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    Bravo, Borneo – Cops Order ‘Kill-Kill’ Cleric, ‘Get Outa Here!’ 

    A little fatigued this morning, after two good nights out in a row, but I am buoyed by black coffee..


    …AND by exhilirating news from that huge island known to English-speakers as Borneo, where armed security forces blocked the intrusion of infamous hate-preacher Sobri Lubis into West Kalimantan Province.


    Sobri Lubis told he’s not welcome – now watch and listen – this video was made a few years ago, when he shrieked his monstrous call for a jihadist mob to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh’ (KILL KILL KILL!)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  – 


    Lubis arrived with another Islamist fanatic, Bachtiar Nasir, Chairman of the National Movement for the Defense of the Indonesian Ulema Council (GNPF-MUI)…


    Gambar terkait

    Bachtiar belly-aching beside Islamist flag in Jakarta


    ….that’s the bunch who have orchestrated the fanatic campaign against Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok over the bizarre ‘blasphemy’ allegations.

    Kalimantan has lots of very sensible people. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from them.

    Bravo Dayaks – Mass Airport Rally to Block IslamoNazis 

    ..and this ..

    Lubis, of the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders’ Front,’ (FPI) has long been notorious throughout Indonesia, since his revolting harangue before a mob of savages…


    Hasil gambar untuk sobri kalimantan


    …when he screamed at them to ‘KILL, KILL, KILL’ members of the Ahmadi religious minority.  No charges were ever brought against him for this blatant incitement to murder innocent people.

    So it was incredibly refreshing to see him forced to turn tail and scuttle back to Jakarta, after he and his equally intolerant companion were confronted by ‘hundreds’ of police and army personnel at the local Supadio airport.

    The deployment of so many was required because not only were there two nasties flying in but a large IslamoNazi mob were organising a convoy towards Supadio to welcome them. That rabble too was successfully prevented from any such sectarian display.

    In a related issue of Pojoksatu, we learn that the bigots (I won’t use the word in the original report – ‘scholars!’) had planned their trip to to join in the inauguration of a new FPI branch.

    But I give pride of place to this one sentence –

    Finally Ustaz Sobri Lubis and his entourage were forced to leave the airport and fly back to Jakarta at 20:02 pm

    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

    What a joy, to see how responsible law enforcement can make a difference!

    And what a difference between the police in West Kalimantan, who recognise sectarian menace when they see it, and Indonesia’s National Police Chief, Tito Karnavian, the man entrusted with nationwide prevention of malignant thuggery.

    “… I have long talked with FPI friends  and had many conversations with their high imam (Rizieq).” said Karnavian….

    —-Oh, yes, THAT Rizieq…

    Rizieq, with his rabid hero, Ba’asyir, who’s currently doing time for terror-links


    Habib Rizieq, FPI ‘high imam’ who thinks our nice Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse?

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/


    “He was very tolerant actually… FPI is an Islamic organization so very tolerant of other religions,” he added. Video Viral, Tito Karnavian: FPI Ormas Islam yang Sangat Toleran

    It was so depressing when we read those words of his, regarding the notorious vigilante gang as a –


    Hasil gambar untuk tito karnavian

    National Police Chief Tito Karnavian


    Many of you won’t have the Indonesian language skills to follow what the country’s senior policeman says on the video, so here are a few more – 

    Tito Karnavian declared that FPI is a community organization that is tolerant.

    According to Tito, their activities like that he attended will get rid of the ugly stigma of the FPI as “radical and militant synonymous with violence and intolerance.”

    Karnavian added that this stigma is maybe applied as a label by the mass media and then influences the public….

    Yeah, right.



    Indonesia’s Top Cop Calls IslamoNazi Gang ‘Very Tolerant!’ 

    Look back at our January post in which we first covered Tito’s comments and be reminded of the true nature of the FPI.


    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

     uas II.



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      I wish all our provinces could be so wise.


    • Santi 18:05 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, the Kalimantan police do well against the FPI .
      Today I pray Pak Tito will wake up and tell all police to make Indonesia clean again.


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    “I’m A Pick-Pocket!” OK! So Why Not Shame IslamoNazis? 

