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  • ross1948 18:59 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Bravo, Bulgaria! True Solidarity! 

    An act of a genuinely good neighbour!

    Bulgaria Floods Evros River to Prevent Migrants Storming Greek Borders



    Of course the Bulgarians are showing not just welcome solidarity but enlightened self-interest.

    Arson! Ingrate Afghan Savages Amok, Stoning Cops 

    It was 2016 when we posted that news from Bulgaria..

    Protesters threw stones and other objects at law enforcement, who had to deploy water cannon to disperse the angry crowd.


    • Hasil gambar untuk bulgaria afghans riot police
    • ========== 
    • The excuse those swine put forward at the time was confinement after fears of infectious disease were raised – ominous, given today’s world news!
    • by local newspapers. Seems the fears were in this case unproven, but that’s hardly the point!
    • ======
    • Savages-poster


    The migrants burnt car tires, and set mattresses and furniture alight in several of the camp’s buildings. Many structures, including a canteen and a new building which was supposed to open this week were damaged.



    Bulgaria too has borders best by illegal invaders.

    And they have made the mistake in the recent past of accommodating filthy alien ingrates like those in the photo above.

  • ross1948 10:36 on June 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Lugenpresse Oesterreich? Call Me Cassandra! 

    Only a few days ago, I posed the question of Austrian media bias, my concerns about that country’s leftist  Lugenpresse hacks. I don’t know how many of them are part of the Enemy Within….

    Austria Echoes Australia’s Sanity on Crimmigrants! 

    And now, thanks to one of the few honest media in Canada, we learn what one section of the Lugenpresse ( ‘The Lying Media’) seems to have been up to!


    ‘Truth rather than Lying Media!’


    Austria’s public broadcaster, ORF, is accused of staging a TV spot in which migrants specifically were helping flooding victims.

    With flooding affecting many people in Europe this past week, and Austrian state broadcaster ORF was filming in the town of Schwäbisch Gmünd.


    • ooooooooooooo
    • It was there that they are accused of co-opting the disaster to make migrants look good to counter negative news stories in Europe about migrant rapes…




    ….migrants can be seen shoveling mud and debris that has been swept into the town.


    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • —————————————————-

    However, city spokesman Markus Herrmann said the whole sequence was staged by ORF. It is alleged that they had requested to specifically film migrants cleaning up….

    Austria’s version of the CBC is accused of FAKING footage 

    Thanks to Ezra Levant’s The Rebel and Breitbart, so far the only media reporting this.
    ORT of course denies everything.
    Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

    But those readers who suffer the constant treacherous propaganda of BBC, ABC  and CBC, never mind similar phenomena in Germany, France and the USA, can see why Poland has tried to clean up their own left-infested state media.

    Poland’s New Govt Is Trying To Undo Corrupt, Communist Legacies .

    And why the odious Brussels Eurocracy is ferociously seeking to roll back those reforms.
    • Edward Foxton 12:09 on June 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Cassandra, whose prophecy always came true but nobody ever believed them in time to stop disasters.
      Yes, but we will find out on 23rdJune


    • Jerry German 13:45 on June 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Same as in Germany..


  • ross1948 09:53 on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta Horror Day! Nightmare Rain Plus Zombies! 

    Heck, it’s 9.30am now!

    I’ve just surfaced, and it’s STILL raining! No nice visitors today!

    rainy day special

    It has been all night, since well before I turned in almost seven hours ago. I was set to do so at 1.30am but I had a final channel surf and found The X Files on O Channel, switched cruelly from its previous 10pm slot.

    So there I was till after 2 o’clock. 

    At least the cat was happy.


    I let her in for a much appreciated hour’s respite from the increasingly soggy outdoors!

    The noise of the torrential downpour kept me from sleep for ages  – days like this, one values the absence of that Monday-morning ordeal, no ‘off-to-work,’ no crack of dawn alarm to torment me.

    But I feel desperately sorry, not so much for those who face today’s Jakarta traffic, always awful, Monday mornings more so, but in this deluge?



