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  • ross1948 10:00 on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Foul-Mouthed Professor! 

    More than once I’ve lamented the decline in elocutory standards evinced by ‘professors,’ such as…

    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

    …and the gross sow below…

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 


     ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”


    …compared to the distinguished, even austere, personages at my alma mater when I pursued my degree in politics and modern history –

    – and my post-grad in Soviet Studies!

    And today, we have another, whose awe of royalty did not prevent this bizarre outburst.


    After being invited on the the stage by Harry, Professor Green told the crowd: ‘I promised Sarah I wouldn’t get too p***ed, and I promised I wouldn’t swear, but there was no f***ing chance of that because I’m so starstruck’


    To be ‘star-struck’ might elevate most normal people’s conduct, though why anyone would consider a multi-millionaire pinko princeling to be a ‘star’ is itself an interesting matter.

    But on inspection, this ‘Professor Green’ could not have been expected to behave like a gentleman.

    . …

    "It was worth it! Because we worked really hard. I think we all had a little cry", Source: Prof Catherine Green, Source description: Head of Clinical BioManufacturing Facility, Oxford, Image: Prof Catherine Green



    Nothing worse than an educated woman who talks like a fish-wife!

  • ross1948 17:39 on March 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: drug-dealer Labour councillor, Edmonton London, foul-mouthed cow, Kate Osamor MP,   

    A ‘F-cking Bat’ – Labour MP Blames What She Hasn’t Got – Class! 

    Most Brits will have read about the failure of the House of Commons Standards Committee properly to punish a foul-mouth loutess Labour MP and about her drug-dealing son!

    I append a link to the report in the Evening Standard, in case you haven’t.



    Don’t knock my f****** door. I should have come down here with a f****** bat and smashed your face open,” she told the journalist.



    …the rather less than alluring creature in the photo above, who until recently was Shadow International Development Secretary, is Kate Osamor…

    • MP for Edmonton! In London – will decent people there start a petition to get rid of her?

    …whose amok behaviour might be expected from a drunken fish-wife (do we still have fish-wives in modern Britain?) has been given a pathetic wrist-slap-

    Say You’re Sorry, Foul-Mouth!

    …after she threatened to smash a journo’s face, her proposed device for this purpose being a base-ball bat….

    …or was it a cricket bat?

    Whatever, it was, in her elegant turn of phrase, ‘a f-cking bat!’

    Certainly journos do annoy, but in this case, he was merely asking about the Labour slag’s worthless dope-convict son!

    That sleazy creep, a Labour councillor at the time, got off lightly in court despite being caught with £2,500 worth of drugs at a festival.

    But his unfit mother – who is not only a foul-mouth but a bare-faced liar ( read the report) – also got off lightly, not expelled from the House of Commons nor even suspended!

    Instead, the base bitch has been told to apologise to the House – for misusing her parliamentary stationery!


    She avoided harsher punishment for reasons including the committee finding the “extreme” language she hurled at the reporter in front of police officers had caused him to show no “fear or distress”.

    What is surely most depressing, apart of course from her clear failure as a parent, is her infantile claim that both ‘race and class’ were involved.


    How dare she bring her blackness into it?

    Many good black people live their entire lives without displaying such disgraceful, dishonest behaviour.


    The sow has no class!


    • Mack the Knife 18:54 on March 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Now I need to expand on what I said about politicians in my last comment.
      On second thoughts, no, I don’t. This story speaks fot itself.
      PS thanks as usual for tidying my grammer!


  • ross1948 19:50 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Paradox – Gagged Amber Rudd Spawned A Foul-Mouth! 

    It’s impossible, I am sorry to say, to feel sorry for Amber Rudd.


    Awful Amber Rudd

    As Home Secretary, she behaved disgracefully, allowing young alien brutes of military age to barge into Britain as ‘unaccompanied minors’ – she refused point-blank to subject the hulking crimmigrants to simple painless age-checks.

    Little kiddies imported into UK by Rudd

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks



    Only she knows for sure, but she has been a rancid liberal for as long as she’s been in politics.

    Until that Windrush episode upset her ideological soul-mates!

