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  • ross1948 06:24 on July 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    On 4th July, Intensify The Nike Boycott 

    It’s fair to say that both Nike the Nasty Shoe-Maker and  Colin Kaepernick the Nasty Kneeler are among the most unpleasant phenomena in the USA today.

    As we’ve noted previously.

    More Reason To Boycott Nike




    And that was sayable before the news that Nike abandoned plans to release new sneakers for Independence Day, commemorating the famous historical heroine Betsy Ross – an Independence Day-themed Air Max 1 sneaker design .


    Because that whining bum Kaepernick has been issuing more of his drivel denunciations, viz. that ‘the shoe’s Betsy Ross Flag tribute celebrated the slavery era’ -which is utter rot.

    Nike has chosen not to release the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July as it featured an old version of the American flag,” said the weasel sneaker company.

    Good for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who has scorned the subversive company and also hit back by pulling his state’s support from nasty Nike’s local expansion plans.

    Just remember, this Fourth of July, and forever, never buy a Nike.

  • ross1948 16:47 on November 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Scots Today OK! But Aussies In Freaky Fremantle? 

    Hasil gambar untuk st andrews flag

     St. Andrews Day, 30th November, so a suitable illustration, at least this year.

    Given that ‘wee nyaff’ Sturgeon’s multicult leftism, by next year she may have dumped that St. Andrew’s Cross to avoid ‘offending’ all those ‘asylum’ aliens she’s got swarming into Scotland!

    Elsewhere in Europe, we’ve heard such disrespectful demands already.

    Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 


    But at least I can’t imagine anyone of Scottish origins treating the 30th November with the blatant contempt evident in the antipodean regions of the globe….

    Fremantle axes Australia Day celebrations for ‘culturally-inclusive alternative’

    Predictably, almost, the Mayor of Fremantle is a former ‘sustainability professor’ who specialised in ‘climate change!

    Hasil gambar untuk brad pettitt

    So no surprise Hizonna Brad Pettit is up to his neck in this grovel to’minorities,’  who these days, in a negation of democratic principle, get priority over the will of the majority.

    We believe moving away from this date was more culturally inclusive and more in line with Fremantle’s values.”

    Australia Day “may not have the same implication for all Australians”, and the city wanted a “more inclusive” celebration.

    Oh yeah?

    The city?

    • sb2-australia-day_banner
    • Did Pettit hold a municipal referendum?

    Not bloody likely.


    Colin Barnett

    Premier Barnett


    But patriotic voices are being heard.

    “It’s disloyal to our country, it’s disloyal to our state, and I think it’s disloyal to the community of Fremantle.”

    Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett spoke sense and surely reflects most normal Aussie opinion.

    Australia Day is now a day for all Australians — whatever their background, wherever they were born — and I think any group that tries to detract from that does a disservice to our country and to our people, all of our people.”


    Even more tellingly, a prominent Aboriginal elder  has condemned Pettit’s pusillanimous assault on Australia Day. 

    Dr. Robert Isaacs is a former head of the Australia Day Council, who has dismissed the pinko ploy as silly and out of step with the majority of the community.

    It [Australia Day] brings the community together, it brings the Australian people together and it celebrates the good this country has provided for everyone.” 



    Well, to Scots today, I say, enjoy your day!


    And as for all the many nice Australians I know who read this blog…

    Invite all your decent compatriots in Fremantle to celebrate Australia Day when it comes around…



    …loudly and publicly, and show the world that prissy prat Pettit does NOT represent them.

  • ross1948 15:42 on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition To Slap Down Klutz Kaepernick! 

    American Family Association
    Sign the Petition to the NFL: Discipline Colin Kaepernick

    Thursday, September 1, 2016


    Dear George,

    Last week, San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick disrespected the United States, the NFL and his team by refusing to stand during the playing of our national anthem in a pre-season game.

    Now we learn that he has also demonstrated a great disrespect for police officers. According to cbssports.com, since at least August 10, Kaepernick has been wearing socks during practice sessions that show a pig in a police hat. At right is a photo of Kaepernick wearing the sock.

    As a player who wears a professional football uniform, Kaepernick is a public representative of the National Football League and the San Francisco 49ers football team. His actions continue to embarrass all professional sports and bring reproach on his team.

    America is also stunned at his overt disrespect for the nation that guarantees him the freedom to earn millions of dollars each year.

    It is important for the NFL to take necessary steps to insure that its players, coaches, and teams show proper respect for our country and our police officers. If Kaepernick is allowed to continue his deeply offensive actions, it will only lead to other such movements by other players in the future.