    Speaking of criminals – I refer to my previous post, in which I abhorred Obama’s ( admittedly unsurprising) empathy with treasonous freaks…

    Breaking – Obama Commutes Traitor Freak’s Sentence 

    …I thought overseas readers might be interested in the sort of scene which met my gaze a few days ago when I transitted Harmoni Central Halte Busway, the main bus junction in Jakarta.


    Hasil gambar untuk saya copet harmoni“I am a pick-pocket!’ (no camera on me, so that is a previous example – seems it happens a lot, tho I’d not witnessed it before!)


    I emerged from a Route 8 bus and was walking up to catch another, heading south, when I passed what I at first took to be an effigy.

    Not so!

    It moved (very slightly) and I slowed down to stare at the individual with his hands bound behind his back and a sign slung round his neck, declaring to all the world that –


    Seems he had been apprehended, and probably roughly handled – one hopes- for trying to steal from law-abiding users of the bus-way.

    A good idea?

    Probably, though if all the pick-pockets in Jakarta were caught and similarly subjected to public shaming, it would cause congestion at bus-stops!


    • Paris-Pickpockets
    • ——-
    • When I was new to the city, I fell prey to such anti-social swine, and, though now alert to the risks (and thus unscathed for years) I gather it still goes on, a lot.
    • But what I’d like to see is the same treatment meted out to other sorts of criminals as well.
    • ——-
    • The rich corruption convicts, of whom there are way too many, and sectarian hoodlums…



    …don’t get put in places like busways with signs round their necks identifying their outrageous crimes.

    …even when they attack the police!

    There are other undesirables about too, all over Indonesia, not just in Jakarta, like those foul brutes in Cikeusik…



    Cikeusik, Banten Province, February 6th, 2011. Watch the pigs at their bloody work on this link..   http://www.liveleak.com/view.


    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

    … and those cowardly louts in Jogjakarta, whose violence we covered some time ago…

    IslamoNazi Thugs Attack Indonesian Artist in Jogja 

    If such anti-social creatures were put on display in public places, people would probably not just cast a dismissive glance at the scum and walk by.

    Likely, they’d be spat on, kicked, or at least loudly derided.

    And THAT would be a VERY good thing.

    So why does it never seem to happen?

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    Jakarta Fanatic Rally – Traffic Havoc – Top Cop Speaks Up! 

    Good to hear Indonesia’s top cop has pledged to prevent the Islamist fanatics implementing their nasty anti-social scheme to create traffic havoc.

    General Tito Karnavian denounced the notorious sectarian extremist Habib Rizieq’s statement, which said the Dec. 2 protesters would carry out Friday prayers across the capital’s two main roads, namely Jl. MH Thamrin and Jl. Sudirman.


    Curiously, the Jakarta Post reporter didn’t explain to JP readers about Rizieq, whom they described merely as a ‘spokesman’ for the GNPF-MUI  – that’s the recently organised ‘National Movement to Save the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Edicts…

    Oh, and –

    Edicts, BTW,should have been left in its original, untranslated form, FATWAS

    fatwa mui sholeh

    Cops – “Islamist ‘Scholars’ Can Veto Religious Liberty” 

    If you want to know more about the Indonesian Ulema Council’s fatwas,then you can flick through our search box and chortle at the absurd yoga ban, and shudder at their awful habit of running to the police to back up their dogmatic intolerance.


    FPI_13Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).

    FPI in action


    But the JP should have said that Rizieq is in fact the ‘high priest’ of the IslamoNazi thug-gang, the FPI, self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’

    Again, check out our search box for their horrid habits.

    • ooooooooooooooooooooo
    • habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi
    • Rizieq


    Of course here in Indonesia, everyone knows that, but overseas readers should not be left in the dark about the true nature of the forces of darkness! 

    Tito said if demonstrators insisted on holding their rally on those roads, the police would disperse them and act firmly to anyone who opposed the police.


    Muslims can like everyone else, pray at any time, and in any place. I had a very nice Muslim colleague in London, who would pray in our staff smoking room. No problem.

