wearing balaclavas and hoodies attacked one man who was filming them…anti-racism protesters had earlier met on the steps of Parliament vowing to take a stand against people supporting the True Blue Crew in Melbourne.

    After our recent reports on the violent thugs known as Antifa, active under different banners (notably foreign flags in the USA – see below ) we have news of similar scum amok again, this time in Melbourne!

    …a Left-wing group calling itself the “Anonymous Hemp Sector Street Soldiers” was at the frontline of the ugly fights in Coburg last month.  Some members of the group, along with the Anti-Fascist Association, were involved in the street battles with the United Patriots Front and the True Blue Crew.

    Please note, the UPF and the TBC may well be ‘extreme,’ whatever that means these days.

    But they were doing their own thing, seemingly quite legally. There’d have been no violence, EXCEPT for the trouble-makers, a Red Nazi group of masked men who confronted the Right-wing group, which sparked the altercation.


    • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    It’s high time police in every country took action against these hoodlum Enemies Within.

    Police Minister Lisa Neville has vowed to enact a new suite of police powers to crack down on those whose intention is “street violence rather than legitimate protest.”

    Logically, the only group which needs ‘to be cracked down on’ are the Red Nazi Antifa, known hoodlums like the individual mentioned, who wore a scarf to cover his face, and was at the front of the attack and was seen kicking out during the fighting.

    Thugs like that ought to be taken out of circulation until they grow up and learn that freedom of speech and lawful assembly are part of the democratic system.


    Of course if people are partial to ‘asylum’ parasites or just don’t like patriotic views, they may organise demonstrations to display their opposition. But what needs to be done, when they apply for demo permits, is for police to direct them to hold their protest on different days, and/or several miles away, from those they dislike.

    It makes no sense at all for them to be allowed deliberately to stage confrontational action, especially since Antifa are not remotely interested in peaceful protest but salivate at the prospect of mayhem.

    They make little pretence about their true subversive objectives…


    Communist hoodlums


    …. which are the predictable communist objectives, undermine democracy by denying free speech to other Australians or Brits or…


    Lawless Red Nazi hoodlums bearing Mexican flags attempt arrogant interference in US presidential election


    …I was going to say Americans, but the Red Nazis we have seen at Trump rallies are not out to get OTHER Americans, but rather ALL Americans, because the Red Nazis causing the trouble are not real Americans. More often than not, they’re either illegal aliens or ingrate Mexican immigrants, both categories that deserve to be rounded up and deported.

    Smash Antifa.

  • ross1948 13:09 on December 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: flag-burning, , sniper,   

    Turkish Flag Burns – More Sense In Baghdad Than Brussels! 

    Having some time ago enjoyed that film ‘Sniper,’ based on an American real-life hero…

    My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity!

    …it was intriguing to read of a real-life British sniper, in this impressive report from Iraq, viz. – 

    A veteran SAS sniper killed five Islamic State (ISIS) fighters with just three shots to foil a suicide bomb attack in Iraq. The sniper, who has served with the SAS for a decade, decided to shoot after he spotted the five Daesh (IS) fighters leaving a bomb making factory whilst wearing heavy and warm clothing in the desert sun.  SAS sniper kills FIVE ISIS suicide bombers with just THREE bullets …


    Great stuff!


    And still in Iraq –

    I enjoyed watching crowds of angry Iraqis burning the Turkish flag, in protest at Erdogan’s latest hostile manoeuvres in their country.


    • —————————————-
    • What a contrast to the lousy creeps who rule in Brussels, a clique of weak-kneed weasels who won’t stand up to the swine in Ankara, preferring to pay billions in bribes to get him to do what’s his clear duty – control his country’s borders.
    • EUSSR
    • =================
    • Again, the obvious point, eventually understood by the Saxons a thousand years ago – if you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.

    It’s been said, and needs to be repeated…

    Unless Turkey shapes up and stops the crimmigrant tsunami, all European nations should speak with a united voice and ACT – expulsion of his citizens, economic sanctions, seal his ports with mines, and support the Kurdish rebels.

    And AGAIN, no matter what, NEVER let that arrogant fanatic imagine for a moment that there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that his Islamist regime will EVER be accepted as a part of Europe.

    Whatever form Europe may take, there’s no place in its counsels for an enemy who nailed his colours to the mast when he said…


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1)

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”  



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