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  • ross1948 09:00 on March 4, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Draggos Cower From Public Protest?! 

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special 

    • If BBC had shown up, I bet the Draggos would have embraced them…


    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

    BBC ‘Inclusive?’ Not Of Both Sides Of An Argument! 

    • ….perhaps literally!

    • But watch this!


    • Jacko 22:43 on March 8, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      Something worth doing at the weekend.
      Thanks for reminding.


  • ross1948 09:43 on October 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BLM = ‘Buy Large Mansions!’ 

    Despite having been told by my Internet service provider that Fox News in not available here, I last week found that it is.

    This dramatic discovery has certainly improved my morning disposition. I still watch BBC but only later in the day….

    …and thus my sunny mornings are unblighted by UK Pravda bias.

    Today, Fox News featured that video we had on a few days ago.

    But also we got to see Candace Owens.…

    • .

    • Candace Owens by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg
    • Candace Owens…

    …calling on one of the lucky BLM ladies who now dwells in a sumptuous mansion.

    Watch for yourself! https://youtu.be/i4zRnO_jcC0

    Nobody came out to welcome her, but a video soon appeared, a weepy marxist millionairess boo-hooing vigorously.


    Patrisse Cullors.jpg


    Comrade Patrisse Cullors…a key figure in the revolt against civilisation…


    “We are trained Marxists.”
    — Cullors, BLM co-founder


    GOOD FOR YOU, Candace!

    I guess that’s why you got called ‘odious’ by some far-left berk named Andrew Lawrence…


    …in the Guardian last week.


  • ross1948 07:15 on August 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Ready For Oz Tax-Funded Trumpophobic Hit-Job? 

    ‘Germany Calling!’

    That was the call-sign of William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw, who was hanged for treason in 1946.


    .Willian Joyce, taken prisoner


    His content, so I’m told, was propaganda laced with occasional ‘facts,’ and I’ve just seen a trailer on the Australian News Channel, which we, and others, have, from time to time, had cause to criticise…



    ….promising much of the same.

    A Trumpophobic Spectacular! 

    Fox News and The Big Lie.’

    Far-Left Aussie tax-payers will no doubt be delighted.

    The rest of the country may be wondering how long the pinko creeps who infest ABC will be allowed to get away with this kind of BS.

    • Carly McLean 10:12 on August 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I will not watch any of their propaganda.


  • ross1948 16:10 on December 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Fox Invite Back The Ugly Lesbian Foul-Mouth? 

    Donna Brazile Launches Expletive-Ridden Rant Against Roger Stone: ‘Go to F*cking Jail — Hope he Roasts in Hell’

    Appearing Friday on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Fox News contributor Donna Brazile…

    In 1999, The New York Times Magazine described Brazile as an LGBT activist – wikipedia

    And given what we know about Fox’s steady drift to the Left, their axing of a good conservative for exposing the Soros-Crimmigrant link (the Fox axe falling after completely groundless accusations of anti-Semitism…..)


    soro evil

    …we feel entitled to ask if Fox’s ever-so-picky policies on who gets into their studio will result in this filthy-mouthed leftist being similarly banned or will it be allowed back to affront decent viewers again and again?



    Better surely to send her packing, back to share the scene with her old pals at CNN, where she would surely be very much at home with all the other sexually aberrants there, like the nasty homo Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon and ‘gay’ Anderson Cooper.


    • Chesney 22:48 on December 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She is ugly, she is foul mouthed, she is a lesbian. All you say is true.
      Nice we can still get non-fake news from your blog, even if the big media can’t be trusted.
      Fox is getting to be as bad as the rest, should not be hiring people like her and should not be banning anti-Soros truth-tellers.


  • ross1948 02:20 on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    “This HAS To Stop!” Furious Soros Flunkey Demands Censorship! 

    How many times do we see sycophant journo jerks describe George Soros as a ‘philanthropist,’ which means somebody with a benevolent attitude towards his or her fellow-human beings.



    But this definition doesn’t sit well with those who have to put up with his gross meddling in their countries, his plutocratic manipulation of democratic elections…and referenda!


    Image result for soros brexit money

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    …no need to go on, as you may easily insert ‘Soros’ in our Search Engine, over to the right there, and an abundance of reports await your perusal.

    Now, however, even main-stream media, like Yahoo’s own news service, has revealed the vicious rage his flunkeys have unleashed against one honest man who’s spoken up.



