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  • ross1948 7:41 pm on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Canadian Kimberley, Begum The Un-British Bitch – & Other ISIS Evils.. 

    On Saturday 9th February, France24 had a documentary on the ISIS women held in a camp in Kurdistan and it was sickening to see and hear their conscienceless shrilling.


    These are heartless shrews who knowingly travelled to the epicentre of Islamist evil known as the  ‘caliphate,’ yet now they are bleating that they are wrongfully detained.



    One of them was Canadian, a whiney middle-aged bint named Kimberley. Although nobody in Canada could possibly be unaware of the demonic nature of ISIS, she made the journey there and joined the satanic gang of her own accord.

    She is currently making a preposterous claim. –

    “I just knew that they were big and that as an Islamic organisation at the time, they were doing some really good things.”

    Like, uh, what ‘good things?’

    Sectarian tyranny? Sex-slavery? Murder of innocents?



    Burning that Jordanian pilot alive?



    That big lie is what gives the game away – Kimberley is evil.

    Watch it, via that link above. It’s very educational.

    We hear repulsive noises, not just the Canadian accented voice telling us that she thought their atrocities were merely the work of ‘lone wolves,’ but self-righteous indignation, with another allegedly ‘German’ beast complaining that she doesn’t even ‘have Google!’

    The bitch seems to think she merits pity.



    What came across very clearly from those running the camp was that a lot of these scum were in no way repentant.

    One guard describes them as ‘ferocious!’


    The Evil WithinThen


    The ISIS rape-gang slags were originally placed side by side with actual refugees, The sows burned the refugees’ tents and abused them as ‘kaffirs’ – infidels.

    They want to be sent ‘home’ – “I’m Brazilian, from Germany,”said one – to the very countries they abhorred and whose enemies they chose to adhere to.


    First of all, they should no longer be afforded anonymity – the guards should rip away those burkas which the slags are still ostentatiously sporting.

    That’s important – if they ever do get ‘home,’ decent people in the lands they reach should be able quickly and clearly to identify the returned enemy within.’

    But far better, surely, that every Western government should ask the Kurds, politely, to put these vixen up against a wall and shoot them.

    The slags may not believe in equality between men and women…

    …but for those of us who do, the death penalty should surely be applicable to both ISIS pigs  -https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/easy-answer/     –     – and ISIS sows.

    The Kurds cannot reasonably be expected to hold onto these rabid creatures indefinitely.

    Nor should they ever be permitted to set foot in the West.

    PS  -since writing the above, another evil bint has hit the headlines, namely Beast Begum, who boasts he has  ‘no regrets about joining IS in Syria’and so obviously, deserves to be put to death.

    Yet an Enemy Within cacaphhony has erupted, demanding she be allowed to return ‘home’ to the Britain she betrayed.




    For how to handle scum like her, a good old-fashioned shariah stoning has powerful appeal.


    • Thera Glazen 8:13 am on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      At least Kimberley the Sh-t has enough sense of shame to pretend she didn’t know she was signing onto a sharia murderer-rapist gang.
      The Begum Monster? No matter where she goes, she should not be allowed to keep the baby – put the poor thing up for adoption, for God’s sake.


    • Keith Milner 9:56 am on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Damn true, they should all be shot.


    • MIke Wright 12:17 pm on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Hang them, especially that Begum who thinks beheadings are okay if it is prescribed by ‘Islamic law.’

      ‘Islamic law’ belongs to the Dark Ages and those who live by it have no place in Britain, or Canada or any place decent people live.


    • Diana 4:41 pm on February 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I have just been reading about an American woman who joined ISIS. I am sending you the link.
      Trump wants Europeans to let the jihad animals back in, but is he going to welcome this bitch back to the USA?


    • Uncle Oz 7:23 am on February 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This is an issue that requires careful consideration.
      Hanging, shooting or guillotining?
      No worries, as long as they end up dead.


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    France24’s ‘Factual’ Reporting Shines Through! 

    Just been watching an Australian journo named Greste being interviewed by that Australian feminist Annette Young….

    F24’s Pinko Propagandist V Oz Ambassador – An Interview? 

    Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 

    France24 Gives Platform To U.S. Far-Leftist Liz Jaff 

    ….the lefty bint that France24 incomprehensibly thinks is fit to interview guests.

