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    Sorosoids Ranting For Satan’s Sows? OMG – UK Tax-Funded! 

    Guess who has ‘condemned the British government for reportedly agreeing to repatriate children from Syrian camps on the condition they are separated from their mother.’



    A woman named Maya Foa, who serves as ‘director of the legal charity Reprieve!

    We’ll get back to her later, and ‘Reprieve,’ and when we do, please take careful note of where it gets its money.

    I offer you a couple of clues, only one of which may surprise you.

    But first…

    The report in The Independent concerns an evil piece of garbage, Mehak Aslam, who joined Isis with her husband in 2014, who bred with an ISIS pig…


    The four children of Shahan Choudhury and Mehak Aslam may be repatriated to the UK.
    Shahan Choudhury and Mehak Aslam

    ….by the name of Shahan Choudury, who is in another Syrian prison.

    Obviously, people who freely choose to travel a thousand miles or more to attach themselves to a cult which glorified brutal rape, sex slavery and of course mass murder…




    …should not be allowed near children, their own or anyone else’s.

    It’s shocking that right now the beast has been permitted continuing custody and/or control of four kids of impressionable age.

    By coincidence, yesterday, I saw a news team visit one of those camps, and listened in astonishment as one of the filthy bag-heads confined there complained that they were not treated with ‘respect!’

    If the children of the monstrous Mehak Aslam are brought to Britain – and there’s no obvious reason why they should be – then whoever gets to mind them, care-home staff, foster parents or relatives, MUST understand that there’s a prerequisite involved…



    …a duty to teach the children that some nasty notions they may have picked up from the pig and the sow are simply WRONG.

    Not just rape and sex slavery, but the underlying vicious intolerance that ‘justified’ those crimes.

    The outrageous idea that people who worship in other ways ( or don’t worship at all) are lesser human beings.



    The offensive nonsense that people are not free to use their God-given brains and convert from one creed to another.


    The sexist absurdity of polygamy.

    And the absolutely unacceptable affront of claiming that solidarity with overseas co-religionists…



    …can trump every Brit’s -adult or child –  unqualified allegiance to Queen and Country.

    Mehak Aslam is a rabid bitch.

    She and her primitive husband deserve execution.

    But what are we to make of that Maya Foa?

    ODVV interview: Human rights in Saudi Arabia in conversation with Maya Foa - Maya Foa
    Maya Foa 

     ‘Maya is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. She was a 2015 Soros Justice Fellow.’

    So ignoring the intriguing question of who appoints these WEF ‘Young Global Leaders,’ she’s a Sorosoid girl to the boot-heels!

    And the more you read of Reprieve, the more you wonder why they are allowed to call themselves a ‘charity!’

    Here’s one juicy chunk from their website –

    America’s Assassinations Programme is one of the biggest threats to global human rights, and Reprieve is working to stop it.

    As anti-American as it gets?

    Not quite -here’s another!


    And this virulently anti-American propaganda operation has all manner of sources of material support…

    …we are very lucky to have the support of universities who fund internships and 12-month fellowships, law firms and corporate partners who offer their staff on secondments, and charitable trusts who fund internships both in the UK and abroad.

    …and of course, the Soros network, in this case, his Open Society Institute…



    …and, as you’ll see for yourselves if you use that Reprieve link and check out their income…

    …the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office!

    Yes, the very British Government ministry these far-left Sorosoid agitators are shrilling at, demanding they bring ISIS scum back to the country they betrayed..

    …turns out to be funneling cash to the shrillers!


    PS – if any of you have the time and inclination to check out the World Economic Forum and it’s undemocratically ‘elected’ Young Global Leaders, you can start by asking why the WEF founder got a prize from the notorious Atlantic Council, as their ‘2010 Global Citizen Award’ – you might also be unsurprised to learn that Klaus Schwab was on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group.

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    UK Foreign Office Loses A Remainer? Good! Now Fire The Rest! 

    The last time we had a story here about a Foreign Office female flunkey dislocating her career, it was rather entertaining, in a twisted sort of way.

    Alas, Poor Alys, UK Consul! Mr. Big and Yo-Yo Put Bali in the News! 




    I have no idea where that flighty chick is now, nor, frankly, do I much care.

    But what are we to make of Alexandra Hall, who, despite being a self-confessed Remainer, somehow got a job in the prestigious British Embassy in Washington DC as ‘BREXIT councillor?’