    But we have seen both here…Jakarta – Top Cop Slams Traff-Islamic-Jams   … and in Western countries…Paris ban on Muslim street prayers comes into effect – BBC News… examples of irresponsible crowds brazenly and needlessly obstructing  public roads and footpaths. 

    • macetsemanggi1

    ‘normal’ Jakarta traffic jam

    • This should be outlawed and stern action taken.


    General Tito talks sense too about how to handle amok-runs, like that seen in Jakarta on 4th November.  

    Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    Violent protesters would be charged with articles 212 to 218 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) on attacks against public officials.


    That will be widely applauded, if it happens.


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    New Jakarta Fears – ISIS Rape-Gang Fans At Fanatic Demo? 

    While the guns of the besiegers are hopefully thinning the satanic ranks of the ISIS rape-gang in Mosul…


    shoot terrs


    …here in Jakarta fears about the horde of fanatics ready to swarm the city centre tomorrow –No Guarantee Jakarta March Peaceful, Yet Police Disarmed? – were heightened by a warning from a government minister.



    IS sympathizers will join anti-Ahok rally: Minister

    President Jokowi’s Minister of Defence has today revealed that he’s got information that sympathizers of the Islamic State (IS) radical movement would join the massive demonstration..


    .Ex-General Ryacudu’s words should be heeded.

    Certainly the bizarre policy of using unarmed police to escort the frothing fanatics on their hate-march needs urgently to be reviewed. 

    Hasil gambar untuk Ryamizard Ryacudu

    Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu


    In fact, one hopes that the top-quality anti-terror unit, Densus 88, will be close by.

    They’re excellent at pest-control.


    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?


    That’s why the Islamist elements detest them so keenly!

    At least there is some news to give a little comfort and joy to decent citizens alarmed by the sort of blood-thirsty sectarians massing tonight for their show of strength tomorrow.

    ...the TNI announced that 500 military elite personnel from the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) and Air Force Special Forces (Paskas) would be part of the security detail .

    Again, one has to hope –  that at least these sturdy fellows will not be deprived of their guns!

    But mention of the ISIS rape-gang reminds us.

    Their evil minions issued death threats against the government and security forces a year and a half ago.

    Satanic ISIS Threaten Indonesia Blood-Bath! 

    Supporters of the vermin have made little effort to conceal their treasonous allegiance.


    Scumbags in Jakarta with ISIS flags -in 2014!


    Over two years ago, the top brass here promised they were hot on the trail of the terrorists.

    ‘ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko!

    Why are such people still loose?  

    • Hari GaBagus 12:43 on November 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I think it is terrible that there are ISIS fans here and the police know it and do not arrest them.

      Rizieq and all his FPI want Ahok prosecuted for insulting Islam so why do the FPI not want the police to arrest all these ISIS fans for insulting Islam, because that is what they do every time they speak and act.


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    Pagi, Evi! You Hate Hypocrisy? Why Work For Jakarta Post? 

    It’s a glorious hot, sunny morning in Jakarta, so I am drinking coffee and browsing media output – no visitors today, as my usual guests will be back at work after enjoying their weekend.

    Lucky me – a day of agreeable indolence looms.


    • Hasil gambar untuk sunny coffee morning
    • ——————–
    • And here’s what’s caught my eye!
    • No, not the coffee-cup!
    • The following peculiar accusation of hypocrisy aimed at Jakarta’s Governor Ahok!


    many of my friends cheered when Ahok said the FPI should be disbanded without realizing that it was actually a violation of the Constitution, Article 28I paragraph 1 on freedom of assembly and expressing opinion to be exact.


    That’s an extract from a JP article by some lady I’ve never heard of, called Evi Mariani. No surprise I don’t know her – she’s a ‘staff writer for the Jakarta Post.’  

    I do wonder if the Jakarta Post is planning to endorse one of Ahok’s opponents. There have been straws in the wind before this –The Jakarta Post’s Horrible Hate Headline! 

    However, it’s unlikely to sway many votes – it’s a contemptible, hypocritical newspaper, whose advice decent people should ignore.