    ====Image result for greste egypt


    Greste’s been in jail in Egypt but got out, lucky man, and seems unapologetic about his association with one of the worst anti-Western media, Al Jazeerah.

    ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE!’ Leaked Emails Expose AlJazeera’s Intolerant A-Hole!

    ‘Walls of Shame?’ Al Jazeera’s Shameless Bias On Show Again! 

    ‘Walls of Shame?’ Al Jazeera’s Shameless Bias On Show Again! 

    Never mind.

    The pair of them were going on and on about why people don’t much like journalists, and how vital journalists were to keep people honestly informed with factual news…


    …then, once the chat-show ended, straight to F24’s hourly news round-up, 5pm Jakarta time.

    And what did we get?

    More biased hogwash about how the Honduras Horde were fleeing ‘poverty and violence!’

    Not some of them, or a few of them.

    Just ‘generally,’ a general assertion, with no proof at all except the self-serving lies of lawless crimmigrants like the louts in the photo below!


    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    Honduras Hoodlums Warn – ‘Get In Our Way, You’ll Get “Problems!” ‘ 

    If you believe F24, they’re mostly really sympatico, but then who believes France24.

    We KNOW that a lot of that rabble are violent thugs.

    We KNOW they are being fed and funded all along the way as they advance towards America’s border.

    Read this!

    ..lies, the fake news, if you will, that the mainstream media is trying to propagate is the fact that this is all this weird, this organic thing and all the water and the food and the medicine all dropped from – manna from heaven. It’s baloney.

    It’s all highly organized…

    \Meanwhile, France24 continues serving up its diet of ‘factual’ news.

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    Debate? France24 Stacks The Deck Again! 

    France24, the propaganda channel subsidised by French tax-payers, is beyond the pale in its grotesque bias, as yet another of its ‘Debates’ showed us once more.


    A real ‘Debate’ requires balance, with two sides (or more) dishing it out, getting it back, challenging their opponents.

    On the F24 farce this morning – entitled impartially and objectively, ‘The Nativist!’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v_gAY67IqQ  – we had a collection of far-left fanatics, namely –


    Image result for james cohen sorbonne


    A ‘Professor of American Studies’ at Paris’s Sorbonne University, named James Cohen, whose ranting contribution went on and on, but can be reasonably summarised by his vacuous attack on President Trump for ‘criminalising migrants!’



    Since we all saw them illegally forcing their way across the Mexican border, hard to argue that the lawless rabble aren’t ALL criminals!

    Then we had John Zogby, an ‘American’ propagandist who seemed eager to outdo Cohen’s hateful harangue. Zogby serves on the board of the Arab-American Institute, and, wikipedia tells us, has been featured as a live television election analyst for such impartial media as ABC (Australia), BBC, CBC, and NBC News…

    Not surprising, given his snarling animosities.


    Image result for john zogby

    Zogby got started by calling the President ‘cynical and callous!’  But you can watch the bigoted leftist for yourselves on the link above.

    THEN we had a weedy little agitator named Antonio Arellano, long-distance from Houston…


    Image result for antonio arellano


    …where he runs an outfit called ‘Jolt Texas’ designed to stir up Hispanics against President Trump.

    So that’s three Trump-loathing, pro-crimmigrant ranters.

    How about a pro-Trump, anti-crimmigration voice?

    Well, not quite.

    We had ONE ‘Republican,’ an Ohio softy called Jai Chabria, but F24 keeps quiet about what kind of ‘Republican’ Jai really is – for that we need to do a spot of research – Jai Chabria, who once worked for Gov. John Kasich, a Trump critic and Republican establishment favorite…https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/two-counties-defining-battle-lines-gop-s-civil-war

    And boy, did he live up to this description,snide stuff about Trump’s ‘extreme’ rhetoric.


    PS After that, we had their yammering Aussie bint with her ‘women’ programme, ‘interviewing’   – aka fawning  – on a blonde leftist, introduced as somebody whose organisation existed to ‘mobilise women,’ but who quickly revealed herself as a dedicated opponent of Trump.

    Any excuse!