    A bit like giving me the job of explaining the Tory Government’s policy of allowing hundreds of ISIS rape-gang members to flee from the defeated caliphate….




    …and take up residence again in the country they betrayed, wandering around Britain instead of being confined behind barbed wire like the pigs they are.


    Anyway, little Alexandra’s decision to discard her responsibilities was revealed on CNN, the American network which may not hate Brexit as much as it hates the American government, but is certainly not a media source from which patriots in either the USA or the UK expect sympathetic coverage.

    Who leaked her resignation letter, which was carefully composed to be as damaging to HM Government as possible, we don’t know. I’m not going to dignify her whines by repeating them.

    It was ‘ was addressed to the chargé d’affaires, Michael Tatham, and circulated among close colleagues at the embassy, ‘

    So which of them passed it on to CNN?



    The Guardian claims the leaked letter’s ‘authenticity was confirmed to the Guardian by diplomatic sources…’  – authenticated?

    By person or persons unknown, routine practice for unreliable toe-rags who are presumably drawing fat salaries courtesy of UK tax-payers but gutlessly hide behind anonymity – hardly authentication, if the Guardian covers up its sources’ identities.


    One hopes an investigation’s under way.

    So MANY creeps in this story are unidentified – somebody needs to lift the stones and shine a light on what crawls out from under!


    The story in the Guardian is shallow hack journalism at its worst, presumably reflecting standard practice at CNN.

    With ONE exception, nobody can be found to go on the record with a good word for the woman.

    Hall gets praise aplenty, but only ONE such fan is willing to identify himself, a retired State Department bureaucrat named Daniel Fried.

     Her other commendations all come from ‘sources’ who – again – either don’t exist or if they do, are unwilling to speak up in public, identified only as ‘a former colleague,’ ‘friends and colleagues‘ -oh, and ‘a source who had frequent dealings with Hall..’

     Hall’s CV makes intriguing reading.

    She’s been around the Foreign Office for years – at one point ‘seconded’ to the US State Department, but she suddenly sloped off to join the notorious Atlantic Council…


    The Atlantic Council is also financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations a

    …as a ‘senior fellow,’ before returning to do the embassy Brexit job.

    I find it hard to disagree with Nile Gardiner, director for the Margaret Thatcher Centre for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

    It is very, very disappointing to see a British diplomat not implementing the official policy of their government.”

    But does Mr. Gardiner not know the UK Foreign Office for what it is, and long has been?

     It was the late, great Enoch Powell who summed it up succinctly and perfectly…

    Old News Revisited – UK Civil Service A Den Of Vipers! 



    …when he declared that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was ‘a den of traitors and a nest of vipers.’

    The damned department was then, and is today, INFESTED with Europhiliacs.

    Read this – Loyalty To Whom? Cast-Iron Casts About for Coolie Commissar! 

    So Mr. Gardiner should be not at all surprised when he correctly observes that –

    Diplomats should not be giving their own interpretation of information provided by their own government…” 



    • Petra Malley 22:40 on December 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Foreign Office is rotten with Remainers.
      They have to be cleaned out, because dual loyalty is unacceptable in government departments.
      You have correctly noted frequently that ‘British’ members of the European Commission are obliged to renounce allegiance to our country ( as do other countries’ “representatives” who are equally forbidden to represent their nations.
      The European Commissioners are forced on taking office to pledge allegiance to ‘Brussels Uber Alles.’
      This woman’s involvement with the Atlantic Council makes her departure doubly welcome.
      Thank you for a very enjoyable read.


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    Fake News? BBC’s ‘Anonymous Source’ Blames Boris For ‘Diplomat’ Darroch’s Departure! 

    The BBC ‘Brexit’ specialist, Robin Something, was on, at 6pm Jakarta time, fretting about how other ambassadors might react, and saying how ‘poisonous’ politics in the UK has become, because of ‘Brexit’ – of course.

    Things happen on a daily basis which previously you’d think were crazy –  SINCE the Brexit referendum and since Trump was elected…’

    ..and one of those things is that civil servants get criticised, Robin lamented.



    Weird how Trump is being blamed for objecting to being insulted.

    And we are being told by another BBC correspondent, live from Westminster,6.24pm Jakarta time, that ‘sources” (anonymous, OF COURSE!) are telling media hacks that BORIS is to blame, because he wouldn’t back Darroch!