    In an appearance with Lou Dobbs, diGenova said “there’s no doubt that George Soros controls a very large part of the career foreign service of the United States State Department.

    He also controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGOs — work with NGOs. That was very evident in Ukraine.” He also said that Soros “wants to run Ukraine and he’s doing everything he can to use every lever of the United States government…


    Image result for digenova

    A former US Federal Attorney, diGenova stated that Soros…

    also controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGOs — work with NGOs.


    We have noticed those…as has the Hungarian Foreign Minister….

    The Hungarian government’s problem with Soros, he said, was that he uses NGOs for political purposes, despite having no “mandate” to do so. “There’s a perception that if you say the word NGO, it goes without saying that it’s a good thing,” he argued. “But that’s not true.”



    And the Guardian writer who was interviewing the old ‘philanthropist’ admitted that Soros ‘side-stepped the question.’.

    But back to the brave man who spilled the beans!.

    That was very evident in Ukraine.”

    He also said that Soros “wants to run Ukraine and he’s doing everything he can to use every lever of the United States government to make that happen, for business interests, not for good government business.”

    .We know the Deep State has never come to terms with the Trump victory.

    Patrick Gaspard, the president of The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropy founded by Soros, fired off a letter to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, calling diGenova’s claims “beyond rhetorical ugliness, beyond fiction, beyond ludicrous.”

    “It’s patently untrue, it’s not even possible. This is McCarthyite,” he wrote.

    So, disregarding the meaningless insult ‘McCarthyite,’ this angry Soros acolyte disagrees with diGenova’s negative assessment of the bad billionaire, as you’d expect, and as he’s entitled to, in a democracy.

    But the furious flunkey goes a LOT further!

    Gaspard called on the network to bar diGenova from further appearances and to issue an on-air retraction, as well as an apology to the State Department and the FBI.




    Patrick ‘Jackboot’ Gaspard wants to institute gestapo tactics  – censorship!

    And to my dismay, reading further, Fox may well oblige.

    The report goes on to say that ‘Fox News banned Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch from appearances after he claimed last year that the migrant caravan at the Southern border was being funded by the “Soros-occupied State Department.” ‘

    Whose game was Fox playing back then?

    Fox News Grovels To Addled Swede Brat! 

    Fox Channel’s Lefty Lesby Soap – Anti-Deportation Drivel! 

    Fox Channel’s Klutz ‘Comedy’ – Anti-ICE, Pro-Crimmigrant ! 

    Now it appears they are giving up on the robust style of anti-left commentary

    Whose game have they been playing a lot recently?

    A Fox News spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Unfortunately, a group called the Anti-Defamation League, originally founded to defend American Jews, but recently allied often with the Left,  jumped in, claiming that anti-Soros resistance was somehow anti-Semitic. That would sound strange to Israel’s Netanyahu, who has criticised Soros more than once.

    But I’m a curious guy. I went over the the far-left Daily Beast, who would surely have made much of any anti-Semitism displayed by diGenova.

    And the ONLY quote they had to offer was a perfectly accurate description of how Soros operates his evil empire..

    .”tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits…”

    That’s exactly how it works!



    • Lando Prieton 16:19 on November 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a total slander to say that people hate Soros because he us Jewish.
      The man’s meddling in other people’s internal politics is why he should be hated and kept out of every country he’s interfered in.


    • Lorne Marzio 19:51 on November 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I think it’s true that Fox has sold out.
      They have this ultra-liberal named Chris Wallace who was really vicious with Congressman Scalise and he seems to worship Schiff’s sh-ts.
      Quote from Wallace: If You’re Not Moved By Yovanovitch’s Testimony, ‘You Don’t Have A Pulse’
      They also use that mean leftist Brazile. I’m sending you some material on her and hope you use it.


  • ross1948 19:25 on November 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Fox News Grovels To Addled Swede Brat! 

    Time to get Fox on the run!

    They are selling out.

    As we have noted, Fox soaps have become toxic with leftery.

    Fox Channel’s Lefty Lesby Soap – Anti-Deportation Drivel! 

    Fox Channel’s Klutz ‘Comedy’ – Anti-ICE, Pro-Crimmigrant ! 

    Now it appears they are giving up on the robust style of anti-left commentary which made them so popular.