    • Laura Langdon 10:58 am on October 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have also had a look at the video of that Debate so-called, that you linked to and you have in no way exaggerated the sheer bias of France24 .
      But you should also have torn into their anchor Picard, who did nothing to try for balance.
      I don’t know if he could be fair even if he tried but he certainly doesn’t even bother to try.


    • Jeanne 3:46 pm on October 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The channel is a disgrace to France.
      We are powerless to control it despite we pay for it.


  • ross1948 10:30 am on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    France 24 Fawns On USA’s Infamous Serial Sex Predator! 

    So much for ‘Me-Too!’

    While much of the world is up in arms against men who sexploit women…

    Hasil gambar untuk france24 logo

    ….and most media are exposing and excoriating powerful men who take advantage of young women to sate their rapacious appetites…



    …one of the pathetique pseudo-journalists of France24 omitted even to mention the big picture around one of the most notorious, instead offering us a fawning tribute  –

    ‘his usual charm and elegance’ (seriously!

    – to America’s most infamous serial sex-predator, who, far from showing shame and/or remorse  for his reckless carnal rampages…



    …has just published a novel, entitled…



    Hasil gambar untuk the president is missing patterson

    Would any self-respecting woman in her right mind risk this ‘opportunity?’


    It’s co-authored with James Patterson, who is a more than competent author.

    So how will we be able to tell which parts the Cigar-Man wrote?



    Tell-tale stains on the pages?

    • Jeanie Callaghan 11:32 am on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Our ABC in Australia is bad but even they might draw the line at eulogising a sex-maniac.
      Clinton should try writing a non-fiction book on his own, about his own personal history.
      How about ‘The President Was Draft-Dodging!’


    • Gloria in Georgia 12:25 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What a nerve!
      All the other rich and famous who have been hit with glaring publicity have well-advisedly been keeping a low profile.
      Not Ole Sleazy!
      As for that creepy-crawler France24 journalist, maybe he (or was it she?) will be offered a lucrative job doing a French translation of the Clinton-Paterson literary masterpiece.


      • Milo 4:41 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Will France24 be talking next about Weinstein’s charm and elegance?
        Every place Clinton goes to promote his book, women should show up in their hundreds and tell him to get out of town.
        He is a disgrace with no shame at all.


      • Tam Baird 7:57 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        A reminder from Scottish history.
        The Duke of Cumberland, after defeating the Jacobites at Culloden in 1746, and behaving with needless bloodlust, had two nicknames.
        The court tarts, male and female, called him Sweet William.
        Most Highland Scots called him Stinking Billie.
        Now it’s the media whores who treat Clinton as Sweet William, as with France24
        We in the real world know he’s just Stinking Billie.
        I know you like history, and I like commenting on how it seems to repeat itself.
        Keep up the good work. This was a joy to read, especially that last sentence.
        I am disappointed in Patterson. I won’t be buying any more of his books.


    • Chrissie Miles 3:26 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Clinton, yuk!


    • Ken Kasic 4:36 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Missing?Just look under the table in the Oval Office, listen for the grunts of passion!
      The man has no shame.


    • Mort 6:26 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You have a way with words, Ross, not exactly my way but I see that it stimulates discussion and in this case skewers Clinton as he deserves.
      I find the media beneath contempt, because although some even of the liberal variety of journalists show signs of conscience over the previous kid-glove handling of this appalling man, many others, like France24, continue to treat him as an esteemed elder statesman and not as what you correctly say he is, a serial sex predator. .


    • Noreen Paterson 7:39 pm on June 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you.
      He makes my skin crawl, and those France24 sycophants make me want to vomit.


  • ross1948 10:46 am on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    F24’s Pinko Propagandist V Oz Ambassador – An Interview? 

    Another disgusting display by that awful embarrassment to Oz, their imported ultra-liberal Annette Young, interviewing the Australian Ambassador.

    France24 Gives Platform To U.S. Far-Leftist Liz Jaff 

    Note her trade-mark, a smug left-lib smirk!


    Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 

    So I shouldn’t have been surprised when she began talking about Anzac Day, and the supreme sacrifices made by so many Australians (and New Zealanders) in World War I…


    Gambar terkait


    ….then suddenly turned it into a party political rant.



    She wittered on, about WW2 being a war against ‘fascism,’ and irrationally linked that to the current rise of ‘far-right and nationalist’ parties – a rise which of course is entirely down to democratic support, engendered by those parties readiness to listen to the public’s indignation at the crimmigrant tsunami.