    It purports to be ‘liberal’ while maintaining total editorial silence about one of the worst examples of sectarian censorship Jakarta has seen in recent years.

    We take every opportunity to remind everyone around the world of the JP’s failure to condemn the Hitlerian book-burning committed a couple of years ago by the newspaper’s parent company, grovelling Gramedia, at the behest of Islamist fanatics.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning books

    • The book’s ‘offence’ was that it upset the most extreme fanatics in the archipelago
    • …………………..

    Ms. Evi’s words above are part of a diatribe against Governor Ahok, whom thousands of ignoramuses currently want to murder because he allegedly used a verse from the Koran in a way that fanatics don’t like.


    • ahok

    Ahok, a man long hated by the forces of darkness.. 

    Look Who’s Talking? FPI Lout Munarman Calls Ahok Arrogant! 

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 


    There are criticisms properly to be levelled against Ahok, his silliness about bikinis-  ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS! …..and more seriously, his harsh demolition of Kali Jodo…

    Wong Cilik, Ahok, TNI – Tragedi Kali Jodo! 

    But at this time it might be wiser to focus on the gangster group that seeks to use shariah law to justify having him put to death him…the very FPI that Evi reckons has ‘rights.’

    The IslamoNazi record speaks for itself.

    There are individuals and groups here in Indonesia who believe in shariah law with all its iniquitous cruelties…


    • ma'arruf amin

    • Ma’aruf

    • ———-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair, Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.


    Evi may be right in her interpretation of the constitution – maybe these people do have the right to demand law-codes that seek to institutionalise oppression.

    It’s debatable.

    Since WW2, Nazi parties, even verbal expressions of support for Nazism, have been banned in Germany and other European countries.



    Birds of a feather


    Yet Nazism’s evil twin, Communism, is permitted!

    Something very wrong about those Western bans – a total double-standard.

    Communism, in fact, killed more innocents than Hitler. One reason why the vicious totalitarians of the PKI, Indonesian Communist Party, are outlawed here.

    Nazis and Communists are both monstrous – if one monster is banned, both should be. 


    However, let’s concentrate on the present-day danger, the FPI, whose record of malevolent violence and incitement to murder is hardly news…


    fpi kill busddhist



    FPI’s Sobri Lubis

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –KILL, KILL, KILL‘ innocent members of the Ahmadiyah minority.


    …but they must be news to Evi, since she doesn’t want the FPI banned. The above examples are not ‘rogue’ members of the white-shirt hoodlum outfit, but typical. They seriously think shariah outweighs the law of the land. 

    So, Evi, why NOT outlaw them, as the PKI reds are banned?


    But as to Ahok – his outspokenness is one of the most attractive features of his character…

    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!”  

    …a refreshing contrast to the mealy-mouthed euphemisms we hear too often, and not just from other politicians!

    Many journo hacks are notable for their pathetic use of the term ‘a certain religion‘ instead of naming which creed they mean – we here in Indonesia can usually figure it out, but overseas readers are left to try to discern whether Jehovah’s Witnesses or Zen Buddhists are involved…big hint – they’re not!

    It’s deliberate, craven media dishonesty.


    Evi’s final words are puzzling. 

    I used to be proud of calling myself a liberal.

    Why anyone would say such a thing is beyond me. Liberalism is naught to be proud of.

    However, there’s hope. 

    Now, I am not so sure anymore.

    She should make up her mind, and, if she hates hypocrisy so much, resign from the Jakarta Post.

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    Kill-Joy Kiss-Haters Also Detest Anti-Terror Cops! 

    Only last week we recorded the incandescent indignation expressed by one of Sulawesi’s leading IslamoNazis, Abdul Thoriq, at the heinous sacrilege commited by a couple of kids who dared enjoy a yummy snog by the sea-shore in Makassar.


    FOTO: FPI Makassar desak DPRD Sulsel Bubarkan Densus 88 - fpi_20160330_195932.jpg


    Now one his vigilante gang comrades is having a tantrum against Densus 88, the National Police’s Special Anti-Terror Detachment. The Commander of the South Sulawesi FPI, M Rahman, said that 120 people have been killed as terrorist suspects without going through the court process.
    “Lately we have had issues with a motorcycle gang, and the police submitted them to court. Why were that 120 not sent to court – why they were killed?”