    And more sorry still for the poor people in places like Kampung Melayu in East Jakarta, and in Kedoya Green Garden in West Jakarta, and no doubt in Pluit and Kelapa Gading and Grogol too. Homes inundated, furniture ruined, and their very lives at risk if it worsens.

    All I have to worry about (touch wood) is how I can reach the nearest mini-mart to replenish my cigarette supply!


    Anyway, I did say last night I’d not be doing a lot of blogging this day. That was due to my planned evening zombie-tryst, the new series of The Walking Dead. I flicked though You Tube yesterday to see if they had any of the first series, which pre-dated my acquisition of cable, and was gratified to find they had. 

    So now I understand a little more of the characters’ backgrounds. 

    walkingdrick Rick with Co-Stars!

    But the ad for the new series has Rick, the leader of the good guys, speaking in his off-stage accent. His real name is Andrew Lincoln – there’s an article about him, and the show, in People  http://www.people.com/article/the-walking-dead-andrew-lincoln-rick-timestalks-video –

    But what’s with such a serious take – Lincoln’s perspective on Rick’s “morally ambiguous” decisions – it’s a horror show, for pity’s sake!

    His real accent is not at all the Southern twang one has become used to, from all the cast – the show is filmed in Georgia!

    It’s an accent I like to hear – I’ve always liked the South, where I once spent some fine times; took a trip down there, after my participation in the NYC Marathon.

    Don’t reckon I’ll go out running today!

    Time for another cuppa Java. Then maybe one more, and more controversial, post, before I go into full hibernation mode…

    • Vojo 10:48 on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Floods in Jakarta, and on Jaksa too! Reminds me of the day I met you back in 2002, Ross. Keep your feet dry!


      • ross1948 11:05 on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yo, Vojo.
        Your final exhortation may be hard to obey – the rain-water on my flooded street outside is now lapping at my garden gate!


  • ross1948 11:22 on February 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Banjir Uang! Jakarta’s Ahok Turning Off the Tap? 

    It has been raining all night – every few hours I’d wake up to the sounds of downpour, and it’s still raining. I guess my prospective visitor won’t make it today.





    Still, reasons to be cheerful -the street is awash, but this part of Jakarta doesn’t (fingers crossed!) suffer the frightful flooding ( banjir)  that afflicts other areas.

    Like North Kedoya, where the photo below was taken last year, near the Green Garden Busway Stop.


    The authorities will be doing their best, I guess, but even our smart Governor Ahok hasn’t yet figured a way to turn off the rain.

    Mind you, he seems to be making progress in the mammoth struggle to turn off at least some taps through which money ( uang) pours into the hands of criminals. 


    ahok Ahok


    Governor Ahok to use e-money
    to defeat Jakarta’s hoodlums 

    He’s introducing electronic parking payments, initially at selected locations, like Jalan Sabang.


    sabang Sabang

    Falatehan falatehan


    …and good old Jalan Falatehan, where expats like to frolic in the bars till the wee small hours.

    Ahok’s move is intended to curb the rapacious predator element which permeates the ‘parking’ industry here.

    Better still, he’s hoping to use similar technology to go after the protection racketeers who prey on Jakarta’s street vendors.

    “Prior to this system, vendors were often asked for additional fees from individuals who claim to be city officials. They paid more than Rp 600,000 a month. This new system will prevent illegal levies because vendors will know exactly how much to pay,” Ahok said… 

    Good on ya, Guv!

    But it’s not just bogus ‘officials’ the poor vendors have to fear.

    Nobody has yet asked the IslamoNazi FPI or the other gangster groups for their comments, but given the hatred they harbour for Ahok…


    fpi-tolak-ahok-jadi-gubernur IslamoNazis rage against Ahok


    … I’d expect they will have something to say on any progressive steps he takes.

    Not least in the light of the comments made by prominent anti-crime campaigner Ratna Sarumpaet, which we covered a couple of years ago! 

    Right On, Ratna! Activist’s All-Out Attack on IslamoNazis 

    ratna sarumpaetRatna

    Do read it carefully. She does her home-work!


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