    Neat job, luvvie, pure old-fashioned guilt-by-association.


    The ambassador didn’t really fall for that, anymore than he let her get away with her next frenzied outburst, pro-crimmigrant yammering against Australia’s ‘harsh’ (aka successful!) steps to stop the bludger-boats.

    The stupid bint, who evidently can’t differentiate between honest, decent legal immigrants…



    ….and all those queue-jumping, country-shopping crimmigrants, the wannabe parasites whom Abbott’s admirable policy curbed…



    …hell, she even suggested that Mama Stasi Merkel’s sell-out was a better model.

     Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …

    They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    Again, the ambassador easily deflected her hogwash.

    But when will France24 realise that she IS just an embarrassment, her leftist bigotry so easily spotted and seen through?

    If they must pay pinko propagandists fat salaries, surely they can get hold of a less transparently biased tart.

    • Keith Milner 1:36 pm on April 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I want to look at this and am scanning france24 website but I do not doubt your description of this woman’s biased behaviour for a minute.
      She is a terrible advert for Australia and it is even worse when she soils the ANZAC memory by twisting history to suit her own political agenda.
      The Australians who fought and died in both world wars did not do so to see their country become a haven for aliens who have no interest in loyalty to Australia. ‘Asylum’ queue-jumpers have only got one commitment and thats to grubbing away at all the benefits we tax-payers can provide.
      The ‘far-right and nationalist’ parties in Europe are just patriots.
      We need more like them here.


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    France 24 Abets Racist Illegals – Target? Canada! 

    Just heading out, into blazing hot Jakarta sunshine, but first, get a load of this.

    “You Whites need to help us, in your countries, because all of this is caused  by you Whites!”

    That’s a direct quote from a racist African illegal, heading towards Canada, which I duly took note of while watching a propaganda video made by France24’s ‘Reporters Plus’,

    Their latest subversive activity, a ‘documentary,’ provides an easy-to-understand guide on how to ooze illegally from Africa to Canada.



    You doubt my verbatim quote from the brute?

    Watch it yourself!

    The preview blurb remind us how Pretty Boy Turdo’s made Canada ‘The New Eldorado’ a magnet for crimmigrants of every kind. 


    Ooops, wrong Turdo! Though they both qualify as cheer-leaders for communist tyranny.  Turdo Out, Tsipras In – Havana’s Basket of Deplorables! 


    Hasil gambar untuk turdo gay justin

    I meant Jerk Junior!


    Although the film focuses on those Africans, there are plenty of others. We hear a Somali saying how eager he is to gate-crash Canada.  

    Canada has become the new El Dorado for many African migrants, who have seen Europe and the United States close their borders. 

    Video: From Brazil to Canada, the new odyssey for African … – France 24

     Step One?

    Get a Tourist Visa!

    It begins with a enthusiastically weeping woman, praying to Jesus. She’s from the Congo, and did a runner from there with her husband, the nasty racist quoted above, because, HE SAYS, he fell foul of the authorities.



    No evidence is adduced by the hacks who churned out the film to substantiate his claim. He refuses to give his name, so no way for us to verify a single thing he says.

    Anyway, these wannabe border-crashers have plenty of cash, so take a trip to Brazil, on said tourist visa.

    Gambar terkait


    Then…off they go –

    …from Sao Paulo, where they arrived on a tourist visa, they crossed South America –  a determined trek, money galore to pay smugglers, through a variety of Latin American lands, aiming for El Trudado.

    Although the makers of this film are a damned disgrace – never once, in any of the countries, do they do their civic duty and alert the authorities to the illegals’ presence – their efforts are not uninformative.

    There are unverifiable gems such as the assertion by one of the smugglers that in Ecuador, they work not only with the police but with  INTERPOL!


    Rihouay, travel comrade of crimmigrants


    France24’s team, led by a person named Francois Rihouey, do not seek to verify the man’s words.

    After all, they admit freely that they too paid these smugglers, so presumably didn’t wish to antagonise them!

    It’s also in Ecuador that F24 make it irrefutably clear that their crimmigrant companions are NOT ‘refugees,’ in any sense, but just another pair of lousy country-shoppers.