    I can’t of course speak for the brave guys and gals of Densus…




    … but perhaps their response might be that bikers may well be a pain in the neck yet barbarous sectarians have murdered hundreds of innocent people, both Indonesian and foreign, and we saw not long ago, here in Jakarta, that they are still intent on doing so.


    But while one expects nothing useful from the FPI, what’s astounding is that they were joined in their protests by Muhammadiyah, one of the largest ‘moderate’ Muslim outfits in the archipelago.

    Their Makassar man,  Sirajuddin, is up in arms (metaphorically!) because a Koranic teacher taken by Densus died in detention, ‘so Muhammadiyah has set up a legal aid and complaints post.’



    And it turns out that a senior academic, from Makassar’s Muhammadiyah University, was also on hand, though his contribution to the show of strength was limited to this – ‘with trembling hands,  Irwan  Akib said the takbir repeatedly.

    So what does that mean?

    The takbir is the slogan we’ve heard from the migrant rabble on the Greek-Macedonian border as they hurl stones at police officers defendng their country against crimmigration.

    We also heard it during the Cikeusik Pogrom, here in Indonesia, when a thousand squalid hoodlums battered three innocent men to death.

    Western readers may recognise it more easily as ‘Allahu Akbar!’

    • Irafan 10:07 on April 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Indonesia tidak takut.
      We are not afraid of terrorists. Long live Densus 88


    • Budi 12:17 on April 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I want Densus 88 to win. No reason to stop them if they are shooting terorist bad people.
      FPI always on wrong side everywhere.


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    Takes One To Know One? UK Journo Uses Hate-Group To Map KKK 

    So The Independent is in a tizzy about the Ku Klux Klan? Which has maybe between 3 and 7 members ( maximum!) per city in the USA?http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/map-the-scary-number-of-us-states-that-still-have-an-active-kkk-chapter–WJegB8EApCx


    • kkkflying Racist KKK

    fpikkk Islamist FPI


    • I don’t have much time for hooded vigilantes – living in Indonesia, where similar figures can be seen when IslamoNazi thugs go a-raiding, one’s distaste for such characters is easy to maintain.

    But what struck me as appalling is how blithely this Grub Street hack, Louis Dore,  opted to use a notorious marxist hate-group to track the KKK’s antics.




    The Southern Poverty Law Centre has little to do with poverty, except maybe for the impoverished intellects of hacks who rely on their propaganda instead of doing real research.

    But it does provide a centre for the dissemination of hate against conervatives of all varieties in the USA. We’ve covered something of its dangerous nonsense before. It was exposed after leftists in the military used its resources to target Christians.

    The Enemy Within the US Army! 

    It was also an inspiration in the violent, would-be murderous attack on the American Family Association.   Check out this link for the video –http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/25/watch-the-splc-inspired-floyd-corkins-try-to-kill-a-family-research-center-security-guard-and-straight-get-his-beat/

    And…the SPLC attacked the American Legion for its support of immigration enforcement, which they called “Legionnaires’ Disease.”

    This is indicative of what the SPLC is really about. Instead of monitoring “hate” and “extremism,” they are concerned with tarring patriotic Americans who oppose their left wing agenda as haters and extremists…

    In an excellent report put out by the Center for Immigration Studies, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jerry Kammer detailed the smear tactics used by the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence those in the immigration debate.




    You can read a lot more about these rabid reds in our post here. 

    The Enemy Within the US Army! 

    But the issue today is surely whether or not The Independent’s Louis Dore knew their true character.

    If he didn’t, he’s a poor reporter. If he did, he’s a menace. 

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    IslamoNazis Rally Bigot Horde to Quell ‘Disobedient’ Poor! 

    The arrogance of the IslamoNazi FPI is hardly news, but mass resistance by their victims is!

    Klaten is quite a large town in Central Java. I spent a few days there some years ago, attending a Muslim wedding. The people were friendly and tolerant, well aware I wasn’t Muslim but nobody cared. I enjoyed their welcome and their chat.