    Sign the petition calling on the NFL to take disciplinary action against Colin Kaepernick for his disrespectful actions while engaged in official NFL activities.

    • Gary Plainzer 16:21 on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      He should be banned for life.


  • ross1948 19:21 on March 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Kiwis Keep The Flag Flying! But Oz Pinkos Aren’t Happy! 


    Congratulations to the people of New Zealand, who have voted to keep their flag, rejecting by postal referendum the odd alternative, which resembles the sort of banner some new African republic might hoist proudly.

    But in Australia, where an alliance of multiculter and republicans have long been pushing to dump Australia’s world-famous flag, there is instant whining, not least from a twit who has failed to realsie that Australia DOES have a flag of its own!


    Peter FitzSimons

    Peter FitzSimons is a director of Ausflag, devoted to Australia having a flag of its own, with uniquely Australian symbols. He is also the chairman of the Australian Republican Movement.

    The Sydney Morning Herald, the left-liberal Fairfax conglomerate’s leading newspaper, has provided ample space for this strange man, who appears to enjoy dressing up as a pirate (no idea why – maybe his hair is thinning faster than mine and he just can’t bear it!)  

    He has listed various reasons why another assault on NZ’s flag must soon be mounted, including this gem. 

    the obvious flag that most people preferred from the start, which was the simple silver fern – the Kiwi version of the Canadian Maple Leaf – on a black background was just gaining traction when the Islamic State flag came along looking remarkably similar. And that was the end of that.

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big


    A sore loser, howling at the moon.

    Meanwhile, in the UK, The Guardian has been at it too, twisting the NZ result to serve its own Europhiliac cravings.

    Some geezer named Martin Kettle concludes that it sounds as though the undecided voters decided they were better off with what they were accustomed to, whatever its faults  .http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/24/new-zealand-flag-britain-eu-referendum


    That’s pretty condescending. Because, as Kettle goes on to admit, ‘Flags matter because they embody identity.’

    Indeed they do. So it wasn’t that the Kiwis couldn’t be bothered, that they kept what they had because they were used to it. It was a conscious decision, after a long campaign by the ‘changers,’ led by the phoney-conservative Prime Minister Key, and it was a clear decision, made because their flag is beautiful, and meaningful.

    But Kettle boils over, pro-Brussels steam, his conviction that people choose the ‘status quo’ because they lack the initiative, imagination, courage or whatever that’s needed to do anything else, leading him to prophesy that Britons never, never, never, will reject rule from Brussels.

    EU - referendum vote

    How quaint.

    In NZ, people opt for pride in their traditions, so in the UK, people will seek to have them buried under the EUSSR Tower of Babel? 

    I’d say hogwash, but Kettle doesn’t care what I say, or, for that matter, what Kiwis say, because he’s already announcing, like Pinko Fitzsimmons in Australia, that they wasted their votes.

     New Zealand will have a new flag one day.


    elite arrogance-s

    So much for respect for democratic decisions.



  • ross1948 23:50 on March 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    NZ Flag Conflict – Some Canadians Remember The Pain! 

    Foto Jaya Dasa.
    As I have said before…Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? … it’s up to New Zealand!
    But as our Kiwi cousins await the result of the postal ballot, painful memories surface again, and retrospective envy, because the citizens of the Dominion of Canada were denied democracy when their flag was changed by Lester Pearson, pandering to the one province that had never shown loyalty in time of war.
    In 1965, the Maple Leaf flag was raised and the beautiful Red Ensign lowered.
    Had Canadians been allowed a vote, postal or otherwise, it would still be flying.
    Good luck to New Zealand.
    I hope you are happy with whatever choice you make!



  • ross1948 16:09 on November 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy St. Andrew’s Day – Make the Most of It! 






    Here’s some celebratory pictures for all you Scots readers ( who are at this moment wrapped up in November-needful woolies, nae doot!)


    • male scots dancers


    In view of that ghastly little Sturgeon woman’s commitment to multicult, make the most of these reminders of your way of life.

    The SNP leadership seem relaxed about elevating alien ways to parity of esteem with real Scottish culture and history.

    So pay heed to what’s happening elsewhere…

    • ——————-
    • An immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.” Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 
    • If the Swiss are in the firing line,bet your boots that there are undesirables eager to see Scotland’s flag altered too, to avoid ‘offending’ uptight aliens.
    • ===========



    • a whiskey-glass
    • Have a dram but keep your powder dry!




  • ross1948 12:18 on November 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Ticino – Bag-Head Ban With Hefty Fines! 