    The commentator tells us clearly that Ecuador is exceptionally open to ‘asylum-seekers,’ and many have settled there.

    But Mr. Racist and His Weepy Wife? It’s Turdorado or bust, for them.

    Country-shopping, par excellence!

    We also learn, BTW, that Colombia, which has had billions in aid from America, refuses to hold any illegals detained by police.

    Quote- they are registered, released, then ordered to leave the country.

    No incarceration, no deportation, just given orders and left to obey…yeah right!

    Finally, America looms up.

    More self-confessed illegality, with a sickening appearance by a US attorney named Ali Golshin, whose patriotism can be measured by his professed dismay that illegal aliens nowadays can be locked up…


    Hasil gambar untuk statue of liberty


    …and by his observation that the Statue of Liberty should perhaps be moved to Turdostan.

    Plainly, however, some illegals are getting through, because we end up in New York State, Plattsburgh, where a (presumably armed) Canadian cop is filmed, very amiably ‘warning’ a crimmigrant that ‘if you cross, I will arrest you.’

    For God’s sake.

    Why are these police officers carrying guns if they dare not use them to safeguard Canada’s international frontier?

    Watch and learn.

    Oh, and a postscript.

    If anyone in Canada thinks Rihouay should be arrested and charged for abetting illegal immigration, he’s French but lives in Montreal.

    But he’s not the only guilty party, nor is France 24, with its long record of sympathetic coverage of criminal aliens…

    Bad News Belgium, Where Even Cops Can Be Enemies Within! 

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24

    The Bitter Bias of France24 – Lies To the Bitter End! 

    They share the credits at the end with RCN (Colombia) AND…

    Hasil gambar untuk radio canada logo


    Talk about the Enemy Within!

    • Arnold 2:12 am on April 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have just finished watching it and even from watching it we can tell that racist African is a liar, because the story is he’s on the run because he upset the President of Congo
      That president is as much a black African as the racist that keeps hiding his face from the cameras.
      So no way in the world are his troubles down to us bad white-skinned people.

      We expect no better from CBC but why has this foreigner Rihouay not been picked up for questioning by the cops in Montreal?


    • Chrissie Miles 11:14 pm on April 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That Rihoay should be declared a prohibited immigrant but no possibility of anything useful getting done with Justin Turdo in power.
      He just disgraced Canada again, talking rubbish in the European Parliament.
      He has continued his father’s mission and all but destroyed our country.


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    Trump-Hating Paris Pravda Strikes Again! “We Know…!” 

    I awoke at 8am today, just in time to catch France24’s “news,” which of course included President Trump’s success in stopping the alien march through Mexico.



    Those arrogant Central American illegals’ widely reported, and deliberately provocative objective…

    ( most of the marchers have plans to cross Mexico’s northern border.. http://www.newsweek.com/mexico-caravan-immigration-trump-868814 )

    …to invade the USA – was duly mentioned and his astute combination of diplomatic and military messages which has, for the time being at least, worked well, was part of the story.


    Gambar terkait


    But then their ‘White House Correspondent,’ Philip Crowther by name, proclaimed not just his own but EVERYONE’S ability to read the mind of POTUS.


    Hasil gambar untuk philip crowther

    Philip Crowther also contributes to broadcasts on CNN, MSNBC, CCTV-America, and other major news networks…


    ‘WE KNOW VERY WELL,’ we were told, why Trump is doing this!

    ‘We’ do know, of course.

    ‘We,’ those of us who recall Trump’s election promises to do something about crimmigrant depredations, about lawless violations of his country’s borders. do know why he’s taken his job seriously.


    Answer?  France24 is left – FAR-LEFT! 


    But Paris Pravda’s news-flunkey knows better!


    Trump’s ‘frustrated,’ ‘we know,’ because the wall is not yet built..

    One expects France24’s ‘debate’ panellists to ram their leftist opinions down or throats…

    France 24’s “Debate” Features Jew-Bashing Convicted Terrorist! 

    France24’s Fanatics – Pinko Picard’s Choreographed Quartet 

    …but really, this babbling buffoon Crowther is given pride of place, hogging centre-stage in their main news broadcast, to parade his personal political prejudice?