    Michael Knowles is not well-known outside the USA…



    Image result for michael knowles"


    …but he’s popular Stateside, largely because he doesn’t mince his words.

    “If it were about science it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left,” Knowles said on a talk-show called The Story. 

    But telling the truth was too much for a thin-skinned pinko creep also on the show, Christopher Hahn, by name.


    Image result for christopher hahn"


    Hahn could hardly deny that the brat is indeed addled, or that her parents are leftists who obviously have facilitated their sad offspring’s evolution into a mouthy dork, who lards her fatuous outbursts with scowls when she scents dissent.

    So, a Media-Dem par excellence, Hahn threw a juvenile tantrum all his own.

    “Yeah, I mean, you’re a grown man and you’re attacking a child. Shame on you,” Hahn said, making a total fool of himself, since the ‘child’ has for a long time been getting above itself…


    Image result for greta thunberg


    …puffed up with delusions of significance, shouting aggressively at grown-ups, and the brat would without doubt benefit greatly…


    Image result for woodshed spanking"


    ….as I think one of my blog-commenters has suggested, from a trip to the wood-shed.

    OK. The cut and thrust of tv natter-shows.

    But then Fox News chose to crawl on its collective belly…



    “The comment made by Michael Knowles who was a guest on The Story tonight was disgraceful. We apologize to Greta Thunberg and to our viewers.”


    And I hope all those viewers will join me in responding to Fox News!


    • Ken Kasic 21:35 on November 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Another Fox contributor was criticized for comparing the Brat to Children of The Corn. i think Village of the Damned is a better comparison. Even more when you think the book it was based on was called The Midwich Cuckoos. It was written by John Wyndham, one of your great British sci-fi writers.


    • Vinnie Fiore 21:50 on November 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I hardly watch Fox anymore.
      They are trying to scrap some of their best stars like Tucker and Judge J, and now they say they will not have Knowles back.
      CNN are the leftwing channel and the chances of Fox competing with CNN are zero.
      They should go back to what made them popular, being pro-American.


  • ross1948 18:36 on March 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition! Don’t Let Soros Attack-Dogs Tear Down Tucker! 

    I don’t always go to bat for Fox News, which has hired some dubious characters in recent years.

    Fox’s Fave Leftists Slapped Down In ISIS Row! 

    The magnate who launched it was, in my view, motivated by commercial rather than ideological motives.

    Having seen how appalled millions of American patriots were by the glaring left bias of much of U.S. media, Murdoch‘s brilliant business brain recognised that a channel orientated to patriotism could be a money-maker.

    He was correct, and who can blame him?


    Image result for tucker carlson


    Whatever, it  has been a success, and one of its stars has been Tucker Carlson!

    He’s been doing a grand job for the patriot cause…

    Don’t Touch These Companies With A Barge-Pole! 

    …as we have mentioned from time to time.

    Now a pinko clique called Media Matters…


    Image result for media matters soros

    … Sorosites, of course, want to take him down! It’s not the first time we’ve looked at attempts to silence the man…

    Don’t Touch These Companies With A Barge-Pole! 

    …but it needs to be fought.

    Good Americans know a lot about this, so I won’t rattle on, simply offer the petition, below, for concerned citizens in the USA to sign.

    Have a nice day!


    • Stacy Gray 18:42 on March 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s great to see Tucker is getting support from so far away. I just stumbled on your blog this week and can’t get enough of it.
      You will have seen this story about how he is fighting back but if not, your readers should enjoy it.

      WATCH: Tucker Carlson Nukes Media Matters’ President, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes
      Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Media Matters president Angelo Carusone on Wednesday over racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted writings from his past.



    • Ben Baniek 07:06 on March 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We like Tucker, so we will sign.


    • Ken Kasic 01:42 on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Media Matters is a group aimed at suppressing not just Tucker Carlson but Fox News and any patriot media that challenges the left’s domination of the news.

      Here’s a list published on a conservative website of ‘advertisers who have pulled out or considering pulling out of Tucker’s show’ and you should get in touch with them.
      Some you may never have heard of but some like Jaguar Landrover are big names that should be warned off playing the far-left game.