     Central Java, Klaten in red

    Admittedly, I didn’t visit the neighbourhood in the news this week,  what might be called an ‘economically disadvantaged’ public housing area called Bareng Lor, but I salute those poor folks today, as they face INVASION by a horde of fanatic louts.

    The trouble started on Saturday, when eight FPI members told a group of people having a pesta miras (drinking party) to stop their disobedience. http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/16/02/09/o29r9w377-berawal-dari-anggota-fpi-yang-mengingatkan-pemabuk-bentrokan-pun-pecah

     These intolerant fanatics are in the habit of sticky-beaking around town (any town) telling people what they may or may not do. Here’s a picture of their benevolent advice being dished out in another Indonesian town.


    • FPI_13 ‘Please stop eating!’ – was that how they put it?


    This time, lo and behold, their ‘disobedient’ victims figured their party was none of the bigots’ business. When ‘the group of people fled toward their residential area shouting that the FPI were thieves,  suddenly residents and security guards immediately beat eight FPI members, four of whom were injured.’


    The report doesn’t explain that accusation, but to yell ‘thief’ is a common way of bringing loads of locals rushing out their doors to deal with anti-social threats – which the FPI certainly is!

    Overseas readers need to understand that there are no bars, pubs, cafes or anything like them, in poor areas here. There are tiny warungs and wartegs, like where I will be eating again tomorrow…


    kkwarung rizky


    … but they’d be at risk of harassment if they sold alcohol. You can’t even buy a bottle of beer in a mini-mart here anymore, after the government caved in to wearisome prohibitionism.

    And poor people have tiny houses, which aren’t big enough for parties, as a rule. So they may well choose to sit out in what pass for ‘parks’ – small squares of greenery – and socialise there.  And if there’s ructions? 

    In the poor kampungs here, folks don’t hang about waiting for cops to come strolling by. They yell out. And residents rush out to help – which the dwellers in Bareng Lor did. Would they rush out if it were dreadful disobedents yelling for help? Or did they see whay was afoot and decide the white-shirts deserved a come-uppance for sticky-beaking?

    Whatever, ‘unaccepting of such treatment, the FPI sought vengeance on Monday afternoon. They brought mob support from various Islamic organizations, ranging from the FUI, JAT, the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, the Assembly of the Islamic Jihad, and Kokam Muhammadiyah Klaten.

    In this reprisal, three local residents were injured.

    That’s just typical FPI.  Start trouble, harass people, then run for cover, squealing. We saw that not long ago in Purwakarta.

    Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 

    And Sukorejo was much the same,when they scuttled to a mosque, terrified of local citizens’ righteous anger after an FPI vehicle killed a local housewife.


    fpi skulk in mosque

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

    The thugs needed a police escort out of town at dead of night, back then. This time, they ran away and are reportedly coming back mob-handed.

    I’ve not heard of the KMK but the other organisations mentioned comprise the worst sort of jihadist jerks. If you put the names or letters into our search box you’ll be able to study their shameful record.

    Now of course the police are taking an interest. Access to the area is being blockaded. Such a pity they hadn’t been there in the first place!

    If they’d ordered the intruders to mind their own business, the trouble would never have started, nor escalated to the point where thousands of are reportedly ready to even the score…Islamic organizations from around Klaten are also touted ready to invade.  http://m.harianindo.com/2016/02/09/80172/mencekam-bentrokan-antara-fpi-dengan-penghuni-rusunawa-dan-warga-bareng-lor/

    That last word shows clearly who’s in the right.


    The Islamist thug gangs are outsiders, intruding into areas they don’t belong.

    Police Senior Commissioner Alfian, who has been trying mediation by bringing together the components of society, housing managers, scholars, and other Islamic organizations to find common ground, would be better to tell the sectarian vigilante  gangs to get lost and leave people to enjoy themselves as they please.

    As I’ve said before, why should police ‘mediate’ between trouble-makers and those they trouble.


    • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). IslamoNazis offering social counselling
    • ——————————————————–
    • Curious to learn more, I turned back to to Republika.com, which is a notably Islamic media source. And it turns out that the FPI’s local gauleiter is, to say the least, not top of the pops in Bareng Lor.

