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  • ross1948 9:31 am on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Australia – UN’s Crapeau Demands Protest “Rights” For Aliens! 

    We’ve mentioned Creep Crapeau before (sorry, typo, Crepeau!)

    Over-Run by Rape-Refugees? Suck It Up, says UN’s Crapeau

    Enough Crapeau – Let’s All Civilised Countries QUIT the UN. 


    UN’s Crappo Disses Danes Who Question Obsolete ‘Refugee’ Pact! 

    Crepeau’s Crimmigrant Crap – “They’ve No Right, But They’ll Come Anyway!” 

    But how’s this for an unwelcome guest abusing Australia’s hospitality?

    ….the UN rights expert cautioned that the temporary nature of such visas could increase the migrants’ vulnerability

    as they would often refrain from reporting, protesting and mobilising, in fear of having their visa cancelled, being detained or deported.


    Anyone on any kind of visa is NOT an Australian citizens, and therefore has no right to ‘mobilise’ or to engage in ‘protests’ in Australia.

    To do so would be as out of order as the behaviour of Creep Crapeau, who should be placed on the same Immigration Department’s “movement alert list” which notes people of concern which saw a sectarian fanatic kept from Australia’s sunny shores in 2005. The World Today – Australia bans Muslim public speaker – ABC

    Like most civilised countries these days, Oz has more than enough home-grown ratbags, without letting more in.


    • Uncle Oz 4:02 pm on November 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Hi there, Ross, Long time no comments from me but today I feel more lively and want to agree with all my heart on what you have said.
      This UN creepo or crappo or whoever he is should be told to buggar off and not come here sticking their noses in.
      Our government is not all it could be, not as good as it was with Tony A for certain.
      Be better if they told the asylumers here already to get lost.
      But at least they done a better job than England or America..

  • ross1948 8:21 pm on January 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    UN’s Crappo Disses Danes Who Question Obsolete ‘Refugee’ Pact! 

    Denmark’s Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, last week proposed reforms to the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention, so that refugees can be sent back to transit countries such as Turkey, the springboard for most Syrian and Afghan refugees who attempt to reach Europe. 


    • ——————-
    • All the Danish Government wants to do is get governments together to discuss his eminently sensible ideas.
    • But…


    Francois Crepeau, UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, said: “We shouldn’t touch the Geneva convention…” …

    Huh? Shouldn’t TOUCH it?

    If you put roofing on your home sixty years ago, and there’s rain and snow coming through, don’t repair it?

    If you bought a car in 1951 and it shows signs of decrepitude, just keep driving? 

    Or would Crapeau go shopping for chariot wheels, because the refugee convention is the embodiment of an age-old institution?http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/06/un-backlash-against-call-to-scale-back-geneva-convention-on-refugees



    In every civilisation, there has always been [the concept of] asylum – in Greek tragedy, in the Bible – [and] the refugee convention is an modern embodiment of this age-old asylum tradition…   http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/06/un-backlash-against-call-to-scale-back-geneva-convention-on-refugees

    Maybe so.

    But the Greek, the Israelite, the Babylonian laws were right for their eras. When legal practices are obsolete, rational people don’t cling to archaic codes – legal systems develop in response to changing realities.


    refugees Civilised refugees 1945


    • What was suitable in the aftermath of WW2 is not so today.

    But Crappo, like the lawyer he is, twists the facts to suit his clients’ case. He must think his audience is ignorant when he cites the aftermath of the Vietnam war as a useful precedent, when the countries of the global north resettled millions of refugees from Indochina with no long-term negative effects.

    Ignore the uncomfortable truth that Australian Labor Party notables detested the Boat People, because those poor souls understood how evil communism was.

    Look instead at the indisputable truths –  that there are no known reports in contemporary newspapers of Vietnamese behaving like dirty filthy savages.

    There were no pig-ignorant ingrates whining about the shelter they were given or the meals they were served, no Indochinese scum-mobs attacking police and passers-by, no sex-predator rabble molesting women and girls of the host-country…

    Gang of migrants arrested after ‘sexually assaulting women and masturbating at historic German swimming baths’

    • Migrants have been banned from a historic swimming bath in Germany 
    • One man was caught on CCTV masturbating in a hot tub  
    • Several men were seen ’emptying their bowels’ in the swimming pool
    • The gang of migrants allegedly sexually assaulted women at the baths


    … no nauseating news reports like that, recorded this week from Germany.

    And NO VC terrorists among the Vietnam refugees, unlike today’s reality, jihadist vermin who murdered innocent Parisians  – and German tourists in Istanbul.

    Or were there? I have plenty of readers in Oz who can tell me, but if there had been such undesirable behaviour among the Viets, it must have been minimal, rare, not recurring over and over every week, as we see AGAIN ‘Women no longer feel safe’: German city bans migrants from .this very day.