      23andMe (Statement). ASPCA (Report) Abbvie (Report) Ancestry (Report) AstraZeneca (Report)
      Bowflex (Report)
      Career Builder (Report). Credit Sesame (Statement)
      Farmers Insurance (Statement)Graze (Report) Harris Teeter (Report). IHOP (Report). Indeed (Report)

      Jaguar Land Rover (Report)

      Just For Men (Report)
      Leesa Sleep (Report). Lexus (Report)Mint Mobile (Report) Minted (Report) Nerd Wallet (Report)

      Pacific Life (Report)

      Red Lobster Restaurant (Report) Robitussin (Report) Sandisk (Statement) Scottevest (Report)
      Sheex (Report) Smile Direct Club (Report)
      SodaStream (Report) SunBasket (Report)TD Ameritrade (Report)
      Takeda Pharma (Report). Totes Isotoner (Report) United Explorer Card (Report)
      Zenni Optical


  • ross1948 19:36 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Touch These Companies With A Barge-Pole! 

    Sick of ‘diversity’ diktats?’


    Fed Up with witch-hunts?


    If so….

    Image result for pacific life

    “As a company, we strongly disagree with Mr. Carlson’s statements…”


    BOYCOTT Pacific Life Insurance!

    And the rest of the rotten rat-pack out to silence critics of crimmigration.


    Tucker Carlson

    Tucker Carlson – “

    ”We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided. Immigration is a form of atonement.

    Previous leaders of our country committed sins; we must pay for those sins by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans.” 


    Wise words!

    But now there is a concerted commercial assault on Tucker Carlson, the Fox News star who keeps telling the truth about unwanted and undesirable aliens.


    Big business, now widely recognised as a hostile element by patriots, not just in America, but in many other nations too, has shown its true colours.

    Here are a few more of the pinko pack that have chosen sides, the wrong side, and do not deserve your custom.



    Nautilus, Inc., parent company for Bowflex.



    Minted, an online design marketplace.

    Just For Men


    Teach them a lesson!


    • Elias Jaeson 20:09 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Right on.
      If they go after people like Carlson who are on our side, we have got to go after them.
      One problem.
      Most of these companies I never heard of before.


    • Mort 22:13 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have been busy recently and have not had enough time to comment or even read your blog every day as I used to.
      This is one subject I will make time to comment on, however.
      These businesses can naturally place adverts with whoever they like, but when they openly admit they are targeting opponents of open border immigration, like Tucker Carlson, then it is of the utmost importance that they be made to understand there is a price to be paid for their leftwing prejudices.

      I will be asking my numerous acquaintances to spread your message into every corner of the conservative media.
      Could I also suggest you do what you have done in the past, publish the telephone numbers and email addresses of the offending companies, inparticular any ‘free-fone’ numbers which costs angry callers nothing and can be used to get our message across all day long, and through the night too.

      I will see if I can find any contact details for any of themand send them on,but knowing how thorough you are, forgive me if I leave much of the research to you.
      Or any other readers, who want to play a part in the counter-attack.


      • ross1948 22:22 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Good thinking, Mort, and it took me all of 5 minutes to find these numbers, which might be of use to anyone who wishes to discuss insurance issues etc. with Pacific Life

        To Request a quote
        Toll-Free Phone: (877) 536-4382, Option 1
        Mailing Address: Pacific Life Insurance
        700 Newport Center Drive
        Newport Beach, CA 92660

        For Customer Service:
        Toll-Free Number: (800) 800-9534
        777 Research Drive
        Lincoln, NE 68521

        To Request a Quote
        Toll-Free Phone: (877) 536-4382, Option 1


        • Chrissie Miles 22:33 on December 19, 2018 Permalink

          Save you the trouble, friends, here is Minted’s number.

          Within US: 1.888.828.6468 | Outside US: 1.415.528.2708

          Phone Hours of Operation:
          6am-5pm PST Mon-Fri | 7am-5pm PST Sat-Sun


    • Chrissie Miles 22:44 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And here is another number, for the SmileDirectClub..
      ‘Give us a call at (800) 848-7566 …’


    • Ken Kasic 23:03 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I gather IHOP makes pancakes. Diverse pancakes, I expect.
      Their existence is news to me but they have an enquiry form here .
      …but no phone number, sorry to tell you.


    • Vinnie Fiore 23:15 on December 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      JustForMen’s web page is an entertaining read and if you want to ‘color’ your old grey hair, Ross, or order up some coloring, you can ask them on these numbers!

      product related questions,
      call us at 1-800-431-2610
      order related questions,
      call us at 1-800-255-6607

      If you want to ask them why they dislike conservative broadcasters too, let us know what they say, please.