    I won’t waste words on ‘Diplomat’ Darroch who has just resigned. We’ll learn more of that leak in due course.

    But I remember reading, after the non-violent coup which brought down Maggie, that there were champagne corks popping in the Foreign Office.


    Related image

    The malevolent mandarins there hated her patriotism.


    Those swine should have been fired – they weren’t, and some of them by now will have risen high.

    Again I remind you of the prescient observation of the Right Honourable Enoch Powell…

    Old News Revisited – UK Civil Service A Den Of Vipers! 


    …that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was ‘a den of traitors and a nest of vipers.’

    For more on how satisfactory or not UK civil servants might be, you may read extracts from my own writings at the time of the Falklands War.

    Loyalty To Whom? Cast-Iron Casts About for Coolie Commissar! 

    • Mack the Knife 17:47 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Who else would the BBC try to smear? Hunt is a longtime Remainer!


    • Olivia Naismith 18:26 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Old saying, Ministry of Agriculture looks after farmers, Foreign Office looks after foreigners, or words to that effect.
      We know how those Whitehall snobs look down on politicians and even more on us commoners who never went to their public schools or to Oxbridge.
      No wonder Darroch looked down on Trump, an American who likes hamburgers.
      Blame Boris?
      He comes from the same upper-crust stable and that’s one reason for us not to trust him, but what he said, in the debate,q his refusal to attack Trump for defending himself, was not at all unreasonable.
      Now he can appoint a more suitable ambassador.
      We must hope it’s not another elitist/globalist.
      Pity Nigel has just got a new job!


    • Jacko 19:54 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      No sympathy.
      Nice as pie to Trump’s face, runs him down behind his back.
      Typical public school w-nker!


    • Petra Malley 21:16 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Did you see that far-leftist Tom Peck’s attack on the patriot movement in The Independent.
      He’s an unpleasant man who likes to see politicians targetted by hooligans if the politicians hold opinions he dislikes.
      Despite his mean-spirited character, he has revealed that Darroch, the ‘diplomat,’ supposed to be above politics, is ‘an ardent Remainer.’
      No wonder Darroch was sending hostile ‘secret’ messages to London about Trump, who is known to be sympathetic to Brexit.
      No wonder May was on tv saying how much she regrets his resignation. Europhiles stick together!


    • Ray F 21:48 on July 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, Ross, the BBC is behaving so badly on this.
      I have been watching in Singapore.
      They had a former Obama ‘diplomat’ on from Washington, to say what a fine envoy Darroch was, but they had nobody on to balance that very debatable view.
      Instead the BBC interviewer was almost war-mongering, how the UK had to decide to stand up to Trump or be pushed around.
      The BBC man didn’t seem to get it, that Trump is the aggrieved party in this.
      Darroch used very offensive language and was caught out. After insulting the head of state of a friendly country, the least he could do was resign.


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    Turds? BBC Collabo Censors Exposed, Again! 

    So once again, thanks to the Daily Mail, we learn how the BBC, which lies and lies again and again…

    We stand by our impartial, independent journalism.” https://www.rt.com/news/446609-bbc-reporter-yellow-vests/

    …about its ‘independence,’ is ever-ready to work hand-in-glove with politically motivated bureaucrats, in this case those in the government department which was famously and accurately defined by the late great Enoch Powell as ‘a den of vipers and a neśt of traitors.’



    The Foreign Office memo, dated 13 November last year, is irrefutable evidence of dishonest journalism, and the readiness of FCO flunkeys paid from the public purse to keep their employers, the British people, in the dark.

    “We negotiated the removal of one potentially awkward moment where the former foreign secretary calls the French ‘turds’ so as not to distract from the rest of the programme.”

    As others will have realised already, the leak is no altruistic blow against the BBC’s cover-up collaborationism…


    ….collaborationism as despicable, almost but not quite, as their vicious servility when they obliged Harold Wilson by undermining Rhodesia’s Ian Smith in the 1960s …


    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?

    ….but most likely a bid by one of the many Deep State Remainiacs who infest the FCO to harm Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign.

    Actually, a lot of Brits will applaud the turd word, not because they dislike French people but because they remember Le Retch Hollande and they know Muppet Macron is a pro-crimmigrant menace.



    BoJo’s cowardly pretence that he has no recollection of saying ‘turds’ is in my view just more proof that he’s not to be trusted.