    I won’t even bother to comment on the subsequent ‘discussion’ show on the MLK anniversary, which comprised three black leftists who’d not have been out of place in a BLM demo.



    Biased young bat James, a veteran of the Anti-Trump media vendetta


    And the next item, a look at their ‘Media Watch’ about that anniversary, featuring a ranting white leftist hackette named Emma James ‘interpreting’ what other media have to say – the bint made NO effort to disguise her bias -see for yourself –    http://www.france24.com/en/20180404-media-watch-martin-luther-king-fifty-years

    Macron needs to stop the flow of public money into this hateful parody of news broadcasting!

    • Yanto L 1:52 pm on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She now tells them she is sorry for saying what she thinks.
      It is what I think also and what many Indonesia people think, specially same like you say, which girl looks prettier, the girl who is hiding hair or the one who is being proud looking like real Java girl. .

      Even so I will have sympathy for her as old lady if she is put in the prison because this crazy law. It makes shame for Indonesia.
      Why not be free to critic any religion? Can they not speak back to defend the beleifs?
      Afraid, I think


    • Prita 2:59 pm on April 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      When will many enough people here get brave and tell these fanatic to mind they own business?
      I want to wear scarf or not, my business. I want to obey sharia, my business.
      Adult may choose, not MUI give order.
      If they use blasphemy law and make us all obey Islamic law, then blasphemy law must change.
      We do not want sharia. We see it all the time in Aceh, sharia whipping girl for only holding hand with boy or sitting talking to him.


  • ross1948 6:15 pm on April 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    France24 Cover-Up! Paris Hate-Death Accused? A NAFRI! 

    Last Tuesday, I watched the France24 news at 10pm Jakarta time, and they provided much coverage of the murder of the octogenarian Jewish lady, Mireille Knoll, whom Macron mentioned in his speech today, as the victim of a ‘hate-crime.’

    They reported that her ’29-year-old neighbour’ was one of those arrested.



    But they completely hid the truth, that the ‘neighbour’ was a NAFRI.

    I often criticise the NYT, but at least they didn’t stoop to F24’s dissimulation.

    It’s only thanks to Francis Kalifat, the head of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France, that the New York Times was able to report the reality, because the Paris prosecutor’s office declined to characterize the origins of the two people.

    Why hide the fact, which the more honest Mr. Kalifat revealed, that the principal suspect was of North African origin?

    Surprisingly, to me, and maybe to you, the NYT’s article is in many ways good, explaining why the NAFRI aspect is highly relevant.

    It refers to numerous cases, including the murder last year of Sarah Halimi, an elderly Jewish woman, by a man of Malian origin who shouted, “God is great” before throwing her out a window. 

    She Survived the Holocaust, to Die in a 2018 Hate Crime –

    In the interests of accuracy, we need to point out that the filthy Malian swine ( obviously) did not shout ‘God is Great’ in English. 

    Nor did he holler that war-cry in French.

    Few readers will be in the least taken aback to know that what the Malian murderer yelled was in fact..

    ‘Allahu Akbar!’ 

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Sarah_Halimi – read that entire wiki article to get the measure of the attempted appeasement cover-up.

    FYI, the pig was neither put down nor even imprisoned –

    Hasil gambar untuk psychobabble

    – the usual psycho-babble excuses led the authorities to send him to a nut-house!

    However, skip my minor criticism of the NYT article, and instead ask why the Parisian Prosecutor chooses to emulate the far-left freakos in Germany…


    NAFRI?’ German Greens Rage At Cops’ Common-Sense! 

    …who also hate it to be known when crimes are committed by NAFRIs.


    Banlieue burning


    Paris is infested with anti-social aliens who have turned much of their banlieue neighbourhoods into No-Go Zones.  Nor are such worthless alien wasters to be found only in Paris.

    ‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

    Common sense suggests that they ought not to be in France at all.

    They bring no benefit by their presence.


    No matter they were born there, a significant proportion of them are both averse to civilised behaviour and are deeply disloyal to the country they live in.

    It was folly to let them in.

    Time now to put them out!

    • Nigel Parkins 10:05 pm on April 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      There’s a lot of politicians who will draw a curtain over alien crime-rates, and a lot of media too. You have reported on the Swedish media and there’s that old bag from German public broadcasting whose picture and quote on the migrant rape case that you have used many times. .