    Several groups of residents and tenants want Bonni Azwar, FPI leader, to be put out of Klaten territory. He is reckoned to have  frequently performed actions that are considered disturbing to the public.   http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/daerah/16/02/09/o29r9w377-berawal-dari-anggota-fpi-yang-mengingatkan-pemabuk-bentrokan-pun-pecah

    Bonni, to be fair, has denounced the original scoldees as preman -thugs! And he doesn’t like a ‘thug’ guy named Suli, whom he claims was involved in the original fight. But he says the police aren’t ‘brave enough’ to prosecute Suli for his alleged misdeeds. Interesting. 

    Interesting, too, that so many people are up in arms to support a ‘thug.’

    But what about Bonni’s own disturbing actions? What might Bonni (a singularly inappropriate name for an IslamoNazi killjoy) have got his knickers in a twist about?

    Righteous Republika tells all!

    According to the observations of Islamic organizations, Taman Lampion, a leafy park there,is commonly used for immoral events. Many young couples are dating until late at night.”


    OH NO!

    “In fact, it is often used as a platform for binge drinking. No wonder if the Islamic organizations target the perpetrators for eradicaion.”

    Heck, and some people say I’m not the most objective reporter!

    • Intan S.erayu 08:50 on February 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      FPI always make problems. FPI always violent and bad for Indonesia.
      I am proud to be a Central Java person. Sukorejo and Klaten show Indonesia people are not scared of this gang.


  • ross1948 09:54 on January 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: fpi, , , , , , ,   

    Oh Yeah? IslamoNazi ‘Kill-Kill-Kill’ Ranter Condemns Jakarta Terror! 

    An outstanding example of civic-minded Islamist compassion in the news this weekend, with a notorious IslamoNazi agitator – evidently forgetful of his own incitement to murder innocent people ( caught on video !)  expressing the FPI thug gang’s condemnation of terrorism and expressing sympathies with victims.



    This attempt to present the self-styled “Islam Defenders’ Front” as a humane organisation emerged in the form of a letter signed by none other than Sobri Lubis.

    You may remember this man’s previous tolerant comments on current events,viz.

    IslamoNazi Slams Jew-Collaborating Fascists Who Say ‘Good Morning!’ 

    The FPI also confirms that the terror attack is not related to Islam.

    Ah, yes, we heard that from no less than the Mayor of Philadelphia this month, when an ISIS savage shot and bady wounded a cop sitting at ease in his car.  Philadelphia’s New Mayor and Left Wing Group Think

    Well, obviously, the Islamic State is not related to Islam.

    But what about Lubis’ own bloodthirsty tirade, which you can watch here –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  – in which he incited a pack of demented savages to bunuh-bunuh-bunuh  –   KILL-KILL-KILL   –  innocent members of the peaceful Ahmadi religious minority?

    Would Lubis have us believe his murderous rant was ‘not related to Islam?’

    …the FPI urged the government, especially the police, to arrest, uncover and severely punish terrorists professional manner…   http://www.solopos.com/2016/01/15/bom-sarinah-thamrin-kutuk-bom-jakarta-fpi-curigai-intelejen-asing-menterorisasi-umat-islam-681222 .

    Which would be a lot more than the police did in response to his own incitement to slaughter!

    Anyway, solopos.com has a fascinating  PS in its report, an insight into IslamoNazi linguistic skills. And their vivid imaginations! 

    Interestingly, in part 4 of the letter, FPI suspect foreign intelligence agencies of ‘menterorisasi’ Muslims. Unfortunately, FPI does not specify the meaning of the word ‘menterorisasi.’ In the Large Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) released by the Ministry of Education Language Centre of the Republic of Indonesia, this word is not found.

    I’ve no pretensions to fluency, but given the structure and root of the word, it appears to mean something like ‘terrorisation.’


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).




    fpi kill busddhist

    Something like this, maybe?