    I hitch-hiked through Ticino many years ago, heading down to Italy. It’s lovely, Lakes Lugano and Como two notable tourist favourites.


    • ———————
    • Going through that Swiss province prepared me for my destination, because it’s Italian-speaking, its culture and cuisine quite distinct from the Germanic area to the north. I still remember how pleased I was to find my high school Latin gave me a few handy boosts across the language barrier!

    Switzerland is ‘multicutural’ in the best sense, various peoples coming together centuries ago for mutual advantage and together still today, proud of their heritages and respectful of each other’s.

    But they don’t take kindly to arrogant outsiders who can’t adapt to civilised  conduct.

    Hence my delight today to read that Ticino’s smart citizens are about to outlaw ugly bag-head gear, a burka-ban with serious consequences for recalcitrant primitives – a maximum SF10,000 for those who hide their fanatic faces.




    Two-thirds of voters approved the ban quite some time ago, but only now have the necessary legal amendments been put into effect.

    The law will also apply to tourists, 40,000 of whom came from the Middle East last year, and those visiting Ticino will be informed at the border that it is unlawful in the canton to hide your face.  http://metro.co.uk/2015/11/25/swiss-state-votes-to-ban-burqa-after-referendum-5524383/

    People in the other nations of Europe appalled by head-shrouding must envy the democratic system that prevails in Switzerland, where just about anything and everything can be controlled by free and fair popular vote.

    Imagine if Hollande or Merkel put their policies on so-called ‘refugees’ to their respective peoples – the migrant rabbles would all be on their way back south again!

    • referndmlet peole vote
    • Apart from France, I don’t think any other European country has taken this sensible burka step, a shaming contrast with little African states like Gambia and Chad, where the authorities take things more seriously.

    Swiss folk are well aware of the enemy within – some uppity immigrants even called for the Alpine country’s famous flag to be altered, ‘offended’ (AGAIN?) at the reminder of Christendom that takes pride of place.

    An immigrant group based in Bern has called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.” Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! 

    • switzerland-flag-3x5ft-nylon
    • And only this month, north of Zurich, we had media reports of an ISIS rape-gang cell.
    • ‘Isis cell operating out of Winterthur mosque’

    • So good for Ticino, and let’s hope that the ban gets put to a nationwide referendum sooner rather than later.
    • —–


  • ross1948 12:19 on November 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Kiwis Endorse Key’s Disdain for Conservatism? 

    From time to time there are complaints that New Zealand rarely features on this blog.

    So, with a Jakarta overcast morning to fill, and a background of La Marseillaise booming out from You Tube, as it frequently has this week, here you go!


    In what possible way can some parts of the media describe NZ’s John Key as leader of a ‘conservative’ government?


    • 8514831 Key
    • —————-
    • Having dynamited marriage as a meaningful concept, bowing to the ‘gay’ agenda, he’s now bent on changing New Zealand’s flag, a process described inexplicably as ‘flag reform’ – subtle (?) bias, since ‘reform’ carries a positive note.

    ‘Change’ would be the impartial description.


    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand map


    Striking at the roots of a country, its values and its most important symbols, is the mark of an intensely radical mind-set, the very antithesis of conservatism. Classical conservatism is NOT synonymous with capitalism – laissez faire is an old-fashioned liberal idea, after all – any more than the corporate state reflects the conservative concept of the organic society. 

    Of course Kiwis have the right to do anything they want using democratic processes, but whatever Key’s agenda is, it’s not remotely ‘conservative.’ 

    He sees the current flag, which has the Union Jack in the corner, as an anachronism, arguing the country needs a standard “that screams New Zealand.”


    Screams? Flags are meant to embody a nation’s dignity.

    His own Deputy Prime Minister is entirely on board Key’s programme, yet appears unable to recognise the fundamentally illogical aspect of his recent exhortation to NZ’s electorate to select a flag they felt represented “New Zealand’s proud, pioneering past and its exciting, ambitious future.”

    Having the Union Jack on the flag precisely fulfils the first part of his call, and as for the second, ‘representing the future’ is about as odd a phrase as one might imagine.

    Not even conservative bloggers like me know what the future holds! So ‘representing’ it is surely a task better reserved for sci-fi geeks than referenda.

    Deciding such matters is important. The Deputy PM is therefore correct when he says “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Actually, according to polls, it’s apparently the case that New Zealanders are set to stick with what they’ve got.

    Hasil gambar untuk new zealand flag

    Are those any kind of improvement on this?

    • ———————————–

    They have to vote on an alternative first, then choose between the winner in that ‘beauty contest’ and the existing flag their armed services have served honourably for several generations.