    Yet the anti-Brexit leaker may come to regret his or her leakery!

    It can only reinforce the belief among the BBC’s coerced license payers that, despite all those quids they are forced to give to the parasitic BBC…


    bbc propag


    …they are rewarded by political censorship of what they get to see and hear.

    Which of course raises the BIG QUESTION.

    How many other awkward words and dubious deeds by government ministers have been covered up by the BBC at the behest of Europhiliac bureaucrats?


    • Petra Malley 21:16 on June 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s good how you remind us of that Rhodesia episode. It was pure chance that evidence was found of the BBC’s complete betrayal of their charter-principle of fair reporting.
      No doubt the records were gone through after that exposure and a fine-tooth comb used to make sure any other compromising documentation was erased.
      The ‘turds’ leak was indeed probably ordered by high-level BBC mandarins to undermine Johnson, but it’s a measure of their desperation which could blow back when people see how dishonest their reporting can be, when it suits.


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    OMG – In Myanmar, Naughty Boris DARES Quote Kipling! 

    I am no big fan of Boris Johnson MP.

    He has turned his coat so often he could get a job as a fashion model.



    But what on earth are the Guardian shrills and the FCO mandarins getting their pink knickers in a twist about this week?

    Boris Johnson caught on camera reciting Kipling in Myanmar temple

    Foreign secretary’s impromptu recital of colonial-era poem was so embarrassing the UK ambassador was forced to stop him… 



    Maybe not every reader shares my delight in Kipling’s patriotic poetry, but I reckon he’s tops.

    I have quoted his works more than once on this blog…

    Silence of the Swine! ‘No Need For Further Lies, We Are The Sacrifice!’ 


    …and no doubt will do so again.

    But let’s examine what Boris did and did not say when he was reciting from The Road to Mandalay.

    He had got through the line: “The temple bells they say/ Come you back you English soldier.”

    Was that a call for a return to colonial rule?

    Far from it!

    As the Guardian helpfully tells us –

     Kipling’s poem captures the nostalgia of a retired serviceman looking back on his colonial service and a Burmese girl he kissed.

    Aaah, ‘it’s in his kiss,’ as a 1960s song had it!

    Gambar terkait


    Maugh Bo Bo, a Burmese doctoral student…said offence could be taken because the poem talks about kissing a girl, something that would be frowned on in the context of a temple.

    But the kiss in the poem did NOT occur in a temple, did it?

    Are the Burmese as uptight about a decent heterosexual snog as some other people…?

    Hey, Snoggers! Need Coaching? Contact Jakarta Police! 

    Or does the unspoken objection perhaps relate to a kiss between a white man and a brown girl?

    I’d have thought Kipling would merit applause from those who commend inter-racial harmony!

    And I’d have thought, too, there are better issues for the media relentlessly to batter Boris about…

    Sexist Saudis! BTW, Did Boris Vote To Affront Women’s Rights? 

    …and for the Foreign Office to be made to answer!

    • Pamela 21:54 on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We never did get an answer to that, did we? Did our Foreign Office that’s always busy-bodying about and telling people how much the British Government cares about ‘human rights’ actually support the Saudis in that UN vote?
      If they won;t answer that simple question, then Our Man in Rangoon, or whatever they call it now, should keep quiet and let Boris quote Kipling as much as he likes.


    • Jacko 22:39 on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I think Kipling’s great. He was the only poet I liked when I was at school.
      I don’t think Boris is great though. He’s a total twit.


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    Sexist Saudis! BTW, Did Boris Vote To Affront Women’s Rights? 

    Saudi Arabia has invited women to a sports stadium for the first time to attend annual national day celebrations with their families, state media said Wednesday, opening up a previously male-only venue.

    WOW! Real progress, huh?



    Should normal people around the world, unafflicted with the rancid sexism that characterises the kingdom, rejoice.


    Those happy families will be seated separately from single men!

    What kind of yard-stick are we expected to use when measuring the rights of half the population?

    Sure, it marks a shift from previous celebrations in the kingdom where women are effectively barred from sports arenas by strict rules on segregation of the sexes in public.

    But the proper place to judge Saudi Arabia, which, the report notes, has some of the world’s tightest restrictions on women…




    …and is the only country where they are not allowed to drive and where a male family member – normally the father, husband or brother — must grant permission for a woman’s study, travel and other activities…


    …. is surely the UN Commission on Women’s Rights

    But guess which country sits on that august body?