    Crapeau is a university professor. He is old enough to remember those days. So why is he engaging in mendacious comparisons that don’t stand up to a moment’s serious scrutiny?


    Easy!   The UN agenda, aka The Sutherland Doctrine, which Crapeau’s ideological catamite spelled out in stark detail last year – 

    The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said. Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/multicult-or-else-bilderberger-spurs-eussr-to-erase-national-identities/


    • Peter Sutherland
    Peter Sutherland 

    . Both of these men, and every anti-democratic multicult malignant like them, are THE ENEMY.

    Instead of prattling about Trump-Bans, every European nation retaining an instinct for survival should declare these evil UN emissaries Persona Non Grata!

    • Mardi 7:50 am on January 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Your description of the differences between postwar refugees and the Vietnamese refugees, both of whom were real refugees, as against the economic migrants/jihadists moving in on Europe today, is accurate.
      Very many of the 1945 refugees were Germans moving to Germany from Eastern Europe. Others were Poles settling in Britain, war-time allies who had been fighting side by side with British servicemen.
      They did not march in chanting war-cries and demanding hosts change to suit the guests, even although South East Asians were culturally different. They were grateful for sanctuary. There were no rape epidemics or the greedy entitlement mentality shown by the current crop.
      It’s useful to have a knowledge of history, which this UN trouble-maker doesn’t.

      None of these conventions was put to a vote of the people in Britain or France or Germany, or anywhere that I can see in the history books. They should be disregarded, as a hindrance on the effective fight against illegal immigration and terrorism.

    • hal 9:38 pm on January 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      UN is the kindred /comrade of Brussels.
      Twin enemies of true European peoples and values.

  • ross1948 5:00 pm on December 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Enough Crapeau – Let’s All Civilised Countries QUIT the UN. 

    How much of YOUR taxes go towards paying Creep Crepeau’s immense salary? How much does he make -I don’t know, but even if it’s a nickel a week, it’s way too much!


    The Creep


    In an interview with the Independent newspaper Francois Crepeau, the UN special rapporteur for migrants’ rights, bemoaned the prevailing negative political rhetoric around immigration in the UK.

    So he’s a UK citizen? No?

    Then he has NO right to comment, except in a personal capacity, the same as a Ghanaian goat-herd or a Tunisian tailor has. And I’d tend to think I’d respect their opinions rather more than this little clerk who sucks on YOUR public purse.

    Bob down, bludger-fan!

    Mr Crepeau said “the fantasy is that there is a core British culture that was created probably 2,000 years ago and carried on, and now it’s being threatened by all those barbarians that are coming to our gate… this is utter b*******”   http://www.channel4.com/news/un-bullshit-migration-comments-ignorant-says-ukip-immigration-crepeau


    .Savages Amok in Calais – Just what Britain needs?


    So those dirty savages in Calais are NOT barbarians at the gate?

    And yes, English, Scots, Welsh and Ulster cultural identities are being threatened – the threat has a name –




    MULTICULT, a policy never approved by the people of Britain in any referendum. Same goes for Canada, Australia and most – no, all, I think, Western countries.

    Hang on, the uppity UN flunkey is still ranting away..

    “..but who is going to say this? That is why I think we have a problem with political conversations that we can’t have.”

    What an ignorant arrogant clown.

    It’s been British and other civilised peoples who have for too long been told there are conversations that we can’t have.






    Conversations about how wrong it is to pander to ungrateful minorities who refuse to leave their barbarism behind them when they migrate to Western countries.

    Hell, even if citizens preface their complaints about imported savages with the words ‘I’m not being racist but..’ – they still watch warily for the Thought-Police, whether in the form of the PC-politicised actual police or the squads of snoopers from the equality industry.  

    • corectitudinea-politica-1
    • oooo

    “It was a ‘multicultural, diverse, open society’ that created ‘Cool Britannia’ in the 1990s. If Britannia is ruled by the Ukip, or with Ukip-type policies, it is not going to be cool.”


    ‘Cool Britannia’ was a tiresome mockery of what Britannia once stood for, which was hope and glory. After the revival of national pride in the Eighties, with Britons rallied around the war against Argie imperialism, Blair dragged the Mother Country down, appeased IRA murder-gangs and crawled to Brussels.


    The World Bludger Champion bites the hands that feed him, so he needs to be brought to heel. Same goes for those UN sticky-beaks hyper-ventilating about Manus Island…

    UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers – NAUGHTY Oz! 

    …and Ferguson, Missouri – and oh yes, Canadians have had to listen to their cheek too.

    Hats Off to Larry! UN-Common Sense, After UN Backs Taliban Terrorist Khadr. 



     Let’s QUIT the UN!


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