    The main thing is ( unlike on marriage, where the ‘gay’ lobby successfully opposed allowing the people a vote) the people are getting to make the decision.

    “Very few governments around the world have ever asked their citizens for their views on the design of their national flags.”

    Fair point, and hurray for Kiwi democracy.

    Canadians were denied that right.

    Some of us will never forget the deep grief that gripped Canada’s majority fifty years ago, reflected in that memorable photograph of Dief the Chief turning his head away sadly during the ceremony in Ottawa, when what we called Pearson’s Pennant replaced the Red Ensign.


    • Hasil gambar untuk diefenbaker flag
    • —————-
    • Half a century has passed, and the new flag has been sanctified by sacrifices made by many brave men and women who have served Canada well under its colours.

    But there was never a case made for replacing its glorious predecessor.

    Most Canadians shared the view of my cousin ( by marriage -real marriage of course -there was no other kind in those days!) J W Monteith when he roared across the floor of the House of Commons ‘You must be nuts!’ after Lester Pearson exhorted the outraged Opposition to abandon their fight for the flag they loved.



  • ross1948 13:11 on August 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Then They Came To Tear Down The MIA/POW Flag… 

    Perlstein_MB1-900x600 Perlstein


    Some repulsive communist-sympathising creep named Rick Perlstein has now oozed up, demanding another famous flag be dragged down from American public buildings. because it’s ‘RACIST,’ of course.

    But this time it’s not a banner honoured only in one part of the USA, like the beautiful Stars and Bars, but..guess what?


    • Yes, the flag flown all over the country to show that the heroes who fought evil in Vietnam but didn’t make it home are not forgotten.

    One would think that even a slimy red would shrink from this kind of garbage – unless he simply likes cheap publicity by taking cheap shots at honourable symbols.



    • Shamelesstory_2011_Intertitle
    • —————————
    • But a touch of rational argument always helps, and how the flag in our photo can in any sense be construed as racist is just baffling.

    Except to a lousy leftist.

    Happily, Americans who understand their history, and who know that a war lost can still have been fought in a noble cause, have already fired back, and I found this excellent rebuttal in PJ Media.

    The whole piece is first-rate but here’s a taster.

    .Perlstein hates that people don’t remember the Vietnam War the way he wants it remembered, as a racist, unlawful enterprise. The POW/MIA flag is merely a pretext for him to repeat the tired arguments of the 1970s, arguments that lost their sting when the NVA finally triumphed, and the world watched a Communist dictatorship work its vengeance on the South Vietnamese population….


    • communism tyranny
    • The left history of the Vietnam War has long been discredited, not least by the refusal of the nasty marxist oligarchy in Hanoi to release the people from their long nightmare, no free elections, no free press, no free speech, no free labour unions, no freedom of religion…etc.
    • ============================================================================
    • Until that day when freedom returns to Saigon, and the truth about the missing men is uncovered, the flag should fly.

    Let scum like Perlstein festoon themselves with red flags as they please.

  • ross1948 10:30 on July 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Fouling the Flag – A Dirty, Deranged, ‘American’ Ass-Wipe! 

    If you have a cat or dog, you’ll know it has traditionally been a training practice to rub their noses in it, if they take a dump in the wrong place.


    • lesbian traitor
    • This might usefully be extended to handle revolting scum like this lesbian, whose inability to find a man  –  “‘Straight pride’ is like ‘white pride’. Proud of privilege and the forced trivialization of issues surrounding the #LGBTQ community.”   – has clearly turned ‘her’ mind so badly that she has taken to using the Stars and Stripes as an ‘ass-wipe’ – a term perhaps better applied to ‘her.’
    • It (hardly ‘she’ after all!) calls itself Nocturnus Libertus on Facebook.
    • I asked my most recent visitor to check on the perverted creature, and it apparently lives in Atlanta, and, maybe not surprisingly, was born on Hallowe’en.




    I can’t use Facebook myself.

    But I CAN ask WHY Facebook, which erased my link to a video of the Cikeusik Pogrom…




    …and then expelled me altogether for persisting with exposure of sectarian outrages – has failed to erase this sad pervert.

    Their double standards are troubling!

    But then the owner of Facebook is a big buddy of Obama’s.



    And we know what flag Obama honours!



    • JazPen 11:33 on July 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bit of a let-down these posts with ugly women, Ross. As a rule you spoil us, but the ‘dirty ass-wipe’ and the ‘angry drunk’ together, one after the other, were enough to put me off my breakfast,

      Bring back the Serigala Girls, please.


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