    • Edward Lamont 01:29 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Nerdwallet inexplicably does not take calls from would-be customers.
      How do I find NerdWallet’s phone number?
      NerdWallet does not provide phone support at this time.
      Currently, we offer support through email, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.
      To get help from a Nerd, email us at support@nerdwallet.com.


  • ross1948 08:34 on October 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Well Done, Fox Reporter! 

    Excuse me, sir, were you trying to cross into America illegally?”

    A Fox reporter named Griff Jenkins spotted crimmigrants advancing on America and yelled out, and thus did his country a real service, as a boatload of wannabe parasites U-turned and slithered back towards where they belong.

    His news channel rightly took pride in his admirable action.

    “Griff Foils Illegals’ Attempt to Cross Border” 




    Yet such is the extent of engrained treachery in the American Left that RT reports that the good reporter has been ‘shamed online’ for doing what is the duty of every good citizen anywhere, prevent law-breakers succeeding in their criminal enterprise! 

    • Ken Kasic 15:15 on October 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The federal government should give him a good citizenship medal and a small but respectable reward, say $50 or $100, and tell everyone else that anybody with proof of doing such a good deed will get the same.

      I like to go hunting but I would exchange the deer as my quarry for a chance to roust illegals anyday.


      • Scott Ebber 00:56 on October 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Cmon down to Arizona, Ken.
        Our people are preparing, like our friends in California and in Texas.
        No matter where that caravan chooses to ram our borders, they will get a shock to their system!
        Let us know if you are free to join in next month or whenever the need arises. This is an open invitation we are spreading around the internet.
        You will be welcome.


    • Belinda B 17:07 on October 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      God bless him, and damn the illegals


    • Vinnie F 20:15 on October 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good guy!f
      Why is this even news?
      Every American should be doing the same as the Fox mam.


  • ross1948 16:37 on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Fox News, NCIS Mark Harmon,   

    Fox TV Law Enforcement Drama Fawns On Illegals! 

    • Considering Fox is meant to a haven of sanity in a broadcasting bedlam of bias, we need to ask, again –

      Aidng And Abetting Crimmigrants – Fox’s Pro-Parasite Propaganda!  –

      – why the Fox media empire peddles pukey tripe.

      I was a bit discomfited last week when Theresa the Appeaser told UK media that her preferred mode of relaxation was to watch NCIS, since it’s one of my faves too.



      When the said show had Michelle Obama waddle onto one of their episodes a year or two back, I wasn’t impressed at all, but I put it down to (a bad) experience.

      Yet last week the entire NCIS all-action episode was a propaganda plug for illegal aliens, esp. the infamous ‘unaccompanied minor’ element thereof.


      Hasil gambar untuk ncis


      The sweet little heroine was one such, and there she was, amid a room full of well-behaved children, real children, not the scumbag teens ––  who in the real world constitute a high proportion of bludger-brats.

      Her crimmigrant daddy too turned out to be a paragon of virtue.

      Hasil gambar untuk fox gibbs ncis

      The weekly show ended with Gibbs, the generally admirable guy who leads the law enforcement team, offering the camera a face clouded with grim concern, about ‘what happens next.’


      As with all illegal immigrants, of course, what SHOULD happen next is prompt deportation to their countries of origin, where honest decent applicants wait in line for the chance to come to America.

      But Gibbs, in real life actor Mark Harmon, and the rest of the cast, presented the issue as one in which expulsion would be unforgivable!

      Fox should be told that THEIR behaviour is unforgivable.



      TV dramas, especially those concerned with fighting crime, ought not to be used to drum up support for law-breakers.

    • Robby Kenda 19:23 on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Fox is not to be trusted even if the news we get there is more balanced than other networks.
      Like you have, I’ve noticed this kind of insidious twisting of plots in Fox drama series and crime shows, and they need to stop using leftwing and liberal script writers.
      The more people complain,the more we might have a chance to clean them out.


    • Hank Hunter 22:29 on July 31, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That’s highly regrettable, not the dodgy Fox bosses, I saw they were working with those Vice leftists, and expect no better from them.
      I mean Gibbs and Co letting their acting skills be used to promote the illegal cause.
      I always enjoy NCIS, and the New Orleans spin off but now this takes some of the charm out of it.


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