    Now she has been ‘no-platformed’ by a pack of pinko bints at Oxford University.


    That phrase is the dilletante left-liberal version of the thuggery preferred by the storm-troops of Red Nazi Antifa…



    …not violent, like the Antifa louts are violent, but displaying the same intolerant mind-set, totalitarian really, nonetheless.

    Obviously it’s deplorable, and Rudd’s daughter, a nonentity named Florence Gill, is angry on her mummy’s behalf:

    I don’t care if you disagree with her. Its fucking rude This is NOT how women should treat each other.”


    Which demonstrates very clearly that Mummy did a poor job of bringing up her daughter.

    While people ( including Yours Truly) often use bad language to vent emotions…

    (as last month, when part of the cornice on my ceiling fell on top of me while I was drinking morning coffee – NB, I didn’t spill a drop!)

    …people who were raised to be civil do NOT use such words where anyone and everyone can read or hear them.

    Only foul-mouths do that.


    Liberals do little to defend free speech when patriots get hammered, ‘No-Platformed’ by pig-ignorant students.

    Some of the worst censorship laws, indeed, have been passed with the support of ‘conservative’ liberals like Rudd.

    But boy-oh-boy, the liberal elite sure rally round each other when it happens to one of their own!


    A number of former politicians also came to Rudd’s defence.

    Responding to Gill, the former chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne tweeted: “Don’t worry about your mum – ‘no platforming’ one of the most senior female politicians of our generation at an International Women’s Day event just makes the Oxford students involved look stupid & small-minded, the very opposite of what that great university stands for. Their loss.”

    So it’s ‘stupid’ if it’s done to a ‘senior female politician’ – but did Osborne make his voice heard…

    UK Gaystapo War On Freedom – Red Queers Get Preacher Banned! 

    …when Franklin Graham was banned?

    The former Labour deputy leader Tom Watson posted: “If you’re trying to silence Amber Rudd you really are being anti-democratic.”

    But if you try to silence other people with other points of view…? Are you then less ‘anti-democratic?’

    The former Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Wollaston tweeted: “No platforming of @AmberRuddUK by Oxford is absurd & worrying. Why are universities allowing ideological fringes to crush freedom of speech in our centres of excellence?”

    Good question?

    But did Wollaston ask about freedom of speech when Katy Hopkin’s Twitter account was suppressed last month?


    Did Awful Amber speak up…

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!  

    …when a distiinguished MP of her own party was purged for saying what he thought about perversion?

    For a longer and more detailed look at ‘No Platform,’ here’s an excellent article from spiked.com –
  • ross1948 07:03 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    So THIS Is What Canadians Call ‘Conservative?’ 

    Although she is a highly forgettable old cow, some Canadian readers (but few if any outside Canada) will recall Kim Campbell as perhaps the briefest occupant of the Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa.

    ( Apology here – during my search for a suitably unflattering photo, I learned that she never even moved into the official PM residence!)
    Cowardly Kim Campbell

    She’s a foul-mouthed and cowardly old bat too, her gutless character exposed early this year when she tweeted obscene abuse at President Trump, similar to that used by the far-left American hag we’ve talked about…

    ‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan

    …then, taking flak, deleted it  – but lacked the grace to apologise and was too yellow even to respond to CBC’s request for an explanation for her irrational conduct.

    She was swept from power after a mere 5 months, back in 1993.

    Although she lost that election to an abominable Liberal, she herself was pitifully inadequate as a campaigner.

    She has now re-vindicated the voters’ long-ago decision by posting another infantile ‘tweet…’


    …..hoping that Hurricane Dorian will devastate The Donald’s Mar A Logo holiday home in Florida.

    What a stupid shrew!

    Since she presumably doesn’t expect Trump to be there, then whom does she imagine the destructive effect of the hurricane to terrify or hurt?

    Domestic staff?

    Hapless neighbours?

    What a bloody moron!

    • Arnold 09:38 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She was the crackpot who told tv girls they shouldnt show bare arms while broadcastng.
      A real embarassment to Canada.
      She has not changed.


    • Marty N 18:49 on August 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Kim who?


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