    • Amadi 06:16 on January 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Terima kasih lagi, Palk Ross, thanking you who always send out your truthful researching of this FPI who bring hurt to many in Indonesia.
      The ahmadiya are again in danger in another province of Indonesia.
      I am sending you advice on what the sunni and police are doing to them.
      it is very cruel and I will hope you can tell all the reader about it.


  • ross1948 10:02 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , fpi, , , , , Mohamed Iqbal, sejuk   

    IslamoNazis V Free Speech – Jakarta Cops Referee? 

    There are few more repulsive sectarians than Indonesia’s self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ (FPI)

    They are as infamous for their thuggery as for their cowardice. 




    Jakarta’s police officers have more than once suffered vicious assault at their hands.. …so how disturbing to read the Jakarta Post report last week.

    Bowing to pressure from the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), the Jakarta Police decided on Friday not to give the go-ahead for a discussion on terrorism scheduled for Saturday. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/11/28/event-nixed-amid-fpi-pressure.html


    Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Mohammad Iqbal however, totally denies this!

    Read on…

    The event was a discussion on jihadism run by the Association of Journalists for Diversity’s (Sejuk)

    • Rather insightfully, Sejuk put up posters which depicted the Islamic State (IS) flag next to the FPI’s official logo. The white-shirt hoodlum outfit didn’t like this perceptive ad at all.

    Why would they? Who cares?


    • iqbal Iqbal
    • But more to the point, why would the cops see fit to “facilitate a mediation between Sejuk and the FPI to prevent any possible security issues,” as Iqbal told the JP journo. He also claims that following the meeting, a deal was struck for the event to be dropped.

    The obvious way, surely, to ‘prevent any security issues‘ is to authorise police on duty to use whatever means necessary, including their fire-arms, and deal with any Islamist louts aiming to interfere with free speech.

    Only a day ago I praised Jakarta Police for shooting dead a scumbag who had it coming!Bravo, Polisi Jakarta! Tapi Jangan Malas Tembak Banyak Lagi! 

    ‘Mediation’ between decent people and known advocates of lawless violence…


    fpi kill busddhist

    …is inappropriate behaviour for serious law enforcement.

    But the good guys have their own tale to tell – they say it WASN’T ‘mediation’ at all but blatant pressure to shut them down.
    …Sejuk said that it was disappointed with the police force’s move, which it deemed to have failed to provide safety to the public and protect freedom of speech.  
    “Sejuk is concerned that pressure and censorship of this sort will make the discussion of religion, an issue perceived to be sensitive, taboo and best avoided. Sejuk recognizes that law enforcement is more likely to censor discussions with themes that it perceives as sensitive..” 

    • censorship
    • And Sejuk member Andy Budiman has more to say “…we are disappointed that the police force could not guarantee that the event would be able to take place…”

    Now back to Iqbal, who denied that the police had pressured Sejuk to cancel the event by making a thinly veiled threat that they could not guarantee the participants’ safety if the FPI decided to disrupt the discussion.

    “As I have already said, the committee canceled the event on its own initiative,” he said.

    Mutually contradictory. But worrying, because SOME police elements have shown overt sympathy with IslamoNazi hoods.


    • fpipradopo5 Pradopo, country’s top cop, takes tea with Islamonazi gang-leaders
    • ——————-
    • Former top cop Timur Pradopo was the worst example, though even back in 2004, the Monas Riot, police stood back and watched as gutless Islamist gangsters bloodied defenceless pro-tolerance demonstrators.

    And there was this episode ..

    “After the public statement by condemning the work and the FPI accused Manji as a lesbian, police and FPI ended the event. A later discussion was dissolved by Sunni hardliners in Yogyakarta, while the police did not take any action.”


    My own particular ‘fave’ example of police irresponsibility was when cops handed over helpless orphans to the FPI and the equally unpleasant Hizbut Tahrir. Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

    Something especially horrid about that, in my opinion.

    Certainly several distinguished police officers have said good things on the issue of how to handle sectarian evil-doers…

    National Police Chief Agrees to FPI Disbandment … – Tempo

    but where’s the beef? IslamoNazis And Cops! Bleak Bekasi – But Bravo Jember! 

    • I love Indonesia, but I fear for its future. 


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