      I expect that Paris functionary was under orders to conceal the truth and that says a lot about Macron’s France. For all his talk at the gendarme’s funeral, he’s just as much for appeasement of the Enemy Within as Hollande was and it’s been going on for years.
      Saying that, May in Britain is no better with her rubbish about the benefits of shariah..We cannot criticise the French till we put our own house in order.


    • Jeanne 12:32 am on April 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We all know what the truth is about these foreign enemies among us in France and that is why the anger grows every time the government does what the prosecutor did.
      When they refuse to speak openly.and honestly it is like they slap our faces.


  • ross1948 2:51 pm on March 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , anti-police prejudice, , France24, ,   

    France24's Foul Anti-Police Bigotry! “The Latest Example…” 

    Been out front again, baking hot in Jakarta today, my talkative visitor gone but France24 droning on within.

    As noted often, there’s few days go by without their far-left bias shining through…

    Red Nazis Rant In Vienna, Pinko Yanks Oink On France24! 

    Hasil gambar untuk france24 bias

    …but even I was astounded today by their pinko drip news-caster’s reporting from the funeral of that unlamented (except by his kin and the racist BLM!) criminal in Sacramento.


    Hasil gambar untuk stephon clark

    Dead criminal Stephon Clark


    Just before we were treated to a portion of race-baiter Al Sharp’s ‘eulogy’ (hard work extolling a worthless low-life!) the F24 drone pronounced the formal verdict – albeit the actual investigation is on-going.

    The death of the dead-beat law-breaker was, we heard…

    ‘The Latest Example of Police Brutality Against Unarmed Black Men.’

    Thanks, pinko dumbo!

    That saves serious professionals a lot of work. Since you’ve told us what’s what, why bother perusing mere facts?

    PS a couple of hours later I still had the French propaganda channel on – and they had DROPPED that lying pap!
    Still obsequiously recording the events, with the deceased’s half-wit brother capering about like a funky gibbon, but the offensive words I quoted at lunchtime GONE!
    Presumably I wasn’t the only one to draw attention to their brazen smear.

    • Jim in Jakarta 4:00 pm on March 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You are influencing me to watch things I never used to but it’s ‘F24’ and not the weather here in Indonesia that has me all het up after watching that ‘news’ about the funeral.
      It makes me so mad when these criminals get a hero’s send-off as if they are slain soldiers brought home from foreign wars.

      Nobody in America takes Al ‘Charlatan’ Sharpton seriously, except when we try to work out how he still gets away with calling himself a ‘reverend.’ As for the criminal’s brother, do you think he was on drugs?

      That France24 quote you used was missing when I watched, so you must be right, their man in California realized he had gone too far.


  • ross1948 6:26 pm on March 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Fance24, France24, , RT ban, Trump Wall   

    ‘State-Funded Propaganda Channel’ – RT? Or France24?!!! 


     well known for some bad quality or deed.
    1. synonyms: notoriousdisreputable;


      wicked; abominable. 

      synonyms: abominableoutrageousshocking,



    Dictionary definitions!

    Hasil gambar untuk france24

    That’s how the pinko hackette on France24’s  “NEWS” at 7.30am this morning described President Trump’s key project, demonstrating once more how her employers are incapable of presenting news impartially.



    • Jim in Jakarta 12:30 am on March 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am not always in agreement with what you say but tonight I just watched France24 and you did not misquote their ‘news’caster.
      What made it most offensive to me was the film they showed of the’ American’ demonstration against Trump with a lot of the ‘Americans’ waving Mexican flags.
      The hell with them!
      You are making me think hard about things back home..


    • Jeanne 1:35 am on March 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      France 24’s constant biased presentation of their ‘news’ and their stacked ‘debates’ would be more bearable if they did not suck away the taxes we French people pay.
      Macron does nothing to stop this fake news channel misusing our money.


    • Michael Clayton 8:46 pm on August 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I get France 24 here in Germany and watch it for a laugh as it makes even the rapid Sky News look reasonable. Their news reports on Venezuela are laughable as are their so called experts not once mentioning US Sanctions as the reason behind the collapse in the eceonomy over there. France 24 is full of uneducated, simply moronic people. I would not even call them people.


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