    Saudi Arabia!

    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back Shariah Sexist Saudis? 

    And guess who put them there?

    Well, you’ll have to guess!

    Because I’ve seen no updates on the question we asked back in April, when it was reported that at least five EU states must have voted for the Saudis to serve a four-year term on the commission in the secret ballot.



    This is an issue that should not be allowed to go away, the way the despicable Eire Government  –  I use them because thanks to some Eire politicians with a conscience, the issue was (unsuccessfully) pursued there -which weaselled out of telling the truth about how it voted – tried to make it go away.


    Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan. Photo: PA

    Their foreign minister, a man called Charlie Flanagan (above) arrogantly declared that it would be “very damaging to Ireland’s ability to conduct international relations” if he revealed the Government’s voting preference.”


    The Irish Independent offered the answer the gutless government wouldn’t give.

    .It is very likely that Ireland backed its candidature. Dublin officials insist it is not linked to a current campaign by Ireland to secure a temporary seat on the UN’s controlling security council.


    How many of our readers in the UK emailed their MPs to see if they had asked Theresa May and/or Boris Johnson how Britain had voted?


    Gambar terkait


    Did nobody put that pair on the spot?

    Same goes for citizens of France, Germany Holland, Italy etc.

    It’s NOT too late!

    Shame them into owning up – or get a denial of guilt and thank them.

    An email only takes five minutes.

    A miniscule investment of time and energy if the dividend paid out is truth.


    • Noreen Paterson 19:47 on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So much for the Dublin Government’s commitment to women’s rights.
      I would like to criticise but I would not be very surprised if Britain too voted for those Saudis.
      I don’t trust Theresa May who was praising sharia law a few months ago or Boris Johnson who turns in the wind like a shirt on a washing line.


    • Penny 19:50 on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Theresa May is a big supporter of sharia, she said so herself. I will put money on it she gave them Britain’svote.


    • Pamela 21:45 on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Theresa the Shariah Queen?


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    Amorous Alys Denies All – Bali UK Consul Sex-Shocker! 

    Frankly, it’s hard to give a monkey’s about this dumbo dame Alys Harahap, she of the ‘plummy’ voice (in itself a good argument for the Foreign Office to quit recruiting from ‘public schools)’ whose personal life is now public property.

    Besides, we have covered her demise before. 

    Alas, Poor Alys, UK Consul! Mr. Big and Yo-Yo Put Bali in the News! 

    On duty: Alys Harahap (pictured right) poses up with officers at a Bali police function last November

    If those splendid officers had only known about Amorous Alys (on the right).

    ‘Telephone sex? ‘ I’ll keep my mobile on ‘silent,’ thanks very much!


    The Daily Mail has published what it says are her nauseating telcons with some crim in Bali’s Kerobokan Prison – which, to be fair, she denies.

    But if it’s the case that the calls are genuine, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office should come clean on what steps have been taken to reclaim public funds – example, her boasts about running up a £833 bill on her office mobile phone and leaving the consulate to pay it.

    • foreign-office-logo
    • But what reassurance do we get from the FCO?

     ‘This member of staff [Harahap] was dismissed in March 2015 following a thorough investigation that took place while they were suspended. We expect all our staff to adhere to the highest possible standards. 

    Fine. Sacked. She can use her ‘plummy’ voice in many another career.  Telephone sex, maybe…


    But if pin-striped mandarins regard hundreds of pounds of tax-payers’ cash as a trivial matter not worth pursuing, one has to wonder if Alys’ extravagance was unique to her or whether such self-indulgence is ubiquitous.

    One hopes not.

    But a clear statement, on when the money was clawed back – from her last salary cheque, presumably – and on what steps have been taken to prevent any such abuses in future, is essential.


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    Death Penalty – Indonesia Could Set A Fine Example! 

    Well, it’s not every day I applaud Endy Bayuni of the Jakarta Post, or indeed the Jakarta Post itself – far from it.

    But a week or so ago Endy spoke up for democracy with a call for a REFERENDUM on the issue of capital punishment.

    endyreferndmlet peole vote

    He argues sensibly that the debate needs to be conducted coherently, without the shrilling and shouting that has marred the current controversy. And I would add that it needs to be conducted without sticky-beak interference from foreign governments.



    The behaviour of UK and other EUSSR diplomats in Jakarta has been nothing short of disgraceful, toddling around the town telling Indonesians that the ‘West knows Best’ on this question, when – at least in the British case – the pompous twits know very well that they represent nobody except a left-lib minority clique back home.




    British Governments for FIFTY YEARS, since capital punishment was abolished, have been well aware that most Brits disagree with abolition.  That’s why the political establishment have adamantly refused a referendum.

    Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into GreeceEmpty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    And now the elite also invoke the Brussels/ Strasbourg diktat that imposes abolition as an obligatory albatross around the necks of every subject state within Europe, regardless of the people’s will. They rely on their left-lib lackeys at the European Court to act as enforcers.

    And Indonesia also runs a risk of unelected lawyers intruding on the people’s rights. Endy reminded us that it came close to abolishing capital punishment in 2008 when the Constitutional Court ruled 5-4 in favor of retention.





    Thanks be for the one-vote majority – but there’s no guarantee that future courts will respect democracy any more than they do in the West…hence Endy’s conclusion makes absolute sense.  

    Given that the Constitution allows for a national referendum, it is time to let people decide whether to abolish or retain capital punishment.


    • agallows
    • ===========
    • Endy points out that it could be a vigorous debate. Not everyone in Indonesia concurs with President Jokowi.

    I agree with Jokowi that the death penalty should be used, but I find it hard to understand why he wants to use it for drug-crims but not for terrorists!

    Indonesian Hasanuddin at court in Jakarta, 8/11/06

    Hasanuddin, the Islamist Fiend who Killed the Kids

    Abu Bakr Ba’asyir would not be missed, nor that foul swine who beheaded the Christian school-girls and will be loose all too soon. That is SO wrong.

    Agree with me or not – and even a man I otherwise greatly admire, Jakarta’s Governor Ahok, disagrees on the very principle of executing anyone – democracy is the way forward.


    jokowi-ahok-_120409163208-508 Jokowi and Ahok

    The abolitionists finally have an icon to lead their campaign. Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has publicly spoken up against capital punishment. More public figures like him should come and join the campaign.http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/03/02/commentary-calling-national-referendum-capital-punishment.html

    And THAT is how it should be.

    Let those for and against have their say, then put it to a national vote.


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    Jolly Good Show, FCO! Another Terrorist Scumbag In Your Debt! 

    Some people think I’m harsh on the British Foreign Office, because I flay them for their arrogant interference in the internal affiars of foreign countries in pursuit of causes which the British public would NEVER approve.

    • …………..



    I get told, yeah, they are totally out of order wasting time and energy on the tax-payer’s tab to give aid and comfort to death-row terrorists etc, but they do help people in difficulties too.


    A BRITISH Muslim convert released from prison in Syria after the intervention of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has returned to the war-torn country and is believed to have become a jihadist.

    Jerome Kwame Hibell, an amateur wrestler from Lewisham, southeast London, is understood to have left his family in the UK last year to join fellow British jihadists in Syria.   http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/Defence/article1516524.



    OK, anyone can make a mistake. They presumably didn’t know he was ready to resume his career with the rapist-murder gangs. If they weren’t sure he’d repented, one assumes they would not have sprung him from jail. Or would they?

    BUT they have no such excuse with the convicted terrorists, child-rapists etc. whose cause they champion at the EUSSR’s behest.


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    UK Foreign Office Undermining Jordan’s Fight-Back? 

    Choruses of approval from decent folk around the world for Jordan’s execution of terrorist scum this week.

    That excludes of course the cr%p we hear from that Korean at UNHQ.


    • Ban-Ki-moon
    • “The Secretary‑General’s position and the UN’s position on the death penalty is unchanged.”

    And what position might that be? 

    “The death penalty has no place in the 21st century!”

    I’ll bet a majority of Koreans share the majority view in the UK, that Bang Ki Moon is talking HOGWASH!


    • hogwashmeterred
    • —————————
    • But going on previous British Foreign Office form, gob-flapping flunkeys from the UK Embassy will be fanning out to try to save the skins of other scum due for execution.


    I haven’t seen any news reports on that, but it stands to reason that if Cameron’s diplomats go sticky-beaking around town here in Indonesia, then Jordan will not be exempt from their unwarranted intrusions into its internal affairs.

    Or, given the righteous fury seen on Jordanian streets, will the FCO lackeys for once have enough sense to hold their scolding tongues about the EUSSR’s anti-death penalty diktat?


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